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Watch the AFI Life Achievement Award honoring George Clooney June 21 on TNT!

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About the AFI Life Achievement Award:
The highest honor given for a career in film, the AFI Life Achievement Award was established by the AFI Board of Trustees in 1973. George Clooney will receive the 46th AFI Life Achievement Award, honoring the actor, director, writer and producer. TNT will premiere the hour-and-a-half special, THE 46TH AFI LIFE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: A TRIBUTE TO GEORGE CLOONEY on Thursday, June 21, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, followed by an encore at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. Sister network Turner Classic Movies (TCM) will also air the special in September 2018 during a night of programming dedicated to Clooney's work. This marks the sixth year the Emmy®-winning AFI special will air on Turner networks.

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Amal Clooney Tribute to George | AFI 2018 | TNT

100+ komentarze:

He waited and found a real one. She's intelligent, eloquent, stylish and beautiful inside and out. Amal is awesome.
emina bosnjak
emina bosnjak:
He looks at her with so much love. His face says "this woman is my wife, I'm a lucky guy"
"He is a gentleman, he is a gentleman in every sense of the word. And in a way that seems so rare these days and perhaps even outdated." Got that right Amal!
vijay kumar
vijay kumar:
I love how the way George looks at her. Like how a king would look at his queen.
Diana Riverjackson
Diana Riverjackson:
She is the definition of class, beauty, intelligence, admiration and literally the perfect woman. This is a woman who is a lawyer and went to Oxford
Kyoshi Hyo
Kyoshi Hyo:
All of the audiences seems so captivated by her
Bernadette Mendoza
Bernadette Mendoza:
So rare to find today a couple with class and so much to admired from each of them besides their physical beauty.
Zizi Omar
Zizi Omar:
This is a proof ,, that no matter how old u get, always wait for the right person. Amal and George are perfect for each other ... she is warm and big hearted he is her equal in every aspect. this is not just love , this is more than that
She's like a Miss Universe. So eloquent and confident. Amazing.
Mom 2ADragon
Mom 2ADragon:
I’m almost 60 and my goal in life is to be as classy as this young woman.
This is just proof that one should not rush into marriage because they are a certain age and feel pressured by society. They are perfect for each other. Now I see why he waited for her
Elizabeth McLeod
Elizabeth McLeod:
She made me cry......such a wonderful speech. I’m glad family life agrees with them.
Merr Shepherd
Merr Shepherd:
She’s not reading anything. Speaks intelligently with class. George is one lucky man❤️
Rachael Clothier
Rachael Clothier:
I like how the women in the room look at Amal aswell. It’s like they understand WHY George waited for such an amazing woman to come into his life
Malika Debbah
Malika Debbah:
What a great speech! George Clooney was so touched by his wife message that he had difficulty controlling his tears. A lovely and classy couple. Have you noticed how the audience was in awe of Amal!
Elyse Pezo
Elyse Pezo:
This was the most beautiful open love letter ever. I cried and I never do for speeches. They're soul mates and full of respect and admiration for each other, it's beautiful.
Jamie Purtteman
Jamie Purtteman:
He looks at her and listens. He listens with a tear in his eye and we all swoon. Ugh that’s not goals that’s the definition
Yanti Lacsana
Yanti Lacsana:
The beautiful tribute from a beautiful lady to a beautiful man. We could feel the love and adoration between the two. Bless both Amal and George!
I sometimes come back to read this, It restores my belief in decency, fidelity, humility, compassion, love and generosity. And it also leaves me quietly hoping that maybe some of the egos in the room that night left with something to think about in terms of themselves.
N J:
She made me hold my breath as she spoke... None of the beautiful women were able to do that.
Damn she's a goddess
The shine in George’s eyes when he looks at much love....she is lucky ❤️
After this aired, I now know why it took him forever to get married and start a family, he was waiting for her! I love her and I think she is truly the epitome of class, elegance, beauty, intelligence and femininity. He is the lucky one for sure.
I had a tear in my eyes watching this. The love they have for each other is beautiful. If only everyone could have a little slice of this heaven 💕
Prosenjit Mukherjee
Prosenjit Mukherjee:
Never knew such love existed. She is a real woman. Cheers George!!!
Ema Henecia
Ema Henecia:
Beauty with brain.Not everyone can have these two together
Awwww look at how he’s looking at her!!! He really loves her. You can’t fake that!!!! Shout out to George and Amal!!!!!!!
The way George looks at Amal is so impressive, touching, heartfelt that I felt he's unable to hide his feelings of gratitude towards Amal despite the fact that he's a marvelous actor. He hides his face behind his hand to hide his gratefulness! Wow, that's amazing!
Sue Rizvi
Sue Rizvi:
What an honourable love between women n man, a wife n husband and two equally renowned personalities. Keep blooming
Agnes Fredericksen
Agnes Fredericksen:
This is one Classy lady ! Not only is she stunningly gorgeous ,but she is quite the true humanitarian as well .They make the perfect couple !
Si E.
Si E.:
George Clooney is very proud of her. You can see it in his eyes.
he looks at her with so much love, it's so sweet
Jane Favreau
Jane Favreau:
So happy to hear Amal’s awesome feelings of wonderful way her husband treats her special ! all women should be so lucky 🍀
Tony Cruz
Tony Cruz:
His secret to being the man that he is, is do in part as to how he was raised. He has my total respect.
What I love is that George knows that he is extremely lucky to have her.
Mano Gak
Mano Gak:
Vishnu Priya
Vishnu Priya:
What a powerful couple. She made George emotional
Natasha Kizzy
Natasha Kizzy:
George is so lucky to have gotten married to this beautiful woman
Juan Miguel
Juan Miguel:
If I had child, boy or girl, I'd force them to watch Amal's every move so that they learn how to be an exceptional human being.
Terri New
Terri New:
Wow Amal! That was so sweet made me cry happy tears. Such class and admiration for you both.
Suraj Raj
Suraj Raj:
At the beginning of the video I assumed that this will be another same old praising video but the way she has spoken about all the attributes of him as per her personal experience made this an amazing speech. I truly wonder how in the world people blindly follow kardashians when there are women like her all around the world.
Sule Man
Sule Man:
One of the most heartfelt speeches I ever heard. 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Salome Gubat
Salome Gubat:
She Memorized the whole speech while speaking from the heart. That’s commitment and love.

thank you Amal And George for showing us Love is worth waiting for.
Renee Knight
Renee Knight:
These two are so in love with each other, so much respect and gentleness between them two. I love them two together...I envy their relationship, their love❤
oliver j higgins
oliver j higgins:
Hellow, I just came across this on YouTube tonight and how grateful I am that I did, my only complaint is that it ended much too soon, I enjoyed it immensely. This lady, what a most wonderful speaker. Her composure her wit and her gift of speech and love. I could listen to this forever. A content and wholesome life I wish you and your family infinitely.
Anita Elghandor
Anita Elghandor:
Yes an amazing man,you see the love so deep in his eyes for his wife,so beautiful! !!
Darren Wells
Darren Wells:
They are both so blessed to have found each other, they are a perfect match
A beautiful and heartwarming tribute, so happy for them....
Alex JoeVanii Lara
Alex JoeVanii Lara:
She’s so glamorous & smart & he’s truly in love. Congrats to them both 👏
Tily Chao
Tily Chao:
She is amazing... Intelligent, beautiful, eloquent, and stylish. Anyone would be captivated by her!
sudeep nv
sudeep nv:
I came across this video just now, really wonderful, classic example of genuine love....
GES Planner
GES Planner:
You notice her when she walks into the room and you tear up as if she's waxing eloquent for you. She's rare and George's wait for well worth!
I love how Amal can be commanding and charismatic without being loud about it. I wish I had that.
Samantha Morris
Samantha Morris:
this was so beautiful. I cried from the very start ❤
My tears is falling down every time I watch and listen. The greatest love meet together in God’s will.
Two amazing individuals completely deserving of one another!
Amal is far more beautiful, intelligent, eloquent than many many actresses, miss Universes!
Sonia Fröhlich
Sonia Fröhlich:
An absolutely beautiful tribute to her husband. It brought tears to my eyes.
F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1:
Ahhhh the love that these two have for eachother is amazing to see.
A power couple. Such elegance and class.
Character is becoming a thing of the past unfortunately. Loved so much of this video. To see positive values upheld and admired, and genuine love shine through is truly heartwarming.
Great speech Amal gave George❤❤That's true love!
Fribelene Soliven
Fribelene Soliven:
What a great speech she said with regards to her.husband and the love of her life.
Sonia A
Sonia A:
She is a pure class act! Women like her need to be in the forefront of all media attention. I really wish the younger generation will one day only have role models like her ! We need it .
Mon A
Mon A:
Wow what a wonderful speech. George Clooney is deserving of every praise. Beautiful couple...keep shining :)
Atherton X
Atherton X:
He is lucky to have married her. They are a lovely couple.
Orana M.
Orana M.:
She is the definition of class !
Norma Barbour
Norma Barbour:
Everytime I run across this I stop and listen
Just a rarity to see something that looks and feels SO REAL
She's real
He's real
A real love
Just look at Cloony's expression when Amal comes on stage. That's just hearts!!
Catherine Tiernan
Catherine Tiernan:
Oh wow,id love someone to look at me with so much love,respect and admiration. It's a beautiful thing to see. Long Long life and happiness to them both.
What a speech, you have to admit real love and soul mate does exist in this chaotic world.
Roberta Zacharias
Roberta Zacharias:
You can see the love shining in both their eyes
I'm so glad I found this video again.., to see and hear Amal speaking is such a blessing. I admire this woman and what she does in life.
Kentucky Mama
Kentucky Mama:
I was unaware he was from Kentucky as my family has been for centuries. His wife is correct that explains him always being a gentleman, his sense of humor, generosity and class. My Mama & many Uncles were raised the same. 🇺🇸
Paula Harlfinger
Paula Harlfinger:
What a lovely tribute. God bless their union♡♡
Nabil Miller
Nabil Miller:
She’s so gorgeous, speaks so eloquently, intelligent woman.. damn he’s the luckiest man in the world
Brenda Durr
Brenda Durr:
The walking definition of brains and beauty. There is No One who can hold a candle to her. A CHAMPION of the forgotten. Simply Exquisite. She takes your breath away knowing she is actually REAL.
Apart from love, you can feel the immense respect between Amal and George.
Travis Cummings
Travis Cummings:
Aw, George looks like a teenager on his first date. I love seeing how much he loves Amal
Monterey Harris
Monterey Harris:
George Clooney has been in a little bit of everything. It’s all been good!! I just watched “ out of sight” for The first time and it came out years ago. It’s an awesome movie & so full of humor!!!
Leisl Avalon
Leisl Avalon:
Amal is so beautiful and the epitome of class. She looked like a QUEEN walking out on that stage and George thought the same!
This woman is amazing, a great role model for all girls ❤️❤️
Aida Amorre
Aida Amorre:
She's the epitome of class, intelligence and beauty!!!! Women like her should be celebrated more in the media vs. all the trash that's constantly being praised. If you have common sense, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! These days women are praise for taking their clothes off on Instagram and posting scandalous photos. Anything to "break the internet". How does someone find such behavior attractive? When is the society going to start recognizing true meaning of beauty?!!! And it has nothing to do with looking fake/plastic or exposing your body!! There is nothing more beautiful/attractive than a person who is intelligent, educated, compassionate, caring, classy, well spoken, fights for human rights and most importantly - fights for animal rights! I truly hope that we can see a shift in perception of beauty and this whole era of "Instagram Models" will finally end! What exactly do they contribute to the society, besides selling slim tummy tea and waist trainers?!!!
I'm not trying to put anyone down or knock them for their hustle. I'm simply saying that everyone tends to overlook women like Amal Clooney! I can't wait to see the day when the whole perception of beauty shifts. And I know that it will happen! Namaste 🤗💕
Shivani Fernandez
Shivani Fernandez:
What was not said and speaks for itself is what great taste he has in choosing his woman! Amal is all class in one word. ❤
amz Star
amz Star:
George did so well marriying a wonderful woman X educated intelligent beautiful and working in her own right god bless them x
This woman is pure class and a welcome contrast to these 'celebrities' such as the Kardashians who are now household names.
That was beautiful, things I never knew about George Clooney!
good Lord, she is the epitome of grace
Tahira Fauzia
Tahira Fauzia:
He found his lady, a lady in every sense of the word!
ary Snaza
ary Snaza:
I can see love on his eyes for her..true love.
Angelica Smith
Angelica Smith:
She is truly the classiest, most intelligent, eloquent woman in our day and age. I have much respect for her and her husband, both are amazing human beings.
Цисана Адлоян
Цисана Адлоян:
Прекрасная женщина, прекрасного мужчины!Пусть Господь, благословит вас!
Fay Mackie
Fay Mackie:
She’s so classy and highly educated. Such an amazing role model for young girls.
The way he's looking at her... Amazing love ❤️
maereg habib
maereg habib:
Wow !! George Clooney,he's absolutely a gentle man.I wish him a long ,peaceful,joyful, healthy life ... Thankyou
Sam Essa
Sam Essa:
What a beautiful speech from a beautiful, intelligent & amazing lady. I hope they are back together.
The reason I love this is, it is proof that fairy tales and real love DO exist, however rich or privileged you are. And even such an intelligent and beautiful and kind woman like Amal can think she would be a spinster! There’s hope!
she's so sweet and such class and intelligence, definitely look up to her :)
This was beautifully sweet!
Charles Flowers
Charles Flowers:
Amal made such a touching speech about George it was so moving I started crying!:)
S H:
George is just so proud of her! Amal is such a lady
piscean bee
piscean bee:
Beautiful, classy, intelligent and genuine. Amazing couple with so much to show us. God bless you both and your beautiful family.