2021 Critérium du Dauphiné - Stage 1 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport

Highlights from Stage 1 of the 2021 Critérium du Dauphiné.

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9 komentarze:

James Hopkins
James Hopkins:
The commentator describing the race like reading a story at bedtime
Michael Ng
Michael Ng:
thank god for the dauphine after the giro ended i though we would be out of cycling
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan:
That final lap bell has a Pavlov's dog effect on Belgians. 'Laatste ronde, laatste ronde..' They have no choice but to find another 100 watts somewhere
Rory Spicer
Rory Spicer:
Opps I feel asleep 7 secs in. I thought I clicked on a RACE?! Please can we have some energy in this commentators voice? We’ve had very little race coverage over COVID, let’s get some excitement 🙏🏻
Duke of Istria 1
Duke of Istria 1:
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men:
great .......
adrian f147
adrian f147:
Winner is Leading in all stats?!
Ivan Kajtaz
Ivan Kajtaz:
Yea was waitin
Damon Yates
Damon Yates:
Another set of highlights ruined by Calton Kirby's nonsense commentary - indeed. Eurosport and GCN now have a huge stable of great commentators, time for Carlton to hang up the mic and make room for those who can commentate without reeling out a bunch of cliches.