Amazing New Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay, Huge Details & Way More (Horizon Zero DAwn 2)

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay Story Trailer Breakdown (Horizon Zero Dawn 2)
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Kirsty's Focus
Kirsty's Focus:
The story trailer was really insane!! 🔥🔥 Great breakdown as always!
The meow-sician
The meow-sician:
Can't wait to see Varls reaction to the metal world since he was very hesistant to learn more about the okd world but seems comfortable with it now
Jwolf G
Jwolf G:
I know Aloy is genetically gifted, smart and all that, but in the first game her advantages was her focuses and overiding the machines. Feels like humanity has caught up with her a lot in forbidden west! I hope she is flushed out more unique than just her genes getting her thru doors, and stuff. She had that Batgirl vibe in the first game.
I can't wait to see even more new machines (the ones in this trailer look so cool)! Especially the triceratops machine)!!! I hope that there is still more new machines to come!!!!!!!!!!!
Gamer pro Morrison
Gamer pro Morrison:
Imagine in the beginning of the game, you start in a small part of the zero dawn map(obviously maybe the far western part of it because that's the direction aloy wants to travel) and have to find a way over to the new forbidden west map

Will there be a video soon about things to do in zero dawn like side quests you should complete or collectibles to find to be extra caught up on the next game
Solar Flare
Solar Flare:
Hey jor, I wanted to ask you something. On the clamberjaws we see that their back has the same “saddle” as the clawstriders do. Do you think this means we can ride them? Also, could the new flying bat thing be mountable? It seems mabye a bit smaller than a stormbird and strong enough to hold aloy. Also, makes sense they/wouldn’t “confirm or deny” flying if the machine that we use to fly was unrevealed at the time. Thoughts?
I personally hope that romance options won’t be in the game. I just can’t see how it would fit Aloy’s character
Roger Bowen
Roger Bowen:
This all looks stunning. One might think that all this pushes the PS5 to its limits, but, we know from the first game and Death Stranding that the Decima engine is capable of great performance without greatly stressing the hardware. Can't wait for the PC version.
Whisper 803
Whisper 803:
Hey all, sone cutscenes dont show the shieldweavers glow in Hzd so it might still work but i think the shield wing is from a shellwalker coz they also slow down when blocking with it so it could slow your fall aswell.
You’re the only content creator I need to stay on top of all this. Thanks so much!
Karen Tiger
Karen Tiger:
I am so glad Erend will be a more prominent character in this game. I really grew to love his character in zero dawn.
Yash Soni
Yash Soni:
The Hype is Absolutely Real🔥🔥🙌 It will be a Masterpiece 🤙🤙 Less than one month left now!!
Kevin Haynes
Kevin Haynes:
Great story breakdown. Really looking forward to going on Aloy's new adventure...
Hasani Toro
Hasani Toro:
The space shuttle site might not be from the odessey as there were many projects in the 2040's where ships were sent to space to collect resources from asteroids,so it might be something else,also a ship flew over tilda really fast for a moment in the distance
Edmar Souza
Edmar Souza:
I agree with you about that building being the Odyssey (or being related to it in some manner). Already on the first trailer when they showed these red falling stars, I had the weird impression that these were related to the lost ship. I think it makes a lot of sense to the story that they would have lied about Odyssey to push the Alphas to do their best. But I also do wonder if wouldn't the people from the Odyssey that caused the signal... that would open a few cans of worms. Man, I can't wait to play this game!
Yash Soni
Yash Soni:
I can already tell that Slitherfang(Cobra machine) gonna be freakin' tough to beat🤣🔥🔥🙌 And that machine at 2:23 is just so freakin' cool 🔥
I’m half expecting all of the original machines to return. Seems like an easy way to reuse resources and keep the enemies diverse.
shayne saulnier
shayne saulnier:
I'm super excited! I can't wait to play. I'm loving all these teasers
Some random Person
Some random Person:
What you think is a frost claw, is what I think is a scrapper we know they are back as we see them running in the trailer later and I don’t think that could be any other machine, it seems relatively small and has very thin long scrapper like limbs.
The chieftain is a good guy as far as we know, In the meet the cast featurette it's revealed that his goal is to bring all the Tenakth clans together to end the war and Kotallo's helping him bring about that vision.
So far the only characters on the left that aren't entirely trustworthy are Sylens and Tilda (the new character at the end of the story trailer). I'm inclined to believe they're still going to end up being good in the end but based on the information given in the meet the cast featurette I'd keep a close eye on them.
Lemming 998
Lemming 998:
The dialogue options in HZD were to give more background info to the story/world - if you wanted it. You could opt out by just clicking "goodbye". A good idea.
Hufflepuff 7913
Hufflepuff 7913:
I think that Tilda is connected to one of the other subordinate functions: Minerva or Eleuthia would be my guess. To me, the subordinate functions are kinda represented by different characters. Hephaestus would either be the Banuk or Oseram. Hades is, of course, Sylens. Artemis would be Talanah or the Hunter's Lodge. Demeter is the Nora. Apollo with the Carja. I'm not too sure about where Poseidon fits, but I'm probably just reading too much into this...
Kenath Ajith
Kenath Ajith:
In the beginning it seems like Aloy, Erend and Varl are on a ship or something. Also, if u pause in the very beginning of the scene where Erend takes down the FrostClaw-like machine, it has a sort of Metal Rib-cage like thing in the place of the freezing unit (of the Frost-Claw), so I expect it to be a new machine. 3rd, The Triceratops like machine's behavior is kinda like what the normal machines were before the Derangement, so I think something like that happened. 4th, Ulva has a custom Focus that kinda matches her outfit, so she would have found it own her own. Another theory of mine on Ulva is that her tribe has different cultures and beliefs, cuz of the Focus and outfit relation,.and every specific tribe's outfit should have few things in common. Finally, it might be possible that Tilda could be from the Odyssey solution, cuz a spaceship should have escape pods or something, right??
That is all I have, Thank you
tyler morgan
tyler morgan:
Pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition for the PS5 right after I saw the story trailer. Currently almost finished my HZD replay in prep for the game. HZD looks and runs so well on the PS5. So I am extremely excited for Forbidden West on the PS5. I'm confident the $85 for the Deluxe Edition will absolutely be worth it!

I'm super greatful that I was lucky enough to receive an invite from the Playstation Direct store with an opportunity to order a PS5 and managed to snag one before they ran out of stock after almost a year of constantly following stock website and social media channels that track PS5 stock with no luck.

I hope that any of you trying to order a PS5 are lucky enough to receive a similar opportunity because the new generation of consoles are truly game changing.
My Heart, Body & Mind is ready for this game!!
Basch Reddington
Basch Reddington:
I wonder if the shield wing glider can be used as a shield or even a weapon of sort.
Random Side Quest
Random Side Quest:
Nice breakdown Jor, especially with all the article info 😎
That new mysterous character looks suspiciously futuristic...that table isn't tribal-esque at all either. I can't wait to learn more!
Seeing three ships on the odyssey mug makes me wonder about the accident that destroyed the odyssey, then what about the other two ships? Maybe it's just there for show and there really was only one odyssey ship. But then what about the three falling stars that look so similar to the mugs design of the odyssey? I saw someone say that they lied about its destruction to push the alphas to perfect gaia, which they did something similar where Herres lied about zero dawn. I noticed how Tilda looks far more futuristic than anything in HZD (other than the machines) so is it possible she is a machine herself? Maybe the ai that was going to help the crew of the odyssey, and that there really are no surviving humans left from the old world
Jonathan Drokin
Jonathan Drokin:
Can wait to get my hands on the Game. Keep up the good content. 👍
CH0M1K05 pl
CH0M1K05 pl:
1. I'm not saying it's impossible for the fire/ice claws to be there, but it would be weird to add a machine from the DLC (but they also added hefaistos so...)
2. it seems pretty small to be a fire/ice claw, I think that it's most likely a destroyer or a sawteeth.
3. That could be a new machine that we havent'n met yet and I'm overthinking this.
Great video btw
its me
its me:
2:01 i don’t think this is the fireclaw or frostclaw. The front limbs are too thin, looks more like a dog machine. Also the the fire/frostclaws are much taller than that.
Tom Clare
Tom Clare:
Personally I wouldn't be surprised if Varl with a beard is at the very start of the game as there's a six month time jump from HZD. But of course bearded Varl raises the question of how does he shave? Which I think is a very important thing we need to know ;)
Been waiting for this ever since the trailer released! Great breakdown :)
Dreamer Desk
Dreamer Desk:
watching this game will be like watching a movie with amazing soundtracks.
Question for HFW we must be, and I hope we are getting more new machines because at the moment there are more HZD machines then new ones.
I think that for a new game and regin and story of Horizon we should be getting more new machines then old.
It would be dope if we could pick one of the bigger machines to override and ride them like a Sawtooth!
Liam Lane
Liam Lane:
I think that the time skips are when they go to different areas, seeing how we have at least three areas we visit, we'll have a time skip to get there.
Id imagine the powercells on the shield weiver armour depleted at some point. Maybe we get to recharge them in forbidden west at some point.
Rameez Ahmed
Rameez Ahmed:
I Think Sylens Helped Aloy To Know That When The Old Ones Left And So In The Trailer They Said Regalla Answers To Something Powerfull And That's Why Sylens Is Helping Regalla To Know What That Power Is
sk Torre
sk Torre:
My hypothesis is that the odyssey may have never left orbit. And was suspended in time, the strange transmission was the AI on the odyssey awakening everyone at their destination.
Yeahhhhh! This is all super exciting! I'm definitely bummed it's not coming out to PC right away though.. :(
Guerrilla Games is really putting Dutch game studios on the map 🌍🇳🇱!!
Roman Sekret
Roman Sekret:
As a pc player who played all aaa games including classics like mass effect and AC i bought ps5 to olay last of us, tsushima, god of war etc and i must say-HZD is the GOAT game. Cant wait for FW but HZD was so good especially the story. From the beginning of ritual sabotage to the end is a journey.
Mohammad Patel
Mohammad Patel:
I can’t wait for the side missions
Golden Spudlet
Golden Spudlet:
I'm so excited for this game!
Have you learned if they have flying mounts in this game or is it still a mystery?
Nick Burson
Nick Burson:
I believe one of reasons why Varl and Erend have focus to really help out Aloy so they talk when they’re not together.
daniel rogers
daniel rogers:
Tilda could be a remnant of Odyssey, or could also be Ted Faro's personal AI and kept her at his secret Thebes bunker.
M Mo
M Mo:
I'm so ready to play! Under a month to go!
xyrenia of cthrayn
xyrenia of cthrayn:
That bat machine is likely the equivalent to the storm bird as sun wings are to glinthawks but we'll see in 2 weeks New Zealand time.
Jason sfks
Jason sfks:
The fact that it appears that somehow GAIA got restored is insane! Also that woman at the end really brings out some crazy theories...
Chris M
Chris M:
That's definitely Vast Silver at the end... The fact that there's crazy weather causing issues in the game should all point to her return...
Matt T
Matt T:
I wonder if perhaps the story may be somewhat similar to the the story of "100" where the people in the Ark, or this case the Odessey came back and the basic tribes people are hostile towards them because we are humans and shitty to one another. Or maybe the people of the Odessey cant be "bothered." To live with the simple inhabitants of Earth? Either way I noticed right away that lady at the end it obvious someone who is more advanced then the others. Or maybe she is a sort of hologram? Kinda gave me Halo vibes with the forerunners. Either way cannot wait
Homeless Banana
Homeless Banana:
For anyone curious, we did NOT see a frost/fireclaw in this trailer. The machine Erend is taking out seems to be a new predatory machine akin to Ravagers, Sawtooths, Stalkers and Scorchers. You can tell by how short the machine is compared to Erend, and by the size of it’s skull and limbs.
Rob Day
Rob Day:
Maybe, Tlida is human (or maybe an Android/Servitor) from the Metal age (via Odyssey Cryosleep) and want to know what and how Zero Dawn went wrong.
The Shield-weaver armour run out of power or get overloaded early in the game and it need to fix/upgrade by the later parts of journey.
Kaan asdf
Kaan asdf:
Tilda may be the Vast Silver? The climate intervention AI that went rogue but supposedly ''captured''.
I was waiting for you to make this video! We're getting closer to the release date!
Sam Hell
Sam Hell:
I think the aliens thing is wack I love horizon but the story was good enough without adding aliens like every mainstream thing
danny jasin hull
danny jasin hull:
Err Mah Gerd! Raptor, I actually laughed out loud when you said "it's good to know these annoying machines will be back".😆
2:14 it looks like that rockbreaker is strapped to the brim with blaze which looks ready to blow
KWNT •¡Edits¡•
KWNT •¡Edits¡•:
Already pre ordered it I’m so excited
Planet Shlorpian
Planet Shlorpian:
Is it just me or does the Cauldron shown midway through the trailer remind anyone else of the Greek AC logo?

Anyway, can't freaking wait for this game.
I think the machine Erend slams with his hammer isnt a frost/fireclaw. The arma look to tiny/skinny
JRY654 YD123
JRY654 YD123:
Maybe the women in white could be part of a faction using tech that allows minds to be uploaded from one body to another human or machine in order to live past Zero day as a earth bound part of the odyssey project as mission control and give updates to the ship about earth events, if they uploaded their minds to machine bodies it would over come the 100 year limit of the Bata/Gama habitat.
Beatriz Magalhães
Beatriz Magalhães:
I cannot wait for this game! I guess I’ll play frozen wilds in the meantime
DJ Dribbles
DJ Dribbles:
The "bat type creature" machine looks like it could be a quetzylcoatl
Giam N7
Giam N7:
That machine with 4 wings has to be inspired by the Microraptor or the Changyuraptor 😉
Steinar Husby
Steinar Husby:
Spoilers for HZD, but I'm beginning to re-believe that Regalla is also a clone of Sobeck (I.E another Aloy,) considering they mention Sylens helping her and the reason he does so is one of the twists they are looking forward to reveal. There's a few things speaking against it (brown irises, ear shape, slightly different head shape, different voice actress,) but I'd say there's a greater than zero percent chance she might be another instantiation.

Why another Sobeck clone? "One is none" as doomsday preppers decree, Gaia would be wise in making more than one copy when she was about to self destruct. There's likely to be cradle facilities in backup in case Hades reset the world with humans on it, but they would stay unused if Gaia didn't put them to work. And story-wise, having a big-bad/Dragon character revealed to actually be your own flesh and blood, there's tons of ways to develop the story off of that. Redemption, different perspectives and approaches to challenges, etc.
Devin Walters
Devin Walters:
the shieldweaver armor may be the strongest, but i don't use it because aloy has armor that visually looks better.
Neon Flare
Neon Flare:
Really hoping they double down on RPG mechanics this time. Also strange decision not to show Talanah at all in this trailer (or any so far).
calvin webb
calvin webb:
i want zenith armour and the fly ability for my character PS 4
Rameez Ahmed
Rameez Ahmed:
2:02 It's A Scrapper Not A Forstclaw, Frostclaw head is not that small
😭😭im so ready for this game!
William Jackson
William Jackson:
In the cast interview it has Sylens saying a line about it being 6 months since they’ve last spoke.
Hype hype hype, can't wait for the secrets
Just a hypothesis.

The only higher power Regala (sp?) answers to is an A.I (there is no higher power on the Earth than A.Is) and we all know what Sylen's hungry for; knowledge. To gain access to the A.I. , he has to "help". It's a price he has to pay. I wouldn't be surprised he feeds Aloy information on Regala. After all, he wouldn't want the deaths of thousands on his hands because he helped Ragala build a machine army. Hopefully, other than seeking knowledge, he also intends to stop the degradation going on in the west as it would also spread elsewhere.

Although Tilda appears at the end of the trailer, she may well appear to Aloy earlier than expected. Where would Aloy encounter her? Perhaps through comms on the derelict shuttle at the launching pad,. Through her or it, Aloy may gain the knowledge to repair GAIA and set on the path to reining in rogue A.I.s If it's not Tilda who help Aloy, then perhaps Aloy found another A.I., a friendly stable A.I.
just Lola
just Lola:
Tilda is either related to the odyssey project or she is related to vast silver, vast silver must be present
River City Views
River City Views:
Is it me or does the shield wing look like the shield or a shell walker
en människa
en människa:
Your videos are always helping you have saved me thousands of dollars this video is probably gonna be the same
the graphic insane ~~The story seem will be big~Still not sure can mount the bird or not?
Josue Gutierrez
Josue Gutierrez:
Can’t wait to have the Regalla Edition in my hands, I also can’t wait to play Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring. February will be a busy week.
OMG I CANT WAIT IM SO EXCITED. Who else is excited
Elite Pro
Elite Pro:
This game is going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 playing it on PS5!!!!!
palvier flex
palvier flex:
2:57 thats not a cauldron door .. the Mark on it is that of farao automation hinting that is THEBES …. Ted farro personal bunker
Can’t wait, jorraptor, can we play horizon in VR ?
Eric Black
Eric Black:
Please don’t add romance options in Horizon Forbidden West. It’ll really break Aloy’s character. Even though this is an RPG, we need 1 dedicated Story line and dedicated characters, the way Guerrilla intended. We don’t need romance option and choices to alter these things.
i really hope it runs and looks good and ps4
Jerry Van Zant
Jerry Van Zant:
Maybe I will get to play it in four years or so
meshaal alzurier
meshaal alzurier:
Will we be able to ride flying machines in horizon forbidden west?
Hellbilly Bob
Hellbilly Bob:
Going to have to put in some serious effort to finish up Dying Light 2 before this drops. Only 2 weeks.... I can do it.
Ibrahim Bin Waseem
Ibrahim Bin Waseem:
Best game of 2022 ❤
New flying machine = Giant moth me thinks.
Cant wait for the release!
Did you see the leaked back cover? Its in German but I bet someone could translate it.
The machine Erend is killing looks like the new machine on the left at 8:40. It looks similar to a scrapper but the jaws are different and it's missing the white armor around the neck.
Element Zero
Element Zero:
I wish I had a PS5 to play this. I will just have to enjoy it on PS4 and then re-Platinum it when PS5s finally become easier to get.
Steady Cuzzin
Steady Cuzzin:
Tbh..... I'm getting so aggravated on seeing all of this new game footage. Because I cant help myself. It's my favorite game and theres no way I could ignore watching any of it lol.
I am way way to hyped for this Game and cant wait for it to get here.
Just seeing how good the game looks and knowing it's going to look amazing on the PS5. Makes it that much more exciting. I'm getting ready to buy either a 55" Samsung QLED QN90A or a 55" LG OLED C1 Series. But I cant make up my mind on which one to get. But regardless I gotta have one of these Tv's before February 18 get here.
I absolutely refuse to play Horizon 2 Forbidden West on my older 40" Samsung 6 Series. It's not happening haha.
Corey Carter
Corey Carter:
That golden A symbol door is from Faros Automated Solutions. So hinting that Ted faro will play a part again.
Tanveer Singh
Tanveer Singh:
LOL never have u waited for someone to upload their vid this much 😂😂
Love u Jor keep up the amazing vids ❤️