2019 Kia Optima - A great value in a competitve field

The 2019 Kia Optima costs less and offers more than many of its impressive competitors, making it a great choice for anyone considering a midsize sedan.

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Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata… all of these are great sedans. They offer impressive levels of standard safety and technology, drive well, and employ satisfying engines. Among this stiff competition, the Kia Optima still manages to shine. Starting at an unbelievably appealing $22,900, the Optima can be had in a variety of trims with a range of 5 powertrains and an impressive array of options and packages.

Chris Warldaw’s Optima SX Turbo uses a 2.0-liter, 245-horsepower turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine that makes 260 pound-feet of peak torque at a low 1,350 RPM. Fuel economy sits at 21 mpg city, 30 highway, 24 combined, and the as-tested price rang in at $33,505. This Optima was engaging to drive, although its brakes heated and faded after repeated (and spirited) use, and the Optima’s not-quite-a-sports-sedan chassis limited the vehicle’s ability on twisty roads.

Kia’s UVO, or Your Voice, infotainment system features an 8-inch touchscreen capable of running either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. The car also boasts an impressive set of advanced safety features and scored well with both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

For more information on the 2019 Kia Optima, read Chris’s full review on CarGurus: https://cargur.us/vQfzk

Presenter: Chris Wardlaw
Cinematographer: Dan Sharp

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Stephen Hendricks
Stephen Hendricks:
Excellent and fair review of the Optima, I think. The complaint that KIA restricts color choice combinations and bundles a large set of individual options into trims and a few relatively expensive option packages is a common one in most of their vehicles. It's very different from the practice of European manufacturers and to a slightly lesser extent American and Japanese brands that offer individual feature options and a vast choice of color combinations on various trim levels. Even more puzzling to some is that the range of color combinations actually shrinks as one moves up the trim ladder. But there's are reasons for KIA's (and Hyundai's) approach.

First and foremost it constrains production costs. A simplified assembly process combined with the advantage of purchasing a greater volume of components from suppliers means the overall cost of producing a vehicle is significantly lower than an approach that enables a consumer to select literally hundreds of combinations of color combinations and individual options. Bundling options into a few packages and restricting color combinations are key to KIA's pricing strategy. And it doesn't end there.

Restricting the combinations of options and color combinations on upper level trims means that dealers are less likely to have less popular combinations sitting unsold on their lots for longer periods of time until they are ultimately sold at greater discounts. Those upper trim levels are the most profitable to dealers and the manufacturer. Avoiding flooring charges by selling top trims as rapidly as possible is the goal of every dealer.

Does KIA lose some sales because they don't offer as many color combinations as competitors, especially in their most expensive trims? Undoubtedly. But would a KIA dealer be willing to sacrifice a potential customer who wants a vehicle in a rare color or option combination if they can sell the next customer who's happy with a more limited and conventional combination loaded with options at a significant savings compared to another brand? The answer is obvious.

And that's why the top trim Optima has as many options including bells and whistles, but likely with fewer color combinations, as comparably equipped Honda Accords, Toyota Camry's and Mazda6's at an MSRP about $5000 less.
Chock nuts
Chock nuts:
I love my Optima. Had it for 4 years now and no problems soo far. Super reliable. My only complaint is that outside noise is bad. At highway speeds I constantly check the windows to make sure they are up because I cant believe it could get soo much road noise with the windows closed. 2013 model. Anyone else noticed this?
R C:
My wife and I owned a 2012 optima Hybrid, we drove over 6000kms and it burned 429 bucks, we traded that after a few years on a Nissan rogue but my wife now has gone back to an Optima. The 2019s are the best looking yet.

The "2011" you guys shown was actually a 2014 I believe.
Isaac's Miranda
Isaac's Miranda:
Standard Features
1st:Cargo Mat
3rd:Climate Control
4th:Led Headlights
5th:18 Inch Wheels
6th:Paddle Shifters
7th:Gauge Cluster
8th:Panoramic Sunroof
9th:Black Mirror
10th:Heated Seats
11st:Cup Holders
12nd:15.9 Cubic Feet
13rd:Apple Carplay
14th:Android Auto
15th:Backup Camera
16th:Black-Lip Spoiler
18th:Blind Spot
19th:Lane Keep Assist
20th:Adaptive Cruise Control
21st:Forward Cillsion Alert
22nd:Sport-Tuned Suspension
23rd:Led FogLights
24th:Heated Steering Wheel
25th:Gulf Box
27th:Harmon Kardon Audio
28th:Lane Departure Warning
29th:Rear Parking Sensors
Fedora the explora
Fedora the explora:
Im a happy owner of a 2011 kia optima ex. It has 131000 miles on it. I use it as a daily driver and road tripper. I do add fuel additives every now and agian and ive changed out the transmission fluid and coolant twice now even though owners manual sais its not required i do it about ever 60 to 70k miles. I also use full synthetic oil and i replace oil every 5k miles.
I love my 2014 SX. Power and refinement at a steal of a price secondhand. Loads of toys too.
Return to Normalcy 2310
Return to Normalcy 2310:
I had a 2014 SXL - car was gorgeous and I received nothing but praise. I would have bought another, but the engine hp dropped from 275 to 245, torque dropped, the interior design changed to a very bland laid out design / before it was designed as a driver's car - infotainment system was tilted towards the driver. The aesthetics changed, so I never bought another one. Look at the front end and interior design from 2014 / 15 to present.
Greg Nixon
Greg Nixon:
Great review of the positives. Have the Optima's electrical problems been solved?
James E.
James E.:
I chose to go with the Hyundai Sonata, the Kia does look sportier but they are virtually the same car. Kia could not give me the deal I was able to get on the Hyundai. Thanks for the informational review.
Got the 2019 optima in April. Best choice I’ve made, plus they gave me 5800 for my 2005 Nissan Titan which surprised me.
My grandma has one that she really likes. I have a 2022 Hyundai Elantra and I’m amazed at how many similarities there are.
Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas:
Love the way cars are badged in the US! Bloody great Turbo badge on the side!! Just like Europe in the 80's when you guys where lumbering around in huge, heavy, thirsty V8's laughing at compact cars. Welcome to the modern world! 😂
Max Rockatanski
Max Rockatanski:
Thank you for the daily driver insights .. I will passing this one up.
John Holst
John Holst:
This car is nice. But the all new model is coming out this November and it's a quantum leap better than this one. Options will include the all new 2.5T with almost 300hp, AWD, an 8 speed DCT and adaptive suspension. It will blow everything else out of the water in this segment. Can't wait!
These cars are affordable and awesome. You can get a 2.0T turbo 4cyl and got a sport saloon
Watany Jordan
Watany Jordan:
The technology and the look is great but The seats very uncomfortable especially the driver seat, the long trip is torture .
Just got my 2020 Optima SE (Special Edition - LX trim with SX looks) in Pearl White! We love it! Stole the thing off the lot at $22,000 :) (msrp: $28,045!!!) nows the time to buy my friends
Joseph Morin
Joseph Morin:
Hey Christian! Good to see you on here! Great review as always.
Good review, didn't sugarcoat things.
The next generation will look great.
JD De La Torre
JD De La Torre:
does anyone know if the red seats and door panels of the 2016 SX are a plug and play swap? i love the all red seats and i think the red and black seats look like seat covers ;(. i really want to buy the 19, if i can swap the seats/panels no problem.
2 3 year leases later and as just coming to an end this month ❤️💪🏻🚗💯 but can’t stick w the same body and style going into another 3/thus 9 years NEED THAT 2021!!!
Monsieur Africain
Monsieur Africain:
I have a 2018 Optima SX with Tech package, it's practically this car reviewed here but mine is Platinum Graphite
bought the s model 2019 with panoramic sunroof. really enjoy the car. think i read the ride quality on the turbo models are stiffer so it's a sports suspension won't ride as good.
David Woo
David Woo:
I would buy the 2019 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T over the Optima. They are pretty much the same cars features, engine, and price wise, but the Sonata 2.0T has an 8 speed transmission that is more fuel efficient and better at putting the power down.
freestyle 7000001
freestyle 7000001:
does anyone know if this car has tow hooks like the previous model? ty
Is there any awd versions of the optima ?
Balabol Rustam
Balabol Rustam:
Take it to a highway with a little rough surface like most roads in USA It has a lot of road noise. Kia and Hyundai will teach you a good lesson not to select cars based on looks.
The hell that looked like a Camry.
F W:
Anyone have issues w breaks being squeaking from a dead stop upon releasing break? And wiggly paddle shifters? On a brand new. Any help is appreciated
My conclusion on Kia after driving them and doing countless years of roadside assistance: the parts suck. Its a reason you get all these discounts. My buddy and I both had brakes jobs and I did mine with a local mechanic with good parts, compared it to my friend's optima's brake job from the kia dealership, and he was floored by the difference.They use some cheap "organic" material that apparently works better but he wasn't buying it and yep he sure payed more. They put a lot of money into making the Kia stand out by bringing in high end car designers to put a tiger nose on it but all that junk inside is still classic Kia.
Chris, Please review the Kia Stinger. Again, please.....
Dylan Wells
Dylan Wells:
I love the Kia Optima but it's a shame that the SX Turbo doesnt get the Twin-Turbo V6 in the Stinger...
F W:
Hello does a little piece of the metal exhaust show (under the black side bottom lip) when looking from the profile side view?
looks like my wifes ‘13 camry
What does "European inspired" interior mean? Also, with Mazda6, Accord and brand new Sonata available, I don't see anybody choosing Optima over those models. The exterior and interior design is a generation too old.
Adnan Taj164
Adnan Taj164:
Its a good looking car but please buy this car i own this car last year after year i drove alot i was going up hill and engine flashing light on i check the code was same as previous cars had recall P1326 i think engine is done feeling so sad
Make sure you do recall if the engine goes bad they will not cover the repair unless you do your recall update
My 2015 Optima Sxl Turbo has more power than the current Optima and Sonata I’ll wait for the next generation Hyundai Sonata N-Line or next generation Optima if not i might step up to the Stinger
That black rubber molding or whatever it is that connects the exhaust pipes is UGLY and kind of detracts from an otherwise nice design! What does it even do??? It looks like something that serves no legitimate purpose except being ugly and pissing off the customer of the car
David D
David D:
Love my optima
Did kia ever fix the carbon build ups in their GDI engines?
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones:
there's no radio in the base trim...?
Isaac's Miranda
Isaac's Miranda:
Yes it is 2019 Snow Flake White Kia Optima SX Turbo FWD 2.0L Turbocharged 4-Cylinder 245 Hp 260 Torque 6 Speed Automatic Transmission 21 City 30 Highway 24 Combined With Price As Tested $33,505 Thousand Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't Kia recalling that Car!
C pas la voiture que j'aime pas , c l'type il montre pas tout en détail
Sophie Lane
Sophie Lane:
I just bought this car and the only thing I don’t like is there’s not a cigarette lighter plug :( so many accessories plug into that ... it just has one USB plug
IMO...I'd buy the all new Palisade for about $2k less. A lot more vehicle for the money.
Tag Jones
Tag Jones:
At the beginning he said he will tell us shich Optima he would have sitting in his garage. That didnt happen
Almost got the SX Turbo but all the dealers were expensive! Ended up getting a 2019 BMW 330i loaded for $80 more a month and there is no comparison. The BMW is spectacular.
Shipping fees are bullshit.
HSV Commodore
HSV Commodore:
You literally call Every car sporty
B.A.N. Entertainment
B.A.N. Entertainment:
I sell new Kia's and every other brand pre owned plus classic's in Milford Ct. We ship all over the country !let me know if I can help anybody😁
How this better then the Camry or Accord in any way?
This is no longer an attractive option. Styling is unattractive compared to the Mazda 6, Accord, Altima. That 2L turbo is such an under performer that the 1.6L T does nearly the same real world performance. Kia needs to redo this asap. For 32k I'd get the Kia Stinger GTS with its $10k off incentives
Piersandro Mannino
Piersandro Mannino:
Just get a Stinger for little for money or a Forte GT. The optima for me is a little obsoleted.
Paul M
Paul M:
Listen to him say the car is creaking and making noises after 12,000 miles. No Honda Accord or Toyota Camry will be losses goosey after that few number of miles. This is cheap Korean junk. You get your money’s worth gong Accord or Camry. Stay away from Korean four cylinder with engine fires, recalls and stalls on highways. They are full of gimmicks and change tuning every year.
Gerald Thompson
Gerald Thompson:
Not really convinced. Our 2002 with the same warranty didn’t last past 70k. Wasn’t too desirable to the bank when we told them to pick it up. Sat outside under a tree for a year before they sent someone to collect it. Clearly Hyundai/Kia have been in North America since 67 and have only now tried to get up to speed. Also, it’s always the same old with them. Let’s showcase that 2.4 grenade that most of us will buy instead of the super turbo. You know most of the sales will be the 2.4. Lastly, I guess I never see a slew of 150k plus stories from the Kia ranks in any significant numbers. With Honda/Toyota, it’s a common thing. Maybe another decade will do it....
Mo City Beau
Mo City Beau:
Yeah but its ugly