Alexi Laiho rips through Are You Dead Yet Live on EMGtv

Alexi Laiho plays "Are You Dead Yet" with his signature EMG ALX Humbucker guitar pickup live at the EMGtv studios.
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Yair Cárdenas Ornelas
Yair Cárdenas Ornelas:
RIP Alexi Laiho. A true musician and guitar hero.
It is such a shame that Alexi had faded into obscurity over the years. There are so many ultra-modern progressive metal players at the moment and they all sound like they are missing something. They would benefit from learning a thing or two from this man. His punk rock attitude, his insanely creative soloing packed full of FEELING, his memorable melodies. Your music will live on forever Alexi! Rest in Power!
David Guerrero
David Guerrero:
The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

Farewell, Alexi.
Hector Cantu
Hector Cantu:
RIP Alexi.... Because of you I’m still here after a battle with heroine 6 years ago your voice and guitar playing saved me... I was so obsessed with your playing and when I learned, you sung at the same time... man... a true hero for me was born RIP and I hope to meet you one of these sad days.
bizu Chettri
bizu Chettri:
Can't believe he's gone!
You'll be missed forever!!
Rest in peace.
Elephant Watchtower
Elephant Watchtower:
Damn this hurts. I remember being an 11 year old kid and being completely astounded by Alexi's tone, playing and songwriting. Bodom introduced me to so many musical aspects I had never heard before. I'll always owe a great debt to Alexi for his music. Rip
This guy was and IS the Bruce Lee of guitar-playing. Dude was so fluid like water on guitar, and when he shredded, he SHREDDED - the ultimate definition of guitar shredding. Never liked COB, but I always respected Alexi Laiho. Such a phenomenal guitar player. My condolences to all the fans and to Finland :(
Destiny Bennett
Destiny Bennett:
He was the reason I got into heavier music R.I.P.
Prunk Doo
Prunk Doo:
Been listening to Bodom to this day since 2005, back when I was a kid. Have the first 5 album CD's since childhood. My favorite metal band by far. Their songs are extremely creative, unique and melodic masterpieces. RIP Laiho, you were a uniquely talented songwriter and guitarist. You have given me a shit ton of great memories that I can relive by listening to Bodom's songs, and I'm forever grateful for that.
Sad news today from Finland. Alexi just passed away and will be missed! What a great guitarist! Rest in peace Alexi!
Sherman Smith
Sherman Smith:
His writing style is simply superior. What a unique and special talent he was. RIP Alexi. You're a god among gods now.
Oscar D. Galea
Oscar D. Galea:
I remember when I didn't know much about metal, I even referred to the genre as "heavy rock". Well, searching the internet for heavy rock bands (what an idiot) I came across a yahoo recommendation for Children of Bodom. They were my entry into the most extreme metal; my personality received a permanent influence since then. Thanks Alexi, your voice was the first intense scream I heard in my life and back then I was immediately fascinated. You are the reason why I have a taste for gutturals like Arch Enemy’s or Insomnium’s today when before know you I did not tolerate that style.
Mak Or
Mak Or:
I havent really put a thought in this but this video is really an historic gem, it marked so many lives including mine i remember seeing this video a long time ago, it was my only way to be in the same room listening to alexi, so personal, so raw and down to earth. HE was relatable Because he want perfect but you could see he was giving 110 all the goddamned time and as he said in his dvd, you gotta practice a lot. He didnt achieve for technicality although he was pretty god, he achieved for singularity and originality and he truly marked his name in the history of metal.
Winter Hisagi
Winter Hisagi:
I've listened to COB for literally over half of my life now and was super upset when I heard the news of Alexi's passing. Thank you for all of your music and inspiration throughout the years. Truly a guitar god and his legacy will live on. RIP Alexi Laiho.
Theodor Sonfors
Theodor Sonfors:
Man trying to learn this on guitar as kinda my tribute to him. It's hard tho there is so many spicy variations to he's playing.
RIP Alexi Laiho from Japan.
You made me buy Jackson RRV,and You taught me what the melodic death metal is.Thank you Alexi Laiho,Super guitar hero.
I was 10 years old when this video came out, made me pick up guitar, got me into metal, introduced me to the whole world of metal in fact. First solo I fully learned was this one. Alexi was one of the reason I learned how to scream. 10 years later I’m 20 saddened by my and so many other’s guitar hero. Rest in Power Alexi.
Laurent Jade
Laurent Jade:
As a teen just getting into more extreme metal, I was blown away by songs like Silent Night, Bodom Night; Warheart, Black Widow, Everytime I Die, Follow the Reaper, Downfall, etc. His riffs were unique, his guitar playing was masterclass, and his songwriting was unparalleled.

RIP Alexi, you will be missed.
REPLAY 1000 times can`t stop :D
Thinking Ape
Thinking Ape:
One of the first heavy songs I learned on guitar. I hope he knew how much he meant to his friends, family, and fans. RIP Alexi
3 years ago I saw him live, he was ripping his heart out on that guitar. I couldn’t imagine that a few years later he’d be gone...
Thank you, Alexi, for everything you gave for us.
Adam Fox
Adam Fox:
Though he has decided to leave this plane, his existence in the 5th dimension drives us all to be greater. Rest in Power Alexi
Adam Cooper
Adam Cooper:
Lemmy on bass dime and alexi on axes vinny on drums and dio as the frontman....fuckin heavens rockin tf out🤘🤘🤘🤘
Jacob Craft
Jacob Craft:
Just found out about Alexi's death. It hurts knowing one of the guitarists who got me into Death metal genres 9 years ago when I was 15 has passed on. You will be missed. Rest in peace.
Zisary Wisener
Zisary Wisener:
So sad, I just discovered Children of Bodom last year. This man was a fucking legend, and he inspired me while learning guitar. R.I.P Alexi Laiho \m/
michael irizarry
michael irizarry:
These play throughs will always be nostalgic and influential, RIP to one of the greats, what a legend! Rock on forever 🤟🏼
Prayas Singh
Prayas Singh:
RIP legend.That flawless picking hand shall rule for eternity.Thanyou for keeping the metal scene alive \m/
One of Finland's biggest and greatest guitar heroes. So many great albums I've heard hundreds of times. So many finnish metal bands who Bodom helped get noticed in the global scene. Thank you Alexi "WildChild" Laiho! Enjoy the rest of your days chilling at Lake Bodom! <3
Milo Pauli
Milo Pauli:
beautiful celestially melodic with varied rhythm a true anthology of musical inventiveness :/
Max Kronqvist
Max Kronqvist:
Still sad about he’s passing, it was when i got into guitar he passed away did not really know who he was but now after a few months it really hit me, now that i am learning their songs.
RIP Alexi, what an absolute legend. Hope you can rip through this song forever in Heaven
JC Denton
JC Denton:
I hear such a huge Annihilator influence and its truly beautiful!
Jay Dennis
Jay Dennis:
This was the 1st song I ever heard from them and to this day it’s still my favorite. Even when all 10 of their albums have classics and good memories associated, AYDY has a unique heaviness and catchiness to it. Alexi left us too soon and his legacy is beyond solidified in heavy metal gold \m/
EncarniDG Love Metal
EncarniDG Love Metal:
Alexi Laiho has died. 😢
He was for me a God of the guitar. He had so much to offer the world. My heart just broke. 💔
R.I.P Alexi Laiho the sound of your guitar will always be in our hearts. ❤️😢
Post Mortem
Post Mortem:
A legend has left us today, a true inspiration. his legacy will live on! RIP Alexi Laiho
Matt Gwinnutt
Matt Gwinnutt:
Amazing player, underated for sure.
Pauline Kuzina
Pauline Kuzina:
Man, he was my first ever celebrity crush. And one of the few. Used to listen to Children of Bodom so much. I'm really sad he died so young 😭
Such a talented musician, I’m devastated 🥺💔
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper:
I never thought that an artist would make me cry. His departure really hit my feelings as a teenager.
He never died, god just needed some guitar lessons..
reda chiban
reda chiban:
He lives through his songs and musics. And that is true immortality.
Remember that guy is also shredding the vocals while doing all this stuff

EDIT: Just woke up to the sad news, can't believe it yet, Rest in Power Alexi, thank you for being there with your music when my soul always needed it.
Aniuska 89
Aniuska 89:
RIP Alexi you are the reason why i started in this kind of music ❤️
One of my favorite guitarists of all time. RIP Alexi.
J D:
2013 I was able to get to the front row on a side stage at Mayhem Fest to see CoB live for the first time. There are a lot of guitarists and bands that have come and gone that I wish I were able to see, if it weren't for that concert Alexi/CoB would have been on that list. Truly awesome guitarist, the world will be that much less without his talent. RIP brother.
Nishant Pun
Nishant Pun:
Lost for words.... An inspiration to myself and thousands of guitarists/musicians. All time favorite metal frontman. Listened to COB growing up at bad times, I still do and will continue to do so. Sincere condolences to all of your family and to all of the hate crew. You inspired many. Thank you for what you gave to all the metalheads of our generation.
Rest In Peace Alexi
James Rogers
James Rogers:
I hate the comments on this video. He's clearly a great guitarist. He's playing at the EMG studio and has his own signature guitar and pickup. Even if you think this song is easy you ought to admire the fact it sounds good. Music isn't about how many notes you can play in 3 seconds it's about what triggers emotions. More over, that tone. Jesus. The rhythm tone is crazy.
Sly Sum
Sly Sum:
RIP Alexi. I almost forgot how much COB and his playing had influenced me when I was a kid. I can say he was one of most influential metal guitarists to a lotta us who started playing guitars in the 2000s era.
OxiClean Gets the Tough Stains Out
OxiClean Gets the Tough Stains Out:
Hands down the biggest guitar hero of the 2000s
Анастасия Беляк
Анастасия Беляк:
Как же я скучаю по нему. Не верится, что такого замечательного человека и потрясающего музыканта больше нет.
This is unbeliveable, I really cannot believe he's passed away...
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann:
You are alive in our hearts forever and ever.
RIP Alexi the legend, you will be respected and missed forever and ever.
Pray for salvation
Pray for salvation:
Don't be afraid legends never die...
He's already shredding that guitar in heaven for god <3
Rip dude, you were and still are a legend.
Ricardo Sanabria
Ricardo Sanabria:
RIP brother, you're shredding with legends now. God rest your soul!
Qayum94 Yum9inety4our
Qayum94 Yum9inety4our:
another metal guitarist who has left us all, condolences to his family
RIP legend. You and your band always in my mind! You were one of the best guitarists around the world!
RIP to one of the best to ever do it. Of all the amazing Metal Musicians who have passed in the last decade - Alexi really hit me hard. He's absolutely one of the main influences for me to pick a Guitar back up as a teen after putting it down as a kid. I'm now 35 and can't imagine not playing.

Thanks Alexi. Love you brother.
R.I.P. Alexi. What a shock and what a loss.
Brandoman Investing
Brandoman Investing:
Alexi was one of my first guitar heroes. He will be missed!
Тарас Мегадетов
Тарас Мегадетов:
Алекс, в СНГ тебя тоже любили!
Покойся с миром!
Ramin Bohlouli
Ramin Bohlouli:
I can't get over the fact that we lost this legend🤦‍♂️ You will always be in my heart man , damn
Little Cheii
Little Cheii:
Such an amazing artist. Blown away every time and especially seeing him live the first time. RIP
Elio Rigonat Official
Elio Rigonat Official:
People that never listened to COB, please mind this is the technically easiest and most mainstream song they have. Listen to the album Hatebreeder and you will understand why he is known as a musical and guitar genius and God. It's gonna blow your minds.
alex harriott
alex harriott:
One of my biggest inspirations for learning guitar, was literally blasting in your face on my way to work before I heard the news, keep it metal in the heavens Alexi!
You sculpted my entire taste for metal.
Rest in peace Laiho! \m/
Elizabeth Rigby
Elizabeth Rigby:
Man.... in shock.. just here to admire and see a legend has left us... heart hurts for his family. First concert. Ill never forget it..
You’ll be missed... You’ll always live in my heart. Thank you for all of what you’ve brought to us in this world. R.I.P.
Jesus this man was a wonderful musician. I wish him and dime wrote music together
Harshveer Shrestha
Harshveer Shrestha:
See you on the other side bro , I really loved his playing a lot ❤️
Алекси, умер, покойся с миром, мы будем всегда помнить твои произведения...😥
Alec Colwell
Alec Colwell:
RIP Alexi. This man inspired me to pick up a guitar 13 years ago when I was in 6th grade. Honestly he's had such an impact on my life, I can't believe he's gone so young...
William Salloom
William Salloom:
Quarantine brought me back to Blooddrunk album. That led me to purchasing a bunch of Bodom cds. Now I’m here 😃
B. G. C.
B. G. C.:
I remember discovering this gem of a band through a Spinefarm Records sampler in Metal Hammer magazine back in 2005. This song was track #1. I played it on repeat after that first time hearing it and fell in love with the band more-or-less straight away. I just can't believe that Alexi Laiho is gone. He was one of a kind. One of the best. Rest in peace. 🤘
The Tanner Fam
The Tanner Fam:
masterpiece, RIP legend
First heavy music I heard was COB. He opened my mind to a insane amount of music. He will be missed, RIP.
I'll never forget my friend burning me a follow the reaper cd - I fell in love with this band. I was also learning guitar at the time and got my first electric guitar, then I discovered Drop C tuning through Alexi's lessons online. He was truly an amazing guitar player and really inspired me at the time. Rest in peace man and enjoy shredding it up in the after life, you definitely changed many people's lives. I was so grateful to see them preform live in 2009 with Lamb of God
Reena Lama
Reena Lama:
I couldn't believe this my legend is no more. And I came here to see him. It's heart breaking.
Mario MetalRocker
Mario MetalRocker:
Thank you Alexi! you were one of the artists that inspired me to be a musician. Thanks for all. Rest in power master!
Man i cant believe it... COB was one of the first bands that got me into metal... R.I.P Alexi
rodney auerbach
rodney auerbach:
Damm rember watching this when I was 11 and just started listing to you guys and then seeing you perform at gas monkey live I think duing 2016 or 2017 yall did perfect 👌 you will forever be miss alexi laiho definitely one of the best guitarist to come to metal in a long time 💙
Sudip Bishwakarma
Sudip Bishwakarma:
I had this video back in the school days. God I miss him. Rest in peace Alexi!!
At least twice a week minimum, I would sit here & watch this video multiple times without taking my eyes of the screen. Children of the bodom, is a bad i discovered through guitar hero & I knew i found something special. I dove deep into this band afterwards. Loved the way Alexi played. So fucking sad to hear he is gone 💔😥
I have watched this particular video countless time when learning how to play guitar and discover new artists, but after I heard Alexi passed, I had to come back and listen for old times sake. I fucking miss him already. he was a living legend. RIP dude.
Johan Chircca R.
Johan Chircca R.:
RIP excelente guitarrista. Tus riff y solos serán eternos!
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez:
I just want to cry man it's like seeing a childhood idol, my own homie, the person I learned from and became inspired by and me and my close friends would cover his songs many years ago.
Ma Rina.Renthlei INVICTUS 182
Ma Rina.Renthlei INVICTUS 182:
Bryon Bauer
Bryon Bauer:
Man I’d love to play guitar with as much power, and grace as Alexi. Only major flaw is I’ve never picked up a guitar. What a legend this guy is.
RIP Alexi, at least he can jam with Cliff now.
kvg. co. uk hola
kvg. co. uk hola:
Its so different without the lyrics, but you can really see the work behind this legends guitar work
Rumman Huda
Rumman Huda:
A true maestro, A hero who inspired me to pick up guitar. Your contribution will never go in vain Alexi.
Жнец уже на той стороне...
Бодум после полуночи! Бодум после полуночи!
Алексей Андреев
Алексей Андреев:
R.I.P - слушал и обожал с детства, спасибо за все!
Carlos Filho
Carlos Filho:
R.I.P. Alexi Laiho. When i started playing metal, you was one of the first references. Thank you!
Tsvetelin Ivanov
Tsvetelin Ivanov:
Rest in POWER, Alexi !!! A true legend !! You will be missed forever !! I WILL MISS YOU !!!
Daaaavey crokeTT149
Daaaavey crokeTT149:
How Bodom inspired me from the age of 13 after all heavy metal they stick out like the winter to me always noticeable and enjoyable when you really listen. RIP to a incredible mind and inspiring vocalist. Not a day will go by the same, until we meet again dude!💚❤💙
Thank you so much Alexi! You were a real guitar master. I learned to play guitar watching you, almost 17 years ago. How difficult were to learn and play the Vivaldi's lessons. What an awesome arrangement! I would like to have see you with COB, when you have visited to Chile at last time. Clearly, It couldn't be possible anymore, but you are on the heart of all guitar players of the world who love metal and wanted be a technical guitar players, hoping to reach the virtuosity.

RIP my friend, wherever you are.
Luca Bertani
Luca Bertani:
I've been very lucky, to see him along with COB on tour for two times here in Italy almost 10 years ago and damn, he always delivered.

I remember those moments very distinctly. First one was in 2008 in Milan along with Machine Head and Slipknot, second one always in Milan, 2010, along with Diablo and Cannibal Corpse.

He was a huge part of my secondary school period, today I still have a whole playlist in my phone dedicated to him and COB, they will always have a special place in my heart.

RIP giant.
You will never be forgotten, at least by me. :(
Supre Cam
Supre Cam:
what a fucking legend. these riffs are so epic.. and the way he sings his guitar's tune into the rhythm and harmonizes.. it's just amazing! that is real talent.