2021 Ford Bronco | First Look

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The Bronco is back with a vengeance and Ford is aiming for heavy-hitting off-road royalty the Jeep Wrangler and luxury Land Rover Defender

The exterior looks as rugged as we’d hoped.

Overall it’s a mass of boxy squareness that hints back to the Bronco’s heritage.

We absolutely love the headlights, the grille, the vintage badging. I love that the front end maintains the boxiness that the new Defender lost.

Like the Wrangler, Bronco gets hard or soft-top options, and drivers can remove door panels and the roof both of which are stowable onboard. I dig the proportions of the body with the greenhouse. It’s got side-hinged tailgate with good storage in the back. This thing looks great, full stop, and ready for whatever you throw at it.

Inside, Ford takes the less-is-more approach inspired by the first-generation Bronco. A touchscreen is implemented for infotainment purposes, but there are some knobs and buttons for climate and audio functions. A digital gauge screen comes as an option as well.

The auxiliary toggle switches on the roof might be my favorite feature. There’s even an optional GoPro mount on the dash for those interested in recording their adventures.

Speaking of, let’s get into those powertrain details. The base Bronco gets Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine. (270 hp/310 lb-ft torque – projected numbers). There’s also the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 option (310 hp/400 lb-ft torque – projected numbers) if you’re looking for more buck.

A 7-speed manual is available on the 4-cylinder only. But that transmission is a special one. It gets six gears and a special crawler gear for some serious dirt chewing. The 4-banger and the V6 can also come with Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

Two transfer case options are available, one an electronic shift on the fly the other an electromechanical transfer case.

The crawl ratio on a Bronco equipped with that upgraded transfer case and the manual transmission with its special crawl gear is a brain exploding 94.75:1. As my good friend Emme said, that thing will basically drive itself.

Capability wise, the Bronco looks stellar. When properly spec’ed, approach, departure, and breakover angles best the Rubicon and keep in step with Land Rover’s new ultra-capable Defender.

Step up with your cash and front and rear lockers and a front disconnecting stabilization bar are available as well.

The new Bronco gets an independent front suspension with coil-overs. The rear set up is a solid five-link axle also with coils. Buyers can opt for heavy-duty long-travel Bilstein shocks if they want them.

There is off-road tech galore that we can’t wait to test, including up to seven drive modes, off-road mapping technology, an off-road cruise control called Trail Control, torque vectoring assist on tight off-road turns and one-pedal acceleration or braking for rock crawling precision.

Ford’s offering a bunch of different trim levels with various finish and wheel and tire packages. On the base model, expect a 30-inch all-season tire. The Sasquatch Package, yes, that’s correct, Sasquatch is as beefed up as you can get with 35-inch mud tires. That package is available on one of seven cool-sounding trims including Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands.

So, not only is Ford busting out the Bronco, but the 2021 Bronco Sport’s exploding out of the corral at the same time. The Bronco Sport finally fills Ford’s slightly-larger-than-sub-compact crossover space with something that, at least at first blush, seems worthy of the badge.

Room for five, a base 1.5-liter turbo 3-cylinder engine (181 hp/190 lb-ft torque) or a bigger 2.0-liter turbo 4-cylinder (245 hp/275 lb-ft torque), independent front and rear suspension, and all-terrain 29-inch tires depending on which trim level you choose.

Higher trim levels will offer a twin-clutch rear-drive system with a mechanical locking rear diff and a terrain management system including a rock crawl mode. We’re looking forward to seeing how rugged this thing actually gets.

This little thing looks absolutely great, dare I say pretty similar to the Defender in the front end. As much as we’re excited for the Bronco, we’re very happy to see the Bronco Sport ready to light up this segment.

Deliveries start in the Spring of 2021, but you can reserve a Bronco now online for $100. The base price on the two-door Bronco starts at $29,995 including a $1495 destination fee. Gunning for the Wrangler for sure. The Bronco Sport will start at a lower asking price, $28,155, and arrives later this year.

You know there’s going to be a lot more to talk about, look at and driver over when it comes to both the Bronco and Bronco Sport, so stay tuned. I know we’re sure going to.

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Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book:
So, how many Bronco reveal videos do you plan to watch? 20? 30?
Jay Jenkins
Jay Jenkins:
Funnily, I got a Jeep ad for this video lol
3 cylinder engine option? Who would want that? Make it a 4 cylinder as the base in my opinion. Outside of that....I love it.

I got to SEMA every year and I suspect someone will quickly try to get attention with a V8!!! Swap. A few years later I bet there will be a Raptor Bronco lol. That would be amazing.
Kevin Caballero
Kevin Caballero:
The parking lots at Costco will never be the same.
Michael Lim
Michael Lim:
Let's be real: The only offroading you will do is your neighbor's flower bed in the front.
OPEC no:
Never thought I'd want a Ford but man there is a lot to like here
Jeep is screwed. 🤷‍♂️
If the Bronco can go a full year without falling apart, it'll have the Wrangler beat by 6 months.
Ford is going to sell these like hot cakes and deservinly so!
Jan-Michael Franklin
Jan-Michael Franklin:
I'll give Ford credit, when they decide to attack a segment they don't screw around!
Denver Denver
Denver Denver:
I guess my son is getting my fj cruiser ...Never thought I would be inline for a Ford..
Supreme Etnel
Supreme Etnel:
Why get a 70k unreliable ranger rover ..when you can get this
I was going to get a jeep wrangler but this has changed my mind.
Kane’s Garage
Kane’s Garage:
They need to add an “OJ” version 😂
R M:
Wow ford and jeep going head to head.. when great companies compete like this, the customer always wins... thank you for this
I have a feeling the famous “Jeep Wave” will take a back seat to the “Bronco Salute”.... Jeep has major work to do. This is coming from a lifelong Jeep fan/owner.
These looks so much more beefy than Jeep. These Broncos lifted with some extra parts will looks insane.
I need this for my hunting trips to Walmart
Ryan Tippens
Ryan Tippens:
I just ordered me one a couple hours ago....got me a bronco coming at some point
Joe Mama
Joe Mama:
OJ Simpson has entered the chat.
Jeep has left the chat
Chris Vandernaald
Chris Vandernaald:
I'll be interested in 10 years when it's on Craigslist for $5-7k
worthlessdays *
worthlessdays *:
Legends never die, I'm restoring my dad 79 bronco. I dream about the new bronco!
John Salinas
John Salinas:
I’m not really the off-road type of driver,

But I guess I’m learning stick shift this year. Just reserved and I’m pumped!
Jeffrey Bishop
Jeffrey Bishop:
Anyword on a 2 door white "OJ SIMPSON" edition. i can see being chased on the 405 in a 2021😄
kk P
kk P:
can't wait to daily drive this offroad to the supermarket and on the smooth paved highway
Poon Slaayer
Poon Slaayer:
I'll take the 2door v6
i wish I had money so I could tell Ford to shut up and take my money
"TTTHHHIISSSS is the 2021 Ford Bronco..... And I'm going to review it"
Can't wait to know it's quirks and features
Edwin Luján Hernández
Edwin Luján Hernández:
I can't wait until whistlindiesel gets his hands on one of these... 😂
James McC2.4hum
James McC2.4hum:
Another Jeep to choose from. Because we all need jeeps.
Abdiassis Ahmed
Abdiassis Ahmed:
It's been extremely long time since I was excited about a car like this 🤤
Sergio Ortega
Sergio Ortega:
Seems nice , but will wait a couple years before I buy to weed out all the recalls . Also want manual transmission with a more powerful engine
Tom Brown
Tom Brown:
So--- will this come with speakers in the back that play
" keep going Al" in Oj's voice??
Miguel López
Miguel López:
Not gonna lie, this looks good; jeep must do better than throw a v8
Hahahhaa I got a commercial of a Jeep scaring some broncos... I think the ones that are scared are Jeep 🤣🤣🤣
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips:
the new Vapid Riata

coming to GTA 5 Online (PS5) in 2021
Ricky Fermin
Ricky Fermin:
The 2021 Ford Bronco looks amazing! I've always had faith in Ford and i'm glad they came back strong with this one. Go Ford!

Nick Kerr
Nick Kerr:
I get out of jail and Ford makes a new bronco for with 3 years. Nice👏
David Fournier
David Fournier:
Pretty Sweet! Nice job Ford! I heard about it at SEMA 2019, and the price tag and features seem like a serious competitor for others. Who 4 wheels in a Land Rover any ways?
jimmy haze
jimmy haze:
94.75:1- for when you need to pull the house off it's foundation.
Fighting Willock
Fighting Willock:
Why was their a Jeep ad on this 😂
Lil lntro Vert
Lil lntro Vert:
This is literally a jeep
Akshay Patel
Akshay Patel:
I came to look at the Bronco and I see a Jeep ad before this video started😂😂😂
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent:
I didn’t expect them not to add a electric engine but that’s okay!

Also who got Jeep Wrangler ad?
Its like people will offroad, most likely grocery getters
That bronco is 🔥 🔥 🔥 I feel sorry for fiat oh I meant jeep 😭
A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.
A Compelled Passionate Rationalist.:
0:55 did this one have its doors stolen or something lol
Loco Joe
Loco Joe:
Soccer moms are waiting in line to get the bronco to put that “my kids an honor student” sticker on it.
WilsonBlock100 Radio
WilsonBlock100 Radio:
Ford has definitely been ruminating 😂
Akhil Ghosh
Akhil Ghosh:
Where the Defender lost in looks department, Bronco began.
The bronco just screams youth and adventure
chding zuure
chding zuure:
I love that she's affordable. Take my money, Ford. 2 door it is for me.
Crazy Beagle
Crazy Beagle:
I'm waiting for Walt Longmires review
Adewale Tunmise
Adewale Tunmise:
Funny how all cars can drive just like this one
But this is one hell of a car
Leonine 5
Leonine 5:
Love it, I’m gonna get one used when my Lexus dies in the future lol
Hmm. I hope this helps my Ford stocks. 😂
bilij pdan
bilij pdan:
I have a feeling the famous “Jeep Wave” will take a back seat to the “Bronco Salute”.... Jeep has major work to do. This is coming from a lifelong Jeep fan/owner.
A Man Among Gnomes
A Man Among Gnomes:
4:20, "Sauce-squatch" ?
1:18 more is less
Press X to doubt
When you see 3 to 6 videos on youtube trending promoting this vehicle , you know Ford mean business
This thing is amazing can't wait to see them on the road and definitely cannot wait for off roading trips with a Raptor and a Bronco
"I dig the proportions". Groovy man! Dig it!
M Safrons
M Safrons:
This looks like it would be great for my 12 minute commute to work
People on Youtube:
New Ford Bronco coming soon, "yeah, I'm go going to buy one", while they're about to be evicted from their home. Lol
I still like the wrangler better 🤷‍♂️
Musa Deferrari
Musa Deferrari:
I never thought I'd want a Ford. This I'm buying.
Jeff B.
Jeff B.:
The no doors and no roof "look" looks awesome. Would love to cruise the beach in one of those
Venture A Highway
Venture A Highway:
I'm very excited for this, my Jeep enthusiasm has declined significantly in the matter of minutes.
Gabrael St Hilaire
Gabrael St Hilaire:
I was never ever a ford lover until now. Ford please take my money.
Vel Boone
Vel Boone:
This thing is going to sell like hotcakes an I'm here for it.... I hope GM bring back the K5
spawn beacon gaming
spawn beacon gaming:
"SauceSquach" lololol
Billy Sou
Billy Sou:
The Emme, I believe is, Emme Hall from C/Net's Roadshow channel.
Bryan C.A
Bryan C.A:
Jeeps a savage with the ad LMAO
mica davis
mica davis:
Okay, I was skeptical to begin with but so far I really like what I see. I look forward to seeing some serious in depth offroad testing on these.
Ali Humaydan
Ali Humaydan:
I am falling in love again after my new Touareg. This car looks amazing.
Stefan Thompson
Stefan Thompson:
She sounds so excited. I can't wait to see the comparison.
G I:
Can’t wait to see some lifted and some slammed on 26s 😍😍
Chris P. Bacon
Chris P. Bacon:
I love how this looks an how it is different then the millions in Jeep's on the road today id totally buy this over any Jeep nice job ford on taken a jab at the Jeep's
Kendall Paige
Kendall Paige:
I've had bad experiences with Ford, but I do love the look of this!
Travis D
Travis D:
Yup that’s a solid 60k starting price lmao
spawn beacon gaming
spawn beacon gaming:
The starting price for the Bronco Sport Listed in the video is inaccurate it starts at $26,660 the price listed in the video is for the slightly higher trimmed Big Bend model.
Temporal Soliton
Temporal Soliton:
Instantly a classic design. Hopefully the build quality and panel gaps are good.
Jordan Garrett
Jordan Garrett:
When they comin' out with one of them "Hell Horse" Mustang's?
Felix Garcia
Felix Garcia:
oh my gosh yes YES YEEEEEEES. I finally have a car I actually like
Wait up I think I need a second 😢
Knifer J
Knifer J:
I got a Jeep ad, also your telling me they are selling the car with out doors?🤔
roouit patan
roouit patan:
I am losing my mind watching this lol
Allan Perry
Allan Perry:
Looks like maybe an old International .Might be nice in a couple years when the bugs are worked out if the price is right
Blake Da Red Snake
Blake Da Red Snake:
I think I might have to get this as an upgrade from my 98 jeep wrangler 🤔
D'Asia Stinson
D'Asia Stinson:
I think ima just stick with jeeps🤷🏽‍♀️this just doesn’t look good plus it’s a ford🤢
M X:
I appreciate your honesty in giving a nod and deference to The King, the Jeep Wrangler. Maybe the Bronco can be the queen…Maybe.
DC Bon
DC Bon:
"The Bronco maintains the boxiness that the Defender lost." pretty much says it all. The new Defender is doomed.
chocolate milk
chocolate milk:
This thing looks amazing. I’m curious to see what the resale value will look like in a few years or if the Wrangler will still be king.
1:57 a stickshift eh?
They should have OJ in a commercial with it
George Nicoloff
George Nicoloff:
The design reminds me of International Scout :)
Piotr Macoch
Piotr Macoch:
Let’s hope that Ford will put a good, old V8 under the hood 🤞🏻