A Tribute to Burke Shelley of Budgie (1950-2022)

Join Pete Pardo for a tribute to the late Burke Shelley, founder & bassist/vocalist of Welsh heavy rock/proto-metal legends Budgie, who passed away on January 10, 2022 at the age of 71. #burkeshelley #budgie
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Ron Bartkowiak
Ron Bartkowiak:
They will always be one of the "bigger" bands to me. R I P
Domenic Vitanza
Domenic Vitanza:
Very underrated. They deserved to be as big as Sabbath, Purple, Zeppelin. RIP Burke Shelley.
petrafied mike
petrafied mike:
"I want to live what life I have left and not be crippled. I've got faith in God and have no worries about where I'm going. So I'll just go when He decides to take me..." - Burke Shelley
Rising Star
Rising Star:
RIP Burke Shelley. Loved Budgie they were great.
Breno Raphaldini
Breno Raphaldini:
I'm devastated with Burke's passing, I wish I had the chance to see Budgie live, and I almost did, in 2010 they announced a tour down here in Brazil, I was supposed to travel to Europe for work and cancelled the trip because I wanted to see Budgie, but the tour was postponed. Soon after he had the first aneurysm and Budgie never played live again! I got all their discography on cd and vinyl, certainly one of my favorite bands! R.I.P. Burke.
"Budgie" and "In for the Kill!" are tremendous albums, always loved Burke's tone specially on 'Guts', 'All Night Petrol', 'In for the Kill', 'Crash Course In Brain Surgery', and 'Running from My Soul'. Rest well Mr. Shelley, you will be sorely missed 🌹
there are bands which never got the recognition, despite being incredibly influential...... Budgie is DEFINITELY one of them
lee Evans
lee Evans:
Burke was a legend to us all in South Wales🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Saw Budgie many times back in the day. A lovely genuine man with a huge talent. RIP Burke
We're getting to that age, where our heroes are passing away more frequently eh? I enjoy Budgie a lot, the guitar player in my old band gave me a mixed tape of old hard rock and metal one day, said check out this band, the song is called, Hot as a Docker's Armpit... I was in, as soon as I heard the title. lol Great tune, they had a lot of killer tunes. R.I.P. Burke, nice tribute Pete, I've been listening to Budgie all morning.
The first five albums are all bangers, as good as anything else of that era. RIP Burke, thanks for the music.
Steve Baker
Steve Baker:
So sorry to hear of the passing of Burke Shelly. Budgie have been a part of my life since the early 70's. My sister worked for a magazine in the UK and she went to a Budgie gig o do a review. To the shock/surprise of my parents she invite them home for a cup of tea. I must of been about 12/13 at the time, but that memory has stuck with me. Budgie having a cup of tea at home chatting with my parents. You couldn't make it up! The last time I saw them live was in 2005. Burke still had it then.
Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez
Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez:
Budgie with Bourge on guitar was some of the best rock ever. RIP Mr. Shelley
Walesktf 1969
Walesktf 1969:
R.I.P. Burke one of the all time great bass players from the greatest Welsh band of them all, Budgie! He came from my hometown of Cardiff. First saw the band in July '76. First band on of a 5 band line up and they nailed it! They blew The Strawbs, Curved Air and even the headliners in all their pomp and glory, the original 4 piece Status Quo, right off the stage and into the nearby river Taff! The only band to live with them that day were Hawkwind. Many years after, I had the pleasure of seeing Burke play in local pick up bands jamming the evening away in the 'Royal Oak' in Cardiff, on many occasions. They were a huge influence on bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica, but let's fact facts, none of them could keep up with the great 3 piece originators. In a just musical world, they would have been up there with the Sabbath's, Purple's and Zep's. Without a doubt the most under-rated rock band of all time. The world will be a sadder place without you. R.I.P Burke
Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond:
R.I.P. Rock Star!!! You will be missed such a great underrated band.
Holy shit, this hurts. This is the band that actually helped me find your channel. I was just getting into them and was doing research on them and stumbled upon your top 10 Budgie songs. Budgie has become one of my favorites, so this is quite the hit for me. RIP Burke
Hark Less
Hark Less:
Totally underrated band indeed, R.I.P Burke
Mike G
Mike G:
RIP. A sad day but hopefully he’s in a better place now. Got the first 7 albums ready to crank in honour of the classic Bourge-Shelley team. Solid gold tandem all the way for eternity!
Uk Rock Sounds
Uk Rock Sounds:
I remember the first time hearing Budgie Breaking all the house rules and thinking wow i love this. Awesome trio, love Budgie great tribute Pete. RIP Burke Shelley true legend.
Ken Penney
Ken Penney:
I'm an old goat. I discovered Budgie in 1977. They became one of my favorites immediately. I still get the feels whenever I hear Parents. RIP Mr. Shelley. Thanks for the music. It made a difference in my life.
RJC 72
RJC 72:
All the legends are dropping off like flies, and it's a very sad thing to see. You can't stop father time from marching on and picking off every musician we've ever looked up to one by one. When they're all gone, it'll be a horrendous day for the music scene, because there's nobody currently worth a shit who can carry the torch and pick up where they left off.
Rob Vickers
Rob Vickers:
As always Pete a very fitting tribute to a very underrated musician and band. I recommend anybody with any interest in heavier music to check out their albums, if you haven't already. RIP Burke.
Zlatan Filipovic
Zlatan Filipovic:
Budgie was mentioned quite a few times during 2021 on SoT. Just getting some more of well deserved recognition. A long sad list of artists passed away in 2021 sadly continues in 2022 too.
What a loss..I was listening to the very first Budgie record yesterday without knowing that he died the same day.One of the biggest heavy rock bands of all time.
RIP to a true legend!😎🤘🤘🤘
David LG
David LG:
One of the first bands I listened to in the 70's. My favourite band of all time is Deep Purple but Budgie not far behind. Hugely underrated. RIP Burke.
Scott Myers
Scott Myers:
Budgie was one of those bands I completely passed over as a teenager in the 70s. Seems like the covers alone would have inspired me to slap my $5 down for an album or two. Fast forward half a century and after repeated mentions on SoT I now own and appreciate the bulk of their albums. Thanks Pete.
And RIP Burke. The few interviews I've seen with him reveal him to be a very thoughtful nice guy.
Simon Dunphy
Simon Dunphy:
RIP. Very underrated band, should've been up there with Sabbath and Heep. Saw them supporting Blizzard of Oz in 1980, they were awesome.
Bruce Franklin
Bruce Franklin:
Sorry to hear about Burke's passing . I had heard that he was ill and declining also. I loved Budgie since the 70's and they certainly had an influence on me.A catalog of excellent albums.From all accounts that I had ever heard, Burke was a great and humble guy. R.I.P.
Carl Salazar
Carl Salazar:
Pete it was your shows that introduced me to Budgie. I since then have investigated their music. RIP Burke, may your music live on.
Mark Spooner
Mark Spooner:
Thank you Pete, we can always rely on you for remembering our hero's.
Nicholas Adams
Nicholas Adams:
One of my "Big Six" bands of all time...Budgie were one of the first ever bands I got into as a young lad in the early 90s hearing my Dad's Bandolier LP for the first time (I still have it). I remember being blown away at Breaking All The House Rules and in awe of Slipaway the two opening tracks on the album.

Fast forward to the early 2000s and I was collecting albums, I often struggled to find Budgie. Rush, Status Quo, Nazareth, Black Sabbath. You name it I collected them all. It took Internet shopping to take off before finally getting more Budgie albums. Never Turn Your Back On A Friend and The Best of Budgie, eventually hearing them all and finally having Squawk on LP for my 34th birthday in 2020.

A Hero of mine, I tend to go for the Bass Players more as I play a bit and Burke was no exception. Spending hours in my living room (or kitchen) rocking out to their numbers trying to get the stance right etc it is good exercise only the beers probably countered that haha.

Like Pete I have often been frustrated that they didn't get relatively known until Metallica covered them. Nothing against Metallica and grateful for bringing this band into the spotlight, but I feel Budgie deserved more success. Some of the best music around and as much as I love Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple etc, I didn't get into these bands till much later.

So as I type this a tear rolls down my eye as I'm still young and worried all my heroes will be gone soon. Burke you will forever live on as long as I am around and many more of us fans and most importantly your family are around.

I'm not a religious man myself but I know you were so God Bless Burke...We Will Love You Always...Thank you for the music <3

Randy Perfecto
Randy Perfecto:
Sad to hear, loved the 70’s with this band along with Moxy, Legs Diamond etc. RIP
Senkigtully 1
Senkigtully 1:
One of my favourite bands of all time, still listen to them and love them even more as time goes on. Greatest sense of humour in any rock band ever. All the studio albums are great , my favourite 4: Bandolier; Nightflight; Power Supply and Deliver Us From Evil. RIP Burke.
An awesome musician, singer and song-writer. Always admired his religious beliefs, too despite not necessarily sharing them. RIP
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan:
Never Turn Your Back On a Friend, In For the Kill and Bandolier are my faves. Bandolier boasts a stellar production. Very sad to hear about his passing yesterday. RIP Burke.
Drew Rose
Drew Rose:
I discovered Budgie through Metallica, and I loved it! and I'm proud to say that I own all their albums on CD! R.I.P. Burke Shelley
As a proud Welshman I'm very saddened by the death of Burke Shelley. I saw Budgie live in Neath 20 years ago and they were incredible. The song Napoleon Bona part 1&2 still one of my favourites of all time. Along with Man, the best Welsh rock band of all time. He is a legend.
Official Willie G
Official Willie G:
Very underrated bassist from a very underrated band
Roadies n Rockstars
Roadies n Rockstars :
Great bass player!
Metalben's Chronicles
Metalben's Chronicles:
Rest in Peace to a true underground legend.
Lucy Jexy
Lucy Jexy:
Pete, I first was introduced to Budgie thanks to this channel, back in around 2018. I was born in 1981 and missed out on seeing so many bands in their golden years, but the music always lives on in their recorded material and live material, for which I will always be grateful. This channel has always been my source of education in the underground world of prog rock and fusion, so thank you, Pete, for what you bring to us, and wherever you are now, thank you, Burke. Rest easy, mate.
JDsmiffy! SMITH
JDsmiffy! SMITH:
Thanks Pete, a great tribute. I saw them live in 1971, they were HEAVY. It's hard to find their vinyl LP's in decent shape though. The first 5 records are the best in my opinion, superb band.
Michelle Tonks
Michelle Tonks:
Saw Budgie lots in the 70s & they were always one of my favourite bands. Most tributes to Burke invariably include the phrase 'Budgie should have achieved higher status' & while this is true to an extent, it doesn't take away the success they did achieve & their great songs. Burke & Budgie will be sadly missed but hey, what a great legacy. Let's celebrate that.
Very sad news… In For The Kill was the first album I bought(when it came out) a classic hard rock album. Then I had to go back and get the rest & everything else going forward. A very good band that should have been bigger. They certainly deserved it. R.I.P Burke Shelley ❤️💯❤️
RIP Burke. Can't say I've been listening to Budgie for very long time, such a great underrated band that rewarded those who listened or discovered them throught the years.
I was sad to hear this, thanks for covering it. Underrated band, and they offered something a bit more than the standard hard rock trio format might suggest.
Nice send off Pete!! Great channel!! Thanks for doing what you do 👊🏻✊🏼😊
Martyn Hewitt
Martyn Hewitt:
A fitting tribute Pete. Thank you. I've been a fan since buying that first album when it came out. Here in the UK I used to listen to the BBC radio who broadcast an 'In Concert' series each weekend. Live music featuring many bands who shaped my musical taste. Budgie were one of those bands. I only saw them once live during their last tour of the UK. The band was Burke, Steve Williams and Simon Lees.. I grabbed the set list at the end of the gig and the band signed it. Great memories and those first four albums are just brilliant. RIP Burke.
Doug Blomquist
Doug Blomquist:
Your moving tribute helped to ease the pain upon hearing the news of the passing of Burke Shelley. One of my favorite musicians. Thank you Pete
Brandon Munson
Brandon Munson:
Thank you for this Pete. Sending Love to Burke's family. He would have been so cool to meet...R.I.P. Burke Shelley
Sad news, I will never look at a Budgie the same way again! Hope your Soul soars through the heavens like a 🦅 in flight!!
John Michael Williams
John Michael Williams:
A band that came to my attention only after started watching SoT on Youtube since not really played on the radio in this area. Have enjoyed discovering the albums of the band, particularly the earlier catalogue. Hard to hear of Burke Shelley's passing so soon after finding him and the band. Thanks for all the great music. And once again, Pete, thank you for this Tribute shows. No doubt they take an emotional toll but your thoughts and discussion are always welcomed when there is a loss of a musical artist like Burke. RIP.
stephen legg
stephen legg:
Budgie lived about ten miles from me. Saw them many times in the early seventies. Always put on a great show. Burke always loved playing. Saw him in the nineties playing a a couple of bands. R I P Burke.
David Ryan
David Ryan:
Such a Nice Chap, Always Had, and Gave Time To people, And as You Stated Pete Budgie Never Got The Credit They Deserved...R.I.P To Burke, Peace, Love and Respect To Him And His Family At This Sad Time
One of my favorite bands of all time, Pete, They should of been so much bigger, Thanks for the tribute.
Stephen Parker
Stephen Parker:
Very respectful assessment of Budgie's music and albums Pete, with the sad passing of Burke Shelley.. One could tell you were a genuine fan. Sadly it's gone largely unnoticed in British mainstream media. But as you mentioned, this powerhouse underated Welsh rock trio were one of the founding pillars of heavy rock originating in the 70s and became very influencial to future generations of bands who carried the heavy rock torch forward, and subsequent became more successful. Of course many on this Sea of Tranquility community will know their rightful value,, as 28k viewed your Budgie albums rankings a year ago. A truly great hard rock band.
Richard Morey
Richard Morey:
Will be sadly missed, a great guy who I was lucky to meet on many occasions, but sadly not over the resent years. R. I . P Burke
Glen Doucet
Glen Doucet:
Oh no, another great one gone way too soon, just watched an interview with him from several years ago, have loved Budgie since the early 1970’s, have all their albums….RIP Burke…
andré b
andré b:
Like some of the others here, I missed out on Budgie when I was a teenage headbanger -- I vaguely recall their album covers catching my eye but they probably didn't fit into my then-very-narrow definition of what heavy music was. Anyway, glad I became familiar with their music in later years. RIP Burke.
The heavy songs were great but the folky songs 'you and i' 'make me happy' etc were just superb. Saw them in 71 and many times since. Always delivered the goods!
analog kid
analog kid:
Such sad news burke was an awesome musician and budgie were a fantastic band. Saw them around a dozen times my favourite british band ever. R I P burke.
Music Man
Music Man:
I am so glad I got to see them so many years ago in San Antonio TX. I even caught the drum stick when it was thrown into the audience. A DJ here in San Antonio called Joe Anthony turned many of us on to budgie. R.I.P to both of them. I was there for the live in San Antonio TX album.
Being from wales it took Metallica to introduce me to budgie which is a crime. by 2005 I had all the albums which took me years to get.apart from Metallica other bands who covered budgie include van halen,soundgarden,iron maiden and megadeth rip Burke your music will live one
Gut punch on this one. Saw them a few times in the 70's and they were part of the foundation of the sound I was digging and still dig. So sad. RIP Burke.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen:
RIP to the Legendary Burke Shelley! I do throughly disagree though, with Power Supply not being as good as the earlier ones! I think that one should’ve blown up like British Steel. Not one bad cut on the album. I, myself love that polished, metallic, Schenker-ish guitar sound that Big John had, so I rate it at the top of Budgies catalog.
KingMRF One
KingMRF One:
Was one of my favorite bands of the time.Glad I listed 1 of their albums as a 50 year old favorite.Time to get my my Budgie catalog out and give it a Memorial Tribute spin on the turntable.Godspeed Burke.
First time I saw Metallica in 1994, they opened with “Breadfan.” Yes, I’ve explored the catalog, great band. Going to blast IN FOR THE KILL - R.I.P. Burke.
ian chisholm
ian chisholm:
First time I heard “ Guts “ (1971) it blew me away .. bought the album immediately ( met Burke in 2009 in Australia .. what a fabulous gig that was )
D. Metal
D. Metal:
Shed a few tears, legend one of the groups got me into metal. Seen them twice in the 80,s great vocalist Rip. Zoom club.. Napoleon.. Panzer division
Geoffrey Logsdon
Geoffrey Logsdon:
A great, great band. Impeckable was my entry point as a young boy and still love many of the tracks on that album (You did forget to mention that Megadeth covered Melt The Ice Away).
In fact when l heard about Burke's passing the other morning the first track l played in tribute was All At Sea. I am not ashamed to say l teared up, but l do that a few times a day. RIP Mr. Shelley.
Here in Argentina we have one big referent in Heavy Metal that is Ricardo Iorio who founded the first metal band here which was the first band to actually recorded a Metal album in the early 80s that was V8 "Luchando por el metal" (Fighting for metal), thanks to that many other bands went on to record their albums and later on V8 disbanded and their members founded very popular metal bands one of that was Rata Blanca which is probably one of the best hard rock/ metal band in spanish. The thing is that Iorio said that the first heavy song he ever listen to was "In for the Kill" by Budgie and that was the sound that influenced him to start a metal band , so without Budgie Metal in Argentina couldnt exist or could have appeard many years later.
Robin Edmunds
Robin Edmunds:
Thank you Pete for such a touching and comprehensive tribute for a wonderful musician Burke Shelley.
Never saw the brilliant Budgie live, even though they allegedly played The Memo in Newbridge, Wales- my local village music venue.
Anyway, RIP Burke Shelley, and thanks again Pete for drawing attention to such a great Welsh band.
Graham Barker
Graham Barker:
Very, very underrated band, R.I.P Burke and thanks for all that great music.
David Colton
David Colton:
Lucky enough to be old enough to have have seen them many times across all the albums totally wonderful and a huge influence on rock as much as Sabbath ever were
Alan Brown
Alan Brown:
I forgot to say thank you for that brilliant tribute Pete. I agree with everything you said dude. Peace man from Alan Liverpool UK 👍✌️
Metal Slather
Metal Slather:
A just and fitting tribute Pete per usual. One thing about being a recording artist your work lives on forever for all to enjoy.
That is immortality.📀📀📀
Parish of Rock
Parish of Rock:
Great live band. Saw them a couple of times in the late 70s. RIP Burke
Sinner Train
Sinner Train:
I was totally into them back in the 70's. They definitely moved things forward.
I K:
So influential and so underrated, such a shame.
Tom Trana
Tom Trana:
"Living On My Own", one of the finest rock songs of the 1970ies (Album In For The Kill, 1974). A timeless killer track.
bald vale
bald vale:
Fantastic Tribute and album rundown, My favorite Budgie single is "if swallowed do not induce vomiting" which i have on 12" vinyl taken from the brilliant album Power supply, the A side was "Panzer Division Destroyed"
I was fortunate to see Budgie live at a small up close venue (so close that we were stood right next to the band & i shook Burke's hand a few times) there was no stage so we were all on the same level which is strange but great & intimate.
The gig was October 9, 1981 at the Mayfair club, Burslem, Stoke-On-Trent ENGLAND
The support group was a local band called the Phil Littler band (they released a single called "Old Friends") I was working with Phils Mother at the time and got the gig tickets off her.
Sadly Phil died a few years ago too.
Good night God Bless Burke Shelly.
raymond kizer
raymond kizer:
I lived in the UK during the late 60s and early 70s and I know very few Americans who have ever heard of this band. I am shocked to see so many comments here from people who are familiar with them. This is a testament to Budgie's music and legacy. Thank you Mr. Pardo.
John Harris
John Harris:
Saw Budgie in England '71 on the " Squark " tour . Great band and this and their classic debut album are two favourites. A band that should have been more successful but to me are one of the unsung heavy rock bands .R.I.P Burke .
Ron Gabriel Jr.
Ron Gabriel Jr.:
Count me as someone who was never really introduced to Budgie. When Metallica opened a show with Breadfan, I had to investigate them. Again Pete, your show has introduced me to music that I may have never discovered.
"Melt the Ice away, that's what they say..."
One of the great riffs of all time, if not right up there with Zep's Black Dog and or surpasses it, what does?
Leonardo Bertamini
Leonardo Bertamini:
This truly made me extremely sad. I love Budgie so much!
Phil Jones
Phil Jones:
Sad day. My favourite band. Saw Burke playing in a pub in Cardiff once, a tiny pub. No real stage, just Burke and an acoustic guitar, so small was the pub, you had to kind of squeeze past him to get in, and although the area called Tiger Bay didn't really exist by then, it would have been in that area.
P C:
Seen budgie live a few times and they always put on a loud powerful show.Brilliant band 👍
stewart mccracken
stewart mccracken:
Sad news another one of my heroes has gone to great gig in sky. A true musical genius, clever lyricist and a bloody good bass player. Seen them several times over the years. First saw them as support band to Gillan, in Glasgow in 1981. Budgie blew them off the stage and so began my love affair with Budgie. RIP Burke
A great band that was way before it's time. So influential to so many that made it big. R.I.P Burke Shelley
Brian Smolik
Brian Smolik:
One of my all time favourite bands. Burke had such a unique style on bass, and was sadly underrated. He was a major influence on my own playing...RIP Burke.
Ashley Geisler
Ashley Geisler:
I heard the news yesterday just before i got my covid booster shot. I'm devastated with Burke's passing, I knew his health hasn't been good for a while. I have been a fan and listening to to budgie for 40 years and with out a doubt one of the greatest hard rock bands from the 70s and 80s, very underrated. My personal fav is Bandolier. I am so glad i saw them both times on there only 2 tours to Australia. RIP Burke
One of the greatest hard rock bands of all time. Another legend, gone.
here is my admiration for this musician ...the band he created I loved ....here in Brazil few had the privilege of meeting him 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Glenn Powell
Glenn Powell:
You know you are getting old when alot of musical heros from your youth are fast passing.I remember when Lemmy died in 2015 and felt a great loss having seen him and the head so many times over 3 decades.
Randy Salles
Randy Salles:
Absolutely sad as hell, I loved Budgie, saw them in 76 I believe at the old Waldorf in San Francisco.....these guys were at the top of the food chain......RIP Burke and thanku
Mark Chivers
Mark Chivers:
On a warm, rainy, North Queensland afternoon sometime in 1983, I was introduced to "In For The Kill", and their album hit me like an electrical shock.

Glorious melodies, thick, rich, resonant arrangements that conjured up the echoes of Britain's strange and eerie musical and cultural past; a singer who was utterly invested in making every syllable count and be meaningful, and a rush of tension and release in the playing that had my nerves on edge for weeks afterward.

Thank you Burke for being the soundtrack to so many adventures across the planet.

And that despite where I was, be it thousands of miles from home, I was instantly transported back to that astonishing afternoon watching the Coral Sea roll on and feeling 'Zoom Club' pound through my veins, so that everywhere upon the face of the earth became transcendent in the wake of the Budgie magick!
I had the pleasure of seeing Budgie quite a few times in the mid 70's. I have all their vinyl from that era. Bandolier remains my favourite and is ground breaking for its time. I think the reason Budgie never went 'mainstream' like their contemporaries was they didn't have any schtick. They were just about the music. And during that period bands that embraced a cultural movement or had some kind of entertaining McGuffin, or co-opted some literary or historical zeitgeist were the ones who made the greatest strides. Black Sabbath had their horror movie schtick, Led Zeppelin had their lord of the rings schtick, the Who had their Mod schtick, Uriah Heep had their goblins schtick, Judas Priest had their village people schtick, Van Halen had their Dave Lee Roth schtick and AC/DC had their schoolboy schtick and so on and so on. And there was Budgie with 'just' the music, which is a shame because they deserved so much more recognition. So thank you Burke for the music and the great gigs. RIP buddy.
Joe Steduto
Joe Steduto:
Thank you so much for doing this tribute. Such a great, under recognized and influential bands. When people would ask me, what's with this band Budgie you're talking about, I never heard of them. I would tell them, they're heavy and they groove and they're like the band Big Star was back in the day where their biggest fans are other musicians.
Henry Minjoot
Henry Minjoot:
RIP Burke. Thanks for all the great memories. Budgie will still rock on!