Adama Traore ● Welcome Back to Barcelona 2022 🔵🔴 Best Skills & Goals

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100+ komentarze:

Dancing Chef
Dancing Chef:
He's gonna prove many wrong, he's a joy to watch
Tumelo Teddy Selomane
Tumelo Teddy Selomane:
If used well he can be a monster. Look at Salah now, he wasn't always known for his finishing but now he's one of the best in the world.
Martins Akomolafe
Martins Akomolafe:
This guy will end up staying for good at Barca. He brings something different which every team wants. I love him already. Visca el Barca
Well he is not known for his scoring
But his break through defence will help the team a lot against team who park the bus
He is from la masia and he knows how to play in a Barca team
Rafael Pabon
Rafael Pabon:
Sus grandes músculos no lo impiden ser rápido y ágil es un buen fichaje para el Barcelona ♥️💙
I am so happy he can finally get a chance in first team. There honestly wasn't any spot for him with MSN at its peak & Pedro was still around. I just want him to run at defenders, get beyond them and get to the box, tired of ppl talking about his finishing, he is a TRUE WINGER not a striker.
I can't wait to watch him play for Barça, he's a beast
Oboy BN
Oboy BN:
He’s genuinely the most exciting player I’ve ever seen in a Middlesbrough shirt. More exciting than Juninho, Ravenelli, etc. The whole stadium stood whenever he got the ball, if Xavi can coach him correctly and put the right supporting players around him he can quite genuinely be one of the best in the world. The dribbling is there, the pace is something I’ve never seen before, he just needs a lot more positional knowledge and to improve end product.
Robson Pereira
Robson Pereira:
Muitas assistências e sabe fazer cruzamento 💪🏾
Emmanuel Okejim
Emmanuel Okejim:
I think he can challenge Bayern’s Alphonso Davies in both pace and strength. He will be a good signing for us 🔴🔵
Vijay Mudaliar
Vijay Mudaliar:
Welcome Back Adama, let's hope we unlock all his potential. I'm so happy to see some serious pace in our attack after the successful transfer window we had after a long long time. Adama can be a big big star no matter we play him upfront or at the back (RB).
Chico depresivo
Chico depresivo:
Adama traore es muy buen fichaje y ya se sabe el estilo del barsa desde chico…va a sorprender a todos..recuerden lo que digo
Adan Gonzalez
Adan Gonzalez:
Muchos goles de Raúl a pase de Adama 👏👏
Monster with good technique ❤️ one of my favorite players
Daniel Varney
Daniel Varney:
It’s good to have him back in Spain, even though I’m a Madrid fan he have been one of my personal favorite so I’m gonna enjoy watching him on the big stage.
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira:
Esse cara é um monstro
Nanayaw Appah
Nanayaw Appah:
I love that he can play on both sides of the attack and even in a wingback role too...very versatile hope he can come good for Barça
Djordje Stankovic
Djordje Stankovic:
If barca uses him as right back he is gonna be beast, he has everything pace, dribling, strength attackers gonna have hard time against him.
Réda Taoussi
Réda Taoussi:
People saying that he didn’t score that much! Remember that it is not his purpose here! He create a lot of occasion! On of the best game maker Europe has right now! The lack of finishing of his teammates makes it that he doesn’t have great assists! But for a team like Barcelona he is built like a thank, he is light weight and fast as hell! It needs two or three player to stop him! Enough to create space for Pedri Nico Gavi and de jong! In my opinion it is why Xavi wants him to create space for other players! He will surprise im sure!
Juval Abraham López Cetino
Juval Abraham López Cetino:
A veces los fichajes más silenciosos y "baratos" son los más rendidores.
Sé ve que es tres veces mejor que Dembélé (en porte y fútbol) literal.
Traore reminds me of Vinicius a while ago. Does everything right until the final third.
Wellington Rodrigues
Wellington Rodrigues:
One of the best dribblers in the world, Xavi will transform him into a monster
Ifeanyi Uleanya
Ifeanyi Uleanya:
He’s gonna be a success!!!💪🏼
he's world class in so many categories and i really believe xavi can improve his weaknesses
If he can improve on his finishing, then he'll be an absolute beast
What an athlete 👏🏼he is a monster 🤩
Alik Trike
Alik Trike:
If he improves his finishing and decision making he can be one of the best in world
Ball Highlights
Ball Highlights:
This man has been w me 4 years and im so happy to see bim back where he started and will always be my fav
Adorar a Dios Jesucristo
Adorar a Dios Jesucristo:
es rápido y fuerte cual jugador de fútbol americano, buen fichaje.:)
What a baller, he just needs to improve his finishing with barca and he'll be a lethal winger
Talha Khan
Talha Khan:
Run is fantastic 🔥 Barcelona must works on his finishing
Nenra M.
Nenra M.:
Welcome home Adama.. Since the time he debuted at barca I know he will be something.
Joga muito ele é forte pra porra e tem velocidade dribles rápidos finalizador
Osinaka Project
Osinaka Project:
If Barca can turn him to a RB, then they can unlock his potential like Alphonso Davies. He will become a superstar.
Caldric Butler
Caldric Butler:
Very fast feet I love him welcome back to Barcelona hope you hit the ground running and show us some of that strength speed skills welcome welcome back.
se leyenda con nosotros ♥💙
this is exactly the type of winger Xavi was looking for. ones that will hug touchlines and can whip in decent crosses.
It's nice but this system is predictable and has it's flaws. Hoping for Xavi to get the best out of Traore
Ahora sí Xavi este es el camino trae los hechos en casa al Barcelona y este es un gran futbolista al que va a cambiar todo.
Vitinho _14
Vitinho _14:
Espero que dê certo 🙏❤️💙
Jova-D !
Jova-D !:
Amazing player! Only holds on to the ball to long. If barca gets the passing and finishing in traore hes gonna suprise many of us!
Kaiky D. Reis
Kaiky D. Reis:
Velocidad e infiltración en ataque, todo lo que necesita el Barcelona.
Giannis Stratopoylos
Giannis Stratopoylos:
he is good when he has space to run but the thing is that barcelona opponents plays 11 players behind the ball
He will be a great help for Barca seeing he has premier league experience and still fast
Sad to see him leave my beloved Wolves,he is a joy to watch when he's on fire,sadly due to his size he's unable to stay in a game for 90mins and be at his best.Wish him all the success back at home with Barca.FWAW🐺💪🏻
Mahmoud Yasser
Mahmoud Yasser:
Absolute beast ♥️♥️💪
Adama " The beast " Traore
Canary Austria
Canary Austria:
I'm a Chelsea fan adama traore is one of my favourite player in premier league I wish to have him at Chelsea. But If Barcelona is going to get him then good luck to Barcelona fans this is a very good player but he's underrated because he's playing for mid table club.
Bun Lo
Bun Lo:
Adama good choice, back where he belongs 🔴🔵🔴🔵
Alaniz Salas
Alaniz Salas:
He creates out of nothing. Beautiful!
Souza Burgos
Souza Burgos:
le va venir bien al barca mas intensidad vamos adama
Robert Protas
Robert Protas:
Fantastic player since I saw him at la masia. Welcome back Lady
Adama Traore sería el mejor medio centro defensivo del mundo, un Marcos Senna en su mejor época
Georgi Stoichev
Georgi Stoichev:
Waw it's a fantastic player!!!!!!!
He’s very good 👍 welcome back
Great talent
His crossing ability is pretty good for a big guy
*La Bestia ya ha vuelto a casa, el FCBarcelona*
I remember his matches with barca when he was young, was surprised how good he was, and disappointed when he was sold.
Jordi Castrillo
Jordi Castrillo:
Adama benvingut a casa un gran jugador de la pedrera que s'ha fet a casa, ens aportará molt fisicament i obrirá espai
Rodolfo Domínguez
Rodolfo Domínguez:
El mejor fichaje que pudieron haber echo
who is This
who is This:
This was a great edit video you put together a Adama dominating the competition, hope he is successful at Barcelona 👍
AbdulMajeed Ghareeb
AbdulMajeed Ghareeb:
A good cheap option for squad depth.
Next season, while Fati recovers carefully from his injury, we'll have Adama and Abde on the bench with our front 3: Ferran on the left, Haaland in the middle hopefully, and either Raphinha or Antony on the right. It's really important one of Rafa and Antony signs for their creativity and playmaking. Ferran and Fati are goalscoring wings, smart at positioning and ending chances, Haaland is the same of course. We need one who creates these chances and who can play wide. That would be a deadly attack🔥🔥
Abdulaziz Ismatov
Abdulaziz Ismatov:
hes no different than dembele when it comes to the finishing side
КРАССАВЧИК ТРАОРЕ !!!! ❤❤❤👑👑👑❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏👑👑👑❤❤❤
McLovin Jr
McLovin Jr:
if you're lucky you'll get 5 goals out of him a season :D in all seriousness he''s a beast with tons of potential, hope he makes the mos tof it. mans an absolute superweapon in footballing terms
He's a threat going forward, he's going to create chances
2 Melo
2 Melo:
Barcelona always makes me proud
No matter how Bad we are💙❤🥺🥺🔥
Welcome back! La flecha de l'hospitalet !!!! 💙❤💙❤💙❤🍾
Kassim Keita
Kassim Keita:
Très bon joueur
Maier Lansky
Maier Lansky:
Adama Traore 💪☝👍
Ntungire Nelson
Ntungire Nelson:
Thank you Xavi for trying to rebuild Barca,Adama is fabulous 🤩😍👏🙏
I not really watching football nowadays.. but this guy just remind me the strength of r9, ambitious like zanetti, braves like messi.. i admired him.,🥰
Marinko Kljajic
Marinko Kljajic:
im glad for him! he wait so long for a chance to prove his quality.
I admit I've barely seen him play and although it looks like he might provide some depth to the attack with his runs and power, the guy has only scored 26 goals in 304 games... not what you'd expect from a top player
Thunder FTH
Thunder FTH:
Welcome back Adama 😎
Spiritual Guitar music
Spiritual Guitar music:
High rated dribbler and ironic body,
God bless him
Reece binx
Reece binx:
In 9 years he's scored 21 goals.
I M:
Jiménez siempre está donde debe estar
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez:
Can’t to see him at Barcelona, he will definitely fill in that gap that Neymar left
Kanat Raimberdiyev
Kanat Raimberdiyev:
Welcome back Home, Adama! 🔵🔴
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira
Marcelo hudson gentil Moreira:
Uma verdadeira parede tá louco ganhar dividida com ele só mesmo um milagre
Sampson S. Garyezon
Sampson S. Garyezon:
Wow this guy is really amazing
Wilson Quesada
Wilson Quesada:
Es una máquina imparable pero, pero la reconstrucción del Barça es una cuestión de largo plazo.
ahsan iqbal
ahsan iqbal:
He is not the type of player to play tiki taka possession based football which Xavi demands. He is more suited for counter attacking or long ball tactics.
Keneth Keneth
Keneth Keneth:
Aye bro can you post the goal that he has in 20 games plzz 😍😍
roman d
roman d:
какая же это накаченная дриблинг-машина! удачи ему в родном клубе
Lukas Flow
Lukas Flow:
O cara é um tanque de guerra
Femi Akinola
Femi Akinola:
I'll pick him over indecisive Dembele who hardly know what to do or which feet to use in attacking areas
Because Adama is so strong and hard to catch players hold onto him on his hand which caused him many injuries thats why he uses baby oil so that players can slip when holding to him
Ronaldo Ferreira
Ronaldo Ferreira:
Voltou pro Barcelona ele já foi jogador do Barcelona
Mohamad Nijim
Mohamad Nijim:
Finally a good signing for barca
Welcome beast
Jameel Far
Jameel Far:
he was a threat on a wolves team now inagine what he can do with barca great signing
Benjamin Richmond
Benjamin Richmond:
The man can play!
Lil' Shade
Lil' Shade:
A mk me parece q tiene cualidades para marcar una epoca... Le falta que le entrene un mastodonte como Xavi y que se rodee de jugadores de calidad sublime, y no dudo q sus numeros aumentaran sin duda
Mehrab Hossain
Mehrab Hossain:
He's like a TANK!
Anik Hasan Ronok
Anik Hasan Ronok:
Convert him to a right back just like Alphanso Davies. He's got the physique and pace. Just needs more defensive consciousness.
godsgift akpojotor
godsgift akpojotor:
He will be a good signing
locaportuboca 123
locaportuboca 123:
123 games, 8 goals and 20 assists. Perfect player for us... 😂😂
I thought he was slow because he's muscular, but he's a running bullet, if Barça hires him, in my opinion, this reinforcement will be very good ❤️💙