25 years after Srebrenica massacre, genocide-denial lives on - BBC News

25 years ago the worst atrocity in Europe since the Nazis took place — the murder of 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica, by Bosnian-Serb forces.

Every year, the anniversary is marked by a mass gathering and dozens of funerals, as more bodies are identified and returned to their families.

But even now, after the recovery of thousands of victims and war-crimes trials for a number of those responsible, some still deny that the genocide took place.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Special Correspondent Allan Little, who at the time reported extensively on the Bosnian war for the BBC.

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Never forget Srebrenica!
The UN is useless on some occasions
Nomadic Zak
Nomadic Zak:
The sad thing is they're still finding bodies with thousands of people still missing...
E B:
1995 was only 50 years after WW2... We're no smarter & no wiser than we were back then.
Lorena Ann Hepworth
Lorena Ann Hepworth:
My heart and prayers go out to the families crushed by such evil!
Florian Riepenhausen
Florian Riepenhausen:
Thanks for remembering, the Jugoslavian conflict and its unappetising details are too much ignored or relativized by people today.
Bošnjak Bosna
Bošnjak Bosna:
thank you BBC for this video don't forget Srebrenica
I will never forget, I will never forgive.
Wendy Boothman
Wendy Boothman:
And the destruction of humanity goes on in Palestine and many other countries and the world is silent.
Belmin Merdic
Belmin Merdic:
Never forget Srebrenica!

I always wonder how government deny evidence?
Christopher Ellis
Christopher Ellis:
Footnote, the Dutch NATO troops were courtmartialed. The denial remains among those who have no knowledge
Trabzon 61
Trabzon 61:
Thousand of my Bosnian brothers and sisters died. For what? For nothing! May Allah bless and protect bosnia! My condelences for the Familys... 🇧🇦 🇹🇷
Kənan Vəliyev
Kənan Vəliyev:
Why did that terrible event happen ???? Unfortunately, i saw that some people support this event in comments . You cannot defeat a nation by genocide. You just have enemy against you. And their future generations hate you and they'll want to revenge on you
Počivajte u miru.da bog da se nikad više ne dogodi.
Pozdrav iz hrvatske.
Nejla Kohnić
Nejla Kohnić:
Kosovo bosnia 🇦🇱🇽🇰🇦🇱🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦
Tony Montana
Tony Montana:
As salamu alaikum, I wish prosperity to Bosnia and its pious people. With love for my brothers and sisters, Bosnians from Bashkortostan.S ljubavlju prema mojoj braći i sestrama, Bosancima iz Baškortostana
Akaka von Domenjer
Akaka von Domenjer:
World bosses allowed and ordered this killing, now they are trying to use it to silence any opposition.
Da se nikad ne zaboravi i oprosti! #znalisustarade #neverforget #neverforgive 🇧🇦🙏🤲
The same thing is about to happen in Xinjiang. The UN is idle
Prime Evil
Prime Evil:
None of the indian news are reporting the mourning of Srebrenica genocide. You know why? Because india currently is involved in genocide of the Kashmiri muslims by the indian army.
Never forget 💔💔
Nadia Umber Lodhi URDU CHANNEL - ETV
Nadia Umber Lodhi URDU CHANNEL - ETV:
It’s pity😢
Malik Sajeel
Malik Sajeel:
The same thing is happening in Kashmir.After 25 years we will be talking about Kashmir.UN should take strict action to stop genocide in Kashmir.
typisch. ich
typisch. ich:
Never forget
Jan Sprat
Jan Sprat:
And what happened to the history of office_Lam in India? The western media is mute.
Ortodoksni kralj
Ortodoksni kralj:
Tony Stark
Tony Stark:
Scott Ferguson
Scott Ferguson:
Emira BiH
Emira BiH:
Nejra Kulačić
Nejra Kulačić:
Fay D
Fay D:
Yet another failure of the UN
Sin City
Sin City:
And then the Serbs say they are the victims in the Jugoslavia War
End Riti
End Riti:
God bless victims and all us
Hil Hilic
Hil Hilic:
Glory glory gloria he went through the door...
Tyt. Kru.
Tyt. Kru.:
Taj ovaj dan ovi kamioni kad vidim osetim gushenje ko taj dan
sarawitno hh
sarawitno hh:
love you bosnia from kosovo💚🤍 never forget
Melissa D
Melissa D:
Alberta Kameri
Alberta Kameri:
O Allah I have only you so please punish all my enemies etc and take my right, account to all massive wrongdoers etc. Kosovo don't forgive never WALLAHI nobody never stop until Allah take my right, account to all satanic servants etc Amiiin ☝ Surah Hud 18...19..20..21 to be continued against all enemies etc Amiiin
Aziz Kapadi
Aziz Kapadi:
Just Facts
Just Facts:
it's at times like this you realise the justice of God when he created hell
Sloppy Poatato
Sloppy Poatato:
Anyone with rudimentary familiarity with contemporary history knows that. Where's the denial?

mejl za youtube
mejl za youtube:
Fadet Mehmedovic
Fadet Mehmedovic:
Argyn Tobyqty
Argyn Tobyqty:
why would you say the last the sentence BBC???
Adam B
Adam B:
Very Angry Bosnian Dude
Very Angry Bosnian Dude:
I am Bosnian,my OWN kind betrayed me,i feel nothing for this genocide anymore,not that i like serbs,but no simphaty here.
m a
m a:
Defund the bbc .
Walusimbi Jonathan
Walusimbi Jonathan:
Abizar Alfatih
Abizar Alfatih:
Laknatullah Serbia
Paul In Kyushu
Paul In Kyushu:
Human beings..... what makes certain human beings capable of such evil?
Albert Pike
Albert Pike:
Another war which was promoted by the BBC.
Mustapha Manager
Mustapha Manager:
Mustafa manaja
jomin joy
jomin joy:
I dream of a world where everyone is equal ,were everyone is considered as humans not differentiated with their race, religion,skin .
Peregrine Slim
Peregrine Slim:
And yet the ICC is under attack ... from the West!
Never forget. Never forgive.
Glitched Blox
Glitched Blox:
bro wtf why
Wait, diversity wasn't their strength?
serbs like a russians never take responsibility for they atrocity
Big Jono's channel
Big Jono's channel:
People who had been forced from their homes, villages and towns at gunpoint, often under brutal circumstances, were too embittered to contemplate coexistence in a common framework.
Bosnia has a mixed tradition of tolerance. I would say that the current distrust between the three communities is largely, if not entirely, a product of wartime experience.

All sides regard it as a massive betrayal of trust, that people who had lived together as colleagues, as friends and neighbours suddenly turned on each other in this way. That kind of breach of confidence and trust is very difficult to heal, precisely because members of these groups are in other ways so identical and actually lived in relative harmony for a fairly long time.

It is important to remember that all three sides in the Bosnian conflict operated detention camps of this nature. The Bosnian-Serb detention camps got the most publicity, but in the summer of 1992 there were also detention camps being run by Muslims in which Bosnian-Serb civilians were being incarcerated, tortured and killed.
- Sumantra Bose
Why did we just let that happen?
Kuby Gul
Kuby Gul:
Surprised BBC is publishing this as they don’t usually talk about Muslims being killed which is still happening in many parts of the world today. For example, Chinese Muslims, Palistinians, etc
Draw cute pictures
Draw cute pictures:
Never forget...
Salko Mhmedović
Salko Mhmedović:
Balkan Mode
Balkan Mode:
BBC why did you delete two of my comments?
Himanshu Bhandari
Himanshu Bhandari:
Same thing happening to Uyghurs and Palestinians
Charles F
Charles F:
Florian Riepenhausen
Florian Riepenhausen:
BBC in the past you deactivated the comments in some of your videos and I became aware that in the comment section of your videos, some comments lasted not even a minute without being deleted. Is it possible to gain an explanation for that in order to approach your standards. I'm aware that the YouTube Comment Section can be a mess, I'm just curious whether you or YouTube is taken preemptive action against undesirable comments. Which I consider a free speech issue.
Balkan Mode
Balkan Mode:
I am inclined to think these events were more massacres of men than a genocide of an ethnic group. Let’s see if BBC will delete my opinion for a third time.
George Henry Moore
George Henry Moore:
Failing to find any testimonies of the Danish contingent who did stand up to the Cetniks here on YouTube . Anyone have a link?
Suren Thiran
Suren Thiran:
#TamilGenocide 18 May 2009
Bolshevik Carpetbagger
Bolshevik Carpetbagger:
What role did the Dutch prime minister Wim Kok play in the Srebrenica massacre?
chainpur Makalu
chainpur Makalu:
nerpal news from the Nepalese Scientist; Prime Minister Oli gave a stern warning to Prachanda who is a criminal of 17000 Innocent Nepali People. Now not only the media, everything from Indian films will also be closed, India has become a UN member by the recommendation of Nepal. India has encroached on Nepal's art, literature, language, culture and Eastern philosophy, by encroaching on Nepal's Limpiadhura, Lipulekh, etc, India has polluted Nepal's Shiva’s secret land, Modi’s servants in Nepal are Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal, and Prachanda. Nepal has never been a colonized country like East India Company and British India. India is a common enemy सधियर शत्रु country for all the neighborhoods, you all should be ashamed of the Nepalese. Please if any comments??????
Devilea Ea
Devilea Ea:
Thanks religion 👍
Triple Threat
Triple Threat:
If this was true that Is very sad , but the fact it’s on the BBC leads me to believe their is a agenda to this so it’s probably all lies .... you guys lost your credibility a very long time ago , Defund the BBC
Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish:
I am a SERB i am going back to my roots. Bosniaks dont even exist they are in fact SERBS. I am ORTHODOX .
Wakhra boy
Wakhra boy:
Pray for kashmir.
Jan Sprat
Jan Sprat:
Here we go again. As soon as you post any facts on British history in India, comments get deleted either by this Channel or by Google.
terror gaming
terror gaming:
Jugoslavia under tito
Sandoz Sandoz
Sandoz Sandoz:
Pixxel Studio Pixxel Studio
Pixxel Studio Pixxel Studio:
Un and Uno NATO force we both murderer and crusaders
Yousef Baradee
Yousef Baradee:
This genocide never gained enough attention and support to investigate the real people who were responsible for this atrocity I feel sad that nobody really care about this genocide
Dejan Lazic
Dejan Lazic:
No one is talking about the 3,620 Serbs killed in Srebrenica who were beheaded
Ravi Kumar Singh
Ravi Kumar Singh:
I wonder if bbc shows the Jallianwala Bagh massacre , Britain did in Amritsar India
Daniel O
Daniel O:
Absolutely horrible.
Jan Piwowarczyk
Jan Piwowarczyk:
The same we can write about abortion and BBC is activily supporting artrocy.
Name one place where multiculturalism hasn't led to conflict.
Neil Wilde
Neil Wilde:
Defund the BBC
Hasnain Rehmat
Hasnain Rehmat:
It's not genocide it's a democide
Elena Eli
Elena Eli:
BoZ TürK 88
BoZ TürK 88:
Allah mekanlarını Cennet eylesin. ❤🇹🇷❤
Simon Templar
Simon Templar:
*Coming to a country near you soon.*
The World
The World:
This week I had some oldish guy come round my house today telling me that I'm I watching my own TV and also if I was watching the BBC! And I said no. He then asked to come into my house or otherwise he will use force! And I asked him how are you going to do that! And he said he will bring the law enforcement round to move me out of the way! Jesus christ what country and freedom do I have. I will repost this untill I get a response from the BBC!
antony palmer
antony palmer:
Zero mention of the events that predated Srebrenica or the lack of evidence for the numbers. In the many months preceding, surrounding serb villages were subjected to some of the most horrific torture at the hands of the Bosnians imaginable. Bestial torture.
stacy skywatch
stacy skywatch:
how many poor souls lost their lives in the middle east because of the lies and deceptions coming from the bbc,, half a million dead kids plus all the rest,, why has the bbc headquarters have a statue outside created by a well known pedophile and the statue itself is clearly a pedophile statue ,,o thats right the bbc is controlled by many jimmy saviles ,,
Imperator Vespasian
Imperator Vespasian:
they should have chanted BLM and waved a communist flag, the BBC would be talking about the heroic Serbian struggle against their oppressors.