73 Questions With Bella Hadid | Vogue

Bella Hadid takes Vogue along to a charming horse stable and answers 73 original questions. While Bella feeds horses and cuddles a baby goat, she talks about her modeling career and where she's at at this point in her life. Bella discusses her love of horse riding, her obsession with chocolate, and ongoing passion for photography.

Interviewed and Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young

Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino

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73 Questions With Bella Hadid | Vogue

Created By: Joe Sabia

100+ komentarze:

Anushka Prasad
Anushka Prasad:
Who else wants a 73 questions with the 73 questions guy
MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu
MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu:
There is something about her ... So royal... And so rich. And when she smiles ugh. So beautiful
Neeraj sharma
Neeraj sharma:
It's interesting - when she says she's kind, I actually believe her. She has a genuine warmth to her
She is genuinely lovely. You can tell that she knows every one of those animals, and you can see the comfort and ease they have with her. You can't fake it with animals. She's a sweetheart.
Shannon reilly
Shannon reilly:
I actually met her twice in NYC and she was the sweetest person ever! Made me even more of a fan at how friendly and genuine she was!
Farouk Zawady
Farouk Zawady:
This is the most chilled, natural and most relaxed 73 questions I’ve seen. She’s so beautiful and she reminds me of her mum in the way the hold and present themselves. Nicely done !
Taylor Shai
Taylor Shai:
She's so refreshing & pure 🌺 She's not showing off or anything, she's funny & not superficial!
Minimalism 25
Minimalism 25:
She's absolutely a aesthetically soothing person to watch and listen to. Probably cuz she's Real as a person ✨
Sangita Runlel
Sangita Runlel:
Her body language, her face, her heights, her personality speaks everything of her being a very superb women. I always loved her.
Alexandria Canaan
Alexandria Canaan:
I don’t understand why people attack her for being beautiful after surgery, she was gorgeous beforehand too, she just had insecurities that she had the means to fix. It’s also nobody’s business what she has had done to her own body. Some people are way too entitled.
Caylene Paras
Caylene Paras:
This is the most interesting setting for 73 Questions. And Bella answers the questions naturally 🥰
These 73 questions can sound so rehearsed and contrived but in this one, you can see Bella's personality, warmth and authenticity. She seems like a really nice person and she is so beautiful.
Luis Martinez1977
Luis Martinez1977:
She has fast quick answers to her Questions.. nothing really fake about this model Queen 👑
When she said "my boyfriend" I couldn't handle. Abel & Bella are adorable.
She's actually such a Libra. Always talking about kindness and love, ugh queen 👑😩
Ella es genuinamente amorosa , puedes decir que ella conoce a cada uno de esos animales, y puedes ver la comodidad y tranquilidad que tienen con ella. No puedes fingir como es con los animales, ella es un amor💘
Huria Kausar
Huria Kausar:
This has got to be one of my fav 73 questions interview. Doesn’t feel forced 😍
Tubelliza, Shiena Andrea
Tubelliza, Shiena Andrea:
I love how her simple actions already reflect her kindness. Like, the way she talks, moves, and everything! She is so gentle and sweet! AND I HATE HOW I JUST DISCOVERED THIS NOW!!!

–Just want to address how she talks about mental health being her biggest success 💜
Nehir Yılmazer
Nehir Yılmazer:
I think the fact we all thought she was cold but actually being the sweetest ever shows how professional she is.
take me home.
take me home.:
She's really friendly. I've seen multiple clips of her being secretly filmed interacting with fans. She's so nice, I wanna meet her!
sierra society
sierra society:
i love that you can see how she genuinely loves animals and is comfortable with them
Mercy Juma Official
Mercy Juma Official:
Even her walk in the stables is iconic😍
Amo su personalidad, su voz, acentúa la energía de los radiadores
"My biggest success is my health and mental state right now" - loving this! Not everyone thinks of success in that way 😊😊😊
Lauren Bray
Lauren Bray:
She does have the complete opposite personality than you'd think because of the faces she makes when she's modeling or posing. Both her and her sister are really nice.
Study Fying
Study Fying:
the vintage house of horse and she wearing perfect clothes with confidence and the positivity, kindness my god girl nailed it truly ♥️♥️
I love Turtles 🐢
I love Turtles 🐢:
I was actually smiling at this. she is genuine.
Surbhi Malhotra
Surbhi Malhotra:
Living with 14 cats myself rn, I swear this is the most relatable *73 questions* and the most engaging. I am a Libra too and I love butterflies as well. I swear she's so so pretty, angelic ♥️ her eyes are just so lovely. I mean it's un-bloody-believable how beautiful she is inside out!!
Noor Gailani
Noor Gailani:
She exudes positivity, I actually like her energy
I love her energy
i couldn't stop smiling while watching this video, i absolutely adore bella <3
Momina Bhatti Vlogs
Momina Bhatti Vlogs:
Girl with beauty , brains and bravery
"excuse me Olivia!!!......where do you think you're going you're gonna be in Vogue Baby".... That's adorable 😂
Avril Ma
Avril Ma:
Omg I love Bella so much... she genuinely seems so sweet, and she is gorgeous! <3 Also as an equestrian myself I gotta say it's pretty amazing to see one of my idols also doing my favourite sport!
Phillip Sol
Phillip Sol:
Bella's biggest success is her health and MENTAL state. 😭😭😭
Taskeen Asmal
Taskeen Asmal:
She’s got a Disney princess energy I love her
Tsering Tsering
Tsering Tsering:
The more she uses the word kind makes me love her more and how gentle she is with the horses 🙏💖💖💖💖
Elizabeth Myers
Elizabeth Myers:
her smile accentuates her beauty 1000x
She even hate getting her nails done because she prefers to do tasks like that instead of dressing up. Totally a real queen 😚💅
jennifer kim
jennifer kim:
I love her energy
Bismah Nini
Bismah Nini:
respect for Bella. peace be on her. Thank you for standing up against oppression and killing of children.
Yaldah Samadi
Yaldah Samadi:
she literally motivates me to be the best version of myself i can be. ABSOLUTE LEGEND xx
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings:
I like her smokey voice, it's soothing.
Addict Aryan
Addict Aryan:
She is a diva yet so down to earth ... Love u Bella!
Lusie Tyler
Lusie Tyler:
Mashallah what a queen such a kind genuine humble person
Ashika Khan
Ashika Khan:
"Kindness will always be in fashion" i love you bella...
alexandra buenrrostro
alexandra buenrrostro:
She’s so beautiful inside and out ❤️
The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she takes up her hair, her confidence is so hot
Annapacha Clarke
Annapacha Clarke:
The Hadid sisters have class as well as beauty, just like their Mum, something that cannot be bought 👌
She's beautiful and well spoken. I always assumed that Gigi was the favorite. Bella seems to be a staunch supporter of her mother.
monday blue
monday blue:
she gives me a positive, intelligent, beautiful and lovely lady kind of vibe, I never knew she had this different side that I didn't expect for her to have. I feel like I'm going to be a fan girl of hers awww
A A:
I don't get why people hate her. She's so sweet 💗
Chau Nghe Chau
Chau Nghe Chau:
I thought she was cold but turned out that shes pretty gentle and smiles and laugh a lot
i luv seeing her genuine happiness and excitement to see the horses
david :
During Fashion Week, I thought she was very serious and boring, but in fact she spoke so kindly to the boy as if they had been friends for a hundred years.
She seems like a genuinely nice person
I hope for those people who are constantly shading Bella will watch this and see it for themselves how beautiful, kind, and genuine she is🤧😩
i can honestly say i have never heard her voice before watching this video
Hands down Bella's voice is the most beautiful voice in the world❤️.
038_Era Sharma
038_Era Sharma:
Bella is actually way more sweet, than I thought her to be!!!!!!
Purple Cow Movement
Purple Cow Movement:
If there is perfection, she'd be it! ❤❤❤
Anastasia Sam
Anastasia Sam:
She is so cute and sweet and such a shiny person at heart and you can see how original she is
Alice Sormani
Alice Sormani:
Her voice is angelic.
sara fish
sara fish:
the part where she starts riding on the horse is a beautiful shot, with the scenery, sky and all
Miss kam
Miss kam:
This was so nice to watch 🤩
she is a REAL supermodel. she has the look of one. and you cant change my mind about it 😤
Riya Mohanlall
Riya Mohanlall:
She is so pure and genuine 😍❤️
Laura Sofia Zepeda
Laura Sofia Zepeda:
Her answers are actually not nearly as predictable as I was expecting, she surprised me in many and I love that
She seems nice, I love her voice
She’s so elegant, smart, and considerate for her age.

Q. What’s the most difficult thing in modeling industry?
A. Being respected by peers😅
It's so beautiful to watch her loving the nature and animals
I appreciate it.
Cause I'm also natute lover.
Nitya Srivastava
Nitya Srivastava:
What a cool girl! Just loved it.
M K:
I didn't see this coming, and I enjoyed it!
She carries herself with such grace and gratitude.
And when the sun hits her hair & face, she is glowing!
So graceful so drama free. Lovely ❣
Jennie’s sexy get over it
Jennie’s sexy get over it:
She’s so beautiful and omg her hair is shining so much
Prianca D
Prianca D:
She is so kind ❤️
Jacob Rod
Jacob Rod:
I'm in love with her she's so sweet ❤️
Vivi Kal
Vivi Kal:
I love how humble she is , Yolanda did a really good job raising her children
Tara-Jade Williams
Tara-Jade Williams:
This came out two years ago and ever since it did I watch it all the time....she’s my favorite model and I’m obsessed w her😫
S. Ali
S. Ali:
She's pure class
Shokz Lion
Shokz Lion:
She genuinely looks like a sweet and nice person ...
Annievickie Debby
Annievickie Debby:
The fact that she squats to feed the foals shows how humble she can be. Bella❤️
Najihah Ain
Najihah Ain:
I like her personality. She's so friendly and humble
Tosya Hun
Tosya Hun:
Bella is so down to earth and so beautiful woman
Monika Layl
Monika Layl:
How similar and appealing the Hadid sisters voices are ❤️✨
Edvando Junior
Edvando Junior:
She is amazing!
Michele Marie
Michele Marie:
The most beautiful, mature, intelligent & talented of all models working this decade.
Krabby Kat
Krabby Kat:
Wow it's the first time I've seen this woman, she's gorgeous! She's got the 90s supermodel charisma!
Lygia Custódio
Lygia Custódio:
Que mulher!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
She is really a good person good luck bella❤️
Sukra Tigga
Sukra Tigga:
She is the sweetest person ever LOVE YOU BELLA ❤❤
idk why but i really like when these people give same answers for two different questions
Jana Hudecová
Jana Hudecová:
"Is Olivia even a person? Is Olivia an emotion? Is she a place? We don't know..."

*I know... It's a GOAT!*
She is pretty and has the perfect look for a model.
Someone you may or may not know
Someone you may or may not know:
Watching this after that one video where she goes to the store to buy shoes and uses slang she would usually not use is so refreshing like I don’t know what was going on in her head That day but this is the real Bella or the closest to the real one
stevengrant ɹoʇɔǝdsɔɹɐɯ
stevengrant ɹoʇɔǝdsɔɹɐɯ:
Believe it or not this is actually the first time I heard Bella’s voice and I didn’t know what to expect but certainly wasn’t this
Nicole Anne
Nicole Anne:
I cant get over how radiant and beautiful she looks ✨😳
She looks absolutely mesmerizing on that horse, while the breeze lightly moves her hair and the sun hits the most beautiful parts of her face. I'm amazed.