Allen v. Farrow: Official Trailer | HBO

A Hollywood scandal. A family tragedy.

#AllenVFarrow​, a four-part HBO original documentary series from award-winning investigative filmmakers Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, premieres Sunday at 9 PM on HBO Max. #HBO #HBODocs
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Allen v. Farrow: Official Trailer | HBO

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Sophie Hanssel
Sophie Hanssel:
Next they should do a documentary on Dan Schneider
Jiji C.
Jiji C.:
They should do Roman Polanski next, Hollywood is shielding his story for far too long
I don't mind age gaps in relationships. But the fact that he married the adoptive daughter of his ex-wife, whom he once treated as a stepdaughter, is beyond creepy and disgusting.
if half of celebrities weren’t celebrities they would probably be in jail.
If everyone here wants the truth, look up what Moses Farrow has to say.
Regardless of the truth, this man married his step daughter that he knew from childhood and that is creepy enough for me

Edit: for anyone with an issue of the term "stepdaughter" she was the daughter of his long term girlfriend, sister to his children. ITS CREEPY!!
What a sick and twisted group of adults. The biggest victims here were the adopted kids who were brought into such a mess and made the ultimate victims (three died and one is obviously gave her youth to be in this creepy groomed relationship)
🤣I'm wasn't wearing my glasses, I clicked on this thinking it was "Alien" vs Farrow.
I can’t believe I use to take up for Allen. After watching all 4 parts and seeing 7 year old Dylan recall what happened in that attic, that was rough. That poor child only told the truth and got destroyed by that man. I should have known better after Epstein.
Wealthy people are way more messed up than normal working people.
1:52 "It doesn't matter what's true, what matters it's what's believed"
Perfect sumation of society right now...
Can't wait for the sequel: _Allen v. Predator_
Avery Wisemann
Avery Wisemann:
Should be titled "Pound of Flesh"
Krystal L
Krystal L:
Just finished watching this series..Allen is a digusting old man hiding in plain buys a get out a jail free card btw
Everyone seeing this trailer should look up stories about their adoptive children and what’s happened to them in life so far.
Ana Matos
Ana Matos:
Oh great, now I want to see this and I can’t 😭
Em Aidekay
Em Aidekay:
"What matters is what's believed". Mia ends the trailer by shooting down her own case.
Emily An
Emily An:
"It doesn't matter what is true, it matters what's believed " what ??
Bona Films
Bona Films:
It doesn't matter what's truth, it matters what is believed. Great reminder of what documentaries can be used for.
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes:
I was trying to wait on hbo for the Nicki documentary but I’m gonna go ahead and get it now
César T
César T:
"Keeping up with the Farrows". It's not TV, it's HBO.
It’s insane to me that people will adore Mia for her iconic role in a movie of gaslighting directed by a known predator and then turn around and gaslight her IRL and side with another predator director. Like how.....?!

Bryan B
Bryan B:
Regardless of the actual truth, their family is messed up. I'm sure there's blame on all sides.
Fabio Melim
Fabio Melim:
"It doesn't matter what is true, it matters what's believed " what ??
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
If only we could have a full documentary with people on both sides of the case
Anthony Smyth
Anthony Smyth:
I misread that as Alien vs farrow and I thought it was going to be very different
Jacobite Jones
Jacobite Jones:
Once upon a time documentaries were an almost irrefutable source of truth...
Now almost every documentary is followed up by 3 docos debunking it...
The information age is just as much the age of misinformation.
Scott W
Scott W:
"It doesn't matter what's true" indeed.
Katherine Schoenfelder
Katherine Schoenfelder:
karen pino
karen pino:
All you folks saying Ronan looks like Sinatra should look up photos of a young Mia Farrow. He looks just like her. Sinatra was ill and impotent ( famously so), when Ronan was conceived. Impossible for him to be the father, if that is what you all are suggesting. Further, it is no secret that there is no love lost between Ronan and Allen. I think both would be happy if Sinatra were Ronans father, and would surely make it public if it were true. Mia once joked that it could be the case, but later said it was a simple prank to annoy Allen.
Amena Said
Amena Said:
"she made her daughter say those things" Well IDK maybe ask her now????
h t
h t:
Is the "coached rehearsed" thingy about Sculpey NayNay?? That's the right year for it.
Mia saying “it doesn’t matter what’s true, it matters what’s believed” is something I can tell by these comments a lot of you are ignorant to.

When it comes to the outcome of a situation, it doesn’t matter what actually happened, what matters is what people BELIEVE to have happened. We see it in the court of public opinion and we see it in our legal system. That’s why we have jury’s and lawyers. A lawyers job is to get people to believe something, and the outcome of the case is determined by what the jury ends of believing. You can never certainly know the truth of what happened behind closed doors unless you were there.
Live Love Now
Live Love Now:
Fletcher is the most rational.
Missy Missymiss
Missy Missymiss:
I hope they interview her son Moses just to get a balanced picture. There was a lot of dysfunction here.
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
Ohhhhh I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Heidi Heisele
Heidi Heisele:
This is sad when money makes corruption happen for revenge, when there are perverts hurting children, watching this trailer if this is true, we all need to protect our kids.
This looks v interesting
Hana J
Hana J:
Ronan is the spitting image of a young Frank Sinatra
Winnipeg Chick
Winnipeg Chick:
I have never and will never watch anything he does. I knew it was all wrong and oycotted all these years. He disgusts me.
Dave Congalton
Dave Congalton:
Why isn't Moses Farrow included?
Ok then b
Ok then b:
The moment you married your stepdaughter you automatically guilty cmon
Emiliano Aguirre
Emiliano Aguirre:
I wonder what the reaction to this will be compared to the MJ doc
Martilives 369
Martilives 369:
As we continue to worship celebrity culture so is the beginning of the end of western civilization
Ronan looks so much like Frank Sinatra.
Coxout 35
Coxout 35:
I liked this quote from Cathy Young:

“If making the case against Allen requires his cultural prosecutors to weave this kind of intellectually dishonest, emotionally manipulative, selectively edited account of the underlying drama, then the case for acquittal becomes stronger, not weaker”.
Four parts? Really? It was bad enough sitting through six episodes of The Undoing when it could have easily been a great, two-hour drama.
I’m so glad I’m single!!
David Calado
David Calado:
This is not Allen vs Farrow. This is only Farrow vs Allen. A one side documentary and that s bad . . . Seems like the ultimate Farrow s revenge . . . Not defending Allen here, because marrying the daughter of a woman you dated is creepy no matter what . . . but every story have 2 sides . . . and that s what the public wanted to see.
Alex Harbula
Alex Harbula:
Just the pictures of him and Dylan gives me chills
The over the top music warns us of an over produced, manipulative documentary.
Bob Holness
Bob Holness:
After watching this for 4 hours seeing Dylan with her daughter at the end is heartbreaking.
Gopal Sankaranarayanan
Gopal Sankaranarayanan:
Horrendous. This is so intrusive for everyone else involved - it would be awful to have childhood tapes and family moments released for a voyeuristic public to take delight in the breakdown of a family. I can't even begin to understand how HBO thought this was a good idea - next there will be a mini series on Pitt and Jolie breaking up.
Lou SF
Lou SF:
The poor family has been through so much.
Hyou Fuzimo
Hyou Fuzimo:
The magenta stop aetiologically milk because geology weekly amuse unlike a shallow conifer. snobbish, black-and-white session
Adrianne Spring
Adrianne Spring:
Has Mia's history been fully examined? Her family? Patterns of behavior withal her adoptees?
D.J. -
D.J. -:
Good. This documentary is going to be full of evidence. Right? Right?
dis pater
dis pater:
Always had a huge crush on Mia Farrow back then..before i knew the clusterfuck of a life she had
Jemima Bolton
Jemima Bolton:
Cant wait
I was so confused, I thought it was a fictional show like "Succession"😲
Cran Berry
Cran Berry:
I don't like his behavior. Creepy. But also I find it odd, that Mia filmed her daughter wearing no shirt.
Angel Yala
Angel Yala:
Hollywood elites can’t hide for too long.
Conrad Hilton
Conrad Hilton:
So, at the age of 56 whilst going through a very hostile child custody battle Allen is accused of sexually assaulting Dylan .
Beethoven’s Fidelio
Beethoven’s Fidelio:
“I thought to myself, there has to be another side to the story.”

*Documentary does not include Soon-Yi Previn and Moses Farrow telling their sides of the story*
You should call is HBO vs Allen because it takes 2 sides to put that vs in there.
Senpai’s Mom
Senpai’s Mom:
Gabriela Lopetegui
Gabriela Lopetegui:
“ It doesn’t matter what’s truth, it matters what is believed” ??? So she is not concerned with the truth of all this? Her comment confused me 😦
Shawn Kennedy
Shawn Kennedy:
"It doesn't matter what's true: What matters is what's believed." -- Mia (wt...?)
Mike Walters
Mike Walters:
The very definition of Stranger than fiction
mr. manes
mr. manes:
Oh yeah, lett's make a TV show out of a little girl's (possible) traumatic experience that has plagued her family for years. Anything for a buck, eh HBO?
What a ghoul.
Love Animals
Love Animals:
Okay, first off... neither one of them were EVER "two of the biggest stars in the world." Big, yes. But "biggest," absolutely not. That's just ridiculous.
Sourav Bhattacharya
Sourav Bhattacharya:
Yes, I will be watching it but ...

Why in the world do all documentary have the same background music? It is so so annoying.
Frank Sobotka
Frank Sobotka:
This has been going on since the days of Louis B. Mayer and Charlie Chaplin.
Steven Kaye
Steven Kaye:
Ep 2 (featuring THE TAPE!!!) performed even worse than Ep 1, ending up in 96th place for the night. Shockingly poor, considering all the hype from Mia/Ronan/Dylan's media acolytes.
Mathias Fröhlich
Mathias Fröhlich:
So disappointing, an objective sight on the hole drama wouldn’t only have been interesting, but really Is necessary. I can’t say Allen is innocent , but I also can’t be Shure, that Farrows right.
Both sides have good arguments.
There is so much to tell and show about Farrow and Allen, but instead of creating a brilliant Portrait, they chose to make a Commercial Spot for Farrows Side, with are more manipulating Score than Psycho.
Mia and Dylan's side of the story: The movie.
girl with the nanno pfp
girl with the nanno pfp:
still mad hbo max isn't available in my country. I am missing ALOT
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
Hit piece.
KK and sims 4
KK and sims 4:
I won’t lie the whole thing with him and miss adopted shutter is lowkey weird I mean he had 3 kids with Mia while that daughter was a child so he was screwing mia and then some his ended up with her 21 year old daughter I mean it’s weird it’s very very very uncomfortable fir them but I also think it should not have ended up oh hbo
Sam da Silva
Sam da Silva:
Having watched it, what I don`t understand if she and all her friends saw all of this going on, why did she not get him removed from the house? Why did she not leave him and take the kids away? Clearly if what she is saying is true, there is something wrong with him. She says she had concerns yet went on to allow him to adopt Dylan, she says she did it because she thought he was her life partner, yet she was habouring doubts about his behaviour towards her daughter.
(1:52) 'It doesn't matter what's true. What matters is what's believed.' [Mia Farrow]
h t
h t:
I wonder what Mia's communication with the Source Family entailed while her ex-husband's child was taken in by that cult? I wonder! Would be So funny, So funny to find out what that was like.
Sarah StayPaid
Sarah StayPaid:
remind me again...why did prosecutors decline to press charges in '92?
J B:
I'm impressed how Youtube audience is unbiassed of the programming. WTH is going on with IMDB ratings?!
Miter Sangeeta
Miter Sangeeta:
Will most definitely watch it
Rodney Njari
Rodney Njari:
From the same people that gave you leaving neverland, here comes the most objective one sided documentary
Logan Hayes
Logan Hayes:
I watched the entire Documentary. I believe Dylan. 1,000%
banana usa
banana usa:
Why go to Korea to adapt? There's a lot of American kids need a home 🏡
kirstie b
kirstie b:
so good
sannio komi
sannio komi:
I see that the Leaving Neverland strategy has become a standard for documentary filmmaking.
Factual Genius
Factual Genius:
They should do a documentary about David Geffen but he is part of the HBO mafia
They’re all crazy.
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Oooooo heck, this stuff is saucy. But if it's coming from Ronan's angle, bye felicia, he is the most privileged and loved among the other kids. Both parents are deranged in their own messy ways, period.
Who knew Rosemary's Baby was a clone of its mother?
Laura Powers
Laura Powers:
ASK Dori Previn who is the victim.