8 Things to Do First in Red Dead Redemption 2

Here are some helpful hints and activities in the first few hours of Red Dead 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review:

The First 20 Minutes of Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay (Captured in 4K):


Red Dead Redemption 2 Graphics Comparison: Xbox One vs. Xbox One X vs. PS4 vs. PS4 Pro:

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100+ komentarze:

Joseph O’sullivan
Joseph O’sullivan:
Another little tip:
When looting houses always check the chimneys, money is often stored there
Lots of it
Take. Your. Time.
Let the main mission be, you have plenty of time
Me at about 93% completion, hmm yeah what should I do first.
Deenus 1987
Deenus 1987:
I’m 33. Been playing games since I was 5. That’s 28 years of playing games.
And this is easily top 3 best games I’ve ever played. Literally incredible. The ending made me cry man.
crunkturtle 420
crunkturtle 420:
How amazing would it be if they had a companion system. Imagine picking your own puppy and raising it to be a full blown hunting machine.
St. Wild / Rabbitflink -Wild Stephan- on Facebook
St. Wild / Rabbitflink -Wild Stephan- on Facebook:
It is still the best game I’ve played so far...(2020)
YC Raphaël
YC Raphaël:
I played it now 8 hrs and it’s 4:40 am and i should get up and go to work at 6 thx rockstar 😂
Chuck Pryde
Chuck Pryde:
Instructions not clear, burned Valentine to the ground ☹️
Im just sittin here watching it install
A1 Trap
A1 Trap:
Who else can’t believe it’s been two years oh my don’t time fly😱
who loves this game?
Meanwhile I get knocked out by a horse kick
*If you are like me and simply cannot wait these last few hours, go to sleep to fast travel to midnight.*
They actually show him skinning his kills?! THIS IS THE BEST THE BEST GAME EVER
Horror Central
Horror Central:
Quick Extra Thing To Do: Go on a spending spree at the end of the game and then try and get back to your cash value from nothing it’s fun
Console Gamers: have fun playing RDR2 at 0 fps.
PC Gamer: Guess what...
Devin Lomeo
Devin Lomeo:
Here's a real tip, all of the items and places he is talking about going to immediately come up organically while playing through quests and chapters. No need to go after them asap to enjoy the game
Dank Boi
Dank Boi:
I had to delete Spider-Man and black ops 4 for this... I have no regrets
Vincent Singh
Vincent Singh:
Burned town is southwest of horseshoe not southeast
Shakib Ishfaq
Shakib Ishfaq:
I bought this on release, couldn't wait to play it. Yet, I had to wait for a year, whilst studying for my Masters. I'm fully immersed a year later, what a game!
David Dickinson 420
David Dickinson 420:
I found a cabin in the swamp and now I know where the term “walk like John Wayne” comes from 😖
alex x
alex x:
another tip: you’re going to become addicted this is easily one of the best games i’ve ever played !!
I just started replaying the game after an entire year.. forgot everything about It lol and this shows up on my recommendation
Maniacal Orange18
Maniacal Orange18:
I love hunting in this game in the night. Hunting people to be specific. It was fun tbh using the bow and arrow 😂
2:30 Limpany is southWEST of Horseshoe Overlook
Shawn Decker
Shawn Decker:
"Acquiring a faithful steed"
*Paints a tree with an innocent dudes brains to get one*
Tom Knott
Tom Knott:
Imagine being at the Rockstar meeting at the beginning when someone said -
*"Ok folks, let's make a list of features we wanna put in the game..."*
They're probably _still_ writing it now!!
Jess Corletto
Jess Corletto:
This is my type of game: one that I can't finish in a few bloody days!!!!
It’s been awhile since we’ve had a truly amazing game dedicated to immersion and the story. Worth every penny
Anyone who isn't playing RDR2 yet?
JMD Nelson
JMD Nelson:
Seriously, thanks for this vid!! It really does help out a lot. Gives you a leg up in a harsh, but fun open-world!!
Anyone else feeing “sick” tomorrow? ;)
Thank you for telling us how to get the guns I was stuck on that haha
Daniel El Kadi
Daniel El Kadi:
Amazing tips. Thanks IGN! You’re the best
Eddy From Tx
Eddy From Tx:
Thank you so much I just started the game and I am currently in chapter 2
Asmr BagelCheese
Asmr BagelCheese:
Lol I never even got passed the first tutorial mission, because all my friends wanted me to do red dead online.
The Elusive Man
The Elusive Man:
It’s just simply perfection.
Val Halla
Val Halla:
Absolutely amazing game. One of my favorites for suee.
The only thing that bugged me was how Arthur’s accent sounded so fake and ‘cartoon like’. I guess that happens when you hire an Irish voice actor to do a southern accent. Were they aiming for sounding like Yosemite Sam?
Exotic Gaming
Exotic Gaming:
Omg I can’t wait but the download!!!!!! (92 GB) 😮
Thank you ign I subscribed just for telling me these tips and getting me a gold bar
Jaylon Jackson
Jaylon Jackson:
Game downloads:welp time to walk into the open!!
(Horse dies)
Me:ok let me look at a tip video for this game
im so happy im getting this delivered to my house soon loved the first game😍😍
Nate Mac 89
Nate Mac 89:
The first person view is amazing in this game!
Hecking! CHONK
Hecking! CHONK:
the little train pun maid me laugh!
Nate Mills
Nate Mills:
What's your background music for the video, it's great?!
captain caveman
captain caveman:
Every body!!! "YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM..."
Whole world playing RDR2 already: 😁😂😀😄😊😎😁😅😂😎😀😄
Me still waiting: 🤠
Fcgg Fgbb
Fcgg Fgbb:
i brought (preordered) this on oct 12 now 2 days before shipp walmart emails me i need to update my payment method WTF does that mean
Lawless Xing
Lawless Xing:
Things you must do first, immerge yourself. 🍻
Big Daddy
Big Daddy:
Thanks for the tips, just finished chapter one last night and will definitely use this video to help me get a head start 😉
harry twatter
harry twatter:
1: access fast travel.
IGN: 10/10 🔥
Whole World: 10/10 🤠
Pc Gamers: 1/10 👺
Rockstar is awesome John & Arthur
Rockstar is awesome John & Arthur:
So excited I just got the game waiting on it to download then I’ll be playing it after that
Garrett Saulnier
Garrett Saulnier:
This game is just so overwhelming I love it.
“Just to the south-east”, been all the way and cant find it!
Freaty the Dreary
Freaty the Dreary:
The feel when I’m studying abroad and my ps4 is back at home :/
Maddix Roberts
Maddix Roberts:
HOLY COW! The details are insane! The animal skinning, the snow effects, horse effects, gunplay! They detailed EVERYTHING!
I can't wait to get this game, I ordered it but the stock ran out!!
The town is South West ;)
Eoghan Hoban
Eoghan Hoban:
This is what to do
First: look up a guide to unlocking the legend of the east satchel it will take a while and a bit of money but it will allow you to hold 99 of most items such as fishing bait and tonics.

Second:go to lemoyne and find some gators they give 4 big game meat which fills all cores to the max and you can season them to give golden rings

Third: now that you have the satchel you can hold 99 big game meat and also 99 hay for your horse so now you should always have full cores.

Fourth: unlock the fence and the off hand holster look up treasure map guides and follow them to get a few thousand dollars then get 2 cattleman revolvers as they are the best revolvers in the game once fully upgraded.

Fifth: go to lake Isabella and tame the rare white Arabian horse it is a great horse early on and very fast but is quite skittish if you don’t like it just above big valley there is a small plains once there you will see a fully black through bred it is also a great horse once fully bonded.

Six: enjoy the game

Hope this helps
Jason Morel
Jason Morel:
Day 2 of playing, I haven't slept in along time. Food is scarce in my room and the hole I cut into my chair as a toilet is now full send help.........
Joe Garrett
Joe Garrett:
Why can't I use my fishing pole all of the sudden when I've already caught legendary fish?
already playing it!! this game is awesome :)
Thank goodness the game install didnt take hours! Played some Spidey for about 30 minutes and it finished its download.
I sware, the voice actor who does Arthur sounds like mator form cars.
Four Twenty
Four Twenty:
I'm glad I made that decision to install a 2Tb storage drive. I can't wait for the countdown to reach 00:00!
dolapo plays
dolapo plays:
Thank you so much for these tips am going to play the game today thank you for advice
Mr . Billson
Mr . Billson:
Watching here and in love with the replay button for 12 hours until my game is done
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia:
Been playing for about a week... and just realized there’s a fast travel.......
First Last
First Last:
This game is smashing expectations and I’m glad- Rockstar earned it by putting time and care and most of all a STORY into their games.. what was it Activision said “people don’t want a single player campaign?” Yh keep telling yourself that when Rockstar is burning piles of cash that they don’t need infront of you 😂😂
Anavarz Au
Anavarz Au:
Go around killing every single person you come into contact with, I wanna be the last person standing in this game battle royal for life
Thanks bro, my birthday is on the 17 and I might get it. Tysm
Just the right amount of info, thanks!
Umut70 Gaming & Chugs
Umut70 Gaming & Chugs:
My game comes on 31th. Cant wait to turn of life for few weeks.
Andy Dominguez
Andy Dominguez:
It made me feel like spiderman 10/10
UghhhHhHh I'm so excited. I used my sick days when Spider-Man came out so i have to wait till tm afternoon but at least it's Friday 😊😊
We literally playing as joel from the last of us lol, he do resemble joel
First thing to do for me : wait for the pc version...
Just finished installing! Yaya!
Alove Kok
Alove Kok:
I haven't watch the video yet, but I'm expecting a "go to a snow area to watch horse nuts shrink".
I just started playing and I was so overwhelmed once the world showed up that I just sat in a chair and looked up videos like this on what to get started on lol.
I sold like 5 of my games for this beauty
saurav raj Singh
saurav raj Singh:
All you had to do, was catch the damn train Arthur!!
Thanks. This is actually usefull.
Ricardo Blenniez
Ricardo Blenniez:
Nathan Gurule
Nathan Gurule:
When is your wiki going to be updated I want to know how it ends
Mico Berta
Mico Berta:
I'm the type of player to explore the map by foot!
james dean
james dean:
First thing you do when you can is the treasure maps.
Jack Jonathanson
Jack Jonathanson:
You said WOW 12 times, so i feel like we won :D
Jesse Asner
Jesse Asner:
I don't know why but Simon Pearson always reminded me of the "too many cooks" guy.
First, sit back and wait as the 100GB install file takes its time
Space Cowboy 45
Space Cowboy 45:
Love this game. Can't wait for multi-player
Luiz Melendez Gaming
Luiz Melendez Gaming:
1) Red bull ready ✔
2) feeling sick already for tommorow work call ✔
3) Dualshock 4 fully charged ✔
4) phone on silence
& 5) just waiting for the digital countdown to reach 0:00..

Edit: Yeehaw the wait is finally over! enjoy one of the most anticipated game of this generation!
Sorry AC Oddyssey i didnt finish you on time.. enjoy my fellows outlaws! 💪🏼🐎🤠
smelly shwolzy
smelly shwolzy:
it's such a vibe sitting by the fire when u unlock chapter 2, sleep till the night and sit by the fire whilst uncle plays his guitar, such a vibe
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
yeah, really helpful. Spoiler alert fellers!!
Opens wallet: cries :(
*guess ill just watch youtube videos about it*
Eric Kuykendall
Eric Kuykendall:
I got the venom out from last guy. Then later he let me get a weapon of my choice on him. I then killed him with that weapon
anyone sitting with the ps4 home screen on just looking at the clock under the RDR2 logo?
g k
g k:
Need to know where that sheriff's office is. I went east and didn't see the town. How do you spell it?