20 Magic Moments By Ronaldinho

20 Magic Moments By Ronaldinho

#: https://youtu.be/ntGWv8F_ccM

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Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers:
Messi made people love Barça, Ronaldo is making people love juventus but this man made us love football..... RESPECT
There will never be another player like Ronaldinho
This man will never happen again .....the man created his own generation that will never happen.....even messi/ronaldo can not be compared to this man
Osazuwa Desmond
Osazuwa Desmond:
He's the greatest footballer of all time. Hands down.
I see ronaldinho and I cry because the will never be anyone like him
Sheikh Farid
Sheikh Farid:
Ronaldinho means:
Dbo Does Stuff
Dbo Does Stuff:
The reason he’s so unique is because not many have the audacity to do things like this, he was special
William Galvez
William Galvez:
Forever Ronaldinho, how much nostalgia with those weekends or afternoons/night matches waiting to see him play; all kids playing to be him, he made us smile regardless of the team he was playing at, he thought us values, he was indeed humble and played with his heart, a real legend, the best, forever Ronaldinho😭 we miss you dinho, thank you for all the good times
keraj bhatt
keraj bhatt:
''I learned everything about life with a ball at my feet''
God save me Ug
God save me Ug:
The man who made me start watching football, really the king of football
All Out Attack HD
All Out Attack HD:
0:17, just a matter of a few inches and that would have been the best solo goal ever recorded
Asare Kingsley
Asare Kingsley:
I don't think we will get prayer like Ronaldinho again,who agree with me
Amdrzej Dolatowski
Amdrzej Dolatowski:
God bless you Ronaldinho in 2021 from me and Poland ☺☺☺♥
Dezsy Lukas
Dezsy Lukas:
Magic.......the best of the best !! The greatest ever lived !
Stephen Otim
Stephen Otim:
Ronaldinho is a man of his own level. A very rear talent
Gold3n Fight3r
Gold3n Fight3r:
He was literally toying with them...
Hassan Anas
Hassan Anas:
He's a legend
Bruny Jacob
Bruny Jacob:
No one I repeat no one will never match Dihno's skills.
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan:
A true legend; ❤️
Tamil arasu channel
Tamil arasu channel:
He is the real and one and only beast.... 🤗🔥💪
Lal Hmachhuana
Lal Hmachhuana:
Ronaldinho I want you to came back in football you made me love football
Primal King Dating
Primal King Dating:
Ronaldinho the Goat. Hall of Famer!!
Said Jama
Said Jama:
The most entertaining footballer of all time what a joy😍
Jofi Ángyán József
Jofi Ángyán József:
The biggest live legend in football history. Yeeeesss!
Zaki Mubarok
Zaki Mubarok:
The greatest man in this planet
Magazine Futebol
Magazine Futebol:
Cara, sinceramente, melhor entre os melhores. Gênio!!
Johny papa
Johny papa:
Defender: Hope this a Good match
Ronaldinho: Hold my Beer
When i 'll get older the children will ask me :
"You saw messi and ronaldo play , who was the best ??"

I'll smile and say : Ronaldinho
Helber Assis
Helber Assis:
O melhor que já vi,bruxo mesmo,espetacular,imprevisível
Thomas Mathew
Thomas Mathew:
Every footballer is using freestyle in training

Ronaldinho: Hold my beer
γιαννης ο τουρκοφαγος
γιαννης ο τουρκοφαγος:
Magician! !!!
Raimundo Santos
Raimundo Santos:
Gênio verdadeiro futebol arte 👏👏👏👏👏
Jean cesar Xavier
Jean cesar Xavier:
Deveria jogar na seleção
Kamil Temizel
Kamil Temizel:
Ronaldinho: The God of Football...
Rubber band Man
Rubber band Man:
It takes 100 years to get a magician like ronadinho,much respect.
Jose Junior
Jose Junior:
O melhor de todos os tempos
Lovington Harmon
Lovington Harmon:
I just wish he never stopped playing
Syech Saridin06
Syech Saridin06:
Sukses terus kang Ronaldinho 🙏🏻❤️
J Dulin
J Dulin:
The reason why I started to watch football
me manman penba
me manman penba:
Il est le meilleur joueur foutbol le monde á connu.
Ionescu Costinel
Ionescu Costinel:
People say Messi and Ronaldo are the best players, but they forgot the Magician, "Rolandinho".
Vasilis Vasilakis
Vasilis Vasilakis:
Most skillful player just like ibrahimovich said: “you can’t built that players no matter the train or practice they born with that gift and talent”
Ousmane dembele
Ousmane dembele:
Messi +Ronaldo=ronaldhino💙💙
Jeremiah Malcolm
Jeremiah Malcolm:
A legend. Such talents are not easy to come by.
Ahmet Geril
Ahmet Geril:
Best player ever, he was nasty!
Brandon Sanchez
Brandon Sanchez:
En cuanto a talento ,calidad y creatividad sin duda el mejor de todos los tiempos
Zammuell M
Zammuell M:
Simplemente el mejor de todos los tiempos!!!
Manas Pandey
Manas Pandey:
Your videos are osm good work on background music keep it up
Kyaw Ta
Kyaw Ta:
He’s the best soccer player in the old days
João Neto Silva
João Neto Silva:
Esses 3 chapéus de Ronaldinho é a coisa mais conhecida no futebol mundial
Flávio Ricardo
Flávio Ricardo:
Simplesmente mágico!!!
all these clips make me want FIFA to have new rules: that all players either need to be handcuffed or wear some thick gloves so they will NOT be able to grab their opponents' shirts.
dilesh beedasee
dilesh beedasee:
Feu sa legend la respects 🙏🙌
A r i f
A r i f:
It's so amazing that Ronaldinho's both legendary bycle kick goals came from Xavi's assist...😇
samuel s
samuel s:
The look on the goal keepers face at 2: 28 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patrick Crypto
Patrick Crypto:
Electrifying like no other player!. And I like as well
Ronaldihno is the best In the history ...Great video legend!
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn:
Good video. Keep doing what you're doing and keep making people happy :)
rafael lima
rafael lima:
Orgulho dessa lenda ser brasileira🇧🇷❤️
katto romeo
katto romeo:
The Greatest in Living Memory
MagiicZ Ayman
MagiicZ Ayman:
all football fans we have to make ronaldinho better in fifa he so legandary so we have to make him 99 rating
Robson Pacháa
Robson Pacháa:
Bruxo mágico uns dos maiores da história
Gold3n Fight3r
Gold3n Fight3r:
We miss the true legend of football. ❤
Official Mus-B
Official Mus-B:
4:43 This was why i started watching football on God.
enoussa odaris
enoussa odaris:
Nunca vai encontrar um jogador de futebol igual Ronaldinho
fernando alonso
fernando alonso:
Pelé foi o rei mas , Ronaldinho foi o mago !!🇧🇷 Nunca vi nada igual , simplesmente insuperável !👏👏👏👏
Amin Elemam
Amin Elemam:
19 Magic Moments By Ronaldinho not 20. The last one was covered by thumbnails.
Ronaldinho/Romario/messi os maiores que vi jogar
samer guessoum
samer guessoum:
thank you a lot ilike this music
gladys gaitugi
gladys gaitugi:
Forever my Legend
Facundo sebastian Sosa
Facundo sebastian Sosa:
Como se olvidaron de este crack
Kebe Mor
Kebe Mor:
Une légende inoubliable. Malgré que son époque j'étais très jeune. Priez pour qu'il soit libéré
Carlos Moreno
Carlos Moreno:
Nadie como él 💪👌
Khaled Khaled
Khaled Khaled:
He's a LION
Luci Fontes
Luci Fontes:
5:17 ronaldinho dá um passe pro Ronaldinho que faz o gol
Kaypee Sbusiso
Kaypee Sbusiso:
This guy should come back from retirement 😭
Olala Ya
Olala Ya:
The best football player.. legend
A Okuwa
A Okuwa:
Some people say messi is the most talented player ever

But Ronaldinho was simply a joy to watch
Andrea Zicca
Andrea Zicca:
All The Selecao = 50% off Ronaldinho
Salam Khan
Salam Khan:
Ronaldinho is soccer wizard.
In a class of his own.
Ali Alkhaldi
Ali Alkhaldi:
🤙🏼 😭♥️💙
BILAL Yousaf
BILAL Yousaf:
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI는 우리 싱글 삼촌들도 보고있드라
Define football in one word
Me: Ronaldino
Tiago Conrado
Tiago Conrado:
Graça o Bruxo que Barcelona é hj, se não fosse Brasileiro no time ngm iria saber quem era barcelona ou até real Madri
Woah that was good
story channel
story channel:
하 맨날 ㅅr고rㅌIㅂI랑 로즈ㅌIㅂI 유튜브만 보다가 라이브는 첨봤는데 라이브가 더좋누
Hema Kohli
Hema Kohli:
그래서 사과티비랑 로즈티비가 대체 뭔데 ^^ㅣ발 것들아
Ahsan Mitul
Ahsan Mitul:
Yeah. The background sound. It sounds like Golden Day of Legends. I want that soundtrack.
Aykut Gks
Aykut Gks:
He makes this Sport BEAUTIFUL🙏🏽❤️
Salah Alla
Salah Alla:
Golden age of football we miss it ❤❤
Malik Irfan
Malik Irfan:
Ronaldinho is my hero! 😍
Raphael Alves Souza
Raphael Alves Souza:
Muito respeito! Showman
He made football more popular in very large scale
Gave true definition of the beautiful game
Andre Pereira da Silva
Andre Pereira da Silva:
Nunca vai existir um cara igual a esse .. fera dimais ...saudade dele na seleção ......quem tem saudade dele na seleção brasileira curti..
Riadh Maza
Riadh Maza:
The best player in the world with no doubt ❤ since he retired football becomes boring
Claudiney Gomes
Claudiney Gomes:
M . G منوعات
M . G منوعات:
أفضل من لمس الكره على الإطلاق