8 Tips And Tricks To Survive Frostpunk | Beginner's Guide

Frostpunk has taken PC by storm - it just happens to be a brutal snowstorm. Our tips and tricks will guide you through the early hours of the game, picking out the best laws, upgrades and buildings to increase your chances of survival.

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Of course, there is no single solution to Frostpunk. So please do share your best tips and tricks in the comments below. And if your found our Frostpunk guide useful, why not subscribe to the channel for more like this in the future. If we survive the cold long enough for there to be a future.

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Alex Lacroix
Alex Lacroix:
First of all, never build workshops in the inner ring, or even the first four rings. They have good insulation and can last the first week or more even without heaters before people really start getting ill in them.

Second, Its a bit more effective to build gathering huts first because they start out comfortable and make people harvest faster. After you have the wood, build a medical post, then tents. This combo slows down science slightly but it helps keep people from getting sick, which can hurt everything else a lot more, particularly if you end up with gravelly ill.

Third, partition out the entire first 4 rings for homes. Placing 4-5 steam hubs with maxed out range on the 4th ring will heat all homes in the center, and a fair bit of stuff outside of the 4th ring. Its also way more effective because 4 steam hubs cost as much coal as the generator at max range, but cover more area and do it more efficiently.

Third and a half, NEVER use the generator range upgrades. Steam hubs are better in range and cost.

Third and three quarters, having all the homes center like this works well for making sure watch towers and churches are most effective.

Fourth, always get corpse pit and then organ transplantation. Sure deaths might cost more hope, but if you do it right you won`t have to worry about deaths. Also you doctors can transplant hearts form snowmen if you can keep everyone alive, so its always a flat +20%

Fifth, use extended shift as much as discontent will allow. It is a 40% resource increase.

And thats all the tips I have for you.
Brian James
Brian James:
I'm a bit concerned that the person giving me advise has a city full of starving, freezing people and the hope meter is red-lining.
W Irtz
W Irtz:
Tip: use the ill as scouts, a genius idea.
Donovan Gould
Donovan Gould:
I played at least four times, all ended with me banished.
To avoid a nasty increase of discontent when prolonging working hours first dismiss your workers, increase hours and then rehire people->
Sailor Prisma
Sailor Prisma:
This game is so hard. I'm kind of sad because I actually like this game but I feel very stupid playing it, but this helped a bunccchhh. Thank you.
J Murphy Park
J Murphy Park:
Is there a beginner’s guide for this beginner’s guide?

-an overwhelmed noob
Don Cordeleon
Don Cordeleon:
You can actually save before entering the Tesla City and load the game till you succeed. The death is not guaranteed.
Damn I haven't lost due to discontent so I didn't know that cutscene exists where they boil you. Damn, that's chilling. Not a pun.
We need a FrostPunk TV series now!!!
Local Gamer
Local Gamer:
one huge tip for scouts is to always send them to scouted locations after they reach your city because it halves the travel time
Also, go for child labour. Child labour is a game saver. I can't count how many times children saved me. It's worth it. It really is.
0:42 Start Research Early
1:39 Get Your Resources Moving
2:36 The Shameful Hunting Trick (current bug exploit: move workers after their shift to the hunters hut (which hunts during night and normally nobody gets sick)
3:26 Useful Early Laws (basically Med and Shelter and Emergency Shift, but with Extended Shift because it agrees better with the people)
4:45 Make Use Of Steam Hubs (don't forget to sync heating with the working hours)
6:05 Scouting Parties (personally, you just need to scout ALL THE TIME with AS MANY AS POSSIBLE)
7:00 Outposts (not easy and expensive)
8:26 Automatons (basically the reason, why you even go scouting)

Personally, I enjoyed your explanations and all. But a word of advice for all players: It is a LOT of fun, to go on and experience all that stuff on your own :) It is a lot more intuitive than you think, especially when you started on growing on your colony :b Just try to do multitasking with daily business, research and scouting - don't waste time with not passing laws or not using all of your scouts. Especially because you can stop and go the timer it should be possible for you!
Yuki Terumi
Yuki Terumi:
Why the scientist need to research picking things up faster? That question has given me many a sleepless nights.
Tony Jenkins
Tony Jenkins:
Brilliant, thank you. I've been really struggling getting beyond about 10 days.
Justin Fontaine
Justin Fontaine:
The thing I like about Frostpunk is that even without following the tips (for example I realized it too late and instead having homes on the inner ring, I have homes on a section of the ring extended out to 5th and 6th ring), you can probably still finish the game with your own design
the faster gathering i guess could be considered as simply an abstraction of the workers having more efficient tools to pick up and travel with their collected ore or other goods like wagons and such, it does cost wood or something
I don't even own the game, yet here I am watching tips 'n tricks.
Usually i prefer to build workshops in the second or even third ring, since workshops already have 2 insulation, so I can keep building houses as near as possible to the generator. Also, i'm not sure about this, but i think heaters for workplaces are more efficient than building a steam hub in the middle of two or three buildings (for exemple a coal thumper and two gathering posts).
A Barnes
A Barnes:
This was just the video I needed, like your sense of humour too! Thank you for your help :)
where do you even change difficulty?
Silent Woodfire
Silent Woodfire:
I keep getting knocked out of the game by the MASSIVE hope loss when that friggen survivor comes to my city
Soviet Red
Soviet Red:
I love how a forman has to yell at a robot😂
T Mo
T Mo:
You’re one video absolutely helped me out, I went from loss after loss to having all bunk houses, wall drills, food, steel factories, everything and hope. Thank you so much
You can always save yourself some coal at the start by keeping the generator off during the day if temp is -20
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams:
This game drives me NUTS but I can't stop playing it lol
Honestly, I've always failed to discontent whenever I chose order so it's standard procedure to choose Faith
"Dictators never win" history says that too
0LifeTRUE0 - KFP Aspirant
0LifeTRUE0 - KFP Aspirant:
Love the commentary, love the tips. Thanks!
legit best tips video on frost punk ive seen, really changed my way of tackling frostpunk! #cheers!
Kevin London
Kevin London:
I’ve never found an outpost and I’m currently at 150 days…
Chicken Rump
Chicken Rump:
New player here! REALLY struggling with food! :(
Thanks for this video, I keep running out of coal and all my people end up freezing to death, hopefully with some of these tips I can do better.
Don’t build the workshops on the inner circle. You will find 2 workshops fit nicely behind the stock pile. And research the 2nd tear to get to bunkhouses asap. You can have bunkhouses on the first day if you do this. Use emergency shift over height if you messed it up.
Just a Bloke posting fun vids
Just a Bloke posting fun vids:
This really helped thank u my first save battered me lol
Alexandre Jouan
Alexandre Jouan:
Lost me at workshop and production building in inner rings...
Demetrios Mustakas Jr.
Demetrios Mustakas Jr.:
"Tents need 24 hour warmth" .. well if you could just do the reverse 12 hours of the work shift you could save a bunch of coal each day. If you try to micro it you will probably miss it one night and set yourself up for problems.
Johny Relax
Johny Relax:
great vid im looking for ways to beat survival :)
Nice tips, thank you very much, very useful <3
Marshall Gears
Marshall Gears:
I've crossed line. Its still worth it though, 616 people live.
Baker street gaming
Baker street gaming:
I had done everything in the rings never thought about branching out
I always built my city in loops first layer is just outside the gen vecuase thats where I put all my medical tents and cook house am I doing that all wrong?
Wolf Wood
Wolf Wood:
is it really effective to use two workshops???
Isadora Menk
Isadora Menk:
Loved the tip about using the same works for hunting. I'm ate day 36 and got plenty of works to spare, but next city I'll definitely do that.
William Wiese
William Wiese:
This game looks really good. Great video
I failed 6 hours before storm end pff
XTopia XTopia
XTopia XTopia:
Just learnt the other day that you can use the middle mouse button to rotate the workshop. Gives you some more options on building placement. I did not know about the automation being able to research. I may change my strat so early game have the workshop on ring two due to insulation better. Late game move them out and rotate them and put an automate them. Replace the workshop with a tent/house etc to max houses near the center. I find putting as many tents/houses as closer to the center works best. I generally will upgrade the outer ones since they are colder. The ones in the middle can wait. If they get to cold on the outer rings will deploy a steam hub around ring 3. This will heat the cold homes and I will expand housing around the steam hub.
Matt D
Matt D:
Another great video Matthew, thanks!
Ethan Gatenby
Ethan Gatenby:
How to start off the game on the right foot:

Screw coal, build a workshop
Paul A.
Paul A.:
2021 Here !!!
Finished the game and after finishing the game now i watch tips and tricks I'm crazy i know.
thanks for the tips very clever.
Goran Svraka
Goran Svraka:
Made notes on your tips!
First video I watched of yours. Your very detailed point and addition of comedy made it for me.
Thanks, seems what I've been looking for.
Because the game doesn't bother at least giving a guess what to do.
Guess I can live with that.
chizheng yew
chizheng yew:
Using steam hubs like this you will never go through hard modes
I have an endless save where there is 74000 coal and my people can survive the coldest weather without the generator running.
great video cheers bro!
Research everything as soon as it's available. Got it
m madrid
m madrid:
Dont rush going full Stalin
Cameron Pavelic
Cameron Pavelic:
These are some * *remove shades* * frosty tips
Conta Minated
Conta Minated:
During the first game I had no idea what I was doing and everyone died in no time. During the second game I followed the tutorial and filled in the gaps with my intuition. People started dying anyway, so I guess that’s the right way to play the game. Then I watched only 2 minutes of this video and realized I did literally everything wrong. Why didn’t they tell me this stuff in the tutorial?
Hey, those are great tips. Though 2\3 I figured myself during Hard Playthrough. You should do tips for Hard difficulty.
Nathan Mcloughney
Nathan Mcloughney:
I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one forcing 24hr work across 2 jobs on my people haha 😂
Razro Orion
Razro Orion:
I won my introduction game as a Dictator. All the shabang. Watchtowers, Guardtowers, Prison, Propaganda Center. Pretty easy to keep the crowd under wraps. At least on Mid dificulty. :D
Curcă Cristian
Curcă Cristian:
EGS' promotion got me here wondering how to overcome this delightful game. I'm a big fan of This War of Mine, and FrostPunk was eternally on my wishlist since I could never muster the money to buy it. Now here I am. Onwards I go to new ways to fail!
Thank you for the tips
for me this is by far the best strategy game since aoe3, no other game got me hooked on micro management like this game, its def a challenge, i just started but its super good, cant believe i didnt try this game when it came out.
Took me 2 atempts to survive the big storm, it was so cathartic and satisfiying until the ending video sequence started playing. I love this game
Air Moon
Air Moon:
I didn’t even know they had robots lol I’ve made it to 28 days & stopped but I’ve also just started playing on console..
Troy Brice
Troy Brice:
Thanks man I was making some silly mistakes early game. I think this will help.
Fernando Lessa
Fernando Lessa:
i've manage to reach the severe frost storm, fail miserably at 45th day, no coal and all buildings freezing even at short distances from the generator, temeratures of -120º
i keep getting stuck at the part where the Londoners lose their minds and make my hope tank then i inevitably fail
c clayton
c clayton:
very helpful , thanks
They still need to fix outposts. they stop sending resources after a bit for literally no reason
Diablo Santo
Diablo Santo:
If we are talking about survival mode, keep in mind that children assisting with research is very useful in early game compared to having little med assistance, the research can possibilities are limited unlike the constant flow of ill that will only increase in time.
i controlled my city in a brutal dictatorship i had 8 guard towers and controlled everyone with an iron fist qwelling any rebellion with force i had a total of 100 dead yea it was one of my first attempts at maintaining my power sacrificing food and medicine for control
My biggest regret is to destroy automatons for couple of resources. I just found the giant robot and don't know what to do with, so I just destory it for parts.

Also I almost failed the game until I pick religion path. It was a close one, and the other group decided to join me instead of londoners. It was 58 earlier until it go down to 51.
Rath Burn
Rath Burn:
Anyone have an idea when the PS4 release date is?
Taylor Sharron
Taylor Sharron:
My mission is secure food secure a raw food supply build a hunters hut or hothouse second build a cookhouse and start preparing meals
Boonyawat khammeesakdi
Boonyawat khammeesakdi:
play for about 14 hours,only 10 hours (In game) ahead to pass the storm then suddenly getting boiled by the angry people
yeah good bye my 14 hours, im pretty mad about it
You know for a game about cold this game has no chill
you can build 2 workshops 0_0
Ashton Pfotenhauer
Ashton Pfotenhauer:
The hunters to workers strategy doesn't work anymore due to the hunters exhaustion, it'll just say workers are resting after hunt
Has the hunters exploit been patched now? I have the console edtion (ps4)
Cartoonishly Inept
Cartoonishly Inept:
Hold on a sec! That generator gives off enough thermal energy to melt snow over 100 feet away in every direction in -60 degree weather, but it doesn't even give the people beside it a sun tan?
Be me. Try to use triage when literally everyone in my camp is sick. Didn't stack enough coal or food for beginning of blizzard. 1 scout team with precious resources got caught in blizzard. Can't use triage. Medical tents are frozen over. 10/10

Also, faith route seemed to work best for me. I would rather be feared and loved.
hannie stories
hannie stories:
How do you get heat powerlines things?
This game is fun but my results with it have been terrible. Your video helped me get further but still ended badly and I once again got banished. It's too easy to get discontent and closer to impossible to raise hope.
Coen van Haaster
Coen van Haaster:
Well, they patched the Hunter’s Hut trick. Now the workers there have to rest during the day and cannot do any further work for quite some time outside of hunting. One other trick you can do with Outposts, is that when you’ve received the daily delivery of whatever resource you’re waiting for, pack up and then immediately rebuild the outpost team at the location, it then sends a new resource delivery your way immediately.
Karakh Mul
Karakh Mul:
Faster gathering is a thing in the real world. Actualy there was a study on this by Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Lilian Moller Gilbreth - time and motion study.
Jer Chen
Jer Chen:
If only they can maintain heat better, such as building underground facilities.
Lizi Zhu
Lizi Zhu:
I have 20/20 vision, playing it on a 17' monitor. Can't see the words well. Such BS. Anyone knows how to increase the font size? Thank you!
"I'm nothing if not an efficient fascist." - instant like for that XD

Oh btw, you do NOT need steam hubs on during the day to heat homes unless there are people living in them and not working - otherwise they will we at their jobs during work hours so you can save on coal.

I also recommend spending the first steam core on either the wall drill or hot house depending on your situation - just one Hot House is ridiculously efficient for providing raw food.

EDIT: Oh and automaton engineering also allows you to have one working at a factory - hello Skynet!

It actually does help since they can take a long time to produce.
Korcan Atalay
Korcan Atalay:
People be like: You should build the workshop on the 4th ring until the 3rd week since it has two layers of isolation etc..
Jeroen W
Jeroen W:
I managed to get to day 40 or so, but the cold weather is killing my people. Hope and discontent is no problem at all, food is under control, just the cold. I think those steam hubs will be a good solution as I didn't build a single one XD I thought they used too much coal.
Zenitsu Agatsuma
Zenitsu Agatsuma:
This may sound stupid but in the morning turn off the generator while you gather coal to avoid burning thru coal.
Goran Svraka
Goran Svraka:
Just got banished twice..,.

I don't get it with steam hubs.... they only melt the.snow on the ground but the temperature in the living quarters doesn't change...what's the deal?

I.also ran out of coal and had higher consumption than production.
So basically just rush the tesla outpost and mass automatons? Gotcha
my first game is a mess only1 workshop and whole lot of resource tech only mid level heat tech fuk ton of sick people and only 1 automaton from quest . get banish at -140 lol
faster gathering research is normal even our real world scientist do that...
regarding the hunting trick/cheat...I say, if the game has left it open, use it, don't feel guilty. Reason being, the game is naturally harsh on you (depending on the mode) and I think its fair game to take what you can. If you really roleplay the idea that THIS IS IS CLOSE TO THE END OF HUMANITY, someone is going to have to work 24/7 at some point? we are talking about extinction here people