A New Home! - Let's Play Frostpunk HARD - Ep.1

We're starting a brand new Let's Play for Frostpunk - We're playing on HARD and following the Story as we prepare for the Great Blizzard. I'll be guiding you through the gameplay, and taking care of my Patrons! THE CITY MUST SURVIVE!
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This Let's Play will continue on my new Let's Play channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxb8STz7WB3Q1b8uM2k2jpg
Uploads will be every 2 days! - Thank you to my Patrons who have made this playthrough so much more fun!
Also, I realise at the end, the Cookhouse was turned off! My bad!
Princess Luna
Princess Luna:
They went north because that's where large amounts of coal were said to be.
Nogard Gaming
Nogard Gaming:
Love that beginning cinematic. They did such a good job with the music and the voice. I get chills every time i watch it.
m15 K79
m15 K79:
52:17 "If you work people to the bone, 24 hours a day, they're going to be really tired and they're going to be unwell"
As someone who works 24 hour shifts on an ambulance, I felt that
Get so excited when I hear that "Hello Everybody"... here we go boys.
"I accidentally turned on my camera" Darren naked streamer confirmed! Frostpunk isn't really my kinda game ,unless they add in some PvP or PvE, but where else could i hear an Irish person talk about the weather for an hour straight, other than work?
For future reference, there is a 'sickness tax' (applied at midnight in-game) that combines all exposures to the cold (including travel distance/time, building, anything BUT being at home or at work) during the previous 24 hours. If the exposure tax is high enough, cold sickness is applied.
If dark souls had a building game this would be it . I spent over ten hours figuring out the mechanics of this game love it
Game is free this week in the Epic Games Store.
Cody Hussar
Cody Hussar:
I have 50 people in my cemetery by day 5lol. I love this game and I just need to find a good balance to keep the generator fed and keep them from dying.
I love Frostpunk so much. One of my favorite games, hands down.
this would be a sick anime concept
A movie about this would be so amazing
thecheezy bleezy
thecheezy bleezy:
These games are gold, I love the multiple approach style gameplay
Hello ! Some tips for your returns : No more stockpile limits, only limited by space on the map to place depot. Woods is quite the challenge at start on hard, medical post: only 1 engineer can do the job for 5 sick guys(except if he gets sick himself ^^). Technology is the key to win, 2 from the get go is the way: if you change your staff on emergency shift every 4 hours, no one will die ^^ Have fun ! Its great seeing you play this game :) ps : child shelter, then put them in medic post, radical treatement: sweat boost in your healing efficiency for the rest of your run !
Yas! Time to download frost punk. Your lets plays are great tutorials. Helped me get into imperator.
M. Wunderlich
M. Wunderlich:
This is fun. Great idea with the patreon names. Still need to find myself though ;)
Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier
Odin the Staffordshire Bull terrier:
This is the first video of yours I’ve seen, and I love it! So excited to see the entire series! I subscribed right away 🤟🏼
Pie Guy
Pie Guy:
I would absolutely watch this series all the way through, but this seems like a game that's spoilable.
I promise you, though, that I'll come back and watch through the series the second I finish the game!
Kristofer Ogg Castanié
Kristofer Ogg Castanié:
So damn keen for this!
Kiba Wolf
Kiba Wolf:
This is perfect 👌🏻 I was immediately interested in this game but the trailers didn’t show what kind of game it actually is. I appreciate the in depth info
played this game for the first time recently, very depressing.
Lucy Holland
Lucy Holland:
You decide Who lives,Who dies,Who tells your story
The Deadliest
The Deadliest:
Giggling while I watch this because it regularly hits -40c in the winter where I live..
*unassigns engineers from med tents
*reassigns them seconds later
MR FlackAttack
MR FlackAttack:
20:10 Couldn’t you just name him Ed Ward?

Edit: Ha, you did call him that at 55:55.
This game is so intense. I don't know why, but I feel a real urgency when i play this game.
K C:
This makes me want to try this game.
Dylan Schnabel
Dylan Schnabel:
What a relevant day to upload this on. Today in Minnesota we’re getting our first major snowstorm of the year! I had just finished parking my moose and made a nice cup of hot cocoa before finding your video. Quite thematic :)
Lets be honest, that into easily ranks among the best, most hair-raising intros there are. (Hint: Watch in 1.5x - double speed and the music really hits different)
Jay Extarys
Jay Extarys:
What? I've been playing all scenarios and didn't even know we could rotate buildings... Ouch, that is gonna be useful with the Coal Stumper or whatever XD
Such a cool immersive idea to name the colonists patrons 😆...never heard of this game...but I shall watch going forward to see if I survive! 🤞
CJ Matt
CJ Matt:
It’s very interesting seeing what you prioritize
headcanon: this is the same universe as arx fatalis
Xx_reborn Dutiful_xX
Xx_reborn Dutiful_xX:
Im about to get this game just because its free and now im hyped
Hal Hotspur
Hal Hotspur:
Ahhh yesss
Love frostpunk. First time watching your channel since you left CA. So hello again Darren :)
Alex C
Alex C:
I downloaded it this morning when I saw it was free for a limited time on Epic Games... said goodbye to the entire day and played it from morning until midnight. I was blown away by the experience.

I grew up playing turn-based and real-time strategy games so I’ve always loved games like this... this game is real tough. I had one failed playthrough but ended up beating it on my second playthrough but it was reaaaaaal close towards the end. I almost ran out of coal during the storm... I had to do an emergency maneuver of dismantling a couple buildings and restructuring a couple of streets near the generator to make another coal thumper and abandon an infirmary to use the automaton that was occupying it.

It was such a fulfilling experience beating the game. I never would have guessed that I would become so invested in all of these workers and I was so stoked and relieved when we finally made it through the storm.
Great ! Wanted to see some quality gameplay on this game
What's the difference between workers and engineers ?
Killidaen Arrameos
Killidaen Arrameos:
I heard that regular uploads is great for youtube, without the let's plays uploads are not frequent on this channel. Are you sure a second channel is a good idea?
samsky verareddy
samsky verareddy:
why don't they build igloos when away from the generator?
As an American i prefer celcius, all i know is 71°F is a good temp
Vincent Levey
Vincent Levey:
If you like city building games, I'd love to see you play Foundation
A game pre test for the upcoming dictators of this world......
Ificant Scuba
Ificant Scuba:
Since chat won't be around to remind you this time, make sure you don't blow up your generators ;)
Hey I'm in there! Ain't no cold gonna scare me, when it was -35 outside the school was getting cancelled, so we went out to ride on sleds instead.
i need part 2 of this like, right now
I find this game very difficult I tend to make the wrong decisions all the time. furthest I've ever gotten was where the Londoners want to go back then the count reached to 100+ and I lost
Lukas Boch
Lukas Boch:
Algo comment
"We fled London and crossed the sea to reach the frozen north." Why? Why wouldn't they head south to less frozen lands?
Daminda Bandara
Daminda Bandara:
All of a sudden, I'm in favour of child labour :D
I "think" you can get much closer in to the people/buildings if you use the nvidia ansel feature
DK Graffiti
DK Graffiti:
I cant get my buildings to rotate can someone help me?
24:02 you gotta laugh at the NPCs.. When you signed the law.. Are you trying to work us to death? Except you are in a frozen hell hole and without heating or shelter youll die much faster...
Jacob Millican
Jacob Millican:
Food additives and Child Labor Laws when you are on the brink of annihilation? Really? This seems like a good idea with a political agenda. Am I wrong? Would like to know more about this game before I purchase it. Thoughts?
Keith Saavedra
Keith Saavedra:
Man I wish this was on Mac.
Local Gamer
Local Gamer:
aight i know that this is a year old but they went north because
1- coal there
2- animals won't die from extreme cold while warmer climates will
3- out of the way so that they could be built far from the collapse of England
4- not gonna be much of a difference between the poles and the equator during an ice age
Don't burn out your enthusiasm on other games. Frost Punk is a great game and I got like 200 hours played. Hard to get proper games in this genre nowadays, but Frost Punk is a good one. Soundtrack is amazing and getting such a telling story with great art is a unique combination. Kinda the only emotionally touching building sim I know of.
Vipric 81
Vipric 81:
You made a comment on how they went north, they may have because it was already real cold there so they had a better chance on finding a generator town.
CHili_420 _
CHili_420 _:
So like when you assigned 15 engineers to a coal mining area what are they doing ? Like I know they’re gathering coal but what makes them different from workers ?
Nick C
Nick C:
Dude, what an awesome idea to add your Patrons' names into the game as characters. I don't know a single one of them but it still somehow adds a more personal dimension to the game and the characters knowing the avatars are in that way representative of actual people! Right on!
Jonathan Baago
Jonathan Baago:
New to your channel. Such a wonderful game Frostpunk. Nice! I work with game based learning for kids, and use frostpunk for this. Learning maths through ressourcemanagement is motivating and learning them about democracy where they have to debate the hard choices is really good also.
Jelle Jans
Jelle Jans:
They moved north beceause there was a lot of coal there
Huh...Patreons are people...neat!
Looking forward to the rest of it on RepublicOfLetsPlay :)
Dire 16
Dire 16:
Getting some snowpeircer vibes
R Hobbs
R Hobbs:
The game looks really cool (no pun intended) but my logical brain is like “why on earth would you go north from England when it’s already pretty high up on the globe, because where you are is already too cold?”Surely you’d want to go south towards the middle of the globe where just maybe it’s a little bit warmer?
Matt DLG
Matt DLG:
This is the first time I decided to see what this game was about......but....it seems like the Corona Virus Simulator 2020.....LOL. Think I'll pass.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez:
wait why would you go north and not towards the equator?
Hunters are exempt from temperature. Only when they are in their homes and these are cold they are affected
Joe Lim
Joe Lim:
I'm curious how does the generator work. Like you could upgrade it to cover a large distance. But what about the houses near the generator? Wouldn't it be lava hot since the generator is producing so much heat to cover a large area as you upgrade it.
Assur HeX
Assur HeX:
Worlds freezing. Let's go north. Not the equator where there still might be pockets of warmth from volcanic events.
This games intro music totally stole the 28 days later soundtrack
sooooo.... the objective is to keep the people alive?
Karl Dietrich
Karl Dietrich:
bruh the voive on cinematic sounds like optimus prime.
High King Trasher
High King Trasher:
For the Americans out there:
-40C is also -40F. This game works entirely in increments of 10C, which is 18F.
-20C is -4F
-30C is -22F
-40C is -40F
-50C is -58F
kirin danger
kirin danger:
I tried this game I am too faint of heart for it
Putting kids in shelters instead of enacting child labor doesn't make kids entirely useless - if you put them in shelters you have the option to make them medic or engineer apprintences, giving you a nice boost to medical facilities or factories/workshops.
This game is too darn hard! I want to enjoy playing it but my citizens constantly demand more and more while I can barely provide what we have.
They expect moving to a completely new place and having to build from the ground up is going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy but it's not. It's very hard.
I don't play these types of games ever so I already wasn't going to be too good at it.
Blake K.
Blake K.:
You get a Like for a decent video, but you get a Dislike because you talk a lot about not knowing the mechanics of sickness, travel time, resource generation, and your patrons. Kind of slows things down. You get no thumbs. Neutral thumbs.
Bit of a let down the game doesn’t fit the Xbox one screen.. many people have this issue and devs havent responded to fix this. Basically unusable as top bar is hidden so can’t see any resource amounts
Ze Fronc
Ze Fronc:
Celsius: Exists
Americans: Impossible
Uhh, YouTube decided to recommend your video NOW when I watched Markiplier's Frostpunk stream. I regret I didn't see your video sooner! Sub :3
Ray Denz & Neto Palop (KP2)
Ray Denz & Neto Palop (KP2):
Snowpierce after finding land
Kristofer Ogg Castanié
Kristofer Ogg Castanié:
Kristofer Ogg Castanié AKA Kristaliornthescot aka Old guy who is alone in this world

We have come here to survive this. I trust you will bring "Order" to the colony Consul"
Subbed. You seem cool 😎
this is the sims, but on crack!
[RP] Dino
[RP] Dino:
how are you treating these people you need to exploit better than the US is treating actually humans
Big Lenin
Big Lenin:
Okay, but if its freezing cold why did they go north?
Derrick Bonsell
Derrick Bonsell:
Celsius? I only use Freedomheit.
Roger Far
Roger Far:
Less talking, more playing
Mahtab Shams
Mahtab Shams:
But why North🤨
TuaBehBeh Cocoon
TuaBehBeh Cocoon:
why did you kept pronouncing out the freaking npc's names.
It's annoying and useless af
mom said its my turn on the xbox.....
Sin Dragan
Sin Dragan:
did not expect that one but okay
why were you blacklisted?
lops lopaa
lops lopaa:
this thing was fon to me for few hundred hours
sharyn maughan
sharyn maughan:
I use this game is hire employees. I give them 2 hours to build up a decent setup if they can't they can't work for me.
ben ashton
ben ashton:
I know you have to make money

But that is a lot of ads
haley page
haley page:
aspyn and parker