1970s Diana Rigg BBC PARKINSON interviews

Compilation of interviews from 1972, 1975(?) and 1979 with Michael Parkinson. Topics include her Yorkshire roots, stage nudity, her AVENGERS audition, motherhood, bogeys and bottom-biting!

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ed campion
ed campion:
Diana is one of those rare women who is very beautiful but even more beautiful when you listen to her.
Incredibly classy, sexy, beautiful , strong woman, timeless princess
chris 1
chris 1:
DIana Rigg one of the worlds most beautiful women. Many tears shed once more for Mrs 007. RIP
John Doe
John Doe:
It's quite all right, really. She's having a rest. We'll be going on soon. There's no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world. Farewell Diana Rigg.
Anant Raman
Anant Raman:
She was so beautiful, quick witted. And floated over those personal perverted questions with total freedom. Rest in peace Ms. Rigg.
Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc
Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc:
RIP Dame Diana. Not only a great actress. but an actress who could laugh at herself. She had a delightful personality.
Christine Bradley
Christine Bradley:
Diana Rigg is Absolutely delightful! She is lovely! I really admire her.
K T:
She has such a beautiful voice! And wonderful diction and accent!
I loved her back in the mid sixties and I still love her in 2020
mike wa
mike wa:
Oh my god I'd forgotten what a wonderful personality and attractive human she was. Sublime.
RIP, you clever, funny, glorious woman.
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper:
Often when you see actors outside their roles there is a disappointment (maybe unfairly) in that they don't appear to live up to the character they play.
Diana Rigg is every bit Emma Peel in intelligence, wit, and class.
Michael O'Neale
Michael O'Neale:
I am so sad she has passed away. One of England’s greatest daughters. When I was a little boy Emma Peel was my first crush. After that I followed her career. She wasn’t just a sexy women. She was brilliant. Intelligent, and a very powerful actress. Only Bond girl who could act. I love how so candid she is. England, and the world is sadder without her. Rest in Peace Diana.
Peter Butler
Peter Butler:
Parkinson is just awful.....how he got to the “top” amazes me
Joe Madej
Joe Madej:
In any, and all respects, she was one of---if not the most beautiful woman ever to walk the Earth.
kristina makela
kristina makela:
The old man who opines that sex is "inferior" without the intent of breeding never got his pipe smoked, poor baby.
Craig Walsh
Craig Walsh:
Emma Peel was my first female crush that I can remember.
Steven Mitchell
Steven Mitchell:
Rest in peace, Diana Rigg.
Tony Nesbit
Tony Nesbit:
She is unbelievably beautiful, what a lovely voice.
Padua Pete D
Padua Pete D:
+ Rest in Peace Diana Rigg. + Another adventurous life comes to an end.
Batt Mann
Batt Mann:
She is just fabulous in every way, always has been, always will be. We need her more now than ever.
Tony Nesbit
Tony Nesbit:
She is the ultimate classy English rose,I love her.
Linda S. Martin
Linda S. Martin:
She really takes the interviewer’s overly personal and sex oriented questions in her stride! Lovely person!
I adored Diana in the Avengers as a kid, she was amazing as Ms Peel. Diana is still a very beautiful woman who has aged so well, without going under the knife.
Wyatt Podmore
Wyatt Podmore:
A vivacious, humorous and intelligent woman. One of the greats of TV and stage.
Mike Onfreeserve
Mike Onfreeserve:
I loved that Diana and her daughter accepted McKenzie Crook's offer to do Detectorists which was superb.
She was sooo attracctive, by her looks, facial expressions, moves and even more when she was talking.
Martin Vengadesan
Martin Vengadesan:
RIP Diana. Huge fan. What a wonderful personality. Could listen to you talk all day. <3
holy hell shes incredible.. what a woman

This Too Shall Pass
This Too Shall Pass:
She epitomized class and elegance while being hysterically funny at the same time. So few have that ability.
Andy OK
Andy OK:
She was great. Not many leading ladies today with that kind of sparky quick intelligence. The very speed of her delivery of quality responses was impressive here.
Ulfhedinn Norsk
Ulfhedinn Norsk:
Young Lady Olena 😌❤️. Unbelievably attractive 😌
I came here because my late father who was also a Yorkshire man had a thing about this lady!
I totally get it now!
RIP Diana Rigg. You will never be forgotten.🥂🥀🌂🇬🇧🥂2020. “Always keep your bowler on in times of stress and watch out for diabolical masterminds”.
Antonio Bromelini
Antonio Bromelini:
She was my first crush! Seeing a strong woman who could deal with stupid questions as she did here with this dreadful interviewer.
John Kochen
John Kochen:
When I saw her in Game of Thrones and read in the credits that it was Diana Rigg, I was shocked to realize that she had grown old. Somehow, in my mind, she was always Emma Peel which is silly when you think of it but there you are.
Lester Aizlewood
Lester Aizlewood:
The dream girl of every teenage boy in the 1960's. Farewell beautiful Diana.
White Knight
White Knight:
Diana rigg is still my no1 female actress. As a Yorkshireman
It makes her even more attractive. 👍👍
J.C. Rios
J.C. Rios:
Dianna is a beautiful lady! I used to watch the Avengers in Argentina many years later when I used to drive a cab in New York city, who is one of my passengers? DIANNA! I couldn't beleve it! She was so pleasant, she said, that was doing a show on Broadway! I told her that she used to speak spanish she smiled, and off course she gave an autograph!
Tom Riviere
Tom Riviere:
She is such a lovely woman and a talented actress. Heartbreaking news she died 10-09-2020
Forever young. Life is a cruel joke and the punchline is growing old. Now, yet another bit of our youth excised from our lives.
Captain Nice
Captain Nice:
She had integrity the size of the Enpire State building
Craig Stoll
Craig Stoll:
What a fantastic woman, from the beginning of her career to the end. Smart, funny, and one of the true icons of 60's pop culture.
James Gossweiler
James Gossweiler:
I wish this woman a perfect peace. She brought a lot of joy to a lot of people, including me.
Taha Akhlaq
Taha Akhlaq:
One of the greatest Bond girls
Daniel R
Daniel R:
So classy and charming, and a beautiful woman in every way :-)
Not hard to understand why she so often "got the part".
Lorraine Chittock
Lorraine Chittock:
I was in my teens when she was interviewed. It's crystal clear to me how much she and Emma Peel influenced me. RIP, my heroine.
Mark Stevens
Mark Stevens:
I’ll never know what the craze over ‘Parky’ was .... generally dull ..... just me .... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔
Tom Moncrieff
Tom Moncrieff:
Diana's views remain so timeless, refreshing, witty and generous, while Malcolm Muggeridge, so revered by the BBC of old, even then was a relic of a repressive, censorious and quite ridiculous archaic way of thinking.
Supernumerary Yarbles
Supernumerary Yarbles:
The usual Parkinson innuendo filled interview
Ontario Andrews
Ontario Andrews:
I honestly don't know much about her, but I love her in this interview. I don't know for a fact, but I suspect she is Goldie Hawn's role model.
Fish seabass
Fish seabass:
She was great in the detectorists
K L Thalin
K L Thalin:
Wonderful woman, wonderful actress. A sad day. Rest in peace, Dame Diana. 💜
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend:
Mike Parkinson always said that Diana Rigg was the most 'ravishingly attractive' woman he had ever met...his words not mine! She was at her sexiest in the classic comic horror movie Theater of Blood with Vincent Price. There was one hilarious scene where she 'came on' to old Harry Andrews who must have been nearly sixty at the time. Harry Andrews was as gay as a tulip in real life, but he should have got an academy award for pretending to fall for Ms Riggs charms so utterly convincingly.
Bill Keon
Bill Keon:
What a stunning knockout, even more for her personality. Was one of my first childhood crushes when I was about 8 or 9 when the Avengers was on tv
Mark Gable
Mark Gable:
Diana Rigg looked amazing in the leather catsuit in the 60's avengers series. It was very riskey even for now. it was like a S&M outfit with zips . Wow. Google it and see for yourselves.
Rest in peace, Mrs Peel
when Diana closed the door Patrick was crying, i stopped watching The Avengers when Diana left
Geoffrey Coulson
Geoffrey Coulson:
2020: just when I thought it couldn't get any worse my all time #1 female icon has gone ..so sad .
David of Yorkshire
David of Yorkshire:
The BBC requirement for perfect speach back then, it's why everyone thought this was British English... Now they want the accent....

This is what strong, confident, admired and respected women used to be like... Now they call all men misogynists and deny they have part in life at all... It's a real shame all these "progressives" have progressed into insanity.
Gordon Ross
Gordon Ross:
Parkinson asks some crap questions and she was wise to this. Lovely lady RIP
Debbie Paterson
Debbie Paterson:
Beautiful woman 👩 RIP Diana Rigg gone but not forgotten xx
Helen Wingrave
Helen Wingrave:
The only person I ever wanted to be, before I realised I was happy being myself
Christina Pang
Christina Pang:
I love her voice.
Neko Yashi
Neko Yashi:
She died today. I loved her portrayal of Olenna Tyrell. R.I.P.
kash lawrence
kash lawrence:
Svelte and elegant yet humorous and down to earth.Sadly missed
Angus McAngus
Angus McAngus:
Aging is the great human tragedy. This is the way I remember her. Peerless. RIP Diana.
Master Ji
Master Ji:
Always a little heartbreaking to see such beauty leave this world.
Theo Lamp
Theo Lamp:
Dear Ms Rigg - You have given me so much joy over the years - I shall always remember you.
Is Diana Rigg an extension of Emma Peel or is it the other way around? Any way you look it, both are a legend of class, intelligence, and wit. I am so glad she gave us the Emma Peel character.
John Michalek
John Michalek:
Every boy and man in England was in love with Diana in the sixties, she was everything a guy could ask for in a woman. When I heard of Diana's passing I cried a tear. You see she was part of my history, a nice part. Always love you Diana. See you in heaven.
Such a lovely, classy beauty.......We were all in love with Emma Peel...
The Last Guitar Hero
The Last Guitar Hero:
the word sassy was invented for her
Papa D
Papa D:
One of the most lovely people that ever lived.
Lish Lash
Lish Lash:
Remarkable that Ms Rigg would deign to speak civily to these lecherous self-righteous creeps. What's even more remarkable is the interviewer's stylishly grotesque forehead combover + muttonchops.
Tony Darcy
Tony Darcy:
Isn't it great to know there is people like this lady an absolute gem.
She's just amazing because she's real
Anja Plushenka
Anja Plushenka:
*She was a voracious reader, and said she had a full life: She loved her profession as an actress, but also did other things besides her work. She liked to travel, and had gone to Bhutan, and many other places - to experience and live life!*
Paul Charles
Paul Charles:
Wow, she has bags of personality and charisma!!
Nige Wood
Nige Wood:
Vivacious, funny and, as I was only briefly going to dip into this video but ended up watching all of it, fascinating.
Grant McGowan
Grant McGowan:
I'm going to miss you greatly Diana.. Thank you for being 'you' and the memories of a classy lady... Much love and respect.. R.I.P 🧡
Emma Peel was my first love. Rest in peace beautiful Diana Rigg. You were much loved.
Nicholas Dickens
Nicholas Dickens:
A truly remarkable lady. True acting royalty. A truly down-to-earth lady.
anthony chiulli
anthony chiulli:
Rip what a class act. Loved the CAT suits BOND Girl
English Rose of the highest order. R.I.P. Diana Rigg, you will be missed. x
Chris Goodayle
Chris Goodayle:
She will always be Emma Peel to me.She was this beautiful woman who was whip smart and athletic.
P.J. Holmes
P.J. Holmes:
The poshist Yorkshire accent I've ever heard!
Ron Haller
Ron Haller:
She was the best! My first love, my vision on how a woman should be and brilliant in everything she starred in. I loved her again on Game of Thrones: She stole every single scene she was in. We will all miss her!
R.I.P. Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg - we will never forget the legacy you left behind. Be it Mrs. Peel or Mrs. Danvers - we love you! "The Avengers" now has a very very special meaning...
Darren Green
Darren Green:
One of the most beautiful bond girls there ever was or ever will be
Ann Oldham
Ann Oldham:
I find her gorgeous and so does my husband! She's very versatile also.
Austin James
Austin James:
She’s fantastic whereas Parky is so full of himself ,grubby and flawed in his technique because he had no real rivals utter rubbish
Johnny Marlin
Johnny Marlin:
She played Bonds wife, amazing beautiful actress.
I adored Diane Rigg as Mrs. Peel. She was Marvellous in that part. Always worth watching.
Peter Franks
Peter Franks:
The only Mrs. James Bond
Robert Smith
Robert Smith:
I was so in lust with Emma Peel. I will miss you Diana
Erica DuLac
Erica DuLac:
Oh Diana, what a Lady; sleep well! 😘❤️
Peter Butler
Peter Butler:
I always thought Parkinson was massively overrated as an interviewer....he was just lucky to be around when there were great guests available with great stories, he is not that good
Karen Mount
Karen Mount:
There is somehing very uncomfortably creepy about M P's interviewing technique with Diana as with Helen Mirren. Apparent looking back, but not so much a the time.
Lamont Lewis
Lamont Lewis:
Thank you Mrs. Peel for the fond memories.