A Tribute To Sean Lock

Remembering Sean Lock — one of our greatest comedians and a much-loved part of the Channel 4 family. RIP Sean. You will be missed.

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100+ komentarze:

I did a thing
I did a thing:
RIP you beautiful hilarious man!
Graham Larson
Graham Larson:
He's still the reigning champ of "Carrot in a Box". He's a legend. 👍🏽
Mitchell Wood
Mitchell Wood:
rachel laughing while reading seans card has to be one of the shows most golden moments for me
Brett Patching
Brett Patching:
“You can’t write tears, Jimmy.” R.I.P. Sean. You’ll be sorely missed.
Sarah Hunt
Sarah Hunt:
You know he's a well loved comedian when there are zero dodgy youtube comments and thousands just loving the man for being who he was - absolutely hilarious and genuine good dude.
Baronet Zacharia de Flauncy of Fairnington
Baronet Zacharia de Flauncy of Fairnington:
When a comedian has a room full of comedians literally wetting themselves with laughter, you know you're dealing with a genius. Rest easy Sean. Thanks for the laughs.
Mar V
Mar V:
I've never cried or been as devastated by a celebrity passing as I am now. Just found out by trying to look up if there is any new content about Sean. He was the most brilliant comedian. Needless to say I do not live in UK so the news travelled slowly to Northern Europe. RIP and my condolences to everybody whose lives he has touched over the years.
Unique and irreplaceable. Made me cry laughing numerous times with his humerous brilliance and again when I heard the sad news. It is just wrong that he has gone. Thank you Sean.
Mighty Drunken
Mighty Drunken:
"I wouldn't normally with water, but it's so watery, I say cheers".
Cheers Sean.
mikoy huio
mikoy huio:
This man was a legend. Watching this with tears because he was so brilliant. R.I.P Sean, you will be missed
Amy Scho
Amy Scho:
“You can’t write tears, Jimmy.”

Sean was absolutely right. Rest In Peace.
" And that time I went seal clubbing" were 2 jokes I was thinking about just yesterday . Shocked to see this news ...... this man was a legend . then and forever.
Never have I gone so quickly from crying from laughter to crying from grief. Thank you, Sean Lock.
One of my all time favorite comedians, actually sad he passed away. I don’t have that to often with people I only know from tv or internet. I’ll miss him and I’m sure he’ll be missed by many others. Thoughts go out to his loved ones.
Tim Crowther
Tim Crowther:
Claudia Winkleman's reaction is such a beautiful tribute to Sean
all things tech
all things tech:
One of the very best at on screen and live. Thanks for the chuckles! RIP
Captain Blighe
Captain Blighe:
Rip to one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever watched or listened to. Lots of laughs, Thank You Sean.
Matt Hersey
Matt Hersey:
My favourite comedian, an absolute legend. Rest easy Sean, sending love to his family. Sean's the man 🙏🏻
Xander Seyssens
Xander Seyssens:
You hilarious bastard. I'll miss you & I'll never forget the countless times you've cracked me up. Rest in peace Sean. One of the realest ones out there <3
Sarah Goldsworthy
Sarah Goldsworthy:
This man was a legend. Watching this with tears because he was so brilliant. R.I.P Sean, you will be missed
Life of Tom
Life of Tom:
An unbelievable loss
Sub D47
Sub D47:
Honestly miss the fact that no more new jokes will be thought up by such a genius of man and comedian. Much love Sean. RIP xxx 😇
Chris Carey
Chris Carey:
An amazing talent. He had me in stitches on 8 out of 10 Cats. His humour will be sorely missed
David Davesby
David Davesby:
Love reading all the comments, everyone feels the same way! Sean Lock was an absolute legend!! Rest easy Sean, cheers for the laughs!!
God, I'm gonna miss him. His delivery was unmatched . Thanks for the chuckles Sean!
He once said: “When I die, I’d like my ashes scattered in Piers Morgan’s eyes.”
HK Normann
HK Normann:
Funniest man I've ever had the pleasure of watching do comedy.
RIP Sean, you'll no doubt continue making future generations laugh with the comedy gold you've left behind ❤️
I’m from the States and came to Sean’s party a bit late, but Rest In Peace you hilarious specimen!
The world truly lost a legend. Rest in peace Sean, you will be missed.
One of the best, may he live on forever through his amazing content :-)
Pierce Arner
Pierce Arner:
I'll remain endlessly grateful for how many laughs he's brought me over the years.
If Sean had been alive to see how much people appreciated him and his humour, I bet even he would have started crying. He was in a separate league and elaborated so graphically on his jokes, a marvellous man.
Marienka Homshaw
Marienka Homshaw:
It won’t be the same without him 💕
Alan O Flynn
Alan O Flynn:
What an absolute genius of a man with the ability to bring laughter to everyone.. These videos will last the test of time 💯 RIP Sean 🙏
K W:
Man I only just heard about this.
Im devastated. RIP Sean, one of the best ever mate.
Le Le
Le Le:
Susie Dent said it best “I wish I had the words to describe the exceptional man that was Sean Lock. But today I don’t, and I think he might have liked it that way.” He will be sorely missed
Never thought I’d be so heartbroken about a celebrity death. I had no idea he was even ill. He will be missed ♥️
The Custard Prophet
The Custard Prophet:
I loved that man. He had one of the most amazing comedy brains, and never failed to make me laugh. He was a man who could make anything funny without any preparation. Just the best.

I hate having to write this all in the past tense. RIP Sean.
I want to "like" this video a thousand times. You'll be missed by a lot more people than you probably cared about
Graham Cheesman
Graham Cheesman:
Bless him you could hear it in his voice at the end of the clip, R.I.P Legend
Found out through this video that Sean died, don’t think I’ve ever went from laughter to complete devastation so quick. As a Dutch lover of most British gameshows I can honestly say no one has made me laugh harder than Sean has, I’ve watched every clip of him (and others) countless of times and every single time he managed to make me laugh so loud, even though I knew exactly what was coming. Dear Sean you will be missed tremendously, and I feel a tiny bit better knowing that wherever you are now, that place will now be a lot funnier. :(
c D
c D:
R.I.P. Sean Lock. Your humor saw me through so many hard times in my own life. You were always so magical in wit and humor. Thank you. God's speed.
mishael al-ghareeb
mishael al-ghareeb:
RIP! Genuinely the funniest and most quick witted on the show. Lots of love and prayers to the family
Loved him for years. Such a funny man and a true gentleman!!
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson:
Loved every second, most of it crying with laughter. Devastated. RIP, Sean.
Greg McCaw
Greg McCaw:
Sean really made me laugh the real kind of laughing that has you creased over struggling for air.
5:35 to 5:45 - Claudia and Jimmy's laughter - that's how great Sean was. RIP.
Rest in peace, you legend. Never seen a finer man eat so many whelks.
Michael Maguire
Michael Maguire:
So sad he died so young. Bless your heart Sean. You always had me in stitches.
Kyle Scott
Kyle Scott:
Normally i never comment on things but this really hit me. The amount of nights during college i binged sean lock while i studied. The amount of times after work feeling down putting 8 out of 10 cats on to pass the time and bring a smile. Really got me through some tough times. Thank you Sean you will be missed.
Trying My Best
Trying My Best:
Thank you so so much for All the laughs and smiles over the years you truly will be missed R.I.P Sean ❤️
Mike Waldt
Mike Waldt:
Always remembered never forgotten. RIP Sean.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
Thank you so much for sharing your humour with us Sean.
God bless you chief.
Sheridan Forbes
Sheridan Forbes:
A comedic legend, RIP Sean
Cain Roberts
Cain Roberts:
Best Sean Lock joke ever: “Did you know, a shark will only attack you if you’re wet” RIP absolute legend
Darryl Roberts
Darryl Roberts:
You just assume someone like Sean will always be there - one of the few comedians who could get me into fits of laughter without hardly trying. There'll be that much less laughter now that he's gone. RIP you absolute legend.
Lisa Ransom
Lisa Ransom:
one of the biggest regrets in my life is never seeing Sean Lock at a live gig! God bless his memory and his family with funny & happy memories of this comedic genius, the like of which we’ll never see again! I just think of the A-Z casserole he made and Miles Jupp spoon feeding it to him!
Harry Bhf
Harry Bhf:
RIP Sean Lock, thank you for all the laughs and you will always be remembered
niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
Few comedians as witty and funny as this man. His delivery and timing were impeccable. What would we do without people like you who make us laugh so much? RIP Sean
"That's a challenging wank" has got to be one of the funniest lines ever said on television. RIP Sean. You were brilliant.
Derek Robinson
Derek Robinson:
Lost a lot of bodily fluid watching Sean through the years, thankfully mostly out the eyes. Gonna be missed in my house for sure, R.I.P mate.
preston craven
preston craven:
We miss you Sean! You effortlessly brought laughter to millions, love you 😂
CrimsonVixen94 X
CrimsonVixen94 X:
Will be missed for sure. Rest in laughter Sean <3
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer:
Still crying from laughing, sadly missed, sweet dreams Sean and thank you for bringing laughter to me when I'm feeling low.
Sinclair Hado
Sinclair Hado:
He was legitimately one of the best comedians and panelists I've ever seen.
Lisa Day
Lisa Day:
I still can't believe it. Loved the man. Love to his family ❤
jon priston
jon priston:
The funniest 6 mins of television I've ever seen. Just crying with laughter. RIP Sean you will be sorely missed
Thanks for the smiles in my difficult times, Sean. You'll never be forgotten. Rest easy.
Goaway Tubetwat
Goaway Tubetwat:
I love him. I always binge watch him when I'm feeling low and it makes me happy. I didn't realise how popular he was with everyone. I'm completely gutted that he's gone. I honestly can't think of another comedian that I've liked as much as him. I actually cried when I heard and I never do that with famous people.
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson:
I think he had me on QI. "I hear voices."
"Do you?"
"Yeah... But I ignore them and I keep killing."
Bazoozle 23
Bazoozle 23:
An amazing man, a perfect Chaotic Evil. Thanks for everything Sean!
Lex Osney
Lex Osney:
We'll miss you Sean. Thanks for the years of laughter.
Irene Henson
Irene Henson:
Fly high Sean ... you'll always be remembered with great fondness ... a man of sharp wit x
Francesca A
Francesca A:
He made me laugh so much, bless him. RIP Sean.
Kieran C
Kieran C:
He upstaged every single comedian in that show. That’s how good he was! Rip Mr Lock. You were 8 out of 10 cats does countdown.
Thank you for your genius comedy Sean. Fly high and Rest in Peace 🙏🏻
Man, I just heard about his passing today. He was a legend and will remain so, especially when it came to carrots in a box!
Keith Stramaglia
Keith Stramaglia:
I was in shock when I found out about his passing. Thank you so much for making me laugh. You will be missed. You were one of a kind. Rest in Peace.
Adrian Granfelt
Adrian Granfelt:
Rest in peace you absolute legend, you're sorely missed
Much ado about everything
Much ado about everything:
His passing hit me with a sadness that has lingered all day. In contrast, he has given years of good humoured quick witted comedy and I'm grateful for his existence. Sleep easy Sean and thank you for the laughter my friend.
Barry Murphy
Barry Murphy:
Sean was one of my favorite comedians. R.I.P
She's Dark Inside
She's Dark Inside:
RIP great Sir you will be dearly missed. Thank you for all the laughs and some of the best moments ever.
Thank you Sean Lock, you made me laugh so many times specially on 8 out of 10 cats. RIP
Gary C
Gary C:
I love comedians and Sean was one of my favourites.
If I could gift him a year of my life, i would.
Always loved, never forgotten ❤️
Don’t think anyone has made me cry with laughter as much as Sean, jaw-achingly funny. RIP you hero of comedy.
Chris Mah
Chris Mah:
Rip Sean. Absolute legend!
RIP, true legend who will be dearly missed 🙏❤
Anna M
Anna M:
RIP Sean Lock, the "Carrot in a Box" champion and a mascot extraordinaire. You will be missed
Trisha Wartooth
Trisha Wartooth:
Rest In Peace, you brilliant man. You will be missed
Probably my favorite Sean moment was when Joe Wilkinson was reading "the" poem (you know the one...) and Sean was laughing so hard it hurt, and he could barely catch his breath. All he could wheeze was, "Please stop." I'd never seen him laugh so hard. You left us far too soon, Sean, we will miss you!
Nicola Connelly
Nicola Connelly:
RIP Sean Lock, a true comedy genius!!
Johno Daz
Johno Daz:
R.I.P Sean Lock, an absolute Comic Genius 💜.
Never heard og him, but I wish I had. It seems he was a genius ❤️ Rip.
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor:
Absolute legend! Will be hugely missed.
Sir Pinkly
Sir Pinkly:
My heart goes out to Sean's wife and children and second wife, Miles Jupp.
Sonia Hicks
Sonia Hicks:
Tears of laughter.. Sean you will be missed. 💗
Ben Hooson-Jones
Ben Hooson-Jones:
Loved watching this guy over the year. Such a great comedian. Very genuine. Very witty.
I keep coming back to these videos because I have a lot of time for Sean, even tho he’s passed. I will never forget him, even from the grave he continues to make me laugh. RIP Legend.
Raymond Finch
Raymond Finch:
Great comedian loved his humour will be sadly missed, made me laugh many times sad to see him go so young.
Shock to say the least, his sence of humour was incredible love his jokes love the man.
God bless you Sean lock.
“If I could have my ashes spread anywhere I wanted, I’d have them spread in Piers Morgan’s eyes”
I think we as a community of fans should have that request honoured.
We’ll miss you Sean 🖤