2021 Critérium du Dauphiné - Stage 5 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport

Highlights from Stage 5 of the 2021 Critérium du Dauphiné.

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15 komentarze:

Harry Slinger
Harry Slinger:
G doing a reverse Alaphillipe.
Michael Bauer
Michael Bauer:
Hairpin 1k for finish, well. Why not implementing a train crossing next time?
Philip Meisterl
Philip Meisterl:
Bahrain victorious: We want to win

Colbrelli: second take it or leave it
Joe Bleasdale
Joe Bleasdale:
Damn G! 🐲
Mike Chapman
Mike Chapman:
Absolutely fabulous G !
Nuno Bértolo
Nuno Bértolo:
Bom trabalho . Brutal....
Pranker Van prankegem
Pranker Van prankegem:
The commentary on these highlights is from another level. Pure class.
Lapo Lucani
Lapo Lucani:
36th second place in career for Colbrelli...
M M:
Great move by Thomas but he was lucky - he stopped pedalling, looked back and had to restart and that was almost enough for Colbrelli.
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek:
Excellent commentator
jack dera07
jack dera07:
where I can see the Dauphine in live?
Duke of Istria 1
Duke of Istria 1:
Why do these noname cyclist even go in a breakaway when they have 0 chance?
stop giving the guy valium before commentating
Henry Burton
Henry Burton:
I literally couldn’t hate the commentary more. It made me think something else he happened