Alia Shawkat on Getting Shaved by a Stranger | PARTY LEGENDS

Alia Shawkat tells a story from one of her Hollywood nights.

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Alia Shawkat on Getting Shaved by a Stranger | PARTY LEGENDS

100+ komentarze:

Drew R
Drew R:
I feel like it was James Franco
Charry Buckle
Charry Buckle:
It was Michael Cera
A lot of people are going Franco, I'd like to put my money on Shia Laboeuf.
Joaquin Phoenix makes sense, he seems like the intense, mysterious type who is probably into that lol
The actor must've been a lot older to have doubts about sleeping with a 20 year old.
30 year old Franco would have NO problem banging 20 year old Alia.
Tara Lucent
Tara Lucent:
Joaquin didn't think the steak was funny because he is a vegan.
Sammy Ashour
Sammy Ashour:
The possible perpetrators must be Adrien Brody, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Fassbender, Jared Leto, James Franco, Johnny Depp, or creepy Sean Penn wildcard.
bluh gurg
bluh gurg:
"The real you is in there! Just enjoy this!" Shawkat's an amazing storyteller.
Rufus T. Barleysheath
Rufus T. Barleysheath:
it was definitely Steve Buscemi.
Don't know who it is but I'm sure it's not James Franco because she said "nobody knows this guy is a fucking weirdo." Everyone knows James Franco is weird. It's like, his thing.

Also, maybe not the most conventionally attractive superstar because Alia tells her friend she thinks he's cute - as if that's an opinion particular to her, and not a feeling she and her friends all share.
My guess is Jared leto. He was in Mr. Nobody in 2009 and would seem to be the kind of guy who would do something like this. He's also known for being a little irrational at times. Age fits too.
Carla Manenti
Carla Manenti:
I wanna know who it is so badly!!!
Yo, the artist/animator for this is totally the guy who does Lucas Bros Moving Co. I thought I recognized his style.
Jeremy Mullins
Jeremy Mullins:
This video made me realize that I am more traditional than I even thought.
yea bruh
yea bruh:
Weirdest story ever. Lol
marry me!
21'st Century Digital Media
21'st Century Digital Media:
She has Grandma energy
I always thought she was lesbian
Ethan Ashley
Ethan Ashley:
dude was on coke
Was it Dr. Steve Brule?
Ok, so it has to be a guy that's been on movie posters and older than her but not too much.

I don't think Franco. People in Hollywood - even 20 year olds - know exactly what kind of dude he is. Plus, the biker friends thing, etc.

I'd bet on LeBouf. He'd have biker buddies that wouldn't really be friends but more for show, he's known as a Jekyll and Hyde type of personality, he's older than her but not by much (iirc) and would be on movie posters.

I'd bet on him. If not him it's likely some really unknown, obscure actor type that nobody gives a shit about.
Spoiler: it was Bob Dole
Titch Two
Titch Two:
Keanu Reeves! Biker friends, always wears a cap, keeping a low profile at party, mysterious, smokes weed and older! And he only has one night stands not serious relationships...he made that very clear in interviews in the 90s and women who sold their stories. Fits the description anyway.
"we're just two semi-adults trying to have a weird experience"
he was being weird about the sex because he was almost about to go but didnt want to seem like a minute man. hahah i guess it works because she fell for it
Gotta be Nicolas Cage.
Flat Lives Matter
Flat Lives Matter:
My money's on Jim Carrey
I'm guessing Jared Leto
40 lashes
40 lashes:
Cary Grant would never.
A. Harmon
A. Harmon:
It's Benicio, guys. Apparently there have been rumors of him doing this type of thing for years even before this happened.
belly dancer31
belly dancer31:
I think it was Ashton Kutcher. She would've been 20 about the time he was cheating on Demi Moore.
Tommy Northwood
Tommy Northwood:
And that's when Maybe knew something was a bit off.
A Crazy Bull
A Crazy Bull:
She is sooooo beautiful!! ^/////^
Amanda Wilkerson
Amanda Wilkerson:
I love her so much for telling this story.
I would drink her bath water like I was dying in the desert
Marcus Boyd
Marcus Boyd:
The tune from it's always sunny in Philadelphia
Riley Stuckey
Riley Stuckey:
5:35 all of the movie posters have the name Cary written on them
"This was George Michaels ultimate fantasy."
Renard LeBlanc
Renard LeBlanc:
I just realized I've had a crush on Maeby Funke for the majority of my life, at this point.
haha, man only a girl can get away with, "I really wanna kiss you." and end up with a full on weird freaky hook up.
Keanu Reeves "Hey, look who it is."
Here is my guess for the actor, Giovanni Ribisi.  I think he is famous enough to qualify for "famous actor" and he seems like he would have wanna be biker friends plus act mysterious and aloof enough not to even politely laugh at her joke.  Also I think because he is a scientologist I could see him having a strange internal battle during sex like that.
Cornelius Palahniuk
Cornelius Palahniuk:
I feel like it is Jason Schwartzman a small reasoning behind my conclusion in 09 Scott Pilgrim was filmed around that time he also was 30 turned 31
03 KJ
03 KJ:
"That's The Stupidest Joke I've Ever Heard" LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂
Angel lincoln
Angel lincoln:
Jim Carrey
Common Sense Through Memes
Common Sense Through Memes:
That's actually one of the funniest jokes ive ever heard
Marcus Mcdowell
Marcus Mcdowell:
She said Cary Grant. She was talking about Jim Carrey. The name was the clue.
John stitt
John stitt:
I have my doubts but I am not ruling out Rupaul.
Caleb Paddack
Caleb Paddack:
Who forgot to bring a mic to an interview?
I might be Daniel Bruhl. She said she saw him in movies and on posters all the time in 2009 (when she was 20) Inglorius Bastards was the block buster that year and he fits the description.
Orb Zorb'ed
Orb Zorb'ed:
James Franco fits the bill but I can't picture him in a hat lol
Casey 3-P-O
Casey 3-P-O:
i think it’s johnny depp. i can totally imagine him being into some weird shower/shaving ritual. think about it.
AD Williams
AD Williams:
This was hilarious
patrick bleil
patrick bleil:
the actor who shaved her is Jan Micheal Vincent , legendary Airwolf pilot . Just google it. #legend
I have confirmed it most certainly was Joaquin Phoenix
Humble Servant of The Creator
Humble Servant of The Creator:
Wish it was me... but I'm betting Keanu Reeves or Nicholas Cage, I'm drawing that conclusion based only on the timeline and her impersonation.
Jim Harris
Jim Harris:
All I know, I wish it was me lol. Love me some Alia Shawkat.
Jifa Graves
Jifa Graves:
Best suspect....Benicio del toro..

This dude litterally fill in on all the clues..
Smokey eyes
Has some tough old friends
Even the animation kinda depicts him is some weird way..
gaya iyer
gaya iyer:
its Jim Carrey.
This is such an upsetting story. Like, I laughed the whole time but, holy shit.
Camlawn Man
Camlawn Man:
jared leto or howie mandel.
Same animators as the people who animated "Necessary Evil" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, right?! Who are they? I think they're great
Dilushi Prasanna
Dilushi Prasanna:
This is probably my favourite party legends!
It was Kurt Cobain, confirmed.
lol Charlie sheen.
Creature Extracts
Creature Extracts:
It could literally be any one on cocaine lol 🤣
Stone Harper
Stone Harper:
This screams Jared Leto or Johnny Depp to me!
Cris Martinez
Cris Martinez:
I think its Toby McGuire
J Gildz
J Gildz:
I love her so much..I could listen to her talk about Anything...and I'm as straight as they come..but I would be gay for her. Just say
I bet you it was James Franco
Wow I cant belive u hooked up with JIM CARRY ....bravo my lady...bravo 👏🙀
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew:
I initially thought Shia labeouf...but I realize that it probably isn't. It would likely be someone significantly older than her if he kept stopping and freaking out about her age. Shia is only 3 or 4 years older than her so it just doesn't seem likely.
It has to be Eric Andre
zach ballard
zach ballard:
The music from it's always sunny is playing in the background of this.
King Doomfist
King Doomfist:
It was Ken Jeong.
I knew it was the Necessary Evil artist! The teeth and the eyes and nose, man.
Huge star, hangs around with bikers, smokes weed. Definitely Keanu Reeves.
Celia Spink
Celia Spink:
Love that they used the same royalty free music as It’s Always Sunny
That's what I was hoping "shaved by a stranger" meant.
Danny M
Danny M:
It was Gilbert Gottfried.
Brett Pierce
Brett Pierce:
Is Party Legends still going? I seriously can't get enough of these stories, the animations absolutely make the episodes.
Koji Kaze
Koji Kaze:
I LOVE Party Legends. Hope it gets more seasons!
Leah Piera
Leah Piera:
she's so danged gorgeous
if its joaquin phoenix then damnnnnnnnnnn im up for it
That was actually a pretty good joke.
Janice Shore
Janice Shore:
Gosh I love her.
It's Benicio Del Toro.... trust me. ;-)
jacquline Samad
jacquline Samad:
i'm curious to know how old the guy was in her story.
Yolis Bortin
Yolis Bortin:
So...this is basically about as weird as my entire love life so far.
Berry Benson
Berry Benson:
It was Joaquin Pheonix lol
Magoo Stanley
Magoo Stanley:
If you look a 5:37 then you’d probably know it’s Jim Carrey
Ease Time
Ease Time:
love this Lucas bros moving company animation style
Holy shit I was just about to type James Franco and is look to see that its every ones guess.
Adam Gardiner
Adam Gardiner:
OMG the movie posters! Love it.
almost, like, adventure time style of animation maybe?
Raban Rendon
Raban Rendon:
That guy sounds like a wussbag. But don't worry Alia I can go overtime for you!
derek johnson
derek johnson:
My theory: he kept stopping and pacing around because he was about to nut but he didnt want to yet
milk tea
milk tea:
This chick is straight from the 70s