Allen v. Farrow: Official Trailer | HBO

A Hollywood scandal. A family tragedy.

#AllenVFarrow​, a four-part HBO original documentary series from award-winning investigative filmmakers Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, premieres Sunday at 9 PM on HBO Max. #HBO #HBODocs
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Allen v. Farrow: Official Trailer | HBO

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Jiji C.
Jiji C.:
They should do Roman Polanski next, Hollywood is shielding his story for far too long
Regardless of the truth, this man married his step daughter that he knew from childhood and that is creepy enough for me

Edit: for anyone with an issue of the term "stepdaughter" she was the daughter of his long term girlfriend, sister to his children. ITS CREEPY!!
Sophie Hanssel
Sophie Hanssel:
Next they should do a documentary on Dan Schneider
Scott W
Scott W:
"It doesn't matter what's true" indeed.
Missy Missymiss
Missy Missymiss:
I hope they interview her son Moses just to get a balanced picture. There was a lot of dysfunction here.
Can't wait for the sequel: _Allen v. Predator_
🤣I'm wasn't wearing my glasses, I clicked on this thinking it was "Alien" vs Farrow.
Sourav Bhattacharya
Sourav Bhattacharya:
Yes, I will be watching it but ...

Why in the world do all documentary have the same background music? It is so so annoying.
César T
César T:
"Keeping up with the Farrows". It's not TV, it's HBO.
h t
h t:
Is the "coached rehearsed" thingy about Sculpey NayNay?? That's the right year for it.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou:
“I thought to myself, there has to be another side to the story.” Documentary does not include Soon-Yi Previn and Moses Farrow telling their sides of the story
Fabio Melim
Fabio Melim:
"It doesn't matter what is true, it matters what's believed " what ??
Everyone seeing this trailer should look up stories about their adoptive children and what’s happened to them in life so far.
Rosanne Roszetta
Rosanne Roszetta:
Dirty laundry in public, no i won't be watching!
What a sick and twisted group of adults. The biggest victims here were the adopted kids who were brought into such a mess and made the ultimate victims (three died and one is obviously gave her youth to be in this creepy groomed relationship)
Ronan looks so much like Frank Sinatra.
David Fiske
David Fiske:
Sad story!!
Bhumika Dudhe
Bhumika Dudhe:
Ok, my reaction is WHAT?
Surabhi Chauhan
Surabhi Chauhan:
Don’t hate me but Ron Farrow looks like the carbon copy of Frank Sinatra
Factual Genius
Factual Genius:
They should do a documentary about David Geffen but he is part of the HBO mafia
Dave Congalton
Dave Congalton:
Why isn't Moses Farrow included?
Anthony Smyth
Anthony Smyth:
I misread that as Alien vs farrow and I thought it was going to be very different
Martilives 369
Martilives 369:
As we continue to worship celebrity culture so is the beginning of the end of western civilization
Art Bags
Art Bags:
What a hoax! Haha this is a typical one sided documentary made by Mia Farrow and friends.
What a ghoul.
Emrah Öz
Emrah Öz:
I see that the Leaving Neverland strategy has become a standard for documentary filmmaking.
prez truman
prez truman:
Geezes, couldn’t find creepier violin music?!!
Peter van Herp
Peter van Herp:
So this is a real one-sided affair! Only pro-Farrow. Not objective at all. No intention of seeing it.
Miter Sangeeta
Miter Sangeeta:
Will most definitely watch it
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops:
Uhm...can someone pls drop the link for that violin piece playing in the back?
You should call is HBO vs Allen because it takes 2 sides to put that vs in there.
Bona Films
Bona Films:
It doesn't matter what's truth, it matters what is believed. Great reminder of what documentaries can be used for.
Roller Girl
Roller Girl:
Ohhhhh I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn:
If only we could have a full documentary with people on both sides of the case
I’m so glad I’m single!!
Avery Wisemann
Avery Wisemann:
Should be titled "Pound of Flesh"
Emiliano Aguirre
Emiliano Aguirre:
I wonder what the reaction to this will be compared to the MJ doc
I was so confused, I thought it was a fictional show like "Succession"😲
Hank D
Hank D:
This is some bs
Anni Bellamy
Anni Bellamy:
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy:
This looks v interesting
King African
King African:
Straight up dysfunctional and need I speak of the current wifey
Frank Sobotka
Frank Sobotka:
This has been going on since the days of Louis B. Mayer and Charlie Chaplin.
The over the top music warns us of an over produced, manipulative documentary.
This looks v interesting
Gopal Sankaranarayanan
Gopal Sankaranarayanan:
Horrendous. This is so intrusive for everyone else involved - it would be awful to have childhood tapes and family moments released for a voyeuristic public to take delight in the breakdown of a family. I can't even begin to understand how HBO thought this was a good idea - next there will be a mini series on Pitt and Jolie breaking up.
3,5/10 on imdb looool
Taneesha Thomas
Taneesha Thomas:
Oh it's his turn now...
J B:
I'm impressed how Youtube audience is unbiassed of the programming. WTH is going on with IMDB ratings?!
oh snap
thats sinatra's boy
morgan bossi
morgan bossi:
what’s the background song
(1:52) 'It doesn't matter what's true. What matters is what's believed.' [Mia Farrow]
sannio komi
sannio komi:
I see that the Leaving Neverland strategy has become a standard for documentary filmmaking.
Bryan B
Bryan B:
Regardless of the actual truth, their family is messed up. I'm sure there's blame on all sides.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan:
Uhm...can someone pls drop the link for that violin piece playing in the back?
dis pater
dis pater:
Always had a huge crush on Mia Farrow back then..before i knew the clusterfuck of a life she had
k r y l e
k r y l e:
still mad hbo max isn't available in my country. I am missing ALOT
mr. manes
mr. manes:
Oh yeah, lett's make a TV show out of a little girl's (possible) traumatic experience that has plagued her family for years. Anything for a buck, eh HBO?
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Sad story!!
Four parts? Really? It was bad enough sitting through six episodes of The Undoing when it could have easily been a great, two-hour drama.
Junayed Alam
Junayed Alam:
Its not Allen v Farrow... its Farrow v Farrow the story of biased documentary about our side.
Nate Akai
Nate Akai:
Uhm...can someone pls drop the link for that violin piece playing in the back?
K Nyberg
K Nyberg:
Basically all of hollywood should be sent to prison
*Is insest the new true crime phenomenon?*
Fiona Hamilton
Fiona Hamilton:
Anyone know what this music is?
Smoke and mirrors hit piece.
Edward Katkza
Edward Katkza:
It's quite possible they are both creeps.
Ana Matos
Ana Matos:
Oh great, now I want to see this and I can’t 😭
Honzi Bambi
Honzi Bambi:
does anyone know where to watch this in the uk?
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
Hit piece.
Jay Quintana
Jay Quintana:
Just a hunch, but I doubt this will change anyone's mind.
Hana J
Hana J:
Ronan is the spitting image of a young Frank Sinatra
Slappy McGrew
Slappy McGrew:
At first, I thought the title was ALIEN VS. FARROW and I thought, "What, the Predator wasn't available?"
Sarah StayPaid
Sarah StayPaid:
Senpai’s Mom
Senpai’s Mom:
Roman polanski was also in love with one of Mia's children - Satan! "
"He has his Father's eyes"
D.J. -
D.J. -:
Good. This documentary is going to be full of evidence. Right? Right?
Michael Owino
Michael Owino:
Taylor Cuthrell
Taylor Cuthrell:
This story has been completely and utterly misrepresented. Allen may be a bit creepy and weird, but nothing I have read since actually delving into both sides of these accusations seems to meet the legal burden of proof to convict anyone. From what Moses Farrow and Sun Yi have detailed it was Mia that was the abuser, though not sexually, throughout their lives.
Đức Noise
Đức Noise:
rẻ tiền
Jemima Bolton
Jemima Bolton:
Cant wait
Luis Paz
Luis Paz:
If there's an Oscar to bad journalism, this biased/fake film truly deserves it. Read Moses Farrow testimony and Mia Farrow troubled biography to know the whole story. Or listen to the people Mia fired because they didn't want to back her lies. And this is suposed good journalism? Seems more a Trump-style invention
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Boy, I wonder whose side this is going to come down on.
Conrad Hilton
Conrad Hilton:
So, at the age of 56 whilst going through a very hostile child custody battle Allen is accused of sexually assaulting Dylan .
And I oop... 😗this is a must watch.
Mike Walters
Mike Walters:
The very definition of Stranger than fiction
h t
h t:
I wonder what Mia's communication with the Source Family entailed while her ex-husband's child was taken in by that cult? I wonder! Would be So funny, So funny to find out what that was like.
Lou SF
Lou SF:
The poor family has been through so much.
Carla Santos
Carla Santos:
boky ben
boky ben:
I believe Moses and Soon Yi
Dan Lebofsky
Dan Lebofsky:
The only thing I know for sure is Ronan Farrow is Frank Sinatra's son.
R L:
REVIEW: google Allen v. Farrow is Best Buried and Forgotten - Toisto
Remember when Mia Farrow got mad at that dentist who was duped into shooting a protected tiger and she got so mad and posted his place of business on her Twitter account so people could go there and harass his employees who had nothing to do with the situation?
Tanisha Perry
Tanisha Perry:
Hasn't this story been written about enough?! What's the end game?
Javier Alfredo Gastelum Zavala
Javier Alfredo Gastelum Zavala:
Fnu Lnu
Fnu Lnu:
Hollywood? NOT Hollywood.
R L:
This series puts forward an exhaustive telling of Dylan Farrow’s story, accompanied by interviews with her mother, various of her siblings, and family friends. (Allen’s point-of-view is represented, eerily, by an audiobook recording of his 2020 memoir, which consistently does him so few favors as to seem to have been ghostwritten by his worst enemy.) - Variety