2020 Moto RAZR Impressions! The Return of a Folding Icon!

The Motorola RAZR is back for 2020. The flip phone re-invented. With a bunch of catches.

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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee:
The lighting was so bad I didn't catch the secondary 5MP camera up in the notch. It's there! So you can in fact take even worse quality selfies if you so desire.
This is exactly what people thought cellphones would look like in 2020
Raviel Serrano
Raviel Serrano:
"Ive never actually owned it but all my friends did."

I felt that.
Harsh jaiswal
Harsh jaiswal:
Iphone : Most Premium
Samsung : Great display
Pixel : Great camera

Grandparents with a flip phone: I will never upgrade to a smart phone unless it’s a flip phone.

Razr: Bet.
Rob Villatoro
Rob Villatoro:
Not even gonna lie, I would actually still rock the original razor if I could buy a new one.
Brian Kaetz
Brian Kaetz:
As always, you did an excellent review of the product and provided some thoughtful insight for those of us considering this to ponder. I had a the original razor phone and loved it. Flip phones were great, they were compact and worked very well. Some phones would have a kink or break in the ribbon cable at some point between the two halves of the phone and then it was pretty much useless, my Sanyo rugged phone was just that example. After that I had to upgrade to a smart phone which did not and still does not work as well as a phone for voice communications. Also to note for those less familiar with flip phones, with an actual keypad I could dial a phone number by memory without ever having to look at the phone because once I found the center button (5) I could do anything at that point. Much safer when making a call and more reliable than voice dialing. Just a point to mention in the evolution of cell phones where we lose something for more technology power/convenience.
Very interesting design, actually looks really good. But like the other 1st gen folding phones, the limitations and price point seem like a bit of a turn off
I think it looks awesome, great screen size too as it’s on par with most smart phones on the market
I look forward for the improvements of this device in the next 5 years.
I folded my wallet when I heard the price
The Sephardi1224
The Sephardi1224:
Marques you did well with what you had concerning the lighting and sound. Thank you for still presenting us the phone in the unique way that you always do.
Belkheider Tahari
Belkheider Tahari:
Thank you for your first impression about it, I think it’s a nice move from Motorola as a start to get in the smartphones competition, at the end they knew that a lot of people still looking for a folding phone easy to put in pocket, by that they targeted a huge people or buyers of it in addition to that it’s not bad at all, I mean of it’s characteristics, I think it’s a 6 of ram, Android 8 or 9, 128g internal storage and 16 megapixel of the camera
Jakester Racing
Jakester Racing:
I loved my original Razr!! But now have been an Apple guy for years. Curious to see how well the screen holds up over time with continuous folding
Elijah Marie Reyes
Elijah Marie Reyes:
Motorola is really hitting us with a nostalgia ad. I would buy this bc I had the original Razr when it first came out and it was my favorite phone.
I'll buy one when they fold the price. In half.
Metaldude X
Metaldude X:
I love this idea of a folding smartphone. I still stand with my opinion that smartphones don’t need to fold. But if they gotta fold, please do it this way.
Robert Walchli
Robert Walchli:
Enjoyed your perspective. The Razr is out of my price range but in a couple years when the bugs are worked out and competitive brands release theirs, it will be time to get one.
I actually genuinely want the razr. I just like motorola's android skin especially with their take on an always on display. Along with the shake to turn on the flashlight is one of my most used features. The phone is almost a no brainer to me.
Nicole Gilstrap
Nicole Gilstrap:
Have to admit, I want one. I loved my flip phone from back-in-the-day. I dont need all these fancy gadgets that these smartphones have. I think it looks really cool.
Cris Sanchez
Cris Sanchez:
Me in 2005: this phone is out of my budget
Me in 2019: this phone is out of my budget lmao
Chris S.
Chris S.:
Of course this is an early adopter phone with a matching price tag but I really like the design hope they inspire others to implement folding in the same way, I really prefer this over an even larger screen
Nikki S
Nikki S:
I like it..Time will tell how it performs. The razor phone was one of the phone that I really liked back in the day. it was something special 😊
Ritish Jarodia
Ritish Jarodia:
why would i buy a phone to shut off a call dramatically when no one even calls me?
Laura Streeter
Laura Streeter:
I still have my original razor. I totally love this. Price aside, I would have liked to hear more about specs. Such as: 5G? eSIM? Possible dual sim? Is it actually shipping with android 9 still or 10? I've been using dual sims and i'm looking at the S10 5g and the new iPhone which neither seem to offer dual sim yet. That said... I LOVED the shell shape closing of the call with my old RAZR... and I love this one too. Battery... needs more for sure. And a headphone plug
salvador r
salvador r:
This looks like a phone that would be cool to have for a week
About time! Always wondered why Motorola or other companies never thought of a full touchscreen folding phone like the original Razr. I would rather have this than obsolete iPhone or Samsung design. So much practical and cooler!
Birol Mustafa
Birol Mustafa:
Phone case company: we have cases for all kinds of smartphones

Motorola RAZR: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Cris Underwood
Cris Underwood:
They did what they needed to for the first 2nd one great phone still have it , just hope they worked out the bugs for razor 3 , this is a phenomenal phone , love it everyday !!
Outis Eidikós
Outis Eidikós:
Fold-Curious, as i d like to feel the phone in my hand, plus the folding hang up has to be just as satisfying as it was years ago.
Also the higher end razors had removable shells, which allowed you to buy different colors and texture like metal or plastic.
The price is outrageous but if it fits in my hand nicely and battery would last two days with no or very little YouTube or internet use, I would totally buy it.
Also, for $1500 I would like a chrome and or stainless steel shell or bezel.
Brushed nickel or even satin but stainless would be ideal, so hopefully in months to come that would become an option.
I never had a razor years ago, now I can try and make up for what I missed in my childhood.
Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik:
If Motorola can make a comeback before 2019 is over, We all can too.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat:
Seems like a very awesome Mother's Day present: I know my mom loved the original Razr, and she's already hinted she'd love to upgrade to the new one :-)

Edit: Definitely see some potential issues though: 2500 mAh battery for a phone with that much power (and such a long display) seems like a recipe for disaster. I don't see how the phone could make it through a typical work day and still have battery life left.
Razr was one of the first phones I had back in the day. I miss the old style and would love to get this phone but um 1499 yeah i'll wait a few years to see how long it lasts cause something tells me this new folding technology doesn't have a long life span
Lisa Scott
Lisa Scott:
Looking forward to pre ordering it soon. I had the original in 2005, loved it.
I miss folding phones like this one. They were the best! Im glad they coming back
Thanzeel Hassan
Thanzeel Hassan:
" I've never actually owned it, but all my friends did. " - Story of my life.
John Wick
John Wick:
Excited to see subsequent iterations. This is an exciting nascent concept.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell:
Best folding to date. It completely folds flat, also. No noticeable Bump on the extended screen. Battery is too short of time. Picture stability is important but otherwise, I am interested.
D M:
This is awesome!! I was just playing around with my old RAZR. The only thing is the price tag. I'll buy one of these maybe 2 years from now when it's alot cheaper.
Giovanna Fransesca
Giovanna Fransesca:
This is so gooodddd! I never own the old razr previously, but there were this thing going back in the day where my friends and I would trade phones for months on end until we feel like using our phone again and I get to use her razr for a couple of months and I love how they are able to modernize it!!!
Pros: RAZR

Cons: $1500
Nice phone I remember when I had a razor back in 2006 and yes this is a throwback for me. It would be a lot sweeter if it was just a tad wider. Compared to the Samsung folding phone I would prefer this Motorola as I don't need all that screen, the phone screens now are pretty large as they are. I look at them as on the go and at home that's where I prefer to use the larger screens as on my laptop or tablet. If I was to buy the razor I will wait for the price to come down.
Monica Arroyo
Monica Arroyo:
I’d be interested in purchasing the phone for pure nostalgic reasons being I owned the original Razor. This would be a phone for fun just to say I have it.
Lou Joseph Tabajen
Lou Joseph Tabajen:
Motorola can make a bigger RAZR which I think would be a great way to attract more people as a bigger display always attracts crowds plus for it being a good, solid folding phone as well
The Crimson Drummer
The Crimson Drummer:
This is definitely the best version. Motorola definitely had a stroke of genius when coming up with this
André Caeiro
André Caeiro:
2003: this phone is expensive af
2019: this phone is expensive af
Nothing has changed.
Love how it looks, but *I got concerns about the screen, especially after several months of use.*
Horsepower House
Horsepower House:
Just like when other cell phones show their retail price of well over a $1,000, just because the Rzr is a unique new thing that was once a cool old thing, there are tons of people who are going to buy it. Especially people who don't care about money, because you can Finance cell phones these days and just make a payment just like other people who make payments on things they have no business owning. This device will be no different. So all of you who are complaining about the price, just remember there are things you currently "own" (actually the Bank owns) that you should not own because you're just making payments on it. And you will wish you had one when you see one in person. Because I have, and it is awesome.
Master Wong
Master Wong:
Nice review. The old phone slapped close also.

Agree on the durability. I think we're not quite there. 5 more years
David Gleason
David Gleason:
I think the size when folded is GAME CHANGING! I don’t like the price though.

$1,000 tops.
Brandon Big B Costin
Brandon Big B Costin:
I definitely think they have it right. I’d like to see other companies take on this design. This to me would be the perfect folding phone
Brandon Winston
Brandon Winston:
Samsung fold kinda kills this even with a higher price point. Included wireless earbuds and almost twice the screen size, battery and ram.... but it is a razr and I remember mine from back then! I love how the phone companies are going back to originality. Plus for consumers
Douglas Earp
Douglas Earp:
This is an innovative retro step to have both a large screen in a small form. I’ve owned razor phones and I hope the price of this will become more affordable. I wonder if this device will be available to use for first responders on First Net?
Viani Edwards
Viani Edwards:
I love this. Definitely want one just to be able to flip it closed!
Đức Nguyên Đỗ
Đức Nguyên Đỗ:
Maybe its hinge will be the great folding sample for other producers to develop and update their folding display tech
El Buhdai
El Buhdai:
This is the only folding phone design that makes sense so far. I want.
Johnny bravo
Johnny bravo:
Great video! In your personal opinion after reviewing both the Samsung z flip and this razor what would you consider the better of both phones? What would be the best buy, the best bang for your buck?
I’m no fan of foldables (as of yet), but at least with galaxy fold, you get top range specs for the price.

Yeah it’s $2000, but with this costing $1500, I would take the Fold all day.
Yeah, a bigger wider screen would have been ideal. I will be switching from Samsung but am concerned about my Samsung notes not transferring.
IOWAudio Reviews
IOWAudio Reviews:
Cant wait to see the Oderbox for this thing....lol. I actually would rather the screen fold the other way and have a big square or dual. But realistically my phone needs to be very durable to last the 2 year contract and a folding phone isn't a big deal for me.
The only RAZR I can afford is made by Gillette.
"It slaps"

 - Marques Brownlee 2019
Honestly I HATE how phones fit in my pockets and I LOVE flip phones. I don't care about giant screens either, so this sounds absolutely perfect for me!
Cecilia Romero
Cecilia Romero:
Definitely would not purchase the first generation. It's a good start though. I am curious to see what future models will be like and what other phone companies will respond with.
Baby Blu
Baby Blu:
This is fine design aesthetically but the biggest flaw or weakness is the small form factor usefulness. Once you fold it the small screen should enable a lot of functions you don't need when it's fully open such as quick replies, small window browsing. This is useful when you are carrying things or when your hands are full. I've always wanted a small phone....again. :)
am actually more interested in this than the other foldables.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez:
I think at the price they are charging it should include all the top specs you mentioned. It is no doubt the coolest form factor and they will most likely cash on that alone but I will wait until the specs are where I want them before I spend that kind of money on a phone.
Thank you for your input and incredibly helpful video
Andre Ramirez
Andre Ramirez:
I want one for nostalgia! I used to have the original and it was probably my favorite past phone as far as feel and satisfaction! Again I want one!
Vega Nite
Vega Nite:
Damm I'm old,. This brings back memories. I remember the first Motorola flip phone were it was so durable you could drop it 3 floors off a roof top and it didn't break. And a buddy of mine knocked someone out with one in a bar brawl 🤣. The razr took over and it was the shiz back then.
Me: Wow this phone looks pretty awesome. I think I might consider getting it.
Marques: $1500
Me: You know what sometimes you just have to be grateful with the things you already have.
MK Iob
MK Iob:
Great first review, lighting was great, maybe not to your standards, but i like how the darker background highlighted the phones screen.
Julio Cesar Dos Santos
Julio Cesar Dos Santos:
I never got a razr back in the early 2000s, and that is the main draw to wanting one in 2019. I will wait for a gen 2 though cause I'm still not sold on the reliability of a folding 1 piece screen.
Ed Dellow
Ed Dellow:
You had me, until the price. I could live with the lesser specs to get the form factor... but $1500 bucks. No way.
New phone Who dis
New phone Who dis:
Companies: start making foldable phones
Motorola flip phones: you couldn’t live with your own failure and where did that bring you. Back to me
Phuq Izm
Phuq Izm:
Apple will come out with one in 6 years and they'll call it innovation.
Kevin Cole
Kevin Cole:
I actually like it tho, the fold seems pretty hidden, or maybe even very flat, when seen from the side compared to, say, Samsung's. Super nostalgic too! Way pricey, but maybe in a few years I'd consider owning something like this :p
Kean4711 DUB
Kean4711 DUB:
I think this might be the best implementation of a folding phone. mayne its nostalgia but I like it.
If I had the money, I would buy it without a second thought.
It is just so cool.
Alessandro Vattovani
Alessandro Vattovani:
Let's be honest here, its the coolest foldable yet
Einer Colt 99
Einer Colt 99:
I loved the Moto razr v3i I have used it for so long and this new razr it's perfect the way it is unless it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket
Da Spazz
Da Spazz:
I like the idea of it. My gripes would be to make it a bit wider and not $1500 dollars. $1500 would be something like the Samsung fold, not just a folding phone.
The OG RAZR was so satisfying to open and close. I can't wait til this tech matures, and that early adopters price isn't a thing. Or at the very least it's speced properly for the price point.
Daniel Ortego
Daniel Ortego:
I don't to versions of the razor from years past and I always liked it. I also joined the Apple ecosystem back in 1983 with the Apple IIc. I currently have the iPhone XS Max and I'm not all that crazy about it. In fact, I personally feel that it works poorly following the 13.x update. I feel that iOS is becoming somewhat dated With the square a little tiles. The RAZR appeals to me in a few ways and I have been looking for an excuse to switch to Android.
Flub'd Reload 2
Flub'd Reload 2:
I’m more interested in this design than anything else foldable.
Chava Araujo
Chava Araujo:
Love the size and design but think the price is way too high for what it is. Im a Motorola user cause always thought was balanced between price quality and not posh. But this phone Will get face to face with the other posh phones and if its not for the hype and marketing dont think people will choose it as much against flagships
I did not believe this when I first saw an ad for it. I thought it was an actual joke poking fun at folding phones.

Boy was I wrong. Such cool tech.
Cool idea, but because of some questionable specs and high price , people might wait for a 2.0 version.
This is the best folding phone design in my opinion.
Mojo 204jo
Mojo 204jo:
Hey Marques, how did you feel about Motorola's lighting conditions in their hands-on area?
shloyo Goldstein
shloyo Goldstein:
This is really how u gotta do a foldable smartphone, not like samsung did it
Loved the Razr back in the day and I welcome a throwback to smaller size. But...$1.5K? Nope.
Diego garcia
Diego garcia:
buen equipo pero el procesador, costo, y camara dan mucho que desear
Don. Timeless
Don. Timeless:
Man, that rear camera will make awesome selfies!
Will Bayliss
Will Bayliss:
The drama of ending a phone call with a snap. Iconic.
Nerd Oliver
Nerd Oliver:
I think that a deadly combination is an outward vertical folding phone
I really like the smaller front screen. Kind of reminds me of my old mp3 player
Feroz Muhammed
Feroz Muhammed:
The RAZR design is a step to the right direction. Smaller form factor with big screen is the thing of the future. We would most probably see rolling displays by the end of 2020.
Shirish Sharma
Shirish Sharma:
Imagine having a laptop with this mechanism, with displays on both sides (touch screen keyboard). And when you open it flat 180°, boom !!!
A FULL screen 30 inch flat screen display like TV 😃😃
This hinge mechanism without crease can be revolutionary.