10 Years Of One Direction

Happy 10 years 1D Family!
English subtitles available.

#10YearsOfOneDirection #OneDirection

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kia newbrough
kia newbrough:
it’s my birthday but let’s be honest 1D is more important
hey angel
hey angel:
Ody Dem
Ody Dem:
Can't they just say "break's over" and be a band once again? That's what everyone wants.
Anne Palisoc
Anne Palisoc:
Liam: already posted
Louis: already posted
Niall: already posted
Harry: already posted
Zayn: *still sleeping*
Thanpuii Khiangte
Thanpuii Khiangte:
Last number of your like is you......
1. Harry Styles
2. Liam Payne
3. Niall Horan
4. Louis Tomlinson
5. Zayn Malik
6. Harry Styles
7. Liam Payne
8. Niall Horan
9. Louis Tomlinson
0. Zayn Malik
Fatima Arif
Fatima Arif:
The people who disliked, just were crying and their eyes were blurry and accidentally pressed the disliked button.
꧁༺ 《*•Rebel•*》 ༻꧂
꧁༺ 《*•Rebel•*》 ༻꧂:
They said they'd last forever.

They said they'd come back.

They might not and that's fair.

But we'll always be here. ❤
this hit.. 1 million views in 16 hours. wtf you guys. //i can see the views, these under video are still frozen
vivian nguyen
vivian nguyen:
Vera Yuniar
Vera Yuniar:
The first 5 seconds of this video is already better than the video they made officially lmao
The people who disliked this went in the wrong direction
Suicidal GoatMan
Suicidal GoatMan:
im kinda disappointed with the anniversary video they posted, like its just a compilation of moments i've seen a hundred times already.
I think it was the stupid fukin management again, i'm sure the boys wanted to do more for us.
Corin Wish
Corin Wish:
My dad: I know, I’m a directioner now
Me: ...Larry or Zarry
Dad: Larry
Me: **walks away proud**
this is a true story btw XD
panasonic fan
panasonic fan:
this fandom is so fking strongggg
Venice Danielle
Venice Danielle:
Zayn said he never talk to harry in the band

Also zayn sleep's with harry
Jordalyn Almarie
Jordalyn Almarie:
Mom: After all this time?
Me, blasting the music louder: *Always*
Horan Niall
Horan Niall:
Who will always be a directioner no matter what? 👇
Lavender Roselinda HP & 1D
Lavender Roselinda HP & 1D:
Harry when he was 16: auditioned for xfactor and got in
Me as a 16 year old: *does nothing*
Carl Jacob Sabio
Carl Jacob Sabio:
Interviewer: Niall, what do you want in a bestfriend?

Niall: (looks at Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam) everything this four have.

I'm not crying, you are.
Brooke MacLeod
Brooke MacLeod:
still waiting for the “ we’re coming back” or “ breaks over” i’ll wait:(
2020 couldn't get any worse
2020 : yeah ok
Rhaiza rv
Rhaiza rv:
Together as a team
Together as a family
Is better than being alone.
Rod Michael Tubello
Rod Michael Tubello:
*This is how many people are still a Directioner*

Saoirse Turtles
Saoirse Turtles:
s̶t̶r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶
s̶t̶r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶ r̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶:
Stress level: Harry realizing the woman isn’t pregnant
Jemma Ryan-Roth
Jemma Ryan-Roth:
when the question was: "Niall, what do you want in a best friend?" And Niall replies with: "What these for have." I was so sad!!!!
Ali iswadi
Ali iswadi:
When they decided to reunite as one direction again, that means nature is healing
lauren nashville.
lauren nashville.:
yes give us ✨ 𝓷𝓸𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓰 ✨
Since 2014 they WERE MY EVERYTHING, and they STILL ARE to this day...
Lilyana Rizal
Lilyana Rizal:
at this point, i only hear “wonder action” :’)
zar_ one
zar_ one:
3:35 harry be like Emotionally:No stop
Mentally:I miss him
Spiritually:I very very miss him

I miss zyan malik😔😍
I've been in fandom since 2011, I was in tears when Zayn left the group. Guess it was my first heartbreak because of a boy haha, I'm still missing you guys. every one of you is talented, handsome and literal genius. I can't believe it's been 10 years since you made the best boyband in the whole world. I still love you with all of my heart. 💗✨🦋
melissa salas.
melissa salas.:
use me as an "i'm crying button"
Sophia Barenholtz
Sophia Barenholtz:
“goodbyes are bittersweet but it’s not the end, i’ll see your face again” i don’t know how to use punctuation but...
Luca Petersen
Luca Petersen:
01:11 Damn. Niall was really throwing it back for a real one.
tommo already promise guys, if they didn’t reunite this year, maybe another year, but they will, trust me.
Susana カオナシ Pulido SKZ
Susana カオナシ Pulido SKZ:
Everyone who's here after the 10 years thing hahahahah :)
There’s two things missing this 2020.
1: The vaccine
2: 1D Reunion
꧁༺ 《*•Rebel•*》 ༻꧂
꧁༺ 《*•Rebel•*》 ༻꧂:
Everyone wanted Zayn in the reunion but he won't even though this band is literally the reason he met gigi and is now having a child with her. This band made him who he is and he wont even post. I'm not being dramatic, so please don't say I am. This is just my opinion.
I'm not crying
My eyes are just sweating
Dear One Direction,
We never left.
the Fans
Lily Alice
Lily Alice:
These boys have been my life for 9 years. I was 4 when I started listening to them and I remember dancing in my room until my mum and dad care in and told me they were taking my kindle. I never stopped having hope for them. They contributed so nigh to my life and honestly just made me who I am. They inspired me so much and I woke up and screamed today. 10 years... crazy. I love you guys too much and thank you.
Rowan Maher
Rowan Maher:
I got chills and I started tearing up ..foreal I mess them
Even here 3:32 niall seems as he wants to cry i can feel it in his voice even look at Harry
Trying not to show emotion ,,but he is sad as well
I know this thing became old but still emotional asf and I always watch it ,,,
I also remember when they lost the x factor
Zany said : I guess we will stay together forever
No see what happened ..:(((((
Loren Szaraz
Loren Szaraz:
Me: Don't cry don't cry don't cry

1 min later: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dara Gabriela Morales Arreola
Dara Gabriela Morales Arreola:
they are the best, thank you for entering our lives, we love you and they will always be in our hearts, a thousand thanks one direction for being the best💕💕😍🙌🙌🙌🙌💖🌹
Maryann lindner
Maryann lindner:
Once they showed Harry saying: hi I'm Harry I'm 16, I was like oh my God fetus Harry
Pugs4life 1438
Pugs4life 1438:
Stress level: Harry when he thought people were getting eliminated during boot camp if you couldn’t dance
Manasvi Kapoor
Manasvi Kapoor:
“One Direction’s who we are and it’s who we always will be.”
Directioners once, Directioners for life❤️
Alma Hansen
Alma Hansen:
Disappointment level: When Kevin found out that Niall has a phobia for pigeons
Harrywith no styles
Harrywith no styles:
Since I was 8 years old until now I still adore them!!!😩
3:05 Simon must be so proud of them.
Leni Haarbusch
Leni Haarbusch:
Stress level: louis not knowing where harry was during the awards
NiLiZARRY StyLinson
NiLiZARRY StyLinson:
Oh Gosh!After A Long Time,This Video Made Me Cry.Specially when Liam Said,This Award Belongs To Another Person,Its Zayn.....Ah
Vashti Sanchez
Vashti Sanchez:
"one direction is who we are and who we'll always be"

Mymy L
Mymy L:
I feel like after One Direction broke up everything went downhill
Reece Katherine
Reece Katherine:
just the fact that zayn is in this makes me less disapointed
Fahmida Nasrin
Fahmida Nasrin:
If you're still directioner

Nadya Tanjung
Nadya Tanjung:
it's so much longer than one direction's video
Ananya Singha
Ananya Singha:
One Direction are like candles. They burned themselves up to give us light.
im really grateful, i grew up seeing them conquer the world
sara erer
sara erer:
i’m crying :( there was a piece of hope inside of me that they would get back together
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik:
Girl- “what do you want in a best friend”
Niall- “everything these boys have”
Me- AWWWWW😍❤️❤️😭
Briseida Garcia
Briseida Garcia:
no estoy llorando, tú estás llorando. 😞
I can' t imagine 1D without Zayn
I'm not crying, you are.
Just Léna
Just Léna:
If you want them to come back (with Zayn tho)

lilfluzi flurt
lilfluzi flurt:
We were a family.
We are a family.
We'll always be a family.
J S:
“our brother Zayn” 😭😭😭😭😭 I’M NOT CRYING
Roxsana Samiento
Roxsana Samiento:
Hoy es el décimo aniversario de one direction, estoy muy contenta, emocionada, ni si quiera lo puedo describir ya an pasado 10 años desde que se formó la banda de miss sueños, los chicos de mi razón de vivir, mi felicidad se formó hace 10 Años porque antes no sabía que era la felicidad , pero ellos me enseñaron eso y mas, daría lo que fuere para volverlos a ver juntos de nuevo ❤️💖💞
Les contaré una pequeña historia
Hoy hace 10 años 5 chicos talentosos, guapos, inteligentes, grasiosos, bueno 5 chicos perfectos, participaron en the x factor, y ganaron pero no como solistas si no como una banda. Quedaron en 4to lugar pero,en mi corazón y el de muchas directioners más ocuparon , fueron el número 1de nuestros corazones 1d (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik y Liam Payne) me hicieron yo, única. Hoy cumplen 10 años de formar la boysband más exitosa del mundo y número 1 en mi
Gracias one direction x2
Los amo regresen please!!!
Bueno pues como ya dije antes hoy es el décimo aniversario de de one direction o como me gusta llamar one diversario!!!!
Yo lo selebree haci :
Me levanté temprano (Porque había muchas posibilidades de que se reunieran nuevamente y yo aún tengo fe esperanzas porque yo soy directioner )
Luego subí todo el volumen a mi vocina y escuche todas las canciones, todos los albums todo sobre ellos incluidos los vídeos diarios todo.
Me lleve todo el día pero, si es por ellos vale la pena hacerlo
No me levanté de la cama todo el dia, no puedo decir más pero me la pasé increíble
Les digo algo, cuando vi los vídeos diarios pensé en esos momentos tan divertidos no podía parar de reír ( kevin, carritos, vas happening, etc,) pensé todos estábamos tan ocupados divirtiéndonos, riendo, celebrando que nadie bueno al menos yo no tuve tiempo para pensar en el momento donde nos dirían un adiós o bueno un hasta luego o pronto, pero, Zayn Malik luego de su trágica salida nos llevó a pensar en su adiós, pero

También nos dijo con tan solo su adiós que disfrutamos más que nunca cada momento porque cuando menos lo veamos ellos dirían un hasta pronto y la verdad yo lo disfrute, y yo y muchas directioners estabamos con Louis estábamos en contra de esa separación porque como el yo también ya había encontrado mi papel en esta vida, en este mundo no estaba lista para dejarlos ir, no lo esraba. Pero también me puse en los zapatos de cada uno de ellos y bueno creo que talvez solo talvez era momento de ir por caminos diferentes, porque hay que pensar estuvieron 5 años juntos sin su familia era momento de tomarse unas vacaciones ( pero no tan largas, si están de acuerdo con migo) los extraño mucho y yo seguiré esperándolos yo sé que algún día van a regresar porque ellos lo prometieron, no pueden estar separados se estuvieron apoyando los unos a otros en momentos duros trágicos y bueno ellos fueron su propia familia en durante 5 bellos años.
Gracias 1D por esos 5 hermosos años y momentos mágicos , pero ya es hora de regresar
# Los amo 1D x1000
Bueno es hora de terminar esto quiero pedirles 4 cosas
1. Comenten díganme cómo celebraron es one diversario.
2. Dijanme cual es su canción de favorita.
3. Cuál es su álbum favorito, lo que extrañan de ellos (1D)
4. Como se enamoraron de 1d , como los conocieron y como ellos robaron sus corazones
Bueno eso es todo
Amo a 1D x10000
Deepali Aebi-Goonan
Deepali Aebi-Goonan:
This really just looks like a fan made video
tommo hates avocados
tommo hates avocados:
Directioners: Niall during Tattoo roulette
One Direction: Niall during Louis and Zayn's prank on nickelodeon.
Sadie Rainey
Sadie Rainey:
ok i know that we are focusing on their anniversary but at 0:25 when someone said " you're all family now" louis looked at harry. LARRY.
edit: also harry looked at him and smiled. MY HEART
Mahesh upadhyay official
Mahesh upadhyay official:
One direction has millions of international Fans,we can prove here after this comeback
Abbey Dobson
Abbey Dobson:
every single one of these boys are so very talented

then there is me: a hopeless shrek
Archisha Mahesh
Archisha Mahesh:
💜One band One dream One direction 💜
There is NO reason they cant come back. You cant tell me otherwise. Also who runs this yt
4:55 just imagine you woke up and you here this, One Direction can relate
Vrunda Parikh
Vrunda Parikh:
Oh my god ...this just made me want a reunion more than ever 🥺😭😭😭❤😘
Cecil Christoper
Cecil Christoper:
Video intro: *all 5 boys
Me: pause video, screams internally
Bts pretty please kidnap me
Bts pretty please kidnap me:
Why is nobody talking about the fact that a couple a day ago there was ticket for their concert on their channel and now there is album sales
Vianca Escalera
Vianca Escalera:
“Niall what do you want in a best friend” Niall: “everything these 4 boys have” ❤️
AntArt Story
AntArt Story:
5:00 yeah you've proved it niall🤣. And we're still❤
Dio_ Fun
Dio_ Fun:
Best gift,My tears are certainly of joy and nostalgia, thanks for that ♡
I love you guys and it's really forever😂❤
Sandani Perera
Sandani Perera:
I heard liam said "we'll be back". Then i felt relief ❤
Hafsa Fatima
Hafsa Fatima:
👇🏻everyone hoping for zayn to b in the reunion
jayson ely
jayson ely:
Still waiting for Zayn's speech on insta. Ang tweeter 😁
s a
s a:
AntArt Story
AntArt Story:
Ya'll always be best friends to each other. And we'll always love y'all guys❤
Emma Kinkle
Emma Kinkle:
I stayed up all night stalking their social media for nothing😭😭
Holly Marie
Holly Marie:
I thought this was one d actual account scared the life out of me
Aj Paraoan
Aj Paraoan:
One Direction is 21st Century’s best boyband!!!
Kaustav Chakraborty_54
Kaustav Chakraborty_54:
If One Direction Comes Back , They Can Still Save 2020 .
2017 :they will come back
2018 :they will come back for directioners
2019 :yah they will come back
2020 : they might come back *sob sob*
But I want them to get back 😭😢😢😭
cherub subs
cherub subs:
Can't believe so much time has passed by since I first started digging these boys. I'm honoured to be one of the girls who spent her youth supporting a group of good, talented, amazing people. It's such a beautiful thing that we got to grow up together 💜
Debasmita roy choudhury
Debasmita roy choudhury:
The most interesting thing is since they took the break they didn't loose fans instead they gained
Congratulations oneD
Never got so many likes i am happy we all can relate ❤❤❤
N.S. Styles
N.S. Styles:
This was on my reccomendation I refused to watch coz I couldnt cry anymore
Mikay Lee
Mikay Lee:
Not a big fan of 1D but i am here watching and found myself waiting for their reunion. No one can beat how strong 1D is 💪
Nina Alexis Pascua
Nina Alexis Pascua:
Who's crying rn???🤧

Definitely me☹😭
kAsmr _
kAsmr _:
Lance Escalante
Lance Escalante:
Liam: one direction is who we are and always be!
Liam in strip that down:
"I used to be in one D, now Im free"