73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

Kim Kardashian West invites Vogue into her sprawling home in Hidden Hills, California, and answers 73 intriguing questions. While surrounded by her husband, Kanye West, and their three children (Saint, North and Chicago), Kim talks about motherhood, studying law, and their upcoming addition to the family.

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73 Questions With Kim Kardashian West (ft. Kanye West) | Vogue

Directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Jess Dunlap
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino

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Sebastian Joe
Sebastian Joe:
“Kanye what’s your favorite part of walking?”

Kanye: the legs
statik 亜蒸塩
statik 亜蒸塩:
"Kanye, what is your favourite thing about YouTube?"
Kanye: The videos
Sophie Ferris
Sophie Ferris:
She literally has children and her house is still pure white. How?? Like wtf
Vogue: Kanye, what’s your favorite part about the ocean?
Kanye: *the water*
Vale Verga
Vale Verga:
That house is emptier than my soul
Vogue : what is you favourite thing about your pets
Kanye: their owner
Aniket Sharma
Aniket Sharma:
Vogue : what's better than this video?
Me: the comment section.
ASIAn Geeks
ASIAn Geeks:
Guys stop making all these kanye jokes

I can’t like them all
Vogue: So when do you wake up?

Kanye: When I finish sleeping.
Destiny Voyles
Destiny Voyles:
So no one is going to talk about the fact that Kim didn’t actually FaceTime her mom?
ShyShy Bear
ShyShy Bear:
Vogue: When was the last time u cried
Kim: When I lost my diamond earring
Swiftie 13
Swiftie 13:
Interviewer : "What's the best part about sleeping?"

Kanye : "The bed"
Amna Kazi
Amna Kazi:
Vogue: So what's your favourite thing about kim?

Kanye: *her husband*
Vogue: “What do you like about Twitter?”

Kanye: “The Tweets”
number1 poopyballs
number1 poopyballs:
Vogue: “Kanye what’s your favorite thing about music?”
Kanye: “the songs”
bloo j
bloo j:
Vogue: Kanye whats the best part about breathing?
Kanye: The oxygen.
Bad vibes forever
Bad vibes forever:
Vogue: “Kanye, what’s the best part about eating”
Kanye: “The food.”
Anjali Jha
Anjali Jha:
Vogue: Kanye, what's your fav thing about your kids?

Kanye: their dad
Steve Hinga
Steve Hinga:
"what do you like about this comment section"
Kanye: the comments
Vouge: what’s your favorite thing about speaking?

Kanye: the language
chicken wing chicken wing
chicken wing chicken wing:
Vogue: Kanye what’s the best part about having a family?
Kanye: the people
RR Love02
RR Love02:
“Kanye what’s your favorite thing about marriage?”

Kanye: Kim
Happy Days
Happy Days:
*Kanye didn’t get an interview but he got one in the comment section*
Vogue: what’s the best part about dying
Kanye: death
Anjana Suresh
Anjana Suresh:

the comments: dialogue btween kanye and vogue
“What’s the favorite part about being a dad”
Kanye: the kids
Sandra Bulldog
Sandra Bulldog:
Vogue: What is your favorite part of the house?

Kanye: The Mirrors
"Kanye, What's ur favourite part of sleeping?"

"The waking up."
TheRoyal TriadVevo
TheRoyal TriadVevo:
Interviewer: kanye what's your favorite part about being alive

Kanye: living
Melissa M
Melissa M:
Most people would be more than happy to receive adidas socks and apple headphones.
Interviewer: Kanye, whats your favourite thing about your children?

Kanye: The kids.
“What do you think you’ll be remembered for?”

Kim: my many talents
NeeZ 21
NeeZ 21:
Interviewer: So what’s the best part about the video?

Kanye: the watching
King Cendley
King Cendley:
Is no one gonna talk about how Kanye's daughter is just stuffing her hands in his mouth at 3:37
Lielle Shaw
Lielle Shaw:
Kim: someone has asked me to legitimately adopt them

Guy: wow that's weird
His head: that was me...
Vogue: what do you think you’ll hope to be remembered by?

Kim: “my many talents.”
Trinity Whalen
Trinity Whalen:
kim is sooo fake its not even funny, she's soooo rich that she doesn't even act like a normal person.
Vogue: "What's your favourite thing about the Earth?"

Kanye: "Planet"
sinqobile makhathini
sinqobile makhathini:
Vogue : what's your fav thing about direction ?

Kanye: north
Mills JR
Mills JR:
Almost everyone hates on their house saying it's too cold and empty. But as a person who is struggling with anxiety, I totally understand their choice for that. I'm sure it's calming
Shanzay Bukhari
Shanzay Bukhari:
Interviewer: Kanye, what's your favourite thing about your wife?
Kanye: Her husband
Vogue: “What’s your favourite part of your Yezzy brand?”

Kanye: “The clothes”
Orhtodox Shady
Orhtodox Shady:
Interviewer: What are you the most into in life.

Kanye: Living.
May Elle
May Elle:
Kanye acts like he’s spaced out. Like a robot or on drugs
May Elle
May Elle:
Vogue: What’s your favorite thing bout your kids?

Kanye: their father.
Arthur Pownceby
Arthur Pownceby:
Kim: there's no such thing as a lazy day, I'll show you
The rest of the family: rolling on the bed
Amab Faizan
Amab Faizan:
Vouge: Kanye, What's your favourite part about ocean???
Kanye: The Water
Lesang Morele
Lesang Morele:
"Kanye what's your fav part of YouTube videos"
" The video's"
Kourtney Edwards
Kourtney Edwards:
I love how Kim is just paying attention to the Bowl So north doesn’t knock it over when she’s walking on the bed
Liberty Bee
Liberty Bee:
Mᴇ - ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴊᴏʙ
George Liddle
George Liddle:
Vogue: what’s the best part about being rich

Kanye: the money
Bts Army Directioner
Bts Army Directioner:
We want 73 questions with:
Harry Styles
Emma Watson
Jennifer Aniston
Ariana Grande
Zayn Malik
Barbara Palvin
Millie Bobby Brown
Camila Mendes
Nina Dobrev
Tom Holland
pieceoftrash okay
pieceoftrash okay:
"kanye what's the best part about being a dad?"
"The kids"
Connie Hawramy
Connie Hawramy:
VOUGE: Kanye whats the best part about being a wrapper
Kanye: my voice.
Gaeta Alexandra
Gaeta Alexandra:
I think the video "call" with her mother was actually just a video
I'm 99.9% sure
Interviewer: what’s your favorite thing to wear?
Kanye: clothes
Sonu chan
Sonu chan:
"I'll be remembered for my many talents"
What talents does she have?
Vogue: “What’s your favourite part of the house?”

Kanye: “The inside”
So Boreddd
So Boreddd:
my dream job is to be the guy who does these interviews. like no joke.
Roms Aziz
Roms Aziz:
Vogue: Kanye what’s your favourite thing about your brand Yeezy?

Kanye: the shoes
Bruce Humphrey
Bruce Humphrey:
Interviewer: Kanye, what’s the best part about being alive?
Kanye: Not being dead.
Vouge: What’s you’re favorite part about designing shoes
Kanye: The shoes
Melissa M
Melissa M:
Kim has a piano that costs the same as a luxury car and she doesn't even play it... sounds about right.
Beyza the Ninja
Beyza the Ninja:
"Kanye what's your favorite thing about books?"
Kanye: Pages
“Kanye what is your favorite thing about the floor?”.

“That it is made of floor”.
Subijoy Acharya
Subijoy Acharya:
Why does it creepily feel like a sequel of Get Out. Look at Kanye.
Sahil Lather
Sahil Lather:
Vogue: Kanye, what is your favorite thing about Kim?

Kanye: Kim
Paula Vazquez
Paula Vazquez:
interviewer: what's the best thing of being married?
kanye: not being single.
Michael Jackson Is My Dad
Michael Jackson Is My Dad:
Interviewer:what is the best thing about your parents?

Kanye:their son
Hasan Karacayir
Hasan Karacayir:
Interviewer: Kanye, what do you do in your free time?
Kanye: Being free
Maya Scott
Maya Scott:
This is confusing....She said she doesn't like being asked questions but he just came over to ask 73 questions Kimmy make some since
mi so
mi so:
No matter how mu h this house costs. I would not live there. It looks empty.
Vogue: “What’s your favourite drink?”

Kanye: “One in a cup”
Jenish Kunwar
Jenish Kunwar:
This comment section is way too hilarious. XD
Mia Vent
Mia Vent:
Kim literally pulled up a video of her mom and didn’t call her 😂
tana 10
tana 10:
Kim talking to her kids while being interviewed was a whole mood. I felt that
Adarsh Jose
Adarsh Jose:
Vogue : What's the one thing you hate about interviews ?
Kanye : the questions
rosé is the queen
rosé is the queen:
Vogue: Kanye, what’s the best thing about your fans?
Kanye: *who they stan*
Amna Ahmed
Amna Ahmed:
The way she was walking backwards without worrying about stumbling into any furniture!
I am the king 63
I am the king 63:
vogue: what do you like on Kim?

kanye: Kim.
their kids..i can tell that they are going to be all STUNNING
Hannah Nicole
Hannah Nicole:
Interviewer: What are three words people would use to describe you?
Kim: Sweet and *smart*
Interviewer: Is there a third?
Dominick Delo
Dominick Delo:
The worst 73 questions interview. Wasn’t real.
Sein Ahn
Sein Ahn:
this is
10% Interview
20% babies
70% kanye trying to eat his kid
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese:
Guy: "Whose career do you admire the most?"
Kim: "My mom's because she's fifty."
Her mom: *Is 64*
- “People describe me as sweet, kind,....”
- “Could I possibly get a pair of Yeezys?”
- “Nice try. No.”
Vouge : "What's your favourite part of your house ?"

Kayne : Blank space

Taylor : okk
Almond Milk
Almond Milk:
Their house probably costs more all my plane flights I've been on
I S H A:
Interviewer: so what do u do for a living?
Kanye: breathe
Sayali Dighe
Sayali Dighe:
Idk why but her backward walk is giving me major anxiety
I have to repeat the video bc I wasnt listening, bc I was reading comments about Kanye. OMG I can't with these comments 🤣🤣🤣 I will be back here in my bad mood 🤣
merlin hoot
merlin hoot:
that house is BEAUTIFUL, i love their interior style tbh

edit: yikes, didn’t know it was unpopular. still really like it though
Beakr Customs
Beakr Customs:
Kim: Cough on me why dont you?

Me: Laughs in corona
Emily O'Connor
Emily O'Connor:
No one:
Everyone in the comments: Kanye jokes
i can't look her in the eyes lmao she intimidates me
This video is so weird. Camera gets in your place, you have to play like you live your best life but deep inside we all know it's not the case.
tilly Dixon
tilly Dixon:
Wouldn’t the best gift hes given her be her children and not money
Jehseh Onfroy
Jehseh Onfroy:
Kanye is West and his daughter is North.
They probably hate One Direction 🤣🤣
Vogue : Kanye, how do you know kim was the one

Kanye : Cause she wasnt the second