A night to remember! Highlights Paris Saint-Germain - FC Bayern

#MissionLis6on completed! You just can't get enough of this game. Bayern Munich wins 1-0 against Paris Saint-Germain and secured their sixth title in the most important European club competition and the triple for the second time in their club history. Enjoy this unforgettable European Cup night, including the celebrations after the final whistle.

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100+ komentarze:

calvin jose
calvin jose:
Before this season:
Neuer over
Müller finished
Lewandowski cant win champions league
This is how you prove haters wrong
Bayern didn't just win against Barca, they humiliated Barca. They made Pique offering his resignation live on camera, they gave Coutinho the sweetest revenge ever, they killed their coach, they broke the bond between Barca and Messi, they ended an era.
Intimidate Divided
Intimidate Divided:
Neuer highkey transformed into Gandalf in this match.
Kalter Kakao Zum Frühstück!
Kalter Kakao Zum Frühstück!:
Bayern Munich .... in 10 years - 4 finals and 4 semi-finals .. just brilliant! More than the entire Premier League put together ... Bayern is simply a GIANT!!!
Murtaza Umair
Murtaza Umair:
What a successful career for Manuel Neuer :
Lifted a World Cup Trophy
Lifted 2 well deserved Champions league trophies
Almost won the Ballon’dor 2014
Like if you think he is the best keeper ever

Edit : thnx for the likes
traveler daksh
traveler daksh:
It was a long 7 years let’s hope that we will win the 7th champions league soon
Meowed Questions
Meowed Questions:
Who’s here after they got PSG in the Quarter Finals?
Mia San Mia common Bayern!!
Ravi Shukla
Ravi Shukla:
Neur the wall saves many shots really legend Manwall Neur
øиe ωıиgeđ αиgeł
øиe ωıиgeđ αиgeł:
I´m still crying. 7 years... it was a so long Journey. I love this team, all of them, Flick, the bench, all behind "the sences"... THANK YOU! I'm still speechless and overwhelmed! I´m so PROUD! Triple-Sieger- finally again! And Love to all of the Fans/Supporters - WE did it! <3 PS. I´ll miss Thiago so much! 😢 (I named my cat after him.💔)
abd 17
abd 17:
Every club felt difficult to play against Munich
Umbert Ca
Umbert Ca:
And Man United fans said De Gea was miles ahead of Neuer hahahahahah
Suranjan Kapil
Suranjan Kapil:
But really, Alaba is a kind-hearted person I have never seen.
Hats off Alaba🎉
Million dollar club sunked by their former player , an epic story
Well done Bayern Munich👏. I cried a lot after the lose against you in the UCL final. But your players are human. They were so respectful to the Paris players, especially Alaba to Neymar. I hope we meet again in the next Champions League Season. Stay healthy, and good luck for the new season
nguyen nha
nguyen nha:
i' m in Viet Nam . i am a fan of FC Bayern Muchen over 10 years. I love Muller the most
Edu the Rapper
Edu the Rapper:
2:24 that Mbappe miss was so bad even Alaba held his head in his hands LOL
Premo Cannavaro
Premo Cannavaro:
I never saw a Team which leads in the final and nobody was carrying the Ball. That is pure class
S L:
In November last year, everyone, every single journalist and so-called football experts agreed and said, that the era of Bayern is over. The team is too weak, old and not of high quality. Neuer was said to be weaker than Ter Stegen, Mueller and Boateng are terrible and have no stand anymore in the team and should be sold. They said, that Bayerns Brazzo bought the wrong players, has no idea what he is doing and who the fxxx is Davis??? The back then Manager Kovac said, that you can not drive 200kmh if you only cabable of 100kmh. Kovac was sacked, Flick took over and Today, the very same team, the very same Players are calling themselves Treble Winners and conquerer of Football Europe. Dear journalist and experts in Germany, I know, it is now a hard time for Bayernhaters, lol.
Chris Ben
Chris Ben:
Marseille in love with Munich ❤ 😁
Mareike Schreeck
Mareike Schreeck:
Das ist richtig, von diesem Finale kann man nie genug bekommen. Einfach eine Wahnsinnsmannschaft. 🔴💗😍👏🏆 Vielen Dank an Hansi für die spitzen Leistung. Ohne dich hätten Bayern nicht das Triple geholt. 😀🥂
Ibrahim Ashraf
Ibrahim Ashraf:
A great finale with no crowd
Kaka Lim
Kaka Lim:
I still cannot get over it. I get Goosebumps everytime I watch it.🤗
mat ti
mat ti:
Danke Hansi!!!!!
Friedrich der G
Friedrich der G:
Neuer = Goat
Bavarian Goat
Bavarian Goat:
So proud of my club❤ MIA SAN MIA🔴⚪
Amim Ahmad
Amim Ahmad:
That muller touch before the goal was amazing!
Thomas Targbe
Thomas Targbe:
Alphonso did a brilliant save in the down minutes
abishai silvanus Wood
abishai silvanus Wood:
As a PARIS SAINT GERMAIN fan i respect you all.i hope next champions will also be the same.keep it up.
Süle played an amazing game. He came cold into the game and didn't really play that often after his injury. And then he performed like that in a CL-final against players like Mbappé, Di Maria and Neymar. What a player. After the Chelsea Game I guess he was asked if Bayern will win the Champions League and his instant reply was "Yes!". He totally knew it
Daniel Dangerous
Daniel Dangerous:
Als Dortmund Fan Gänsehaut bekommen Glückwunsch nochmal
Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan:
Der Moment in dem man Gnabrys lächeln sieht, da weis man, dass seine Lockerheit zurück ist 👌
Shejk QdeKejk
Shejk QdeKejk:
a moment i will never forget MIA SAN MIA❤️🤍❤️🤍
beating heart
beating heart:
Baaaayeeern 💎💎💎❤️❤️❤️
Edlira Bello
Edlira Bello:
Neuer is number one!
Bayern is the Best, forever.
M. Fadin rizieq Perdana
M. Fadin rizieq Perdana:
I will miss thiago😭💕
Sascha _GER
Sascha _GER:
2012 final
2013 🏆
2014 semi
2015 semi
2016 semi
2017 quarter
2018 semi
2019 1/16
2020 🏆
Daniel Boateng
Daniel Boateng:
Hater sitzen immer noch in der Ecke und heulen...
Keep milking this victory... I'm loving it 😍
Morgen geht's ab für uns!
Wir schaffen ein klares 4:0 im Hinspiel dahoam!
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez:
Mia San Mia...love from Cuba
Racing Red
Racing Red:
This was such a beautiful and great night. Pure happiness and euphoria. There's nothing better than a Bayern win. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Mia San Mia ❤️
Zeeshan Faiz
Zeeshan Faiz:
Clearly I'm not the only Bayern Fan here after knowing that Bayern's facing PSG in the UCl 2021 QFS
Wex Football
Wex Football:
Congrats to Bayern from Psg fan!
Fadel Abdurrahman
Fadel Abdurrahman:
Looking back at how Neymar dancing before the match gave me a sweet laugh
Meine lieblingsmannschaft ist Bayern🔥

aus Japan
Saida Shrestha
Saida Shrestha:
Maria Rocha
Maria Rocha:
The match I'll never forget about 💕
Perisic !!! Er würde doch gerne bleiben, also holt ihn euch! :D
Adri G
Adri G:
Mia san Mia ! 🔴⚪️🏆
Love Bayern Munich from Brazil ❤️❤️❤️
Bocor fitness & vlogs
Bocor fitness & vlogs:
It would have been great for us that day to have all the fans present and that feeling could not be summed up in reality.😰🇩🇪🔥💯
Дмитр Петров
Дмитр Петров:
Как приятно и прекрасно на душе мне 30 с 2002 года влюблён в Баварию и два раза видел то что аж со слезами праздновал победу 🤝🤝👏👏👏всем добра 👏👏👏
Seriously...I got emotional when lewandowski crying after winning the champions league because of what he did this season, he proves all of Bayern fans that he is the real king of UCL 💯🌟♥️
Putu Baruna Nugraha
Putu Baruna Nugraha:
Love from Indonesia <3
Fant'hom John
Fant'hom John:
Mia san Champions... from Senegal💪
Khaled Mohamed
Khaled Mohamed:
A glorious night with every single detail, a moment that we waited more
Aún me duele está final yo quería ver Neymar campeón pero también tiene mucho mérito el Bayern por lo que hizo. (:'(
NanGong Yoshi
NanGong Yoshi:
living legends.
كنــون كنــون
كنــون كنــون:
ميونخ ♥️😍
In 10 Jahren wird uns dieses Finale genauso legendär vorkommen wie uns jetzt das Finale 2013.
Leonardo Campos de Souza
Leonardo Campos de Souza:
I'm Flemish and I admire Bayern Munich's football greetings here from fragoso Magé RJ 🇧🇷
RL9 Comps
RL9 Comps:
3:14 beste Jubel von Müller 😂😂😂
WE WON THE TREBLE!!!!! This has to be the best road to the finals journey ever!!
Lloyd B
Lloyd B:
It still feels so unreal, I love this club so much. SUPER BAYERN SUPER BAYERN 🍻🇩🇪💪🏽🏆
Cosmo H
Cosmo H:
Neymar walking in with his music while the Bayern players walk in professionally
Bikash Shrestha
Bikash Shrestha:
True legends ❤️❤️
Love from nepal ❤️❤️
Efekt Domina
Efekt Domina:
1:06 Don Kasjo Król
Thank you for an unforgettable CL campaign. I'll be telling my grandkids about this many many years from now.
Софія Левун, ФГН
Софія Левун, ФГН:
Fc Bayern Stern des Südens 🥳🥳♥️♥️♥️ mia san mia from Ukraine 🇺🇦
Gerwyn Neururer
Gerwyn Neururer:
Hätte nicht gedacht das ich, nach Barca anfang der 10er Jahre, nochmal ein TEAM sehe das noch besser, noch dominanter auftritt. Was für eine Leistung!
Linexity 1999
Linexity 1999:
What an awesome team!! Bayern was this year invicible. Greetings from Belgium
I am here once more again
Sebastian Guminiczak
Sebastian Guminiczak:
Strasznie miło widzieć uśmiech na twarzach tych chłopaków! 😊
Lewandowski finally got to raise the Champions Cup. Truly deserved 👍
Pritish Appadoo
Pritish Appadoo:
That Coman goal moment will remain my memory! At that moment it was like I felt time was slowing down while one watched the ball fly into the net. I missed the 2013 final but still have fond memories of Sagnol and Lizarazu celebrating after the tense 2001 penalty shootout.
Jungs schlagt sie erneut💪🏻
Soroush Nandi
Soroush Nandi:
Sule played brillinatly.
Oscar Rodriguez Perez
Oscar Rodriguez Perez:
Neymar: vengo muy lion
bayer: no que venias muy lion
Imagine making the final and lose just get a medal. Why not give them a small trophy for all their effort? That’s not really fair. But an amazing performance from both teams. Congratulations Bayern Munich! Mia San Mia.
Aspect Commander
Aspect Commander:
I will never forget this moment 🔴⚪
UnderFunded inc.
UnderFunded inc.:
Still can’t believe Davies won champions league, after watching him play in Vancouver 🙏💯🔥🖤
Alex C
Alex C:
Bayern will be treble for the next season too. Like if u agree
Shreshth Dimri
Shreshth Dimri:
Who is excited to win again ? 💪
Atsard- Dali
Atsard- Dali:
👏🙏 for the wonderful memories...
Wahnsinn wieviel Ruhe Neuer während des Spiels ausgestrahlt hat. Immerhin Champions League Finale.
True warriors this lot. Amazing team and have been a pleasure to watch (from an Englishman 😉)
harinandan rajesh
harinandan rajesh:
This was something you guys deserved..well done... from a barca fan 😊❤️
Momente für die Ewigkeit. Danke FC Bayern. Ich liebe euch und das wird auch immer so bleiben.
yusuf ardiansyah
yusuf ardiansyah:
lol, what alaba and tolisso did to goretzka in last scene is so funny.
Even though I am a Barça fan. But Respect to Bayern. 😊
Das gestern war auch eine Nacht für die Ewigkeit oder wieso wird mir das Video grad empfohlen?
Edi Prishtina
Edi Prishtina:
SuperNEUER,great game very emotional!
Mia San Mia
This cup, was the best new
that I received in this year! Thanks team !!
Boris Yeung
Boris Yeung:
Even Psg's NMD trio can't beat the goatkeeper Neuer💪🏻
youcef idche
youcef idche:
Mia San Mia 🥳🇩🇿
lucy bewer
lucy bewer:
Immernoch gänsehaut das zu sehen ❤
Justin Cao
Justin Cao:
I wish the pre training kit was the main kit it looks very cool
Neymar and Mbappe cost more then 3 TIMES than the starting 11 from Bayern:
Neuer costs: 30 Mil (Schalke)
Alaba: 150 thousend ( Austria Wien Amateurs)
Davies: 10 mil (Vancouver)
Boateng: 15 mil (Manchester City)
Kimmich: 8,5 mil ( RB Leipzig)
Goretzka: free transfer ( Schalke 04)
Thiago: 25 mil ( Fc Barcelona)
Coman: 21 mil. + 7 mil loan fee ( Juventus Turin)
Müller: 0 ( own Youth)
Gnabry: 8 mil ( Werder Bremen)
Lewandowski:free Transfer (Dortmund)
= 124,65 millions

Neymar: 222 mil(Barcelona). Mbappé: 150 mil (Monaco)
= 372 million