(1996) Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving (FULL ALBUM)

Since there wasn't a full album video for this on youtube yet, I had to do the job myself. Jamiroquai is an awesome band that has a ton of funky music with good grooves that I like to listen to while working or just chilling out to, so I hope you guys enjoy the music as much as I do!

Virtual Insanity: (0:00)
Cosmic Girl: (5:39)
Use The Force: (9:39)
Everyday: (13:40)

Alright: (18:06)
High Times: (22:28)
Drifting Along: (28:25)
Didjerama: (32:30)
Didjital Vibrations: (36:21)
Travelling Without Moving: (42:03)
You Are My Love: (45:39)
Spend A Lifetime: (49:32)
Do You Know Where You're Coming From: (53:44)
Funktion (Ruff Mix): (58:41)

Stay cool, amigos!

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After years of listening to Jamiroquai, "Virtual Insanity" is prophetic still 24 years later. Timeless

[Edit]: AND funky!!! ☺
JNightwing oof
JNightwing oof:
I've never heard this album before. I'm liking what I'm hearing though. Thanks for posting this!
This was the first cd I ever bought and changed my everything!!! 🤗🙂💕💕
Martin Alfonso Fernandez Farfan
Martin Alfonso Fernandez Farfan:
Entre 1998 y 1999 los temas son: alright, Cosmic girl y virtual insanity
Octavio Araujo
Octavio Araujo:
Diego Beraldo meu irmão de muitos shows partiu hoje para uma turnê bem longe...Esse disco era nosso preferido para alinhar o PA.......segue em paz mano. Se hoje estivesse chovendo...
Brendan Clinton
Brendan Clinton:
This brings me back
Mapache con queso owo
Mapache con queso owo:
no tiene mucho que conocí esta banda, ME ENCANTAAAAAAA
marcelo mesquida
marcelo mesquida:
Great job! thank you
Hansel Beck
Hansel Beck:
you hero! Thanks
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador:
Jones Jones
Jones Jones:
Soundtrack of my summer, keeping my head bobbing and foot tapping. Thanks for being a legend and uploading it with all the songs labeled too man!
Edgardo Perez
Edgardo Perez:
este señor hay que darle 10 estrellas por cada trabajo de su musica este y el album. funk 2001.👍
I'm a simple man,
Looking for songs to listen,
Already forgotten your channel,
But realizes It was uploaded by DS64,

...long time no see, amigo.
I remember that cringy things I've done back in 2 years ago.
Fransu Cp
Fransu Cp:
Me encanta este grupo desde sus comienzos y les sigo.......I LOVE JAMIROQUAI
Muzaffer Kahriman
Muzaffer Kahriman:
Great Artist, Great Songs😊 ✌👌❤
Felipe Sepulveda T.
Felipe Sepulveda T.:
Jamás olvidaré este disco
K. Slegne
K. Slegne:
You forgot to turn off the equalizer
the begenning of everyday is so smooth
I had a "full album" on my phone that did not had the Funktion song innit.
Thanks to this upload now I heard it for the first time and Im ADDICTED 😁
Nicolas Ponce
Nicolas Ponce:
que pedazo de disco paaaa
Shaft Fudo
Shaft Fudo:
Thank you very much for this