World of Tanks has an annual well-deserved tradition of gifting reward tanks - this year, for 2020, they just revealed the SUPER CHAFFEE!
Wargaming's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVaOIPytzrU

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.

100+ komentarze:

Me: Don’t do it... Don’t do it

World Of Tanks: Ssssssssss....... Super (insert american tank here)
me who doesn't play WoT but has an account: cool
I made my account 10 days after beta testing ended. I can't believe how close I was.
Brother - You missed on: Polish and Czech-Italian books.
Jasper van Houdt
Jasper van Houdt:
Sad it's not the Aufklarüngspanzer Panther
Hafidz Akbar
Hafidz Akbar:
2019 : super hellcat
2020 : super chaffe
2021 : super O-I with double derp barrel
If it's good: Super Chaffee
If it's not good: Super Crappy
Bartek Wiśniewski
Bartek Wiśniewski:
I think steel hunter logo on books suggest that we had steel hunter in 2019, 2020 and it will be coming back in 2021
Everyone wants an Aufklärungspanther and we only get this coffee?
They nerfed Super Chaffee before giving away, Well deserved nerf 🤣
Nathan Cole
Nathan Cole:
I want my ELC back, Super ELC T6 with old elc handling and gun.
One of those Beta Testers here, still playing, 11 years and counting :)
Save that personal training manual for this years new Santa commander.
QB you forgot to look at the Czech-Italian book, it hints that there might be a new extension to the Czech and Italian tech-trees, btw love ur content and keep up the daily content. glhf.
Jeremy TS
Jeremy TS:
The rule: take a existing tank and add Super and giving as reward, minimum effort. Next year: Super Churchill Gun Carrier, a tier 7 that is the same as t6 but goes 1 km faster.
Just give me my Auflpanther

Started May 2013.
Lewis Davey
Lewis Davey:
QB: “What’s this? An absolute chonker of a cat has knocked some secret files off a desk!” - this is my favourite QB quote of all time lol. Had me dying :)
what about the czech-italian phrase book, could hint towards a czech line in the future :)
Go Spleef Yourself
Go Spleef Yourself:
"The game is way better than used to be"
*looks back at less premium rounds being shot, a lot less power creep, you can't flip your tank*
As a War Thunder player: You guys get stuff for free? Cool.
Stephen Horvath
Stephen Horvath:
I like the Russian version of zoom with those little antique televisions
Urban Mihevc_Grabnar
Urban Mihevc_Grabnar:
Quicky Baby: Its best fo Wargaming to not put new Italian premium tank in loot boxes.

Wargaming: Yey lets realise it in loot boxes.
R & B
R & B:
Seeing thumbnails for Steve, Linus, and Jay at the end of every Youtube vid looks familiar!
7:30 Tier 10 i don't play recently be like
"my time has come"
Willie Watt
Willie Watt:
Need to log into my US FTP account today to get last year and this years rewards. I know the tanks are the same but last years extras and this years back to back
Flavia Pitariu
Flavia Pitariu:
I cannot wait! Though I don't get why they nerfed super chafee in the micro patch??
I've been playing wot since closed beta. The game has come a long way with lots of improvements and company greed
OGWhistle Pig
OGWhistle Pig:
So does “register your account” just mean signing into the game and playing
6:16 is a hint, there is a good nice Tier IV gift awaiting the new players, do not worry <3
I love how Quicky is being like we want more easter eggs, there is so many of them, easter eggs are not supposed to be spotted sometimes that easily and you gotta look for them.
Ervin Wilson
Ervin Wilson:
re watch the video QB u missed the tech tree leak (Czech - Italian book)
Sean C
Sean C:
i cant wait to log in, hehe so many juicy rewards <3
the chaffee was one of my favorite light tanks to play..this is truly amazing
Hasan COŞAR:
And they nerfed this Super Chaffee just before releasing. Well done WG.
Razvan Deji
Razvan Deji:
Hey QB. Awesome content as always. Can you give us a quick review/pass trough of the tanks in the Bonds Shop just to have an idea on what to spend those juicy rewards?
Project 19, 20 and 21 are probably just referring to the years 2019, 2020 and next year...
8 years, and just started back up because these videos. Perfect timing.
Zack Unme
Zack Unme:
Wait the Swedish tech tree was released 4years ago??? Damn I really haven't been playing that much
Ville Lepoaho
Ville Lepoaho:
Right now, I'm happy about this. But I know that all my happiness will go away when WG sells new, OP premium tanks in the Christmas loot boxes.
Jordan Mungo
Jordan Mungo:
Can't wait to get my 9 year reward :) best game ever
Krish Thapar
Krish Thapar:
btw I think there was a potential easter egg for a new line of czech tanks??
Awesometk _
Awesometk _:
since theyre adding old tanks, they should add a version of the old elc amx
Butch E30 M3 s14
Butch E30 M3 s14:
I just started playing Wot last week, Im sad 😭
Michael Wittman
Michael Wittman:
Maps would be nice from back in the day! I know there were some issues with some but the game needs some more to give better variety. Just my .02.
Had my account since jan 1 2012, (8 years) I got everything but the bonds :(
Now the question is how do I find out how old my account is as I can't remember
Val Nikonov
Val Nikonov:
Been playing for 4 years, excited for the super chaffee!
Hello, you make a new update video on power rankings of tier x tank ? Thanks
Been around for 8 years. Been saving my bonds up to get a T10 bond tank, so these 3000 bonds are going to help a lot (I don’t do anything with a clan so I’ve been saving for a while)
John Smith
John Smith:
Who cares about the super chaffee, we want the ELC AMX back!

Edit: Thank you WG for the reskinned T37, so much effort put into that one, and oh yeah did i mention how having played for 7, 8 and 9 years give you the same reward... nice
David Rigby
David Rigby:
Thanks for explaining it for me. I have been playing 9 years so lucky me lol 👍
Started playing when I was 12. 22 now, feels awesome being a beta tester with the rewards.
a big anniversary giveaway after all. THANKS WG i've been playing 8 years so i'm looking forward to this
Bruno Pombo
Bruno Pombo:
Yeah thanks wargaming! Now fix that mm hehe :) 7years here.
Martin Šálek
Martin Šálek:
Good job WG, the old Chaffee used to be my most played tank and one that introduced me to high tier games, since I didn't have tiers 8+, and I was really sad to see it go.
howdy! been playing since 2016 when the swedish tech tree released
Heh heh heh, I made my account in late 2016 😏
I concur - Thank You Wargaming!
The Iron King
The Iron King:
Hey QB! I found out this week that you and I registered on the same day! Just ignore the multiple year long break I took hahaha @TheServerBum NA
I've been playing for nearly 7 years, in January that is it will be 7.
Συμεων Σουλιδης
Συμεων Σουλιδης:
I downloaded world of tanks 8 years ago, hopefully ill get these nice elite vehicles but i hate my life because i discovered FV4005 but i have 2m credits.... 4m to go🤤
Bien Buazon
Bien Buazon:
I was surprised when I logged in. My account was 8 years old already i didn't know lol
Jacob Ninja1
Jacob Ninja1:
Maybe 5 years now, cant wait for all the bonds and credits
Ludvig Nilsson
Ludvig Nilsson:
when your 2 month's from 4 years:)
Strategic Mind
Strategic Mind:
the"super" chaffee just got nerfed though TAP made an article about it.
Emil kornilov
Emil kornilov:
QB. "it looks like a T37" Me: Thats what Im was thinking
Zach Turner
Zach Turner:
We've had that for years on console.
Last year's Super Hellcat was extra special because it was made of glass.
Nathan B
Nathan B:
We recieved twice the amount of bonds and credits last year, I would rather have them than the super chaffee
Zero the Wanderer
Zero the Wanderer:
Cool to hear that there's no limit on sign in time. My PC ate it's CPU, can't log in until I get my new one built.
AHAH "some chonker of a cat"
Nico Johnston
Nico Johnston:
I have been playing since August of 2013 (7 Years). LOVE THE DAILY VIDS!!!!!
Bob Bobbers
Bob Bobbers:
Thankfully I joined during beta testing :D
Molten Sh4dow
Molten Sh4dow:
When you've made your account in Jan 2012, but haven't really been playing since recently, and cop out with the 8 year reward.
I'm getting the M60 with my bonds it has been a long awaited tank nobody said I could get it but i will and i will have 3 marks and ill shit on everyone with my sniper gun!
im so glad i started this account at 6 years old, now ten years later im getting myself some amazing rewards
I played in the beta god that was a long time ago I was still young back then XD
ShockTrooper ➊
ShockTrooper ➊:
7:36 That’s obviously referring to 1942 not 2042 lol
Peaky 06
Peaky 06:
I’ve played since i was 4 years old in 2011 and now I’m 14, still love the game and loved your vids since they started 5 years ago
Michael Miramontes
Michael Miramontes:
I played on console for almost 5 years and only just recently switched to pc 2 months ago...feels bad man
John Smith
John Smith:
Ah yes, shaving the stats of normal tanks like the Leo PTA (one of the few decent german tanks in the game) but making the most minor nerf to the 430U.... WG's idea of balance smh
Stefan Nilsson
Stefan Nilsson:
Well, Skyrim was a fantastic game released in 2011 that I still play to this day.
Raven Nyte
Raven Nyte:
4 years now so finally get my tanks.
_ CINOS _:
account was created on June 13th 2013 , been on and off fromt he game i do enjoy the game but starting to take it more serious now its hard to play for free
jordan hughes
jordan hughes:
B Kulemenu
B Kulemenu:
Sadly enough I just miss out the Beta treats, had my account created on 5th of May 2011. But luckily I still get quite some nice free stuff.
Filip Ladzinski
Filip Ladzinski:
who remembers the times when the 90mm gun on the old elm amp had a fully rotated turret?
Me: “Oh sick that’s so worth a grind! I’d love to have that.” Also me remembering I play Blitz professionally now and haven’t played PC in a few years.
with those bonds i might finally be able to get my first tier 8 premium/award tank patriot
Ashre Griffin
Ashre Griffin:
I've had a wot account since 2013 and just this year been actively playing it. so I'm looking forward to some of the older tank rewards
CreamCheese 213
CreamCheese 213:
Time to grind me some credits with those boosters. Gonna need them for the udes 15/16 in a few days 😂
Dr Helianthus
Dr Helianthus:
Beta player but good to know I can finally get my super hellcat, my alt account got it no problem...😊...

This Christmas event is going to be very interesting to see
Patrik Kupec
Patrik Kupec:
My 7 years old acc I played max 1 year on: STONKS
Midnight Demon Reaper
Midnight Demon Reaper:
7:18 yep that garfield for ya 😂😂😂💔
My original account I created back on April 12th, 2011. Just missed the beta apparently. Sadly, I forgot about that account and ended up creating a new one in 2019. Wish I could have merged them just to get the rewards pulled over.
nice video :) !
thanks for uploading and workin hard :s
Sandra Neuser
Sandra Neuser:
Well, im a CB Tester so we wilöl see what bond tank i will get :)
I've been playing world of tanks since November of 2011. Unfortunately I'm stationed in Japan so I can't use my main account. I'll be enjoying the training manual though on my asia account
every year i watch this well-deserved video feels like waiting for Santa claus or christmas
Super-holidays i'm waiting 🎄
Amel B
Amel B:
Boy ou boy that prem time will get used when QB playes for maraton