10 Things Antoni Porowski Can't Live Without | GQ

There are a few things Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski can't live without when he hits the road. From his scented candles and jewelry to his journal and pillow spray, Antoni shows us all his travel essentials.
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10 Things Antoni Porowski Can't Live Without | GQ

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lara rodd
lara rodd:
He looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho.
Nobody :
Antoni : NO THIS IS CHAI !
Marguerite Truckey
Marguerite Truckey:
"sleeping is my favorite hobby" spoke to me
I love that he said animal of inspiration instead of spirit animal so respectful always
Maja Zlomislic
Maja Zlomislic:
who just stared at his arms the whole time
Isis Knol
Isis Knol:
Of course Antoni talks about salt. What was I even expecting?
“but since i’ve become quite the aficionado in skincare”

L O V:
Yeah, sure, Antoni can get an interview at GQ, but can he get dinner reservations at Dorsia?
Amanda C
Amanda C:
what a perfect person to do this!!! I love him. I want all of the Fab Five to be featured on here.
Drake: I did half a Xan, thirteen hours 'til I land
Had me out like a light

Antoni: 1:15 I pop a couple of these, with chamomile tea
And puts me right to sleep
Msdj Jdndn
Msdj Jdndn:
5:08 thought maybe id try a skincare product but it's an $800 creme....
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker:
He’s always been my favorite member of the Fab Five because he’s so sincere
Grupo Nueva Sensacion
Grupo Nueva Sensacion:
i never thought Patrick Bateman would be on GQ
Daria Rose K
Daria Rose K:
Perfect Pisces representative, legit the first thing he can't live without is candles, "sleeping is probably my favourite hobby" and he has a sentimental watch with a conservatory engraving of sky constellations.
Emma Ranger
Emma Ranger:
okay i can't be the only one thinking this but antoni is a daddy
The editing could definitely be better. Hearing meek mill beats playing while Antoni talks about sentimental childhood stories is just super distracting lmao
Paula L
Paula L:
I was actually surprised he didn't bring any cheese.
Noor Syed
Noor Syed:
other dudes: this is my first essential, my hairbrush that i-
antoni: lion represent strength
Andres Velez
Andres Velez:
“So this is my Ice pack, if my face is a little puffy I’ll put on an ice pack while I do my stomach crunches.....I can do 1000 now.”
Savannah Wyatt
Savannah Wyatt:
I love how much thought he put into his choices instead of grabbing random stuff like some people have done previously.
Probably one of my favorite "GQ Top 10 essentials" out there.

Antoni Porowski is just such a breath of fresh air and adorableness. We love him.
Justme _brii
Justme _brii:
Tan France next please
rick kilonzo
rick kilonzo:
have no idea who this guy is but def appreciate not having rappers all the time though...
Dont have a clue who this guy was. But surprisingly might be one of my favorite episodes of the series. Guy has great taste!
Florencio Hernandez Jr.
Florencio Hernandez Jr.:
Me: I kind of want that candle.
Amazon: $115
Me: nevermind.
Simon Bolten
Simon Bolten:
I looked up that necklace when I saw it on his Instagram. Gurl it starts at $6000.
Naomi Lichtner
Naomi Lichtner:
I didn't know that he was the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, like myself! I also heard he was a fellow leftie...and he loves books. Gah love of him has tripled, not that I thought it was possible. Need to buy his cookbook!
*N O T H I S I S C H A I*
Aisha Akhras
Aisha Akhras:
Antoni: I love salt!
Molly Baz: hold my pasta water
M B:
So he’s really out here carrying a canister of salt around with him like Samwise Gamgee, huh?
Anna Farinaccio
Anna Farinaccio:
I am a broke college student that basically lives on noodles and can barely afford a vegetable but I will 100% be buying this cookbook anyway
Queer Haze
Queer Haze:
Antoni literally has the best energy of any human ever ❤️ He is the cutest
Megan Ripley
Megan Ripley:
I really want to know who gave him the watch.
ok there have been a few good episodes of this but mostly it’s just a rapper or singer or something and their essentials are 1.sunglasses 2. deodorant 3. some kind of notebook

this is an actually interesting one!
Pedro Soares
Pedro Soares:
Antoni: v i n t a g e 👁👄👁
Georgine Verano
Georgine Verano:
I love how when antoni loves something he tries to learn all about it including the history and stuff for it.
Oli P
Oli P:
love how in interviews he talks about his Polish roots <3 thanks for representing us we need more Polaki in the media! :-)
kwa zowski
kwa zowski:
Antoni: yells about forgetting how to write
me: you're doing great sweetie
Rudye Breach
Rudye Breach:
"the lion has become my animal of inspiration" thank you so much for not using the term spirit animal !!!
Sanjana Soemeer
Sanjana Soemeer:
Antoni is me “I love sleep” and “ I love salt”
Elizabete Romanovska
Elizabete Romanovska:
Antoni Porowski makes my life better , thanks for existing
McKenna Reeves
McKenna Reeves:
He’s literally the first person I’ve heard other than myself say they need at least eight hours of sleep if they take melatonin because it makes me more tired if I don’t
Amalia Leyva Nunez
Amalia Leyva Nunez:
He’s so handsome ugh
Hudson Hintze
Hudson Hintze:
me: I am so excited to get dope new stuff that he recommends to me!
my bank account: no sir you most definitely are not!
Alex J. Jones
Alex J. Jones:
I just want Antoni to massage my neck and tell me everything is gonna be ok
Patrick Bateman explains his skincare routine and talks about how he understand culture...
paige mclachlan
paige mclachlan:
The gasp that came out of me when he talked about the Little Prince was inhuman
"I love preparing for sleep" OMG, my heart
Georgia Ko
Georgia Ko:
he is so handsome wtf
Antoni, after talking about scented candles for hours:"I'm no stranger to scents"
douche mcghee
douche mcghee:
Never seen someone so excited about candles
Joe hildreth
Joe hildreth:
I keep getting glimpses of Christian bale
Wild Doge
Wild Doge:
“I love salt”
Love that he's wearing a 4AD tee shirt. He obviously has great taste in music if he loves that iconic record label.
Valentina Vee
Valentina Vee:
The reverb on this is painful. Whoever edits this - please run this through a plugin like deverberate. Please!
aShay Prodigy
aShay Prodigy:
He’s like a combination of James Franco and bill skarsgard
flower power
flower power:
Moral of the video : Antoni was a little kid .
Angelica Fraoula
Angelica Fraoula:
And he's wearing a 4AD tee?? Could he even be more perfect than he already is?!?!
Smell: This is chai.

See: This is chai!! It doesn't say it but this is chai!
Katharina Tucholski
Katharina Tucholski:
am I the only one that noticed how the editing got like super hyper with him? Like whoah
Saad BM24
Saad BM24:
Man got so hyped for chai😂😂
2:40 omg "my dear friend hanya"... i love how much Antoni loves A Little Life it's the cutest
Dior Ambre Nuit 😍At least his taste isn't SALTY! (okbadjokeigonow)
KK Kiwi
KK Kiwi:
Antoni: THIS IS CHAI!!!!!
Sarah Krajenta
Sarah Krajenta:
Tip on Melatonin: don’t take it everyday! Only take it when you travel or anytime you need to fix your sleeping schedule/ Circadian Rhythm!
Lizbeth Macias
Lizbeth Macias:
@GQ please bring on the rest of the Fab 5 thanks - Management
I love how he narrates everything, he gives these items an importance they actually don't have :)
Angel Quintas
Angel Quintas:
Loved the video but the film burn effect being used every 2 seconds was too distracting.
antoni is one of the most adorable human beings on this planet. change my mind.
marcela tavares
marcela tavares:
antoni: I LOVE SALT
T Jemilua
T Jemilua:
The thumbnail is different to what I expected him to sound/be like , don’t judge a book by its cover kids
Amy Friedlander
Amy Friedlander:
I hope everyone knows that the skincare he is talking about for that ONE product its $900. Its LUX.
Tbh, stans really are a perfect shoe
Swimming Arcade Cow
Swimming Arcade Cow:
My heart stopped when he mentioned one of my fave books!! We had to read 'a day in the life of ivan denisovich' during my junior year of high school and I absolutely adored it, and I have since 💘💘
Amber Rose Miller
Amber Rose Miller:
That's cute. Not sure who he is but he seems very grounded
Aaaantoni easily my fav person on this planet! He’s such an angel 😇
Falando Coisas
Falando Coisas:
whoa, he's sooo specific! it's nice, kind of... makes him very... him? haaahha
Mirian V
Mirian V:
Oooh antoni got expensive taste. Nice to see that dior perfume highlighted. That line of perfumes is one of the BEST
KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant
KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant:
I just put a hold on the book, "Franny and Zooey", at my public library. I'm gonna check out why Antoni likes this book so much. :)
I love how he values health! Sleep is so underrated!!!
Patriz Tandoc
Patriz Tandoc:
Him getting sentimental about The Little Prince ❤😭
valentina sugar
valentina sugar:
This is one of my favourite essentials I have ever seen. He seems very neat with everything. GQ should have him featured more often even in the magazine.
I'm so jealous of his Little Prince copy. Love a Little Prince stan
avidreader 231
avidreader 231:
When he said "my dear friend Hanya" did he mean Hanya Yanagihara the author? Antoni has worn A Little Life tshirts in QE multiple times so it must be
Juni - OK
Juni - OK:
Antoni and i have a same hobby...... sleep ❤️❤️
Thought to myself hmm I’ll check out that skin care product and googled it lol soap it is
Sassy Dam Lizzie
Sassy Dam Lizzie:
Thank you for posting an Antoni Porowski content on my birthday. You just made my day.
nauman salim
nauman salim:
List is....,
Scent candles
Night gummies
Skin care (moisturiser)
Dior Perfume
3 Books
Shoes (Stan Smith sneakers)
Pillow spray
Cartoon High
Cartoon High:
“Sleeping is probably my favorite hobby.”
Bless this precious man.
Mariana Fagundes
Mariana Fagundes:
Antoni is a beautiful human being ❤️
Gina Greene
Gina Greene:
Patiently waits for H.E.R to be on the series..
Dajung Chung
Dajung Chung:
lowkey this was a super interesting 10 things I can't live without. Actually wanna try out that salt.
me: ooo i love the necklace I want one
*finds the website*
Really thought he was gonna mention “A Little Life” when he talked about the books
Oscar Reyes
Oscar Reyes:
No one:

Antoni: Did I mention I’m polish 😍
sofia govea
sofia govea:
antoni: I. Love. Salt.
always love the way he bursts into loud parenthetical explanations i wANnA rEmEMBeR iT!

I read it for my French lll class; it's literally the most amazing book. I was NOT expecting him to hold that up omg
a girl hiding in her room
a girl hiding in her room:
Do Stephen James next 😍😍🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️🤤🤤🤤🤤
ashlesha paliwal
ashlesha paliwal:
it says "chai" in hindi not sanskrit.