4 Goals! Golden Boy Haaland Unstoppable | Hertha Berlin - Borussia Dortmund | 2-5 | All Goals | MD 8

#BSCBVB | Highlights from Matchday 8!
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Watch all goals of Hertha Berlin vs. Borussia Dortmund from Matchday 8 of 2020/21 season!

Goals: 1-0 Cunha (33’), 1-1 Haaland (47’), 1-2 Haaland (49’), 1-3 Haaland (62’), 1-4 Guerreiro (70’), 2-4 Cunha (79’ Penalty), 2-5 Haaland (80’)

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Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze:
Quite terrifying how he just sort of teleports in front of the goal for the second. It's almost like a glitch it's so good.
Gilberto Valenzuela
Gilberto Valenzuela:
This kid is not normal how can be that consistent at a such young age, he is the next big star of football
This man Haland has some serious awareness about where to be on the pitch, his positioning is superb
Never seen a more awkward elite footballer than Haaland.
Vida mindee
Vida mindee:
This man deserves a stadium full of fans
adem emre sadıkoğlu
adem emre sadıkoğlu:
it looks like taking a 1. division striker playing in the 4. division. just too easy.
FamousBrightIndians FBI
FamousBrightIndians FBI:
He needs to train with cr7 so he can learn how to stay injury free. Other wise this guy is already a total beast.
Rafael Ferreira
Rafael Ferreira:
The best league Youtube channel
Santiago Martínez
Santiago Martínez:
Erling Goaland (the land of goals)
João Porto
João Porto:
This boy is unbelievable! Simply unstoppable! So young, and so much time for improve your talent, in 2 years the best player in the world !
jack william
jack william:
The fact that Haaland scored more goals in a signle match than griezman
Jet Dixon
Jet Dixon:
Felt cute might score 4 later....
Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava:
Job well done Erling HAALand the golden boy.
reporter : how you can score goal like that?
erling : with my feet
Hafiz Akbar
Hafiz Akbar:
Looks like they have updated him after winning the golden boy. Haaland 2.0 incoming
Jonathan r
Jonathan r:
They didnt call him "Golden Boy" for nothing!!!!!😎😎
Khalid Djafaar
Khalid Djafaar:
coming soon in our recommendations: Erling Haaland - 23 Goals In Only 21 Bundesliga Games
Tesla The Hedgehog
Tesla The Hedgehog:
Man his pace and positioning is just terrifying. And good to see that Marco Reus is finally back in form his split second analysis of the field and how he creates the perfect chances for the team with just 1 touch of the ball. Its like he's got 360° vision. Definitely one of the best playmakers out there. If he can just work on his fitness a little he might even be a contender for the ballondor. Dortmund for the win this season♥💛♥💛♥💛♥
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
Hertha Berlin scores the 1st goal
Haaland: Are you challenging me ?
Pablo Correa
Pablo Correa:
*When Bayern sees Haaland score*
"Is for me?"
how i search haaland goal on youtube ?

answer : haaland score again
Redha A Rachman
Redha A Rachman:
*Nobody talk about how 6 goals are fit in **1:06** minutes huh?*
Trey b
Trey b:
That second goal for haaland was venomous
Kushagra Tiwari
Kushagra Tiwari:
He's my inspiration. What a beast, I love him.
Andrés Roberti
Andrés Roberti:
I like how he makes simple the act of finishing, excelent positioning and reactions and he has a war hammer in his feet.
Herta Berlin : Scores
Haaland : So you've choosen death!
Mengekyo Syaringan
Mengekyo Syaringan:
0:22 thats the kind of shoot we want from a striker

Strike like you want the ball to pass through the net
Paul Warwinu
Paul Warwinu:
The 1st Erling Haaland👏👏
Zeus Cannizzo Music
Zeus Cannizzo Music:
0:29 that sprint was ilegal
Clear, effective editing. Great.
Olaoluwa Faleye
Olaoluwa Faleye:
Scoring goalland 🔥🔥
His acceleration is just amazing, his thirth goal was awesome
Olaoluwa Faleye
Olaoluwa Faleye:
Among the first to type 🙂
- Rodrigo -
- Rodrigo -:
0:30 wooow ⚡ ⚡⚡
Iam human
Iam human:
Cunha for the goal of the season
Obaid Qadri
Obaid Qadri:
No one
Haaland: let me just break every goalscoring record at 20
Joshua Lambrechts
Joshua Lambrechts:
Haaland reminds me of Zlatan
George Murad
George Murad:
Drinking gamez: take a shot of tequella every time the comentator says erling haaaaaaaaaaaland
Ali Safeer Hyder
Ali Safeer Hyder:
He's scary bro
I'm legit scared of this guy at this point 😂
Very Happy to see Dortmund ❤️ winning.#YNWA.~~Liverpool fan
Monang Siringoringo
Monang Siringoringo:
I hope he can keep his top perf and away from injuries, we're seeing a prospect of future '50+ goals per season' legend here.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 E.B.H 🔥🔥🔥
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Velha Guarda Tricolor:
0:05 TcheTche viu isso e pensou: Isso é impossível!
Bryan Jeske
Bryan Jeske:
Haaland HaHaHaaaa , but Cunha got two nice goals for Hertha Berlin - great game !!! 10 goals now for Haaland ?
in the morning: get the golden boy award
evening: prove that he earned it
mikey mike
mikey mike:
my guy playing fifa career mode with the cpu slowed on tht second goal
Kameel Mezqueldi
Kameel Mezqueldi:
0:21 AHAHAA Haaland be looking like that one pic of Cal Freezy at the charity match. looooool.
Canned Fisher
Canned Fisher:
Lewangoalski you’re gonna have a hard time when Golden Boy Goalland is here
The pace he has with his size and physicality is basically cheating. Videogame character in real life.
TheTopMax 93
TheTopMax 93:
Finally, back to 2005 when i saw something like this at United

Yesssssss that was cr7
Radouani Ahmed
Radouani Ahmed:
Bayern munich :
That's my boy
akhilesh kumar
akhilesh kumar:
Reminds me of Suarez especially his hunger and power.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour:
reporter : how you can score goal like that? erling : with my feet
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm:
reporter : how you can score goal like that? erling : with my feet
yuitr loing
yuitr loing:
reporter : how you can score goal like that? erling : with my feet
misolou fout
misolou fout:
reporter : how you can score goal like that? erling : with my feet
annag cocl
annag cocl:
reporter : how you can score goal like that? erling : with my feet
Eric Wong
Eric Wong:
Bayern:'next transfer target: you know who.."
Ahmad Dekoekkoek
Ahmad Dekoekkoek:
"Look at the pace" represents it all
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson:
The guy is amazing, tbh he is a really unique forward
Can't wait for a club in the PL to cash in on Haaland 🔥🔥🔥
Lucas Gallindo
Lucas Gallindo:
Haaland é fodaaaa, sou fã demais dele<3
You'll Never Walk Alone ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥~~~Liverpool fan
everyone his age just watching netflix and playing fortnite, while he’s literally on top of the football world 👌🏼
Aruna Ranabhat
Aruna Ranabhat:
Kicking power bang finishing awesome pace uncatchable he deserves golden boy award and he got it
Askar Seven
Askar Seven:
this guy absolutely brutal 🔥
Titik Kelana
Titik Kelana:
Haaland has Incredible clinical finish and gifted amazing pace
Jitin Michael
Jitin Michael:
What a beast 🔥
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr:
Herta Berlin : Scores Haaland : So you've choosen death!
The way he sprinted run feels like a goddamn monster 😐
Vaishnav Negi
Vaishnav Negi:
Waiting for the Bayern transfer.😂❤️
Lênon Kramer
Lênon Kramer:
And another thing that I find awesome about Haaland is the genuine happiness he shows when a teammate scores. Look at his smile when Guerrero scores his goal.
Nathan Desmond
Nathan Desmond:
Golden boy. And me favorite player.
You Are going to win the league Dortmund and we do believe you!!!!!❤️.#YNWA
Dev Clarke
Dev Clarke:
"Is name is Goalaand get Erling Goaland" .
say cheese
say cheese:
this kid is legend
Alex M
Alex M:
Bayern Munich would like to know your location.
Second Gomez
Second Gomez:
This reminded me of when I played PES career mode on beginner level as a kid
he keeps making football sooo easy
amazing talent
Aziz rising
Aziz rising:
Indeed he is a true golden boy... unstoppable 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
Haaland is a machine! 🔥🔥🔥
Good debut for moukoko.
Robbie Richards
Robbie Richards:
0:18 0:24 0:57 we sure they don't j have a button that they press
He makes it look so easy!
Seta S
Seta S:
Can't wait for his interview...hahaha
Ganesh Gurung
Ganesh Gurung:
0:28 look at that run.
Umejesi Harold
Umejesi Harold:
Thanks to comic of a defending from Berlin
Anugerah Harsudi
Anugerah Harsudi:
Its not fair, when you're 190 cm, and can run that fast. A truly machine
Aswin Prasad
Aswin Prasad:
He is jonas
I think he is traveling through time. 😂😂😂
kolim jone
kolim jone:
That second goal for haaland was venomous
luis de soto torres
luis de soto torres:
Meanwhile United didnt sign him and we are winning with one goal from Bruno 😪
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed:
Who no one is saying anything about Cunha's blister?!
Akash Mandal
Akash Mandal:
I am just wondering how can you stop this guy he is so incredible
Ariel Augusto Sotar Choque
Ariel Augusto Sotar Choque:
0:30 a man and a child running after the ball
Mike Matthew
Mike Matthew:
Ah whatever in germany I've always backed heartha and bremen
Mayureshan Muhunthan
Mayureshan Muhunthan:
Erling Braut GOALland🔥🔥🔥
Papa Denj
Papa Denj:
0:42 no way did he just lift guerreiro like that😂
He's gonna be a GOAT in future
João Pinto
João Pinto:
Best highlights in YouTube. This channel is great!
BEAST gamer
BEAST gamer:
Best super-sub in pes🔥❤️
Yaw Osei Tutu
Yaw Osei Tutu:
Haaland frightens me. Let's be real here guys. The level of consistency at this age is remarkable. I hope he maintains that. He has won my heart ♥