Actress Naya Rivera, known for 'Glee,' missing after going boating on Lake Piru | ABC7

Actress Naya Rivera is missing and may have drowned, authorities say, after she went boating and swimming on Lake Piru with her young son on Wednesday. Full story:

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John Phillips
John Phillips:
I could not imagine her poor boys fear for those hours alone. Poor child.
Lauren Dilaurentis
Lauren Dilaurentis:
This is so crazy. And that poor child :(
Andre Montoya
Andre Montoya:
Nothing good ever happens to the cast of glee
Layne Franklin
Layne Franklin:
That poor little dude on that boat alone calling for his mom...Dam why does stuff like this have to happen...
Kitty Bokm
Kitty Bokm:
This is extremely unsettling. 2020 has been a traumatic year. I hope they find you naya ❤️ you and you’re family are in my prayers.
Oh no :( I hope by some miracle she's still alive.
Ty Cardwell
Ty Cardwell:
My god, the show Glee is cursed.
Kyle Bolton
Kyle Bolton:
I hope she isn’t dead. If so, Rest In Peace. I am sending peace to her and strength to her son!!
Emily Rose
Emily Rose:
Her last Instagram posts caption was “Just the two of us” and it doesn’t sit right with me. There has to be more to the story.
This makes absolutely no sense. There’s no way you’d let your 4-year old child swim in the open water like that. Especially not without constant supervision. This has sketch written ALL over it
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson:
This year has been strange🤔...... a lot of weird shit. How they both go for a swim and then the kid gets back in the boat but the adult doesn’t?????? There’s more to this story I already know it......
Deadman Outcast
Deadman Outcast:
This feels like a dream. This is weird.
"Rivera is presumed to have drowned Hello im Mark Brown"
Ruby Starr
Ruby Starr:
ANOTHER dead Glee actor? something ain't right...
Clarence Davis III
Clarence Davis III:
And she sang “If I die young” on Glee...
Videos ToWatch
Videos ToWatch:
So the 4 year old boy was able to swim back on board, but not the mother? ...??????
Rachelle Greene
Rachelle Greene:
How awful for her son. That child needs therapy. Poor baby.
Maria Lawson
Maria Lawson:
Big Sean made a hit song specifically dissing her ("ion f w/ U). Really dogged her too...wonder how he's feeling 🤔? That's why you should always be careful how you treat people. Sending praying for her safe return however 🙏❤️
How did a small child finagle his way up onto the boat????
I'm glad the child was found ok at least. Imagine how scared he was and still is not knowing where his mother is.
Tj J
Tj J:
I’m from the area and I can’t stress enough about Lake Piru it’s known as a lake of death. It has extremely strong sink holes/undercurrents that create a tornado like vortex we are not able to see from the flat first layer as it sucks you under once you’ve entered the water. This lake has been an issue for decades. We are all susceptible to tragic events like this happening so let’s try to be educated and compassionate. I think she was pushing her son back onto the boat as he stated and when she pushed him up his weight submerged her into deeper waters pulling her into one of those vortex’s and that’s why her son turned around and didn’t see her because she never reemerged.
Brennen Steele
Brennen Steele:
This breaks my heart. I met her a few times. She was lovely & down to earth. Soooo funny too. It just breaks my heart that her son had to witness this. I pray that this memory fades with time. She cherished him. I can't imagine what she went through, but knowing her she is happy that he made it back on the boat & was rescued. She'll make a fantastic Angelic Mom!!
Ian Noija
Ian Noija:
Please God, bring her back🙏🏽😭
This don’t sound right
Why would she let her 4yo son swimming in the middle of the lake? Is it possible that she's about to commit suicide with her son but then changed her mind midway?
Bitch I Might Be
Bitch I Might Be:
Something sounds off, a 4 year old made it back to the boat but an adult didn't
Edel Quinn
Edel Quinn:
I’m so happy her baby is okay
Cheryl Daniel
Cheryl Daniel:
Oh no, that's shady!!
Something doesn't seem to add up...
I legit just started watching Glee during the quarantine and of course she was my absolute favourite. 😢😢
Not The City HQ
Not The City HQ:
Glee stars just don’t catch a break, show’s cursed
Sad, sounds fishy.
j a s
j a s:
Her poor baby he must be so confused and worried about his mom 😔 I really hope Naya is safely found soon
Anna Vianna
Anna Vianna:
Hopefully in the morning they can find her... sad news to the family. 😢
robbie G
robbie G:
Jay Kay
Jay Kay:
“Oh My Gawd I’m So Done With 2020”
Heather Y
Heather Y:
This is so sad. That poor baby lost his mom and he was on a boat by himself. How traumatizing!
Playboy Squad
Playboy Squad:
Big Sean's ex! I can't imagine what he's going through right now...
Sea Panther
Sea Panther:
Highly suspicious 🤔
David Samuel D
David Samuel D:
Naya knew too much about bigger fish. Maybe Ghislane Maxwell threw her name out.
Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge:
May angels lead you in, Hear you me my friends, On sleepless roads the sleepless go... May angels lead you in
Missy Citty
Missy Citty:
So tragic!! She should have brought another adult along with her. :(
Her poor son!
The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio
The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio:
A 3 hour... excursion eh.

This already sounds dubious af.
Hector FIRESTARTER Vargas:
She's definitely dead no parent would just leave their toddler alone on a boat right?😶
chaniqua smith
chaniqua smith:
I used too watch her when she was a little girl on family matters and royal family.
Mr BrightSide
Mr BrightSide:
Omg. I remember her from Glee. Im so sorry, I hope they find her alive and well.
OMG I can't take anymore bad news this year.
People would rather believe that the show Glee is "cursed" than that people in Hollywood kill people who have dirt on them.
Jan J
Jan J:
"A 3 hour tour"
Cathy Marquez
Cathy Marquez:
So sad it's always the good souls that die so soon.
Horrible news edit.
Johnnie Madrid
Johnnie Madrid:
Rest In Peace.
hi there
hi there:
Glee was my favorite show growing up and Naya was my favorite character I’m praying she’s okay. we love you Naya❤️🙏🏾
Those glee kids are dropping like flies.
Shes dead for sure unfortunately, no way she makes it to safety and just leaves her kid in the boat.
It’s devastating 😫 Poor family. Poor that young child 😔
Edel Quinn
Edel Quinn:
I hope the boys father is in the picture how tragic my heart goes out for him what a terrible loss
D Z:
WTF is going on here? She got railroaded out of the industry and now she's "missing" presumed dead?...This is fishy!
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez:
It’s sad that finding missing celebrities right away is more of a priority than the missing US soldier Vanessa Guillen
Toni b
Toni b:
I pray they will find her. She was one of my favorite characters in "Famiĺy Matters"
Tatyana Vasquez
Tatyana Vasquez:
i hope they find her god bless!
Cyndi Mcgonigal
Cyndi Mcgonigal:
Omg i loved her on Glee. Poor child. My thoughts and prayers 🙏 go out to her family.
Always thought she was so beautiful and so talented. Hope she’s found safe .
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick:
Gang related?
Never boat alone
DO NOT GO BOATING ALONE!!! ITS THE #1 rule when you go out on the water !
Adam Badali
Adam Badali:
This is the human condition in 2020:

News: “Hollywood actress dies.”

Us: “Likes this video.”
Michelle Belle
Michelle Belle:
What the hell!!
That poor baby. Being there alone. Thank heavens he can swim. I hope they find her soon and why. 💔
Fake Name
Fake Name:
Omg please no this can’t be true😖
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon:
Why is everyone from the show glee coming up dead 😭😱💔
A Rod
A Rod:
Dam I wonder if Big Sean gonna regret makin that song about her
Chip Amos
Chip Amos:
Where was Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken??
The Situation
The Situation:
Is this some final destination thing for glee actors?
Chair hitting Chiyuri
Chair hitting Chiyuri:
I'm having memories of her song called If I die young. .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.😭😭😭😭😭😭
That poor child 😭
R.I.P. Naya Rivera. You will be missed by all of us.
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions:
The ad for the YouTube Chanel at the end doesn’t feel right
Jose Jonhson
Jose Jonhson:
Never swim alone, i don't care how strong a swimmer you think you are. A stroke or heart attack can strike at any moment. Better to have someone around that can you out of the water during an emergency. Poor kid.
Julia Moore
Julia Moore:
This seems very sketchy in my opinion, possible foul play maybe? Just seems strange. Hope they find her safe and ALIVE, sending prayers.
wow, I remember when she was the little girl that had the crush on Little Richie on Family Matters back in the day. Gone way too soon.
Amaury Lannes
Amaury Lannes:
Lake Piru? Hell yeah throw down the red
Nooo :( i was just singing my heart out on glee songs. Searched glee to find other songs and this popped up... this hurts my heart😭
Zach Ryan
Zach Ryan:
Song title: if I die young
One of the lyrics: sink me in a river by dawn
Sang by: Naya Rivera
Not the first Glee death either. Weird circumstances surrounding that show.
Sun Storm
Sun Storm:
“A 3 hr excursion”... 🤔 Where have I heard that before?
It'sok 2bwhite
It'sok 2bwhite:
Seems fishy.
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke:
Didn’t she learn from Gilligan, why oh why would you do a 3 hr. Tour? Is it just me or does glee have a curse
Grind Gears
Grind Gears:
That show most definitely sounds cursed.
I see no Glee there
Shannon Georgia Peach
Shannon Georgia Peach:
Omg, how horrible. Prayers for her son & family. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lorena Gon
Lorena Gon:
Keep looking for her,🙏❤
Damn man thats sad i remember her brother Mychal used to play for the Raiders. Prayers for her and the family
Anti Afro Svengalis
Anti Afro Svengalis:
Exactly! Why would someone do something like this with a small child?
I hope she is still alive!! Let’s all pray for her and her son.
Diamond Perkins
Diamond Perkins:
Praying that she’ll be home with her son safe and sound 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Sounds like we're missing something, doesn't the fact that they're presuming shes dead already seem kind of strange ? I don't think were getting all the information. Im not familiar with situations were people go missing in lakes but I know if you go missing in the ocean (People go overboard cruise ships all the time) they look for days and never heard the media say they are presumed dead. Maybe its because its a smaller body of water and that changes things. I think they wouldn't say that unless they have some info that isn't ready to be released yet.
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange:
I bet it was the main character in glee that set this up for smearing her career
Andrea Moscoso
Andrea Moscoso:
My goodness I hope she is found. You never know when something can happen. Just the other day she seemed fine and like all in her life was okay. I really hope she is found alive and well for her child too.
David K.
David K.:
"A 3 hour tour", were Gilligan and the Skipper on the boat too?
jamorei butler
jamorei butler:
Sherman Leung
Sherman Leung:
And this is newsworthy? Why?
Terry Santacruz
Terry Santacruz:
Omg no no no 💔 i clicked so fast when i saw this but i thought it was because she did a come back seriously this can't be true ugh i hope they find her alive.
0:19 she wanted to say a 3 hour tour so badly