24 Hours With Madelyn Cline | Vogue

Vogue spent an eventful day in L.A. with Outer Banks star Madelyn Cline. Watch as Madelyn talks about her career, goes horseback riding, and spends some time with her Outer Banks co-star and partner Chase Stokes.

Director: Rom Bokobza
Producer: Naomi Nishi
DP: David Keninger
Cam Op: Brendan Boyle

Editor: Victoria Mortati
Sound: Kevin Bazell
Production Assistant: Nicholle Navarro
Filmed on Location: Beachwood Cafe and Sunset Ranch Hollywood
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Senior Talent Manager: Tara Burke
Post Production Manager: Marco Glinbizzi

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24 Hours With Madelyn Cline | Vogue

100+ komentarze:

She definitely deserves the attention. She's a sweetheart.
I feel like both Madelyn and Chase are soooo humble, genuine and real. So happy for them both becoming so successful. Both brilliant actors and deserve the success. She is going to be HUGE
I truly feel like Madlyn and Chase are both so humble and smart. Madlyn is so down to earth and she comes of as so grateful for everything. such a pure soul.
Katie Barth
Katie Barth:
Madelyn and Chase are two of Hollywood’s finest. So genuine, authentic and humble.
I just wanna be friend with her :(
Chloe Matrundola
Chloe Matrundola:
she seems so down to earth and sweet, we need more unproblematic celebs like her!!
The reason Outer Banks is so good is because u can feel the relationship - Tension between Madelyn and Chase it is so real ! Great Pick Vogue.
Morgan Michelle
Morgan Michelle:
it’s weird because they don’t even really act like a couple…they don’t call each other pet names or have PDA but at the same time they look utterly and completely in love and infatuated with one another 🥺 they’re literally soulmates.
The Sage
The Sage:
I love her language. She would be speaking so politely then cuss outta nowhere
Laura CM
Laura CM:
I love how she admits that she didn't feel special and had to fight to get more confident and be successful <3
Brynn Neumann
Brynn Neumann:
She really scored big with OBX. She’s a great actress, and she fits in with the rest of the cast perfectly. They’re all like one big family!
Barry Bob
Barry Bob:
she’s such a beautiful human being; inside and out.
Madelyn inspires me. She’s so realistic and not like people that are focused specifically on fame so everything they say is fake.
Madelina Tun
Madelina Tun:
She is so cute and I love how soothing her voice is. She’s deserves all her fame and success
Dalila Pereira
Dalila Pereira:
I just loveee this girl, she's so humble and down to earth. chase and her are really a perfect couple that just radiates a very positive energy
magda clark !
magda clark !:
holy crap shes so down to earth and authentic. i didn’t expect this take to be so raw, i thought it would be like forced smiles and scripted jokes but this was so cool
she’s literally hypnotizing, it would be hard not to fall in love with her in some way.
She has such a calming energy about her.
I truly feel like Madlyn and Chase are both so humble and smart. Madlyn is so down to earth and she comes of as so grateful for everything. such a pure soul.
We loveeeeee a queen who is still so kind to public workers even after the fame <3
She is such a sweet and genuine person. What a lovely insight into her personal life. I could listen to her talk all day. :)
Aesthete Artemis Subliminals💚💙
Aesthete Artemis Subliminals💚💙:
I feel like Madelyn Cline should star in a movie/tv show set in the 60/70s ex. ‘Firefly Lane’
I think she’d rock the bell bottoms and bright colours
She’s seems like such a good human being
dolita windo
dolita windo:
I just loveee this girl, she's so humble and down to earth. chase and her are really a perfect couple that just radiates a very positive energy
Romani Kulendra
Romani Kulendra:
They are so down to earth and totally deserved their success.
Jasss 13
Jasss 13:
She seams so nice and down to earth, can’t wait so see what else she does in the future ✨🤍
Sydney P
Sydney P:
she is one of favorite new actresses! so honest, humble, and unbelievably stunning
Madison Shaw
Madison Shaw:
she is so down to earth and one of the most sweetest souls ever. i've never watched any videos of actors telling their story and show how they live but i'm super interested now! and i bet this helps a lot of people understand that just because you're a celebrity/actresses doesn't mean that you don't have your own problems and anxiety..
I love how chill Madelyn is, she seems like a great person, I'm glad her and Chase met each other thru Outer Banks
Safwatul Jannat
Safwatul Jannat:
Felt like a very dear person of mine was speaking and I almost teared up just listening to her and how humble she is,that's rare. I love Madeline so much and wish her the best in life. ❤️
Corpse Bride
Corpse Bride:
i am genuinely so happy that madelyn is where she is . she really does deserve all the recognition she’s getting . not only is she an amazing actress , she’s incredibly humble , intelligent , relaxing , sweet & beautiful <3’ .
Sheep Gardener
Sheep Gardener:
This sounds weird but they are so… Normal? Like they don’t try to force being the “celebrity” personality if that makes sense. It makes them even more likable in my opinion because of how real they are
Sarah Telcide
Sarah Telcide:
I love her to pieces. She is just so genuine and sweet.
Watermelon Antique
Watermelon Antique:
She seems grounded, smart and grateful. Wish her all the luck
Serena Marie
Serena Marie:
She’s seriously so down to earth. I love that
awww she's so well-spoken and sweet, i'm so proud of her for getting so far ❤️
Sunethra E
Sunethra E:
I love everything about this video. So chill and they’re absolutely gorgeous❤️
Xanthe Goltz
Xanthe Goltz:
The way he looks at her with complete and admiration in his eyes.... if my boyfriend doesnt look at me like that. i dont want it
she should totally make a podcast! like the way she speaks, her energy, her voice, it’s all so amazingggggg
Puri AVera
Puri AVera:
On my head I'm expecting to see one of this video and be connected in some way with someone but then never happened, but today I feel this connection, she is absolutely honest and humble and the reason why she is having so much success right now is just this. She deserved because she is just a unique woman true to who she is 🥰
she’s so talented and pretty and despite so many people praising her she’s still so humble and she truly looks like a fun genuine person to be around.
I love her so much pls
I love how she's so genuine and down to earth :)
Felicia van der Weide
Felicia van der Weide:
i really relate to what madelyn said about things happening in once but in reality it being the fruit of your works. i love how she worded it.
M S:
I love her so much! Lol she’s so down to earth and genuine. Very refreshing 🥰
bube udeh
bube udeh:
9:02 her advice, her storytelling..... honestly, wasnt expecting this. definitely a new fan of hers.
You two make such a lovely couple ☺️. I'm so happy for you guys. Thanks for the best TV series out there. My hubby and I have been together since we where 15, we 32 now, and the love is still there... Watching OB, reminded us of how we fought to be together, all the hard times we had to get through, the crazy adventure's and heartbreaking moments... Thanks guy's, and not just the two of you, but the whole cast, you all have done a wonderful job 👍☺️. Peace and love 😘
Annie Pleinies
Annie Pleinies:
I love her so much. She’s so genuine. Please don’t change
She’s like an American version of Florence Pugh. Both are lovely.
Aubrey Fernandes
Aubrey Fernandes:
i love her. she is so genuine and down to earth
Melissa Veliz
Melissa Veliz:
Love this!!! You go girl! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
frndli sprtr
frndli sprtr:
omg I love her!! her vibes ... I felt every word she spoke, she's so real!
lucy budd
lucy budd:
I just finished season 2, she is such an amazing actress, unbelievably good, love her
Alejandra Bolanos
Alejandra Bolanos:
I want to be friends with her so bad. she’s definitely a comfort person 🥰🥺
Asra Akbar
Asra Akbar:
I adore her so much! She’s so humble and sweet 😍 her and chase are adorable and simple as always ❤️
Kiran Virdi
Kiran Virdi:
I love her so much!! She is so pure and has the kindest, sweetest heart ❣
It’s crazy I watched outer banks the first season and it seemed like not many people were talking about it as much but now I’m seeing her and chase all over YouTube 😂
Glad to see things growing though
I literally know how she feels talking about having anxiety and having to Learn herself very quickly, I’m at that same point in my life if I should go for it and follow my dreams.
Ahlamm -
Ahlamm -:
she has such a positive energy, she's so kind and caring, she was brought up well and I'd really wanna be friends with her.
o'malley harp
o'malley harp:
I would love to see an Actors on Actors with her and Victoria Pedretti. I feel like they would be fast friends.
Rafaela Tapo
Rafaela Tapo:
She seems so grounded and humble, I love her 💗
Megan K
Megan K:
I literally love her. Shes so down to earth
Heidi Walker
Heidi Walker:
My respect for her raised even more when I found out she’s in the equestrian world aswell
She is the definition of perfect. Her looks are literally INSANE and she seems SO nice <3
she's so polite and well spoken how could anyone not like her!
That was so endearing to watch she seems so down to earth
Percy's #1 Fan
Percy's #1 Fan:
They would be soooo good as a podcast. Just their voices... :)
Tenzin Wangmo
Tenzin Wangmo:
Just finished watching outer banks and she literally killed her role. Such an great actress !!!
Dylan Ward
Dylan Ward:
I love everything about her. She is someone who deserves all of her success.
Guddaxiigans Yakgujanaas
Guddaxiigans Yakgujanaas:
She is so wholesome! I love it. I wish her all the best.
Tamrah K.
Tamrah K.:
Chase and maddie are down to earth like a couple you would legit meet in the store or smthn they seem down to earth and like nice people 💕
first of all, i can fall asleep to their voices lmao theyre so soothing

second, maddie and chase are so calm they have such great personalities and they seem really humble and sweet🤍
Rock girl
Rock girl:
she is one of favorite new actresses! so honest, humble, and unbelievably stunning
Hannah Penner
Hannah Penner:
I could definitely see Madelyn in a period piece someday. She could use her horse riding skills, and she'd get to wear historical costumes too! She's such a talented actor & kind soul.
Lorin Flanders
Lorin Flanders:
Her character in OuterBanks really seems to resemble her in real life, down to earth and genuine
They are both so genuine i love it
sokin jon
sokin jon:
I just loveee this girl, she's so humble and down to earth. chase and her are really a perfect couple that just radiates a very positive energy
loved her story, i had no idea how she started her acting career!
i LOVE her! She seems SO real. Shes not a cookie cutter skinny stuck up LA girl. She seems healthy and radiates positivity
Stephanie Cunningham
Stephanie Cunningham:
You guys look so cute together! That’s so cool I love that you guys hangout! And how you guys are so similar to your characters! I love her! The both of them! It’s so cute 🥰
Anna Clara Fonseca Benigno
Anna Clara Fonseca Benigno:
Ela agiu tão naturalmente que nem parecia que estava sendo filmada
Madeline Voelkel
Madeline Voelkel:
She’s so honest I appreciate everything she said about imposter syndrome ❤️❤️queen
Blair likes calamari
Blair likes calamari:
Madelyn and chase seems so chill and so calm and I love it :D
He listens to her so intently it’s so sweet I can’t
i wanna hear more about her come up. so inspiring.
Leehe Ninio
Leehe Ninio:
I love how down to earth she is
Summerlyn h
Summerlyn h:
she seems like such an awesome and fun person
Lonny Mendes
Lonny Mendes:
She’s the cutest. And her journey and the way she’s been trough is so inspiring. Thanks Maddie for sharing your story and giving us hope. THANK you too, Vogue.🤍❤️
David Ash
David Ash:
She’s doing great things with her life🔥
Yashpreet Kaur
Yashpreet Kaur:
i love the fact that just listening to her is so comfortable 🥺
stephanie Diaz
stephanie Diaz:
She’s so real & genuine
Becca Johnson
Becca Johnson:
She is truly a woman of my heart omg
samantha leigh
samantha leigh:
the way that she’s always a main character. she can make jeans and a t shirt look like the cutest outfit ever 😭
I LOVE her. She seems so down to earth for being so beautiful and cool.
Eden Barajas
Eden Barajas:
I love her!!! And chase!!!! So down to earth
she should def make a podcast and do more stuff like this its really raw and that's a great thing
Just Jess
Just Jess:
A true humble queen she deserves it all
This video brought me so much calamity, the topics she's addressing, her tone, it's all very calming
Ava Gasca
Ava Gasca:
I love Maddie so much she seems like a very sweet and humble person who I would love to meet one day 🥺🥺🙌🏻😩💖
Josh Cowlishaw
Josh Cowlishaw:
I actually can’t get enough of her 😂
Vanessa Carr
Vanessa Carr:
Good for her ! She is a inspiration to all woman if you just listen to her story. Makes sense