All 40 Goals of Robert Lewandowski 2020/21 so far

40 goals in one season - Which goal did you like best?
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He has achieved the impossible! Robert Lewandowski has just scored his 40th goal in the 2020/21 season, equalling Gerd Müller's all time scoring record in the Bundesliga from 1971/72. We show you all 40 goals by the Polish super striker who has fought so hard to reach this magical amount set by the striker legend Gerd Müller himself. With his goal against SC Freiburg the whole world of football takes a deep bow before Lewandowski. Simply legendary! Which goal did you like best? Let us know in the comments!

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karolz9 !
karolz9 !:
He only played in 28 games, when the Gerd neeeded 34 games. That's incredible.
Jędrzej Rakoczy
Jędrzej Rakoczy:
My uncle is 66 and remembers Gerd Muller very well. He often said that his record seemed unreachable and no one will ever come close to 40 goals. We are proud to have a player like Robert and we should all be grateful that we can witness him making history.
Shaurya Bhansali
Shaurya Bhansali:
Who's here after watching his record-breaking 41st goal against Augsburg?
Phi Huynh
Phi Huynh:
I love how Lewandowski respected Gerd Muller by wearing undershirt “4ever Gerd”. He knew he was going to break the record but probably was very modest to acknowledge that Gerd Muller was still forever the record keeper in his era. And I like to think like that too. “4ever Gerd”
Was a lawyer .
Was a lawyer .:
In my book he is a Ballon Dor winner
And now he beats the record and he scored his 41st goal today.
What a legend!
Alex Seplak
Alex Seplak:
You just have to appreciate his off ball movement. He has such fantastic vision to always get into the right space. It’s beautiful
Matt Bernacki
Matt Bernacki:
love how often he points/runs to the assist man. he recognizes how much his goal scoring tally is helped by the amazing squad around him. class act and player, through and through.
Brasil acavalado
Brasil acavalado:
Isso é extraordinário!😍😍👏👏👏👏👏❤
Lewandowski marcou 60 Gols na temporada clube e seleção!!!
Sem dúvidas é o melhor jogador do mundo desde 2019.👏👏24/10/2021
Labib Raffique
Labib Raffique:
While we must appreciate lewandowski we must also appreciate the service he gets. Fantastic deliveries and through balls
Mirek Warszawiak
Mirek Warszawiak:
Fajnie że koledzy z drużyny zrobili tunel aby pogratulować Robertowi wyrównania rekordu Bundesligi.
Mikołaj Frycz
Mikołaj Frycz:
If he won't win Ballon d'Or, we can truly forget about this reward...
Charlie Dronfield
Charlie Dronfield:
the fact that he scored 40 goals and assisted 7 in 28/33 games is astounding
Farhan Marco
Farhan Marco:
He got robbed from getting the Ballon d’Or last year. Now he can actually win it.
piero marchisio
piero marchisio:
Currently world best striker, physically strong, good technique, great in the air, acrobatic skills, he can score in every way and he's not a selfish primadonna like Ronaldo.
Adamello 280
Adamello 280:
And now 41 goals...Robert is PHENOMENAL!
Labady Enorck.
Labady Enorck.:
He is the best in this moment.
I hope he'll get the ballon dor.
Chris Dominator
Chris Dominator:
41 goals --- THE LEGEND !!!
Robert Lewandowski won't be forgotten in the Bundesliga for the time being..He's got a few years left..!
Ewelina Adamczyk
Ewelina Adamczyk:
Cudowny piłkarz ❤️ najlepszy na świecie ❤️
Rodrigo Loayza
Rodrigo Loayza:
Un goleador de elite; Robert Lewandowski 😎
Lewandowski will forever be a Bundesliga legend
I am glad that I live in a time when I can watch the best footballer in the history of Polish football wearing the Bayern jersey and the national team
Legendowski keeps making history
Robert LewanGOALski Best goal machine on bundesliga!
Lewandowski has incredible accuracy and control, very intelligent ballplaying , incredible striker
adithyarajendiran reddy
adithyarajendiran reddy:
Messi, Ronaldo....And the Next on the List is this Man Robert Lewandowski. The Polish Terminator and the World's Best Striker. The Perfect Striker❤️
Karan Mishra
Karan Mishra:
Legendary striker 🔥
blue line
blue line:
40 goals for Lewy, congratulations to him, thanks for Thomas Müller and the team for the assists.
And, unbreakable record for Gerd Müller, till now. 🌟😉
Vasco Franco
Vasco Franco:
GOAT of strikers and one of the best players of all time
I love the way he always points the player whom he gets the assist from and shares the moment. Huge Respect from Korea
Troye Akb
Troye Akb:
This man reminds me of Messi and Ronaldo in their prime
His stats match them 🔥🔥🔥
Dario o
Dario o:
Perfect machine!❤️
Omar Dabo
Omar Dabo:
That's my guy. Give this man the Ballon D'or
Anup Kumar
Anup Kumar:
Finishing machine ❤️
Squeeze Polska
Squeeze Polska:
It has to be said that all of that wouldn't be possible to do without, of course, Lewy's dedication to achieve perfection, but also the whole 'industry' of German Bundesliga and its overall quality. So, thanks to Lewy and BL as well <3
BTW: 40 goals in just 7 and a half minutes? Oh, no, you just cannot be that good! XD
Mr. Kowalski
Mr. Kowalski:
6:24 This goal is excellent. My compatriot has a great chance to break the Bundesliga. I am proud of him. I hope that he will have a great success at the Euro with the Polish National Team
Bojong Menteng
Bojong Menteng:
absolute monster 🔥🔥
J Szcz
J Szcz:
Brawo Robert Polska Gurom! 🤍❤
Leo Hernández
Leo Hernández:
El mejor 9 del mundo! Saludos desde México!
Right foot, left foot, head - he makes it look easy, real GOAT
Hubert Lipiński
Hubert Lipiński:
Robert you did it !! Poland is proud of you.
Akhil Jasrotia
Akhil Jasrotia:
He makes everything look so easy, god what a player
Davide Baldon
Davide Baldon:
I love him! He plays Amazing football
He’s scored so many sick goals this season and yet people still have the audacity to call him Tapindowski 😂. Tap-ins will come all the time, and at least he’s got the ability to know where to be all the time. Not to mention some of his class assists too.... Schalke 👀
Eduan Pieters
Eduan Pieters:
There is no other player tht can do tht like Lewandowski coz his a GOAT 🐐 🙇🏻‍♂️
The Goblin
The Goblin:
If he can keep this up, I'll say he's one of the GOAT.
Madman! He scores goals like crazy! hundred years for 40 goals and a German record!
Młody Puczini
Młody Puczini:
Robert Lewandowski to największy Polak w Polsce !!!
Michael Kunnuji
Michael Kunnuji:
Great guy! I had to watch this because of the Ballond d'Or controversy. Now I understand why he couldn't have won it with what Messi achieved in the same period. Of course, many great players end up not winning the award. He still stands a chance, anyway.
Nilay Didolkar
Nilay Didolkar:
Apart from the headers, I'm amazed at the amount of time he gets infront of the goal to put in a shot. Clinical nonetheless.
40 goals and 8 penalty - the best on the world <3
Aruna Ranabhat
Aruna Ranabhat:
0:35 no.3 show his finishing quality how good is he❤️
Roosh Sarangthem
Roosh Sarangthem:
Equaling that record .Man deserve a lot more respect
The 7 assists he has so far this season are just the cherry on top
Lewangoalskii!!! Brawo Congratulation!
This moment when he got 36 and returns to beat the record!
Timo Košč
Timo Košč:
Great goals but what a save in 0:22 👌🏼
Petru Iancu
Petru Iancu:
The goal that was incredible was the bicycle kick WHAT A SKILL!!!!
Ostatni mecz ostatnia minuta. Lepszego scenariusza nie mogło być
Esteban Mata Vargas
Esteban Mata Vargas:
I remember back in the '80s and the '90s Bundesliga top scorers used to reach between 15 and 20 goals per season and you knew those were excellent strikers because of that. Lewandowski is from another galaxy.
Będzie trzeba zrobić nowy film
#41 😎
Absolutely stunning!
Ntyang Pwol-Ja
Ntyang Pwol-Ja:
By far the greatest number 9 of our time
Jaroslaw Mok
Jaroslaw Mok:
Lewandowski.....Kocham Cie jestes...super Polakiem...wzorem dla reszty Nas.....! Awsome Twoje gole I poswiecenie........brak slow
Sharmi Joes Shofia S
Sharmi Joes Shofia S:
Sensational goals!
Cam H
Cam H:
we’re incredibly lucky to witness this greatness!
8 penalties
2 spectatular goals
20 last touch to the ball
5 effort for scoring
5 goals by chance
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur:
what a player..hes complete and will break this record for sure no doubt about it
Farming Art
Farming Art:
Poland is proud that Robert is a symbol of professionalism and that he has achieved to be the best through hard work. He showed young Poles that nothing is impossible. That despite many adversities, you can create your own history.
Karol Bednarczyk
Karol Bednarczyk:
Thomas Muller do reprezentacji Polski 😉 najlepszy asystent, gdyby nie on ciężko było by Robertowi pobić rekord.
진짜 키, 인물, 실력 뭐하나 빠지는게 없는듯.. 심지어 인품도 좋은거 같던데...
I love that perfection in number 25. Power & technique
D L:
3rd goal was absolutely legendary
Klaponix Official
Klaponix Official:
Adi Pardita
Adi Pardita:
some of his goals were absolutely art-like. best pure striker today. on par with any legendary front man of the game.
Not only he secored 5 goles in 9 minutes. He also scored 40 goals with 7 minutes :)
Maciej Lickowski
Maciej Lickowski:
Polak rodak 🔥🔥🔥
lok dok
lok dok:
He's just the 8th two times in a row Ballon d'Or winner after Cruyff, Keegan Rummenigge, Platini, Van Basten, Messi and Ronaldo ...
Just amazing !
Lew5in9owski's French Fan 💪✌
HE DID IT!!!!❤️
Krzysztof Pawłowski
Krzysztof Pawłowski:
41 goals!!! what a chad! Grats Robert, you're true legend!
Karol Rogalski
Karol Rogalski:
41⚽ The Legend from Poland!
Benito Clemente Díaz Nava
Benito Clemente Díaz Nava:
Videos that don’t age well. Congratulations, Lewy!!
Nikhil Kashyap
Nikhil Kashyap:
A class player it would be very good to see him in top leagues epl, la Liga, serie a❤❤
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
Robert Lewandowski is a goal machine.
El Jay
El Jay:
This player is so good. He will be one of the best striker in the world someday..
senhor walisson
senhor walisson:
E o melhor centro avante da atualidade
Minej Mosuris
Minej Mosuris:
Simply put.... All time great!
B Michalski
B Michalski:
And now it’s finally 41, congrats Lewangoalski!
Mac Attack99
Mac Attack99:
So proud of Robert LewanGOALski, congrats on the 40 goals🔴⚪
Enzo van den Berg
Enzo van den Berg:
And now he has broken the record, what a beast Lewangoalski!
Vertus vouge
Vertus vouge:
Robert sięgnął gwiazd!
AURA Geospatial
AURA Geospatial:
In the box scoring amazing goals
Truly deserved to be the striker of the year

Don't be bias
Check out the goals of Messi and you'll understand
Inga Rudgalve
Inga Rudgalve:
He is unstoppable withe ball he scores a much goals and I love him
It’s sick all his penalties are going from the goalkeepers opposite direction👏🏼
Polish legend 🇵🇱🔥
i from poland now I will say something in Polish cześć lewy co u ciebie gratuluje 40 goli mam nadzieje że kariera będzie sie rozwijała
John Vara
John Vara:
Lewandowski veo que es un excelente definidor de goles , claro y con goles se gana. Alguien tendrá un video en la que regateee o burla a tres jugadores y luego mete gol ?
Vivek Abhijeet
Vivek Abhijeet:
He will be legend forever 💕