73 Questions With Bella Hadid | Vogue

Bella Hadid takes Vogue along to a charming horse stable and answers 73 original questions. While Bella feeds horses and cuddles a baby goat, she talks about her modeling career and where she's at at this point in her life. Bella discusses her love of horse riding, her obsession with chocolate, and ongoing passion for photography.

Interviewed and Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young

Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino

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73 Questions With Bella Hadid | Vogue

Created By: Joe Sabia

100+ komentarze:

Could we see a behind the scenes of how you shoot these??
Nehir Yılmazer
Nehir Yılmazer:
I think the fact we all thought she was cold but actually being the sweetest ever shows how professional she is.
Jana Hudecová
Jana Hudecová:
"Is Olivia even a person? Is Olivia an emotion? Is she a place? We don't know..."

*I know... It's a GOAT!*
Elizabeth Myers
Elizabeth Myers:
her smile accentuates her beauty 1000x
Maryam Fatima
Maryam Fatima:
When she said "my boyfriend" I couldn't handle. Abel & Bella are adorable.
F Mui
F Mui:
i liked how she said her biggest success is her mental health
Chloe Samson
Chloe Samson:
The hadid sisters is so very beautiful even their voice
Alice Sormani
Alice Sormani:
Her voice is angelic.
Neeraj sharma
Neeraj sharma:
Anyone else OBSESSED with Gigi and Bella's voices? They just sound so cheerful and kind!
MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu
MyLoveForRoséIsAsStrongAsHerScalp Uwu:
There is something about her ... So royal... And so rich. And when she smiles ugh. So beautiful
It's interesting - when she says she's kind, I actually believe her. She has a genuine warmth to her
She's actually such a Libra. Always talking about kindness and love, ugh queen 👑😩
Phillip Sol
Phillip Sol:
Bella's biggest success is her health and MENTAL state. 😭😭😭
Anushka Prasad
Anushka Prasad:
Who else wants a 73 questions with the 73 questions guy
I came to love her.... After her stand against terrorist Israel.
People who love animals are always kind
Lakshita Popli
Lakshita Popli:
Fun fact- nobody ever counts if there are actually 73 questions
Monin Lim
Monin Lim:
Q: And who makes you laugh the hardest?
Bella: "My boyfriend"
Q: Who's the most beautiful person you know?
Bella "My boyfriend" 😭❤️
i can honestly say i have never heard her voice before watching this video
Alexandria Canaan
Alexandria Canaan:
I don’t understand why people attack her for being beautiful after surgery, she was gorgeous beforehand too, she just had insecurities that she had the means to fix. It’s also nobody’s business what she has had done to her own body. Some people are way too entitled.
Ameena Shehzad
Ameena Shehzad:
She's absolutely a aesthetically soothing person to watch and listen to. Probably cuz she's Real as a person ✨
Sunday Sounds ☺︎
Sunday Sounds ☺︎:
Why are bella and Gigi literally sunshine in human form?
"excuse me Olivia!!!......where do you think you're going you're gonna be in Vogue Baby".... That's adorable 😂
Shannon reilly
Shannon reilly:
I actually met her twice in NYC and she was the sweetest person ever! Made me even more of a fan at how friendly and genuine she was!
Ãdä bèllâ
Ãdä bèllâ:
Everyone is talking about her plastic surgeries so what ??? Does that make
her a bad person ??? It's her life it's her body she can do whatever she wants to just care about your body and Life
Wtf omg 1,3k likes omg I'm dead bye 😭😭😭 to all the hate comments down there i don't have time for losers
She is genuinely lovely. You can tell that she knows every one of those animals, and you can see the comfort and ease they have with her. You can't fake it with animals. She's a sweetheart.
Laura McBride
Laura McBride:
she has such an old, glamorous hollywood look and voice
Rabiya Jameel
Rabiya Jameel:
I met her in Singapore..she is the most kind hearted celebrity I've met
Sangita Runlel
Sangita Runlel:
Her body language, her face, her heights, her personality speaks everything of her being a very superb women. I always loved her.
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen:
She's so gorgeous and elegant. I can't even focus on what she's saying.
parul legmond
parul legmond:
I love her personality, her voice, accent n the energy she radiates
Rafael Serrano
Rafael Serrano:
I met her a year ago and she is so HUMBLE and the sweetest. She literally had a conversation with me in the middle of a fashion show. She IS SO GROUNDED AND NICE, i love her even more after that. We also got a selfie :)
Farouk Zawady
Farouk Zawady:
This is the most chilled, natural and most relaxed 73 questions I’ve seen. She’s so beautiful and she reminds me of her mum in the way the hold and present themselves. Nicely done !
Why is bella feeding the horses carrots so calming and relaxing to watch😂
Tubelliza, Shiena Andrea B.
Tubelliza, Shiena Andrea B.:
I love how her simple actions already reflect her kindness. Like, the way she talks, moves, and everything! She is so gentle and sweet! AND I HATE HOW I JUST DISCOVERED THIS NOW!!!

–Just want to address how she talks about mental health being her biggest success 💜
Lusie Tyler
Lusie Tyler:
Mashallah what a queen such a kind genuine humble person
Anna Louise
Anna Louise:
something about her personality is so soothing.
Addie Carter
Addie Carter:
I can’t be the only one who has never heard her speak
Hands down Bella's voice is the most beautiful voice in the world❤️.
y yg
y yg:
The hadid sisters seem like really genuinely good people, and they're gorgeous and fab. I'd be so proud if I was their mom
Bushra Ansari
Bushra Ansari:
the vintage house of horse and she wearing perfect clothes with confidence and the positivity, kindness my god girl nailed it truly ♥️♥️
Gift Essien
Gift Essien:
This is my first time of me hearing Bella speaks, she so lovely.
Nicole Jennings
Nicole Jennings:
I like her smokey voice, it's soothing.
mr. mttr
mr. mttr:
"You're an equestrian, so ride it like the champion" - Wasted Times
Sally M
Sally M:
I aspire to be like her when I grow up. She just seems so kind and she’s STUNNING
Lauren Bray
Lauren Bray:
She does have the complete opposite personality than you'd think because of the faces she makes when she's modeling or posing. Both her and her sister are really nice.
Anushka Tripathi
Anushka Tripathi:
I'm literally so much so obsessed with Bella and Gigi. Wish could meet these angels for once in my lifetime👉🏻👈🏻❤
Michelle King
Michelle King:
"homeboy's gonna like get it"
She’s so calm and serene. So sweet. I’m a big fan of her.
she looked so effortlessly beautiful when she was on the horse- couldn’t be me
Surbhi Malhotra
Surbhi Malhotra:
Living with 14 cats myself rn, I swear this is the most relatable *73 questions* and the most engaging. I am a Libra too and I love butterflies as well. I swear she's so so pretty, angelic ♥️ her eyes are just so lovely. I mean it's un-bloody-believable how beautiful she is inside out!!
Caitlin Montgomery
Caitlin Montgomery:
She has a lovely energy, I'm actually really surprised by it haha
The way she walks, the way she talks, the way she takes up her hair, her confidence is so hot
Fiaz & Maria Vlogs
Fiaz & Maria Vlogs:
Here, because of Bella’s support for Palestine 🇵🇸
Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature:
she always answers with “probably”
yea she definitely a libra
Christie L
Christie L:
Her voice is deep yet soothing and her poise shines through despite being in a rugged environment
Fran Rodríguez
Fran Rodríguez:
"You were equestrian so ride it like a champion" Abel said FACTS
she's so feminine and so much like an Empress
Airuh K
Airuh K:
This has got to be one of my fav 73 questions interview. Doesn’t feel forced 😍
She seems like a genuinely nice person
I don't use this word often, but everything about this is fabulous 😻
"My biggest success is my health and mental state right now" - loving this! Not everyone thinks of success in that way 😊😊😊
Bianca Malik
Bianca Malik:
She looks so happy around her horses. She just glows around them ❤️
yumeko jabami
yumeko jabami:
she’s the person that made me realise I like girls
Yashi Chaudhary
Yashi Chaudhary:
Interviewer: If you could switch life with anyone who it would be?
Farah Ainan Tajriyani
Farah Ainan Tajriyani:
8:31 what a perfect shot. she’s a goddess
She just gives me the energy of a brand new smooth nude lipstick
T D.I:
i love that she touches the animals and everything and runs her hands through her hair
Ashika Khan
Ashika Khan:
"Kindness will always be in fashion" i love you bella...
javier wilson
javier wilson:
she’s so beautiful omg😩 her voiceee
Selin Eren
Selin Eren:
i literally love her she’s such a sweetie
miss Anie Bananie
miss Anie Bananie:
She is so glamourous and classically beautiful in an old Hollywood way
Holly Jaymes
Holly Jaymes:
I would love to ride at Bella’s horse barn! I’m really big into horse riding so it would be an ultimate dream to be taught by Bella!
Doris Helene Ingrid
Doris Helene Ingrid:
Just watched this interview for the second time and I loved it even more than the first time <333 OMG something about her is just so sweet, nice and adorable :) She seems so humble and down-to-earth despite her mega success! But same goes for Gigi and Anwar, they all seem like really good people. Back to Bella's video: I love love that they filmed it at a horse stable bc I love horses myself too! They are like always good energy to me. I pretty much like all of her answers, she doesn't come off like the typical snobbish , entitled high fashion model. Kendall's interview for example was not very good. Bella did a way better job here! OHHH and just one last thing: How cool is it, that she loves the movie "Cruel Intentions" ? I llived for this movie when I was a teenager! Sebastian was my biggest movie character crush evvvver!!
Verónica Sanchez Vargas
Verónica Sanchez Vargas:
Who makes you laugh the hardest?
My boyfriend
Who's the most beautiful person you know?
My boyfriend...
Bro I really feel that... 🥺
She even hate getting her nails done because she prefers to do tasks like that instead of dressing up. Totally a real queen 😚💅
Nyka Jane Anub
Nyka Jane Anub:
I love her voice.❤
Avril Ma
Avril Ma:
Omg I love Bella so much... she genuinely seems so sweet, and she is gorgeous! <3 Also as an equestrian myself I gotta say it's pretty amazing to see one of my idols also doing my favourite sport!
Dillan Mistry
Dillan Mistry:
The best part is when she says her boyfriend makes her laugh the most
smaran sardar
smaran sardar:
She looks like one of those expensive cold mean girls, but is sucha sweet warm person irl. I can literally watch her all day long. I don't think anyone can understand my obsession with her. Oh how I wish I could swap places with Abel or Anwar 😩❤
Chau Nghe Chau
Chau Nghe Chau:
I thought she was cold but turned out that shes pretty gentle and smiles and laugh a lot
Tsering Tsering
Tsering Tsering:
The more she uses the word kind makes me love her more and how gentle she is with the horses 🙏💖💖💖💖
morgan 🦋
morgan 🦋:
you don’t understand i’m OBSESSED with her
Monika Layl
Monika Layl:
How similar and appealing the Hadid sisters voices are ❤️✨
Yara _____Hj
Yara _____Hj:
We love her ❤️❤️🇵🇸
Noor Gailani
Noor Gailani:
She exudes positivity, I actually like her energy
She's so beautiful.
Study World
Study World:
Didn't know whether to see her or hear her..soo mesmerized ❤️❤️❤️
I.M Keo
I.M Keo:
she really achieved that 90ies supermodel look perfectly with her surgeries.
Lakshyaman Tripathi
Lakshyaman Tripathi:
This man has the best job ever
Amanda McCants impersonation of this is extremely accurate.
Colleen Jennings
Colleen Jennings:
"- best habit?
- being kind
- worst habit?
- i guess being kind."

I just like her so much
julia tamara
julia tamara:
she’s so _expensive_ (in a good way)
Momina Bhatti Vlogs
Momina Bhatti Vlogs:
Girl with beauty , brains and bravery
best habit: "I guess being KIND"
worst habit: "I guess being KIND"...
it is soooooooo TRUEEE
Riya Mohanlall
Riya Mohanlall:
She is so pure and genuine 😍❤️
Aleyna Beyazkus
Aleyna Beyazkus:
I was so happy when she said she’s a libra course I’m a Libra toooooooo😫😫😫
Bismah Nini
Bismah Nini:
respect for Bella. peace be on her. Thank you for standing up against oppression and killing of children.