Amanda Kloots Shares Rare Home Movies of Nick Cordero After His Death

Amanda Kloots shared an emotional tribute video to late husband Nick Cordero, who died on Sunday after a three-month battle with COVID-19 complications. The video features touching moments from their five-year romance and clips of their 1-year-old son, Elvis.

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Lazara Hierro
Lazara Hierro:
I feel so bad for this family. May God give her the strength to go forward.
Ann Hiltner
Ann Hiltner:
I’m heartbroken for Amanda & Elvis.
J J:
Everyone felt this beautuful man's loss. May his soul rest in peace oh Lord.
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee:
Sincerest condolences. Glad you were able to create beautiful memories and share each other's love. Sad because he was too young & your baby will only know him digitally. Much love & prayers for peace to you and the family Amanda.
Volker Haiges
Volker Haiges:
Why always the wrong people suffer? I know a other Guy from NY who would much more deserve this. This is really sad. Great and talented Guy.
Wander Lust
Wander Lust:
And in Brazil the president says that’s just a little flu! 💔🙏🏻
Devonna Christopher
Devonna Christopher:
It’s so very sad! I’m very sorry for your loss. I was praying he would pull through. 😔😢
BEBA & Alicia Pagán
BEBA & Alicia Pagán:
Now after Nick Cordero death, people take the Coronavirus more seriously..♥️🌹Rest in peace Nick Cordero, your life was very short. Now you're with God.
Sandra Aviles-Wilkes
Sandra Aviles-Wilkes:
It kills me to see someone so bright pass away leaving his wife and one year old son behind (not by choice). Meanwhile ignorant people in Arizona, Florida, Texas, and other hot spots are recklessly not adhering to the restrictions because it violates their freedom. This is what happens when a selfish asses doesn’t care about anyone’s wellbeing. Innocent people die leaving love ones behind and heartbroken. ALL BECAUSE YOU FEEL RESTRICTIONS ARE VIOLATING YOU FREEDOM!!! You know what YOUR IGNORANCE impedes on my right to live a healthy happy life.

There’s definitely something wrong with some Americans, seriously I cannot wrap my head around the ignorance. It’s dam embarrassing already!!! Stop politicizing safety measures because innocent people are dying from Covid-19/complications.
carol hankins
carol hankins:
My heart is so broken for Amanda.💔 Nick will be watching over you and Elvis till you meet again. I’m still in shock over the sad news🥺 RIP Nick ❤️🙏🏼🕊✝️🌹
Elaine Pl
Elaine Pl:
You and Elvis made Nick's last years very happy.
Elizabeth Perez
Elizabeth Perez:
Amanda is amazing, I watched his updates like he was one of my family 💔💔 God bless you and family.
John Michael Young
John Michael Young:
Memories of happiness
Stella Bella
Stella Bella:
So sorry sweet lady. Nothing anyone can say will help. Lean on your friends and family. You are amazing!
Deborah Salinas
Deborah Salinas:
Many people have different ways of mourning a loved one. Just because HER way is not the way YOU would mourn your loved one doesn't make it wrong.
Leave her alone! It's HER life and HER loss so let her express her grief however she wants.
Your life together was short but filled with so much love.
God bless Amanda and her baby, Elvis. 🙏 🙏 🙏 and ❤. Hope Nick is now at peace.
Deb Rastelli
Deb Rastelli:
It's sad though he is so young
I dont know who he is , I meant
As write this 2 of my daughters co workers are getting tested for Corona virus. This is not over!!
Eva Flores
Eva Flores:
💔💔💔💔 you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending love and light your way.
victoria lamport-brown
victoria lamport-brown:
I’m so sorry for Amanda’s loss omg her n Nick had such a sweet love story - the Broadway life they are both so talented ! My heart is truly broken for Amanda ! May the lord watch over Amanda n Elvis Amen n may Nick Cordero RIP Amen
Nola Girl
Nola Girl:
If I was dying, I would definitely want to go out listening to music too. I wonder what my dying playlist would be. It would have to be some classics for sure! Sending all my love and positive energy to Amanda and Baby Elvis
May Nick be encircled in peace, love, and light in the hereafter. May Amanda and their baby boy be comforted and strengthened as they grieve for the loss of their beloved husband and father. May the family be led to joy and peace in the future.
sheree stuart
sheree stuart:
Amanda, keep cherishing those beautiful memories!
Allison Mikuni
Allison Mikuni:
Whether we get 5 years together or 35 years, I guess we just have to be grateful for whatever we get. Easier said than done.
Go rest his soul ...fine family man God Bless his wife & baby boy 🙏🏽
Cindy Weir
Cindy Weir:
The world losing this wonderful person ...tears
Teresa Serrone
Teresa Serrone:
This is just wrong..this man shouldn't of died like this
Renee Clay
Renee Clay:
How could someone so healthy die from this horrible virus???? This is so very sad and so tragic. I am so happy she has her son.
careaboutnature S
careaboutnature S:
Amanda, Those pictures of you together say it all. You can see you were in love. You have done such beautiful tributes to your husband. My heart and prayers are with you and your baby boy at this difficult time.
Geraldine Modica
Geraldine Modica:
So sad what a beautiful precious couple. Devastating 🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢life can be so sad 😭. May he Rest In Peace 🙏 making me cry 😭
Max Lammer
Max Lammer:
Nick cordero has a child with his half sister...Amanda Kloots

Christopher Robert Campbell
Elizabeth deVries
Elizabeth deVries:
GREAT love and support to you. I am a widow for 8 years. I was blessed to be able to be holding him and kiss him. He died at home with me. My heart truly goes to you. Most sincerely.
A C:
💘 Amanda, Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories of yourself and Nick.
Please stay healthy & strong for your son Elvis 💘
Deborah Salinas
Deborah Salinas:
Many people have different ways
justine kauhane
justine kauhane:
Carolyn Harrell
Carolyn Harrell:
💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Will be missed.
Tamara Nilsen
Tamara Nilsen:
Our family has paid close attention to how Nick was doing with COVID. Maybe it was because he was so young and on top of his career. Or maybe it was the beautiful baby and wife he was blessed with as his family. Either way, he seeped into our hearts. Prayers were said often for Nick and his family, and we really thought he was going to make it through to the other end.
It is gut-wrenching to know a man like Nick, lost this battle after 95 days. Gut-wrenching to know how he fought and suffered for so long. Gut-wrenching to know his beautiful young wife with child, is now a widow. Year 2020 has been devastating to us all.
Why does Amanda Kloots sound European?
Max Lammer
Max Lammer:
Nick cordero has a child with his half sister... Amanda Kloots
Soul Stories
Soul Stories:
How did he contract the virus? Is Amanda Kloots positive of coronavirus? Are they going to do contract tracing?
B Emerson
B Emerson:
God bless her
Malahat Sarajian
Malahat Sarajian:
No word can describe my sadness 😒😞😢💔
Mich Blackey
Mich Blackey:
This virus has no mercy
gina cheselka
gina cheselka:
This is extremely heartbreaking. I pray that everyone will take this extremely serious now.we all need to be wearing masks and social distancing and staying inside is often as we possibly can and washing our hands and wiping down surfaces and everything that we've been told to do. 🙏 Prayers for his whole family
Iris Cavanaugh
Iris Cavanaugh:
R.I.P. N.C.
Corona did not kill him. The hospital did. Should never have been put on a ventilator and definitely shouldn't have stayed on one for 90+ days. They straight up tortured the guy.
Lori Weiss
Lori Weiss:
Very sad but please share photos of grieving parents of both😩
Sandy Welch
Sandy Welch:
The Glow Berries
The Glow Berries:
How terribly sad! 😔
Hoa Luong
Hoa Luong:
RIP Nick Cordero!! Covid19 didn't kill him, the ventilator did by destroying his lungs. It was unfortunate that he went to the wrong hospital. Remember this, 82% Covid19 patients that went under the ventilator, died!! (per Gov Cuomo)
RLS Norton
RLS Norton:
Latifa Jenkins
Latifa Jenkins:
So sad!!!!
Debbie Vidal
Debbie Vidal:
So bloody tragic
Fuzzy Peach
Fuzzy Peach:
I'm sorry for her lost, however she needs to give social media a break. It's not even a week. She's using social media to help her grief, but it's not the best in the long run.
Blesson Binoy
Blesson Binoy:
Nice family
Who cares
Tina C.O
Tina C.O:
Rest in peace Nice 😧🙏💔😢
Lúcia Emilia Machado
Lúcia Emilia Machado:
Rust and Ribbons
Rust and Ribbons:
🙏🙏🙏🙏 WEAR MASKS PEOPLE! You might just help someone not strong enough to fight this virus.
Delisa Fisher
Delisa Fisher:
Jake Angel
Jake Angel:
Archy Adams
Archy Adams:
Tameika Jones Grimmond
Tameika Jones Grimmond:
Only who feel it, knws it. It's not easy to lose anyone important in ur life, especially love ones ,prayers for this entire family RIP
Sebastian Dynamite
Sebastian Dynamite:
kathy mulder
kathy mulder:
So very sorry
hana ahmed
hana ahmed:
Kathryn Drury
Kathryn Drury:
STOP NOW A,ANDA! You’re beating it to death! Have some class!
tim kat
tim kat:
I feel terrible for this woman and her child. However, she has a very strange way of mourning. Last thing i would be thinking about is spending inordinate amounts of time on social media doing what she is doing, and posting what she is posting. Then again...its hollyweird.
Megan is a gamer
Megan is a gamer:
It’s heartbreaking that he lost his battle. It seems very odd that she is sharing THEIR memories and seemingly profiting from his death🤔
Denise Wynn
Denise Wynn:
Did she open a go fund me account? This is normal now. No one should get medical or life insurance any more. Get open go fund me and get rich....