A new 1 euro home community to discover Cinquefrondi Calabria

It was announced today that a new community in Calabria will be joining the ranks of 1 euro home providers. Cinquefrondi is located in the center of Calabria otherwise known as the toe of the boot and stand at the half way point between both coasts. Perhaps a little bit forgotten they are hoping to boost tourism and community growth with the 1 euro home program.

I am excited for this and will be sharing details on the plans I'm making for a 1 euro home tour in the coming weeks.

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Regina Polo
Regina Polo:
That looks like a good area. I might change my mind about the Latina province.
Silvie D
Silvie D:
I am learning and also enjoying these videos. Like the tours your giving. Is there a chance you are going to post a property you fixed ? How it looked at the start, how much you spent etc. That would be great to see.
Francine Moloney
Francine Moloney:
Hey Dave I'm so frustrated. It's Francesca. You can't see anything with the real estate in Italy. I'm going crazy. Is it me?
ya no
ya no:
Hello! Love your videos. I would love to purchase one of these homes, (whether 1€ or superior) but of course all the information is conflicing and overwhelming. Any advice? Thanks!!
Alana !
Alana !:
Very informative video, thank you! Does anyone have info about how to purchase one of these homes? I used an email addy I found at the bottom of one of the articles but it didn't work.
Andres Soto
Andres Soto:
I tried reaching out to the representative via email which was on the CNN article. The email bounced back multiple times on me. Do you have the contacts?
Karin Kissinger
Karin Kissinger:
Yay I finally got to watch the whole video! I love your videos and your commentary you have the most positive outlook on life. And may I just say you have the most beautiful little family! Would you happen to know a website that would help me look for long term rental properties? I unfortunately will only be retiring on social security benefits and will never be able to afford to purchase a property.
Hustle Buddies Official
Hustle Buddies Official:
Where do I get actual information about specific properties?

Are there "listings" for them or is it entirely done in person?
Ryo Domingo
Ryo Domingo:
Hi! This is my first video I have watched of yours and I have a question. I apologize if you’ve answered already. If I move to Italy with little to no knowledge of Italian, would I be able to get by? I’m learning still :)
CLX Lai:
Hi davo, thanks for sharing from Singapore. I love buy one, how could I contact you?
Kierney Winkleman
Kierney Winkleman:
Hello! This is the first time I have seen one of your videos, you have really nice energy. :) I am genuinely interested in buying one of these houses, but I don't know the best way to get in contact. I used the email listed in the CNN article, but I can't seem to find the city's website that you showed in your video. Could you please post the website link, or any other contact info you might have?
Super Savvy Travelers, LLC
Super Savvy Travelers, LLC:
Thank you Dauvo! We so appreciate you helping us debunk the rumors! And thank you for the boost! can't wait for Saturday!
Fire 2020
Fire 2020:
Hi there! Thank you for your informative videos. Someone sent me the link to the Cinquefrondi €1 homes project about a week ago, and I am trying to do some research into this with a view to using this as a combination of a holiday home and an AIRBNB property. Could you please tell me when you expect to visit Cinquefrondi, and how I can keep up to date with your experience there? I have sent an email to the commune with a couple of questions, on which I await a response. If you could ask whether these homes can be placed on AIRBNB it would be very helpful. Thank you, Lara
James Ingram
James Ingram:
Hi! Looking for property in Sicily or southern Italy to retire. You've been great help!
Rosalie Galasso
Rosalie Galasso:
Think of staying in Tropea, we had a vacation set for this year that we had to cancel. We wanted to stay in Tropea and look around for potential retirement homes for us. I am excited for your upcoming videos!!
Nick Who?
Nick Who?:
Hi DauvO, I have subscribed and watched a few videos so far. My dad was from a commune near Cinquefrondi. When I went, I flew from Rome to Reggio. A channel called Italian Citizen Assistance (cohosted by an Italian lawyer) has a video on buying property in Italy. Cinquefrondi is about a half hour drive from either coast.
Thanks so much for the videos! I will be contacting you soon for some more information. Is your Facebook the best way or some other place?
James Ingram
James Ingram:
Dave, I will be asking for help soon. My partner and I are just now deciding to leave the US since we both have elderly family members. I really like the area around Cefalu and Castlebuono. Catania would be high on the list as well. As much as I would love to see this area, what I know about Calabria it isn't the best place for gay guys to settle. Taromina, Cefalu', Catania, might be more gay friendly.
Karin Kissinger
Karin Kissinger:
I follow a lady named Chris she's from San Jose, California. She has a channel called super savvy travelers, LLC. She has purchased property in Calabria and promotes other properties that need repair.
Southern Gal
Southern Gal:
You did a great job! Very humble and informative = trustworthy.
Chris Heckmann
Chris Heckmann:
We are possibly considering this but wondering (if you might know) if these local governments offer any sort of residency status if you buy and fix up one of these homes? It's nice that I can buy a house in Italy but what if I actually want to live there for longer than my travel visa allows? And since you've seen these houses in other Italian towns do you think the 10-20k estimate for renovation costs is accurate? It just sounds low.
Rod Okorley
Rod Okorley:
Hi I am interested in this, but how/who do you contact to begin this process? (I probably added this comment prematurely as I haven't finished watching the video entirely yet LOL)
Regina Polo
Regina Polo:
My primary concern is good veterinarian care for my babies, and Chris had a video where the local vet did house calls!!!
Hello! Just seeing your video! Thanks for sharing. Do you have any websites you can share?
Yogie from Chi
Yogie from Chi:
Thank you sooo much for your time and information. Is there anymore information on Bisaccia?
Regina Polo
Regina Polo:
The best way to get there is to take the train to Caserta(outside Naples) and rent a car. There is a very large Naval base there and easy access to rental car agencies
Nomi Vat
Nomi Vat:
dude...can I come with you :)
Cookie Lolz
Cookie Lolz:
Do we need to get citìzenship first?
Charlie Barker
Charlie Barker:
I was reading today that population was around 7000 ?
Toni Hardy
Toni Hardy:
I filled out the application a few days ago . Supposed to schedule a visit to tour properties after Covid
Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal:
Hi, I am interested in buying, but can a foreigner buy?
Mark Bruzzese
Mark Bruzzese:
Im from Melbourne, Australia but have quite a lot of family in Cinquefrondi, am trying to access the link to email the Comune, but seems to not work, anyone else have these issues via email ?
Benn Brown
Benn Brown:
Anyone know where you get involved?
Super Savvy Travelers, LLC
Super Savvy Travelers, LLC:
You can fly into Lemezia Terme and get a rental car. You can also fly into Naples and get a car there and drive down. Not sure how that is right now with the COVID thing but we have flown into Lemezia Terme before.
Cynthia Fisher
Cynthia Fisher:
Thank you so much.
Marilyn Steinbach
Marilyn Steinbach:
Can you get a work visa or permission to stay year round? Canadians are only allowed 3 months at a time
Peter Sosa
Peter Sosa:
Awesome video! Thanks for all the info!
Marilyn Steinbach
Marilyn Steinbach:
Is thereva train station in the village?
Rob Bates
Rob Bates:
I recommend Madrid and Granada over Barcelona.
Barcelona is a party town, and since I'm not a big partier, it wasn't as interesting as the other cities to me.
Though the beaches in Barcelona are pretty nice.
Charlie Barker
Charlie Barker:
Thank you for sharing-Charlie
arturo rufolo
arturo rufolo:
no iam originally fron salerno province now i live in canada
Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews:
Oh it's the waffle channel.
Detroit 2.0 lol
Ciao! From USA
Natasha nmnm
Natasha nmnm:
How do we purchase??
Mari Zanzi
Mari Zanzi:
Ohh yes you can buy an old house or section of it but then you have to deal with government corruptions and organized crimes! Better touch, visit and run !!! The south of Italy does not want to get out if it’s secular under development!
Antonio 10
Antonio 10:
Si bravo. Case vecchie e messe male, in paesini abbandonati in mezzo al niente in una regione che l'unica cosa che offre è il mare...solo che sei in mezzo all'Aspromonte e il mare lo raggiungi in 50 min./1h. Alla fine il tutto ti costa almeno 15.000/20.000 euro per avere una casa di merda che non vogliono nemmeno gli ultimi di Italia 🤦🏻‍♂️
Rm Emmaüs
Rm Emmaüs:
Hi, is it possible you think, to just hop on a plane and go to Cinquefrondi and ask them to look to the properties?
Maria Pia Zangari
Maria Pia Zangari:
I'm from Cinquefrondi! It is not a ghost town, it is just small :) the population is about 6,500 people, and if you rent a car, I can assure you Calabria is one of the best regions for the holidays! You can choose to spend your time at the beach or in the mountains (they are both close to Cinquefrondi) , eating the fresh vegetables and fruits (because you know, in Italy we have the yummiest food), and watching the most gorgeous landscapes! I I will wait for you
Filbert V
Filbert V:
If you need to convert from Celsius to fahrenheit for us Americans, just double the temp and add 30. For example, 25C, would be around 80F. 25X2+30. It's not perfect, but super easy!
arturo rufolo
arturo rufolo:
calabria is full of mafia
Dave DelBen
Dave DelBen:
I am curious if you can own it , repair it and put it on AirBnB
arturo rufolo
arturo rufolo:
I'm an Indian please tell me how can I purchase the home any process or online auction?
Really really disjointed video from start to end with very very little formidable information. A dud.