Abdelhak Nouri has collapsed to ground Werder Bremen vs Ajax 2-1

Abdelhak Nouri vs Werder Bremen

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He just woke up from his coma after 2 years we’re praying for him
George Gillon
George Gillon:
Whose here after finding out the good news that he’s woken up
Who is here after seeing Donny van de Beek choose to wear the no.34 shirt for man utd in tribute to Nouri? Such a nice thing to do.
Must be difficult for Delaney, he witnessed this then sees it happen to Eriksen. Glad they're both relatively okay.
If the medics waited this long for Eriksen he wouldn’t be alive right now. His teammate asked for help for ages before they stopped play and medics waited until even opposition players were shouting at them before coming over. Ajax medical staff are 100% to blame for what he’s gone through/ is going through. He was 21. Far too young of an age to become unable to to live normally. Diving is common in football but when a player goes to the ground off the ball like that it’s obvious something is very wrong. No one dives like this
Samuel Biswas
Samuel Biswas:
He woke up after two years in a time when people can’t leave their homes because of quarantine
Nearly 3 years later, he is able to smile periodically and eat
The fact that delaney ( 1:08 ) experienced both, nouris' and eriksens' cardiac arrests on the pitch is so shocking
Spencer Riggins
Spencer Riggins:
There has to be faster response. 30 seconds can be the difference between permanent damage and a full recovery. Had they gotten out there quicker, he might have had a better chance of recovering. And clubs should be required to test for heart problems that cause this to happen
Saquon Barkley
Saquon Barkley:
It's like he's the main character of a horror movie, waking up after 2 years in a time of a pandemic because of a spreading virus
Doctor Prishnicov
Doctor Prishnicov:
Thomas Delaney was a witness of 2 collapses: Then Appie Nouri and now Christan Eriksen. That's why he cried so much during the game Denmark - Finland. Man must've amazing mentality because of these sad experiences
El Strijder
El Strijder:
Sad that the medical staff aren't that fast here with helping him.. Luckily for Eriksen they were faster.. Pray for both of them ❤
Sports Station
Sports Station:
I remember this 2 years ago. Nothing like this has happened since, and he was such a promising talent...
this was awful when it happened, so happy and great to hear that he’s getting better and making progress 🙏🏼❤️⚽️
This just shows how quick the medical team were for Erikson. The way he went down was vastly different to this so I guess the urgency at first was more apprehensive.
So tragic 😢
What a talent this guy was...
Al The Eagle
Al The Eagle:
When I played Fifa 17, I recruited him as my youth player, and I was annoyed by his stamina so easily dropped, but after this video passed on the homepage, I felt guilty about it. respect for him.
I am so happy he is getting better now.. No one truly deserves this at all. So young and bright. God please always keep and strengthen him.😥😥
Joao Pedro Campos
Joao Pedro Campos:
é bom saber que ele está de volta
*Quem está aqui depois dele acordar, estou muito feliz por ele 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 2 anos depois em coma, que história*
ian askew
ian askew:
Things like this is when diving or players faking injuries really angers me. It happens so much in the game when players are laying down the refs and other players might not take it as serious. Players that dive show a lack of respect to Nouri, fabrice mumba, foe and others. As soon as you see someone laying then it should be boom stop play. I hope I make sense.
Mr M
Mr M:
It's so sad seeing all those players realising sometimes is seriously wrong waving for medical help.
So sad that such a young promising life was halted so soon....
Mr Shw1ftyy
Mr Shw1ftyy:
Get well soon legend we are praying for you
Raditya Ananda
Raditya Ananda:
0:33 Is that Thomas Delaney? If yes, then he has watched two footballers collapsed while he play on the same pitch as them: Nouri and Eriksen.
Yassar A
Yassar A:
Poor Thomas Delaney. He had to witness this again with his teammate Christian Eriksen.
Wallas Luan
Wallas Luan:
boa notícia o nouri acordou e saiu do coma depois de 2 anos 9 mêses e 17 dias que Deus o abençoe sempre e ilumine o caminho dele ele é um exemplo de superação e uma Pena ela não ter visto a história que o Ajax fez nesse 2 anos o Que importa é que ele está bem
Alec Dukas
Alec Dukas:
So happy to find out that he is awake. I hope he recovers strong! 💪🏻
leo stewart
leo stewart:
2 yrs and 9 months later he is awake yesssssssssss🙏 let's hope he can get back In the stand🙏watching his boyhood team. shame he cant play for them tho🙏🙏🙏
Who’s here after Van De Beek chose his shirt number for Man Utd
He has come out of the coma, but lost the ability to speak and walk. May god help him. Let’s pray that we will be able see him on the pitch once again 😔🙏🏻
Gabriel 1998
Gabriel 1998:
Qué bueno que ya despertó!! Es un guerrero!! 🙌💙❤️💪
Faysal Haroun
Faysal Haroun:
Sad about Nouri and the Fact that Bremen players looked more worried than his Teammates but nothing against them Though they didn't know, its very important he is alive and fighting.
Желаю здоровья Нури , а также возвращения в футбол🙏🙏🙏
Absolutely tragic to hear what has happened, only 20 years old and his whole life ahead of him. Heartbreaking.
Haider Thahim
Haider Thahim:
He is eating, He is fine according to his Brother.
Watched this live and when it all unfolded is was so hard to watch, stay strong appie <3
He has woken up!Its a true miracle and I'm glad hes recovered
Freeman Osei-Tete Jnr
Freeman Osei-Tete Jnr:
Who is here after seeing Eriksen collapse?🙏 he's far better now thank God
God this is so unfair, no one deserves this. Especially someone so young that has so many things to do in life. No one deserves this. Please help him god😔🙏🏼
Alex G
Alex G:
Prayers to him and his family. Glad hes woken up 🙏🏻
Flamengo Sempre
Flamengo Sempre:
E ele acordou graças a Deus, tomara que volte a jogar
He had a lot of potential I hope he recovers fully shame that he can't play again
TiMzzz M
TiMzzz M:
He's awoken from the coma, praise God🙌🏼
From a die hard SV Werder Bremen Fan, i pray that the Lord will strengthen him so that he can recover. God bless him and his family. God is with you always! Amen 🙏
Gracie C.
Gracie C.:
What a big difference from Eriksen. Referee, medics are so slow in response :(
SCV Goalkeeping
SCV Goalkeeping:
You never know, this man may get his normal life back but it is highly unlikely. But I pray for him ❤️
Crazy that the other team showed way more concern then his own...
2020 has finally brought us some good as he’s just awoken thank God ❤️
Tom H. S.
Tom H. S.:
We pray for him!🙏❤
Aaron C
Aaron C:
Van de Beek's tribute and the decision of De Jong was all because of this man.
after seeing this real fucking props to the medical staff for Christian eriksen. People don’t realise how close it can be like if you don’t act quick enough it can be fatal. it should be illegal to play football if you do not to have real med team… 0:41 they really got players messing around with him? This guy went into a coma for 3 years and no wonder with how long they took to actually help him. 1:10 they started actually saying oh shit wait get the proper people on to help LIKE HUH? 35 whole seconds that guy had no air to his brain.
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique:
Ele voltooooouuuuuu!!!!❤
Μάριος Λαβίδας
Μάριος Λαβίδας:
I wish him the best really,from Greece! Be well Nouri,I wish you health and prosperity man!
Sean Clark
Sean Clark:
God bless that he’s woken up at last. I wish him and his family all the best.
Arun Munagala
Arun Munagala:
who's here after eriksen collapsed? Hope's he's well.

Update: Denmark confirmed Eriksen is alive and talking!
Matthew j
Matthew j:
It’s miracle that he’s recovered
Ele finalmente acordou do coma 🙏🏽💙
Mi K
Mi K:
Dem Spieler alles, alles Gute. Bitte werde gesund.
Happy he came back to earth although in a bad time sadly but happy for his arrival
Absolutely tragic and something that seems to happen to footballers quite a lot (the cardiac arrest, I mean). I wonder why that is? Over training? Something missing from their diet? Just a coincidence?

Glad to hear he's making some kind of recovery, it's horrid to see this happen to anyone, let alone someone so young. Sending good karma his way
John Blessed
John Blessed:
It's always so sad to see a footballer injured on the field of play 😭😭
zGarts YT
zGarts YT:
He is a true fighter 🙌🙏
Lukas Hillbrandt
Lukas Hillbrandt:
He had such a great potential
Alfe Haaland
Alfe Haaland:
He’s better now 🙏 such a talent too
Arabella Grace
Arabella Grace:
Watching this again after hearing that he has finally woke up. I hope he gets even better
yt kanal
yt kanal:
He woke up from koma today! After 2 years ans 9 months! Never give up❤
Frans Bauer
Frans Bauer:
Stay strong appie😪❤️💪🏼🙏🏼
We love you
First Delaney watched his opponent collapse in a friendly. Then he watched his teammate collapse at the EURO's. Got to feel for him
Mod FV
Mod FV:
He was such a good player...
Imad Benomar
Imad Benomar:
after all these years, AL hamdoulilah he's awake ❤
unfortunately he did not get the adequate treatment on the field, the medical staff didn't use defibrillator straight away.
Nil satis nisi optimum
Nil satis nisi optimum:
Poor guy man, I’d forgot about this until it came up in youtube recommendation for some reason only in his young 20’s now and left with brain damage. As someone else said he’d be proud see how Ajax have achieved today
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong:
Here after Van De Beek chose the number 34 for United. Respect❤
I can’t be the only one wondering why it took them so long to realise something was seriously wrong and provide him with proper medical attention.
Giorgos Kara
Giorgos Kara:
*I hope he recovers completely, poor young man*
konstantinos Tsigas
konstantinos Tsigas:
He woke up after 2 years and 9 months he is a real fighter
Niklas Nielsen
Niklas Nielsen:
finally, something good happens during these tough times, i mean the good thing is that he has awoke from 2 years in coma. God bless you!
Flavio83 Queiroz
Flavio83 Queiroz:
Ele acordou glória Deus!!
Prayers sent to him and his family
respect for nouri
I had no idea he was in a coma for 2 years! I'm so glad he is awake again
This took way to long for the doctors to do something... look how quick Eriksen was helped, thats why he survived and woke up at the pitch...
Naveen Joseph
Naveen Joseph:
Prayers for you my brother!
Paulo César
Paulo César:
Essa semana, graças à Deus, ele acordou do coma!🙏🙏
Pastirma 1905
Pastirma 1905:
He's back after the good News❤❤❤
Wallas Luan
Wallas Luan:
good news nouri woke up and came out of a coma after 2 years 9 months and 17 days may god bless him always and light his way he is an example of overcoming and a pity she didn’t see history
Melisa Qaili
Melisa Qaili:
The people that disliked are so disrespectful......
Ali K
Ali K:
Who’s here after he regained conciseness. May he get well soon.
Declan Johnson
Declan Johnson:
Big respect, such good news to hear he’s woken
Brahim Bra
Brahim Bra:
Force a lui 🙏❤️❤️❤️ et sa famille ❤️et ses proches 🙏
fvcvbv cbccbc
fvcvbv cbccbc:
90% of American footballer are playing under brain damage actually. Obviously, soccer is a way different sport.
You have my respect Abdelhak Nouri! Stay strong!
Kawaii Senpai
Kawaii Senpai:
An unfortunately event that could have been prevented.
As for Nouri, who knew that his doctor at ajax said to him at the moment of screening, that Nouri, has in fact: a hearthcondition. Soccer might be a risk according to the doctor.
With that knowledge, and the fact that nouri has passed the age of 18, and thus being an adultt and selfresponsible for his decissions, did not involved it's parents about his condition.
On that fatal day of the interland play; his heart stopped. Cause: his heartcondition which he knew could be a risk at the time of the soccermatch.
All was lost for Nouri, it's family, friends and soccerteam at ajax, but mostly of all: his promised future.
The aftermath: The doctors and Ajax were held responsible, although they could not be blamed for this accident and the decission of Nouri for kepting playing the game. Fame and promise weighted heavinly on Nouri and he payed the ultimate price for this last game in his whole career.
The only thing that can be said about this unfortunate event: do not make risky nor bad decissions involving your health...never take the risk. Because in the end everyone is losing this battle, eventually. #lifeontheline
Obsessive Mind
Obsessive Mind :
This hit me hard man. Fuck, i had ventricular tachycardia. I got lucky it turned normal by itself. It freaks me out man :/
He is back, good luck at this corona time 🙏❤
phil lx aka Philuc05
phil lx aka Philuc05:
Incredible how the ref stopped the game after just looking for a split second
Supreme S
Supreme S:
The werder players are angels, they were worried the most
Moes Moradi
Moes Moradi:
How relaxt they come for Nouri, and how fast they where by chris eriksen???? I dont understand how this happen and why no body is fast??
I live in the Netherlands and i got a photo with him just 1 week before this happened, i’m so broken and when im writing this it’s already happened 4 months ago but my heart still hurts
Faizan Fayyaz
Faizan Fayyaz:
He's no longer in coma now 😌❤️