Actress Naya Rivera Missing After Swimming In Lake Piru With 4-Year-Old Son

Authorities were searching for actress Naya Rivera Wednesday night after her 4-year-old son was found floating alone on a rented boat in Lake Piru.

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Aaron Weeks
Aaron Weeks:
God I don’t want this to be true. She has so much more life to live.
Tiana Chavez
Tiana Chavez:
She has a son. Im not sure why the cop keeps calling him a her.
I hope she’s found alive!?! Her poor little boy must have been and probably still is terrified being on his own for so long and wondering where his mommy is? until he was found and rescued!
there’s something very creepy about this. that lake is huge and it looks deep. why on earth would naya have gone swimming in a lake this deep, especially without a lifeboat? why would she have left her young child behind? there are missing parts to this story...something is very wrong here

edit for clarity: i’m from a lake town. people go swimming in shallow parts of the lake, traditionally. beaches. i’ve never heard of people going swimming in the middle of a lake off a boat, or at least not in a lake that big and deep. also, did not insinuate it was her fault any of this happened. i think there’s a huge chunk of this story missing. thanks.
so a 4 year old boy went back and she didnt this is weird af
Eryn J
Eryn J:
I hope Naya is round well and alive🥺I love her so much, I don’t want her to be gone 😔
Eduardo Morales
Eduardo Morales:
This can’t be real. Hope she is found alive
Jamie Avasarala
Jamie Avasarala:
Sad to say... she’s dead. No mother would leave their 4 year old child alone on a boat unless something bad happened.
I want everyone reading this comment to stop thinking negatively. start manifesting!!! Naya Rivera WILL BE FOUND SAFE AND ALIVE. SHE WILL BE REUNITED WITH HER SON AND FAMILY. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LEAVE THIS EARTH YET.

speak positivity into existence!!! don't dwell on the negative yet. we must stay strong and pray for her.
Gaby Castelblanco
Gaby Castelblanco:
That "Glee" show... Man. Cursed af. It's literally some "Final Destination" kinda stuff
Argelia G
Argelia G:
There is something very weird about this story... Something doesn't feel right
k M.
k M.:
I'm going to sleep, and when I wake up she'll be here with us, with her baby boy. All I can do is hope☹️
The boat probably started to drift away while she was in the water, and she was too tired to swim back to her boat and drowned. I remember doing a swimming competition, and trying to get back to a boat that was drifting away, was very tiring and it is a good thing that someone else was on the boat who came closer to me.
Imagine living the rest of your life with the last memory watching your mom drifting away helplessly. .. I hope they find her... 😫 This boy needs his mom. Prayers up
sammy sweetheart
sammy sweetheart:
people have drowned in that lake even with life jackets on! very dangerous
I can do 15 laps and tread water for 20 minutes after and I would never go out in the waters alone without a life jacket. People don't understand how tiring it is to stay afloat if they are not good swimmers.
sara H
sara H:
This is heartbreaking. As a single mom to a 5 year old, I can’t even imagine what that boys going through and what went through the mom‘ s mind.
Dear God let it not be true ! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Even though I'm praying for the best, it's been hours and they haven't found her plus calling off the search til morning is heartbreaking. Prayers for her, her parents, siblings, friends, and Josey
This is so scary! I’m so sad :(
Seems fishy to me tbh ? Second time in months something like this happens again. Remember the guy and his son in LA I believe!
Kay Bee
Kay Bee:
Take by breath away glee version crossed my mind recently....thinking how the two killed that song and made it better than the original
Hopefully they found her alive😔
Rick Y. C.
Rick Y. C.:
The truth always comes out sooner or later. Hope they find her soon.
Jaylyn May
Jaylyn May:
Was she driving the boat herself? It seems a bit strange. How did the 4 year old get back on the boat by themselves?
Please be okay. Please. I can’t take another heart break. Losing another glee member.
It said “a small lake” how deep is it? How haven’t they found the body? I’m so confused. The little boy was asleep?
Victoria Marshall
Victoria Marshall:
When are you going to start taking the missing 411 research seriously
Jael Espinoza
Jael Espinoza:
Praying that she is found alive :(
that cop giving the press conference called her son a “lil girl” 🤦🏾‍♀️ thing u know ppl gonna call it conspiracy this & that chasing after a sad story....🙏🏾 2 her son and fam!
Steeven Hyde
Steeven Hyde:
Why is always the good people that has to leave us first?
Alessandro Maia
Alessandro Maia:
This is so sad! My stomach is hurting right now... 🤭
Lil Rose
Lil Rose:
I feel like glee was doing something first Corey even though he was od then mark I hope naya doesn’t join the list 🥺😭
yen xion
yen xion:
I was a huge Gleek it so sad that she is missing. I feel like the whole cast was cursed or something. 😩😭
may flowers
may flowers:
I can't believe this!! If she's found dead i'm going to be so upset. Praying she's alive
Tj J
Tj J:
I’m from the area and I cannot stress enough about Lake Piru it’s known as a lake of death. It has extremely strong sink holes/undercurrents that create a tornado like vortex we are not able to see from the flat first layer as it sucks you under once you’ve entered the water. It’s so deadly my heart breaks every time I hear about a new drowning. Again, I can’t stress how many people say they won’t return because they have or someone they know almost drowned. Im praying for the best may God be with her.
Sam Cleary
Sam Cleary:
they need to send down a huge group of scubadivers and find her 😭 this can’t be true!! at least find her body if she is dead
This is a very heartbreaking experience for anyone, but especially for a child to witness the possible death of a parent. 😢
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
I hope she's found alive, but all I can think about is her performance of "If I die young" on Glee
Tara Hillary
Tara Hillary:
i’m in denial..
I’m praying for her
Zechariah Cameron
Zechariah Cameron:
Nooooo! This is sad! How could this just happen? I never thought that big celebrities could (likely) die so tragically at so young? Then, it happened to Kobe, but I honestly thoughts that was once in a lifetime.
Rip she died saving her child. Your watch has ended 😢
Djarthoun Ahmed
Djarthoun Ahmed:
That's exactly the same story as Shad Gaspard, even though i'm praying to GOD that this isn't true.
I’m gonna fucking cry I love her, she’s my baby, she has to be okay.
Gooch the Grip
Gooch the Grip:
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I just hope she's found safely.
I hope it wasn’t an effort of her saving her son.. but more of a he got on the boat and she is found on the shore somewhere alive
Poima Vee
Poima Vee:
J. King
J. King:
I hate to say this, but it doesn't look good..... Especially if she didn't use her life vest.......
Remember to wear a life vest if you're on a boat. I assume she was swimming though and that's why she wasn't wearing one
:0 Hello there
:0 Hello there:
Guys I’m from there, that lake is cursed a lot of people drowned there and we don’t know how they drowned pls don’t go there or don’t swim in the middle, something’s living in that lake.

Edit: my grandpa use to fish there and catch big catfishes, idk if those fish harm you.
Temp U
Temp U:
I can't see how going on a boat alone with a baby and going swimming in the middle of a lake would turn out well.Seems like foul play.
Tilly Quirke
Tilly Quirke:
2 actors from glee have died already and considering their all in their late 20’s that’s kinda strange
Mandy C
Mandy C:
I was literally just watching glee 😭
Universal Cricket Academy
Universal Cricket Academy:
Interesting how some news sources are saying its a 'search and rescue' at the moment, and some are just saying she is 'presumed dead'.
Jimbo Swamps
Jimbo Swamps:
“The boy told investigators she and her mother...” do you even know or understand what you’re reading? So disrespectful.
I guess if you read a million of stories like this a day, you get numb and go on autopilot. Still sad tho.
Emily Corbishley
Emily Corbishley:
I actually can't believe this 😭
This is extremely 💔 heart breaking. She literally spirituality protected her son after she drowned. How sad. 🙏 for her family. Man😢😢😢
FR Bmp
FR Bmp:
This is shocking. My fav girl on Glee. I pray for her wellbeing.
R W:
Thats 3 people now, 4 if you count Lea’s career.

For the sake of her son, I hope Naya is found safe.
Riccardo Oliveri
Riccardo Oliveri:
i'm so sad, i really hope they find her
For anybody who doesn’t know, her body was found. She drowned 😔 rest in peace Naya ❤️✨
Man I feel like glee is curse, cause everyone on that show, been going through some thangs
sang woo
sang woo:
I sad for the boy to grow up with knowing how his mom died
Happy Hour Girl Kola
Happy Hour Girl Kola:
I hope this doesn’t have a tragic ending 😔
Thorn1174us _______
Thorn1174us _______:
Watching this makes your heart sink
Lil Rose
Lil Rose:
I hope she is ok I hope this all a nightmare god please tell me that they found her she’s ok 😭
k M.
k M.:
We can't loose her, we already lost 2 but Naya actually wanted to live. She wants to live😔❤️
MikeFrew Official
MikeFrew Official:
Its pissing me off that they keep calling her son a 3 year old girl! Please don't give up and find her, we need Naya ❤❤❤😭😭😭
lani velazquez
lani velazquez:
im so relieved her son is ok, i really hope shes alright 😔
Omg this is tragic. Thank god he didn’t jump in searching.
Sophi G
Sophi G:
The daily mail just said 8 year old boy . Can these people get their damn stories straight.
If she is dead I feel terrible for her son and family . My own daughter is 4 and follows me everywhere. I can imagine how frightened he must of been.
She was basically swimming alone, theres always a risk in that
Manuela Rodriguez
Manuela Rodriguez:
I hope she's ok 😭
That one person with no subs
That one person with no subs:
I hope she’s ok😭😭😭
Queen Taylin
Queen Taylin:
I pray they find her safe and sound!!! God bless them! 🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾
bryan's world
bryan's world:
I was just rewatching glee and this popped up omfgg please pray everyone
The boy saw his mom drown or disappear and went to sleep? He wasn't scared? He wasn't crying?
Naya used to date Mark Salling, and did yacht work (access to extremely influential people and their inebriated talk). Ghislaine Maxwell in custody, no doubt naming some names by now. I really hope that this wasn't a hit.
I'm not suggesting that Naya played any part in criminal activity, but perhaps she got named as someone who knew certain things and was a 'risk' i.e. willing to talk if questioned. The timing seems too coincidental given Naya's history, and the rot in those circles runs far deeper than has been made public.
I pray that Naya is found safe and well, but it doesn't look good. May God bless her poor innocent child.
Jaraden Gaston
Jaraden Gaston:
"the good ones die young but they be the first ones to leave"

Rod Wave-
Jenna Jay
Jenna Jay:
This is so sad. I worry so much for her son and hope shes alive 😢
I hope none of this is true. I dont know how but I hope somehow everything would turn out fine and She's in safe place waiting to be found. 😢🙏🏻
Big Daddy
Big Daddy:
Her son has long hair that's why they mistaked him for a girl
Emma Alexandra
Emma Alexandra:
im so scared rn and freaking out. Im saying a little prayer (who gets the reference??) anyways she had so much more to live and I hope somehow something will happen and she will be ok. I LOVE U NAYA/SANTANA AND AM PRAYING AND THINKING OF YOU. ♡
ERachel ASMR
ERachel ASMR:
Let’s all pray for her and that they find her alive 🙏🏻
Giselle Bailey
Giselle Bailey:
God Blessings!!!
I’m so shocked ! I hope she’s okay:( please find her , her kids need their mom
Omg please let this be a rescue!!
I hope this turns around !
Elisa LoPresti
Elisa LoPresti:
I really hope she’s ok
Blue Shirt Handyman
Blue Shirt Handyman:
I can't believe that the cops already released the statement even though they're still investigating but when they investigate themselves it takes them days to get their story correct together to release a statement
I believe she died drowning maybe because she was on drugs or drunk and couldn’t handle the boat. I hope I’m wrong..
Sooyaa Angel
Sooyaa Angel:
when you google her name it says "was" instead of "is" now,but hope she isn't dead and is found alive. prayers hoping she's found
Yosselin Cruz
Yosselin Cruz:
May her family have answers to what happened to her. May her beautiful son be blessed.😔💐💕 This case reminds so much about the late Natalie Wood.
Emergency Engine Cut-Off Switch..very important to have that cord attached to you if you fall overboard.. engine will turns off and the boat and will not run off with out you..especially if your by yourself or with a small child..hope they find her..
Z Devries
Z Devries:
I've had enough of 2020!!!
No,please not Naya!!omgggg
Cynthia Gonzales
Cynthia Gonzales:
Hope they make it a boy or girl on the boat. Find her please!!
Nathan Major
Nathan Major:
First Shad Gaspar now this. gotta be a connection.
Sarah Abraham
Sarah Abraham:
this is scary...i hope she is found alive😢😢😢