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An 11-year-old ‘diva' has become an Internet superstar and built up a vast following on social media - despite suffering from a super-rare ageing condition. Adalia Rose, from Austin, Texas, has racked up nearly 170 million views on YouTube and more than 13 million likes on Facebook with her hilarious videos showcasing her infectious personality. But Adalia has Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome - a genetic condition characterised by the signs of accelerated ageing, which affects less than 500 people worldwide. In additional to premature ageing, other symptoms include dwarfism, lack of body fat and muscle, loss of hair, visible veins, a high pitched voice and stiffness in joints. For Adalia’s YouTube channel, check out:

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100+ komentarze:

Rest In Peace angel 😢
jasmine baby
jasmine baby:
she passed away on the 12th. i’m genuinely so sad over this i’ve followed her since she was just a little kid. rest in paradise sweet girl
Claire S
Claire S:
coming to this video after she’s passed. she was such a funny, strong, capable and beautiful girl. RIP
Jeslyn Salort
Jeslyn Salort:
still can’t believe she passed. I love how she lived her life to the fullest. she was such a beautiful angel ❤
I can’t believe this beautiful angel had passed away. She is so funny and awesome! Rest In Peace Angel! ❤️
Mari Carmen González
Mari Carmen González:
Sorry for her loss but I can say she was a warrior and she earned her star…many blessings to her family and congratulations for giving her a wonderful place to shine with all her light!
Mel Mo
Mel Mo:
i remember seeing her story way back on facebook in the early 10’s. some people were very cruel towards her, but she was such a sweet and cute soul. rest in peace baby.
ck ok
ck ok:
Rip. I wish I would have known about her before she passed. To those who knew her, I am so sorry for your loss. For the parents, you were blessed.
I want to give her a hug, there’s nothing better than children being wholesome bundles of joy
Ruth Mende
Ruth Mende:
Learning about her after her passing breaks my heart.. and I jus want to say that she was a sweet girl from what I can see and I know she’s in a better place . A place away from those that threw critics at her 💔😭😭😭.. rest well princess you’ll be remembered
♡ ραƚɾíƈiα ɱαɾqυҽz ♡
♡ ραƚɾíƈiα ɱαɾqυҽz ♡:
My deepest condolences to her family.
Rest in peace, little angel. You brought so much joy and love to this world 😔❤
Kuro Shiroi
Kuro Shiroi:
It brakes my heart knowing the world has lost such a beautiful angel, RIP ❤️
Smiled the entire time. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Her spirit is fun, funny and adorable. Gotta love her. Instantly.
*”I basically like everything.”*

*we need more people like this in the world!*
Whitney Coleman
Whitney Coleman:
She was stronger and more courageous than most adults I know! Her personality is beautiful. And I’m sending much love to the PARENTS right now! What a beautiful family! Rest in great Peace
I’m so hurt to know she’s passed away. 😢 My heart, prayers, and thoughts are with her loved ones and family. ❤️
p p
p p:
Rest in peace to such a beautiful soul.. This actually breaks my heart
Robert Mcclory
Robert Mcclory:
This really made me feel stupid for feeling sorry for myself for myself because of my problems at times. She’s very cute and had a great personality. This has really opened my eyes that things aren’t that bad . God bless you brave little angel.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.:
R.I.P Adalia. You beat the odds and made it to 15. May God hold you now while you remain forever young. To her family God bless you and keep you.

This broke my heart.
Kristyn Nicole
Kristyn Nicole:
Sobbing ! Ugh what a little angel ! Fly free sweetheart you’ll be missed
Tiffany Elmer
Tiffany Elmer:
Rest In Peace to this adorable, sweet little angel. She cracked me up and made me smile so many times. The world is not quite as bright without her in it. 💔
sue nguyen
sue nguyen:
she was indeed an angel and a diva. rest in peace adalia rose 🕊
{Ani_Mharxyl the only bride}
{Ani_Mharxyl the only bride}:
She's not ugly, she's not rude,she is a Angel to everybody
Jafrin Khan
Jafrin Khan:
I love her so much, Rest In Peace Adalia, she is and will always be a great inspiration to me, I will never ever forget her 💝
Cheyenne Brennan
Cheyenne Brennan:
Most children with progeria don't live past thirteen-She made it to fifteen. Two extra years of enjoying such a beautiful soul. Goodnight Adalia, you will be so missed. 💗
Bryan Cienfuegos
Bryan Cienfuegos:
RIP Adalia. Thank you for sharing your beautiful existence with us. May you fly high and be free
she sadly passed away on the 12th of January, rest in peace angel, you made such an amazing impact on millions of people ❤️🕊
She just a wonder. Unlike many children, she’s the One enjoying her age while others want to grow up so quickly.
I’m crying to hear she died… I don’t understand why god needed her I really hope she’s reborn SHE WAS SO SWEET :( fly high little dancer
Tiffany S
Tiffany S:
I just heard that Adalia has just passed away, rest in peace little angel, you are an inspiration to me, my conscience to the family ❤
RIP. I knew her for like 3-2 years and when I found out she died.... It just feels so.... I don't know. She was so beautiful and charismatic.
Never forget her. 🌹
Some Random child
Some Random child:
Watching this leaves me in absolute tears. She was a beautiful cheery confident soul. It’s so upsetting to see her leave this world but I’m glad she’s not in pain anymore. My condolences go out to this wonderful family. RIP angel
I can’t stop crying, protect her with your life, she’s not different, she’s herself, she’s special.. the people who disliked are jealous of her, she’s beautiful. Excuse my grammar.
Jesse Iler
Jesse Iler:
The fact she lived past the expected lifespan of 13 years(she made it to 15) shows how much of a strong person she was she will forever be missed
flory Flor
flory Flor:
I can't believe she is gone, such a smart child, she was so happy all the time despite her illness.
R.I.P liittle angel, you will be missed!
Danielle Ostrowski
Danielle Ostrowski:
It was funny when she yelled “gimme the backpack” she is adorable she is a brave and inspirational girl
What a bright star. She had ALOT of fun too! Her parents are just amazing also. You were all lucky to have each other and thank you for sharing.
Lucky Kush Kush
Lucky Kush Kush:
Adalia is an amazing girl, no matter how she looks, how she acts, but how she behaves. She is certainly a diva.
Robin Donahue
Robin Donahue:
One seldom sees such a positive sweet soul as this angel. Truly, she had to be an angelic gift to the world. So much love and prayers of comfort to her family. What a tremendous void they now suffer.
S R:
She is absolutely amazing.
I love how positive she is
EDM Superfan
EDM Superfan:
My aunt had this disease. She died before I was born when she was 12. Adalia was lucky to make it to 15 😢
Ayman Mehdaoui
Ayman Mehdaoui:
how is she ten? she sounds like she's 16. she is very smart and intelligent.
I would love to have her as my friend, she's so sweet, Her voice is so cute, we need more people like her
Dalia Rose is such an adorable little girl. I've watched so many of her videos and her family dynamics is beautiful to watch. They are blessed to have her in their lives, and vise versa 🌹❤️
she reminds me so much of my friend when i was younger, we'll call her bailey,. she was my best friend in the whole world, and she had little brothers, spoke the same as this girl and loved unicorns. she was born with a type of cancer and shes a real fighter! i had to leave the town but yeah i felt like sharing
I love this girl. What an inspiration. The world will always remember you sweet girl 💕💛💕
Patrick Kranenburg
Patrick Kranenburg:
This girl is an inspiration to all of the world. She’s not different, she’s just herself. I hope that this video, all though it’s not my video, inspires people all around the world to be themselves.
This is beautiful, she’s so sassy, you go girl!
Drew Dunlop
Drew Dunlop:
I’m a hip hop dancer and this little girl has inspired me to do anything no matter what. She got me crying in a second.
I love how you guys feature many different people and their lifestyle. It’s really nice of you guys.
We miss you Adalia
I just heard about her passing away in the news, and never saw her videos. I am watching them now. What a great personality and a horrible disease which she handled wonderfully. I feel deep sadness for her parents.
Mane Avetisyan
Mane Avetisyan:
her voice is so cutie, I'm crying guys...
brandon michaels
brandon michaels:
she is so free willed and determined, especially at the end "I love dabbing" how more likeable can she get?
Rest in paradise baby girl. You will be missed by so many. Thank you to your parents for sharing you with us. You made my days so much better.
Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce:
So saddened to hear of her high, sweet girl!
Robin Donahue
Robin Donahue:
I am almost 60. I just learned about Adalia 2 days ago, knew nothing about her before that. My heart hurts for the void your family has now and the tremendous grief you will endure. I am here to tell you though, that Adalia has taught me a very profound meaning of life. Bless you all for the incredible life you gave her, and bless this precious dad that chose to be hers. Just amazing 👏 A mom with wisdom beyond her yrs. You did such a wonderful job with your girl. I hope somehow you read this, my heart is with you.
I love how shes like
"Who needs hair? I have my wigs"
Like thats the spirit you should have
Nancy Mendoza
Nancy Mendoza:
Thank you for sharing her beautiful soul with the world. It makes me want to hug my 2 girls and love them more and more every day. Every child is a blessing. A parents love for a child is unconditional.
PHD Philemon
PHD Philemon:
And we need more people like this in the world
Rare Finds
Rare Finds:
She’s in a better place. RIP princess ❤️
Alice Miriah
Alice Miriah:
She was absolutely amazing.
NatureWolf Studios
NatureWolf Studios:
Who cares if she’s different, she’s got a good heart and that’s what matters :)
Riku Red Panda!
Riku Red Panda!:
Fly high, Adalia! We'll miss you but now you're dancing and making new friends!
Beautiful family. Condolences to the strong parents.
Rest In Peace Adalia, you will be missed :(❤️
Be the change ☽
Be the change ☽:
She’s such a queen! Her personality, vibes and energy is beautiful! We will always and forever remember the impact she’s made in the world 🤍 fly high sweet Angel, we will miss u lots! Continue being amazing up there In Peace
Finn Walter
Finn Walter:
I’m watching this in 2021. They said most kids die at the age of 13. She’s now 14 :) that makes me so happy..

(Edit: since some people had trouble understanding: most kids with her condition! Not all kids die at 13, please use your brain)
I'm in tears and chuckling while watching her... I love her sense of humor! I wish I knew of her before she passed away. She had such a great spirit and energy about her... RIP 💜
c h ə ł ł ə
c h ə ł ł ə:
She was always a Angel to everybody! Rest in Peace, it'll be great in heaven<3 we will always remember you!🥰
I haven’t watched this series in so long, RIP Adalia!
crystal family
crystal family:
I stand here she is so adorable she's inspiring and she always bring light into my day I love ya adalia
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia:
She has great parents
Tocay tocay toca
Tocay tocay toca:
I’m crying I’m so greatful she had a bit of a life
Emarina Feao
Emarina Feao:
So sad to hear of your passing baby girl. Fly high I love watching ur videos with your family.😘
Nia Park
Nia Park:
I cant believe this is real. RIP baby you’ve always made my childhood an amazing one! I’ve watched your videos since I was like 10 and seeing them never failed to make me smile and happy and seeing the news of you left this world is heartbreaking. this is just something I can’t believe? rip angel you are truly an angel I love you :((
Master Chief
Master Chief:
Rest in peace, you're no longer in pain anymore.

Fly high, little one.
Leeza_ Imperfection
Leeza_ Imperfection:
I don't care if she is different from everyone. Her Aura and smile is enough to make me smile
mia 💟
mia 💟:
Just came back to her, I had so many memories unlocked I remember watching her as a child just to find out she sadly passed away …
I'm so sad that I found you after you passed. I wish that I had known you when you were younger and wish that I could have followed you all of this time. I love you, Adalia!
ruben reacts
ruben reacts:
I love her positive attitude, it brings a smile to My face
Joy Shimabukuro
Joy Shimabukuro:
I literally just found out about it so i went to this video to watch and remember how i felt being only like 2 years older than her it influenced me a lot. I want to just take it in a very good way by the way as just live life and live it to the fullest. Rest in paradise girly be that awesome funny diva youve always been💛💛
fly high angel 💔 you were truly gone too soon
The whole family are so gorgeous and loving! Can tell she is their world! Couldn’t stop smiling and her brilliant personality 😆 x
rest in peace beautiful girl. U will be missed literally. I can't believe it.❤️
plain jane x
plain jane x:
An angel here on earth… Rest in Peace Adalia Rose 🤍🤍
Protect her at all cost. She's a present. Love her.
PHD Philemon
PHD Philemon:
You are a. Angel don’t let anyone let you down you got that i hope you have a great life your a good angel
♥ DarkMocha ♥
♥ DarkMocha ♥:
Fly high angel. You always owned it! You was perfect! You was always positive and never let anything let you down we was proud how far you got ❤️
She helped me with insecurity just knowing she can get through the hard times and still be so strong it gives me curage
MAG Frenzy
MAG Frenzy:
It proves how we treat a human suffering from something that she never deserved. Genetic reasons are many and always remain challenging so let's not make life more difficult for them.
Jack Gus
Jack Gus:
I'm 61 years old and I'm smiling and crying at the same time. She is an inspiration and has more appreciation for life than most of us. I pray she lives a long and fulfilling life.
Sophia Maria
Sophia Maria:
I cant believe you are gone. I would watch your videos three years ago and laugh at your sassiness. You seemed so full of life and love. My sister just told me the news and I just feel like crying. You will be missed :(
Todd Flood
Todd Flood:
I honestly am Heart broken this Amazing funny smart strong Beautiful little Lady kept us all coming to say hi and how loved her and her family and now at 15 she gave us all her last word like a Super Star.
With my Love and support thou the difficult days ahead my deepest sympathies
RIP angel, you will be dearly missed, you have touched the souls of so many <3
Travis Quirk
Travis Quirk:
She's absolutely adorable
taehyung's last braincell
taehyung's last braincell:
" No one was born ugly, we're just living in a jugdemental society. "

All I'm gonna say is that this girl is pretty and her personality is similar to me. If anyone says anything to you, just ignore em' and be YOU, just love yourself and everybody is beautiful 💜
Tarnie-lee Van Vliet
Tarnie-lee Van Vliet:
That mad me cry to see how brave she is I love her
She is so beautiful in every way ❤️ Stay strong Adalia
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V.:
I love how Sassy she is! She's so adorable!