10 Things NOT to Buy on Cyber Monday 2020!

While I love to always talk about amazing deals, these are the products you should definitely NOT BUY during Cyber Monday 2020!

Check out all my other Cyber Monday 2020 videos: https://bit.ly/3lKhZcg

Last year my 5 Things Do Not Buy Cyber Monday video was received so well from all of you! Cyber Monday do not buy is a tricky video because everyone has different needs but everything i mention do not buy these things on Cyber Monday! There are a lot of amazing Cyber Monday deals 2020 so I want to make sure you get the best of the best deals and not make any mistakes!

2020 Cyber Monday is a good time to save money but these 10 things not buy on Cyber Monday 2020 so you don't many any mistakes on Cyber Monday sale! This video details things not on sale on Cyber Monday and the worst things you to buy on Cyber Monday from Cyber Monday ads 2020!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy:
CYBER MONDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I love being here and making sure you're getting the best deals possible today/tomorrow! If you enjoy these videos please like my video as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm 🙂Are you planning to buy anything over Cyber Monday? 🧐
Shinobi Salmon
Shinobi Salmon:
Watching these videos is like window shopping, but so much better.
Ali Cat
Ali Cat:
I watch these videos as if I’m actually going to buy anything 😭
Gauri Sankar D
Gauri Sankar D:
I am getting addicted to this channel 🙄
Cameron D
Cameron D:
"Oh, she looks like she might be cold in this."
LOLZ, I cracked up.
Leysa Broderick
Leysa Broderick:
I wondered why you looked so familiar and then I realized... I'm from Buffalo! I used to see you sharing your knowledge on channel 2
Investing in bitcoin has been best decision I made this year, I wish I knew about it earlier than now, I would have been a millionaire by now, but it's better late than never right!
Karen O'Herron
Karen O'Herron:
You crack me up at times. I enjoy watching you and thank you for the great information. We really don’t have to worry about what not to buy right now because we are broke.
marky g
marky g:
You are my favorite youtube channel. I've bought a few things from your links and haven't been disappointed.
Joe R
Joe R:
Woot (dot com) has the 75" Sony X900H I've been wanting, for $1500. I still can't bring myself to spend the money.
For a second there, I thought he said deal #3 comes with an Ostrich.
Tai Lilly
Tai Lilly:
URGENT: 🖐🖐🖐Can you do a review of security camera doorbells & outdoor security cameras for cyber Monday. Sorry for the last minute question.
D Hart
D Hart:
New sub from 🇨🇦, enjoy your channel..
it would be great to get some Canadian deals as well... thank you.
I thought you went to the gym once a year weather you needed to or not! ❤️
Donna Hurder
Donna Hurder:
I love watching you!! Your energy is refreshing. And thanks for all the research and deals you find for us.
susan johnson
susan johnson:
I pass these and recommend to my sons. Hope they listen.
Vanessa Hearn
Vanessa Hearn:
1.03m, it’s growing everyday!
Aubrey Perry
Aubrey Perry:
You are kinda the man! Thank you so much for your hard work.🙂
Still looking for my samsung tab s6 deal?? Thanks!
Amal Abbasi
Amal Abbasi:
Thank you so much!!!! :))))
Deborah Pennington
Deborah Pennington:
Thanks so much for all the hard work you are doing for me this year! Instead of going store to store and website to website to find the best deals, you are doing all that work for me!! Thanks so very much!!
Nola Bee
Nola Bee:
Thank you for helping us! We caught up in the “Sale” signs. Good to have you to watch.
Neil Koehn
Neil Koehn:
Thank you for all your great info & laughs, your awesome!
Awesome advice, as I was going to load up on LEGOs tomorrow! I’ll wait then! Thx! Glad you straightened that tie. 🤣 you are soooo funny!
Oscar Munoz
Oscar Munoz:
Looking for a vinyl turntable. Saw your video on the Victrola. Still recommend this one over others?
Samaria Newgard
Samaria Newgard:
Thank you!
Look forward to deals on Computer Accessories such as Monitors, Ram, GPU and SSDs.
Jessica Hardin
Jessica Hardin:
Thank you so much for all your knowledge! We appreciate YOU!
Milin Shandilya
Milin Shandilya:
Thank you. Awesome n looking forward for great recommendations
Love your personality/vibe!
Andy Franzmeier
Andy Franzmeier:
Thank you so much- as one on a fixed budget in retirement you help tremendously!!!
Ellen Cox
Ellen Cox:
Good info so glad to be able to get some of things a bit closer to Xmas, thanks Matt your rock! 🤗🤩
Racquel Washington
Racquel Washington:
I am addicted as well.
DeLynda Orr
DeLynda Orr:
Thanks for sharing the information!!! You rock
Beatrice Alcaraz
Beatrice Alcaraz:
I have enjoyed your videos , very informative,I’m looking for a good deal on the new apple iPad Air also some good AirPods greatly appreciate you.
Dy Yellowhorse
Dy Yellowhorse:
Thanks for the info!!!!
Scarlett Schmitt
Scarlett Schmitt:
This has to be one of my favorite one of your video's thank you very informative :)
Paola F
Paola F:
Ahhh when’s the best time to buy workout equipment?
Ransom Kmiecik
Ransom Kmiecik:
WOW,thank you for sharing , I buy the same one from replicaclubs..ru two days ago, delivery by EMS,amazing quality !!!!
He’s funny! Like him. Thanks for the info!
Wow you have grown so fast! Yes it’s because of the holidays, but your info will be so valuable going into 2021 because of so many in economic crunches. Ty ty! And grats!
This guy is awesome. Where have you been all my life?
NorthDakotaBeast Tran
NorthDakotaBeast Tran:
Great channel, your videos would sound better with some room treatment. The echo is pretty strong in that room
Do yall think there will be *any* good deals, on Cyber Monday? 😭😭
Tried to be the first comment 😂🥲
Pinsch Runner
Pinsch Runner:
Thank you Matt! I do need appliances but I really don't want to have to buy them right now! You encouraged me that they'll still be cheap around Christmas and thereafter
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis:
Awesome, Love the channel.
Alessandra Dias
Alessandra Dias:
Admire your hard work
Peyton Raborn
Peyton Raborn:
Anybody else have his number memorized at this point from hearing it like 2 or 3 times per video lol
Mireya Sarabia
Mireya Sarabia:
Still haven’t bought anything. Still watching. Please and thank you.
Congrats on your 1Million sub's!!! Thanks for all the cool tips. Not to mention the great savings!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
I love watching you!
Completely addicted! Hoping you'll add Zulily with whom I am in love. I've been on strict solitary quarantine for 287 days w supplies delivered by a monosyllabic angel. Shopping, treasure hunting, was my passionate hobby. Now, online browsing has become my life saver. Thank you for adding one more layer of interest to it! Thank you for the fun!
Wj M
Wj M:
Love your channel. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Jennifer Hill
Jennifer Hill:
Thank you!
1972treA Mrs Robertson
1972treA Mrs Robertson:
Always my first stop before buying anything! Thank you!
Nancy Riley
Nancy Riley:
Awesome Matt! You are so helpful.
Vfjgnbhc Edjfnfuf
Vfjgnbhc Edjfnfuf:
Hi Dealguy! When's the best time to get a Sony Mirror less camera?
Thanks for your time.
Lori Miller
Lori Miller:
🤣😂🤣she might be cold🤣
Lets goooo🔥🔥🔥
Cassie Davis
Cassie Davis:
Dude, sure appreciate you
F.M. Designz
F.M. Designz:
No furniture? I actually had my eye on an office chair
Terry Moore
Terry Moore:
You are great! Telling everyone I know about you!
Connie Aliff
Connie Aliff:
Hi Marrr Are there any deals on writing desks for home Thank You
Nui Helekahi
Nui Helekahi:
Haha 😂 I think a lot of people haven’t been to the gym anytime lately due to quarantine. Lol
Tina Pedaci
Tina Pedaci:
Any thoughts on the Roku stream bar? Thanks
Danny Bird
Danny Bird:
Is the Nintendo switch coming back on sale on Christmas ?? Please let me know, thanks.
Rolo Nunez
Rolo Nunez:
Thanks for the info
Ashley R.
Ashley R.:
I hope you do a car video! I am looking to get a new car!
Kayjeecare world
Kayjeecare world:
made it first today
Jennifer Walden
Jennifer Walden:
I am looking for a great home theater sound system to go with my tv please. Any suggestions?? Thanks! And keep rockin!
Tone Foxy
Tone Foxy:
Thanks Matt!!!!!!
Thank you 🤘
sunshine j cortez
sunshine j cortez:
Dude!!! Just wanted to say you freaking rock!! 😁❤✌
Wj M
Wj M:
Love your channel. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Will we see some sweet (gaming) monitor deals? Haven't really seen nice ones this week, at least not here in the EU.
The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man:
Youre the best!!!! Love you so much!!! New fav insider guy channel!!
J HeighteN
J HeighteN:
You are awesome love ya back!
Joan Gonzalez
Joan Gonzalez:
Thanks Matt! You are so fun to watch and so entertaining but also a great help! Not only do you save your subs so much money but, I think more importantly, you save us so much TIME!! Thanks for the heads-up about toys. I'm searching for the best deal on Picasso Magnetic Tiles so I am going to wait!
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust:
Congratulations on 1M 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Lynn Hoffman
Lynn Hoffman:
Thanks Matt 🤗💯
Brian Babulic
Brian Babulic:
Hi Dealguy! When's the best time to get a Sony Mirror less camera?
Bob Brightman
Bob Brightman:
Outstanding calls Matt!
Leo Hale
Leo Hale:
I need a good laptop deal in the under $500 as well as a printer that has wifi for under $100 prefer under $50
Brandon Loyd
Brandon Loyd:
I'm so early
Bryan C L X T
Bryan C L X T:
Back at it like a saving addict
Sandra's Paper Creations
Sandra's Paper Creations:
Can you find a good carpet cleaner for around $100? Thanks
Omg, I Just Love Watching you, you Are So Positive and your Energy Is Awesome 🤩 I’m Still Trying To Get A PS5 & The new IPad Air.
Yes, wait on new cars until last weeks of December, dealers hate to count those in their inventory tax.
Pratyusha R
Pratyusha R:
POV: Christmas Eve; 10 things not to buy on Christmas sales

Include everything he says on this list👁👄👁
Priya Roberts
Priya Roberts:
My mom needs a laptop and I am considering the chrome book you recommended. Are there other laptops that you would recommend with that similar price? Thanks for all your help, been watching for about a year now!☺️
New anigeek YT TV
New anigeek YT TV:
Thank you
S M:
hey mrs. granite: NO WINTER CLOTHES! ;) hehe
Dawn Singleton
Dawn Singleton:
💩 I put off replacing my laptop thinking Cyber Monday would be best deals. Oh well, at least I got my daughter's during Black Friday specials. 👩🏼‍💻🤷🏼‍♀️
Jessie Fowler
Jessie Fowler:
Crystal Diamond Reborns
Crystal Diamond Reborns:
I bought one of those once in a lifetime cheap Black Friday TVS... Now I wish I could have seen this sooner
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz:
All I get from your advice is to wait... Til everything good is gone and all the bad stuff noone wants is left
M M:
Hey you never mentioned security cameras
Barnabás Gellér
Barnabás Gellér:
oh man, your charisma bought me already and it is not even monday yet!
william Franceschini
william Franceschini:
No good deals on 43” televisions. I’ll wait. Your dress shirt looks a little tight. Buy a slightly larger neck size.