Amber Heard OFFICIALLY Gets Sentenced To Four Years In Prison!!! (Johnny Depp Victory)

Amber Heard OFFICIALLY Gets Sentenced To Four Years In Prison!!! (Johnny Depp Victory)
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been involved in major disputes for several years now, but it seems that all of this drama is finally coming to a close now with new revelations and plot twits. It is not easy to keep up with Johnny and Amber, but what is the most important factor here is that amber heard may be potentially facing jail time. The ongoing court drama made a major plot twist when Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against his ex wife and celebrity. Allow us to break all the news down for you but first be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel below.

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Matthew Murphy
Matthew Murphy:
“Amber heard officially gets sentenced to 4 years in jail” that’s what I came to see not an update of the situation. Get it together
Devon Cyplenkov
Devon Cyplenkov:
Pirates of the Caribbean 6: The Curse of a Gold Digger
Travis Cecil
Travis Cecil:
"Officially gets sentenced" turns into "may be potentially facing jail time" in the description. Nice.
4 years is not enough!
If Johnny would be sentenced he would be put for 10 years so Amber also should get equally punished!
Marius Mitre
Marius Mitre:
Its easy to put a falsely accused man in prison, it happens alot. And yet look how much it takes to make justice just for one case. People should think twice before making false accusations because they have no idea in what giant mess they are getting involved.
French Strxwberry
French Strxwberry:
"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate." - Captain Jack Sparrow
Niki Hunt
Niki Hunt:
Get Johnny Depp back in movies. We’ve missed him.
Jeanne Bautista
Jeanne Bautista:
She deserves everything she's getting...
Lerick kampe
Lerick kampe:
I just want John Depp in pirate of the Caribbean and Fantastic beasts
Billie Sherman
Billie Sherman:
She's a liar, she was abusive and she deserves everything she is about to get. Don't forget that Australia is also investigating her for perjury and she could face 14 years in prison.
Kelly Bowe
Kelly Bowe:
I'll believe it when I see it.
Maribel Branham
Maribel Branham:
She should be ordered to return all earnings due to interviews and publications regarding her "domestic abuse". She is a pure opportunist.
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast:
4 years simply isn't enough. She tried to ruin him permanently for the rest of his life. What does she get? She gets a slap on the wrist. NOT JUSTICE!
יצחק סער
יצחק סער:
Gentlemen, will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain...Jack...Sparrow!
For years is not enough justice for Johnny! Give her more! How about a year for every lie she has told or repeated. Lock her up and throw away the key!
4 years goes FAST. She deserves at least 10 years in jail.
Jayne Conlon
Jayne Conlon:
This is epic news but honestly 4 years isn't enough , I hope anger turd gets more , poor Johnny has been to hell and back , suffered great financial loss because of this liar 😢,
Miss Anji
Miss Anji:
I was abused by my ex. Really badly. I used to stay in my house for sometimes up to 2 weeks at a time, because I was too embarrassed for people to see my black eyes and bruises. I lived in real fear for many years. This excuse for a "Woman" makes me furious. I'd love to come face to face with her and ask her what's up! She needs to be punished for this properly.
Louise Marriott
Louise Marriott:
"it has been painful to relive the breakup of my relationship". Oh. Is that why you made it public, Amber? So you make it public then you sh*t in his bed and blame it on your tiny Yorkshire terrier. I love this 😂😂😂
princesses combs
princesses combs:
they need to give her life in jail not just 4 years bc that’s not enough justice for Johnny DEPP 🥺🥺 .
William Blaney
William Blaney:
If I were him, I would personally sue her for lost wages from POTC, FB and lost sponsors.
Um. It’s not official. She’s facing a lawsuit.
Patricia van Ree
Patricia van Ree:
The 4 years is for the case about the dogs in Australia not the Virginia case so there is more jail coming her way
“My Truth” she means her BS!
Lauren Heinzman
Lauren Heinzman:
Honestly, NOTHING would make me happier than to see her thrown in prison for a couple years 😒
Ultimate Sanity
Ultimate Sanity:
I will abandon with pleasure every franchise which have dismissed Mr. Johnny Depp.
jon smith
jon smith:
" my truth" " your truth"....people there is no such thing, there is ONLY truth, saying crap like " my truth " is another way of saying lie.
Neha Chand
Neha Chand:
Justice for Johnny
Punky Karooney
Punky Karooney:
This is awesome news, however poor Johnny depp's reputation has been massively jeopardised by Miss AH, Hyperthetically observation I definitely agree if Johnny was sentenced for an entire decade's of a prison sentence AH should receive the same prison sentence. At the end of the day It's the hard factual case evidence for the judge's decision to give the appropriate punishment. I'm pretty sure that Justice for Johnny Depp supporters have a few ideas sprung to mind
When people say "My Truth "
It's not true 😂
J rsx
J rsx:
Justice for Johnny!!!
David Monaghan
David Monaghan:
So she's not officially been charged or sentenced to prison.
D. D.
D. D.:
Justice for Johnny 💜
lance outdoors
lance outdoors:
I hope Amber finds a special friend in jail 🥰🤣
Patty H0skins
Patty H0skins:
💜🎠Love Johnny 💜🎠💜
Jaime Reinoso
Jaime Reinoso:
If she's in Aquaman 2 I WON'T WATCH IT until it is a rental
Esther Phiri
Esther Phiri:
Amber singing 🎶money money money, always sunny in a rich man's world 🎵
Now she is ruined 😂😂
Only 4 years of imprisonment for destroying Johnny Depp's life isn't enough
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota:
"It has been incredibly painful... Hold on a second where was i? Ahh yes second sentence."
Alya Yew
Alya Yew:
I stand by Johnny Depp.
I feel like I'm riding the Black pearl to the sunset lol⛵⛵with a bottle of rum 😂 and a undead monkey
Aliah Gypsy_Leaf
Aliah Gypsy_Leaf:
Well.. Never abuse anyone forcefully out of anger with someone you 'supposedly' love. Next time talk about your issues don't put your hands on someone that doesn't may understand what's going on through your brain just talk. Your all Adults handle it like Adults 👍
Joana Maulin Llamazares
Joana Maulin Llamazares:
Really the truth will always win at the end😊
Cosmic Perspective
Cosmic Perspective:
Imagine already being in jail and you're about to get a new cell mate... And it's Amber Heard.
Dunamis Espada
Dunamis Espada:
I hope 🤞 this is true and amber gets the karma she deserves period
André Raymond
André Raymond:
So... Amber Heard has NOT been sentenced to prison time. You lied to get cheap clicks.
chester lestrange
chester lestrange:
Lol ill question any ones motives if they use the phrase "my truth". I'm only interested in THE truth.
ki ki
ki ki:
omg i cant believe this this is amazing
ebban jenkins
ebban jenkins:
Johnny Depp and Keef to do a new version of Rolling Stones classic Star Star
Rebecca Marie
Rebecca Marie:
Lmao plot twits in the description made me crack the f up 😹
Popcorn Doggies
Popcorn Doggies:
Better give him his movie back
But,I've just read she's doing Aquaman 2 and something on netflix..
Which is so wrong if JD is still not being offered work
Moon Stargazer
Moon Stargazer:
Simpson's kid laugh, "Heh Hahh".
Amber needs to suffer for her betrayal against Johnny. She had every chance to put this case down with peace and she decided to proceed with it to benefit herself.
Purdy Reveala
Purdy Reveala:
Pacific Ocean needs pirate back for more sailing. 🇻🇺
Toch Mi Hara
Toch Mi Hara:
El sábado (mañana) brindaré por su victoria! 🌮🤩 Comiendo tacos en su honor! ✭𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐃𝐞𝐩𝐩!✭
Whoo!!! 🇲🇽 🎉🥇
Honestly, I wouldn't watch another pirates of the Caribbean movie unless Johnny Depp is playing Jack Sparrow, and the fantastic beasts movies can get fucked without him too. Bring him back or lose a lot of the fan base.
JuSt SaRaH
JuSt SaRaH:
She's already been investigated for 2 counts of perjury one from Australia one from the LAPD
Danielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks:
Whoa what! Boom baby get that justice Johnny
Mike Watkins
Mike Watkins:
Gone Girl!😎🎸
Kamlesh Kumar
Kamlesh Kumar:
Inner beauty of human will always be beautiful than outer beauty.
After done my job or work, l watch to johnydep's movies for entatenment and how to handle difficult situations likely.
Men are not always wrong ✌
Smelly Wallpaper49
Smelly Wallpaper49:
Johnny Depp will forever be a true man, this goes to show.

Not all men can just raise their fist at a woman, but it can be the other way around.

Not all men can force themselves onto a woman, but it can be the other way around.

NEVER JUDGE SOMEONE BASED ON THEIR GENDER, You could have stopped something that is illegal.
maribeth buasan
maribeth buasan:
JD for Pirates and Fantasti Beast 3,,,can't wait to watch it,,,,,
Dennis Geerlings
Dennis Geerlings:
A complet borderliner & A support system for her ....
miss D
miss D:
Johnny thought he was in a relationship amber was faking and couldn't keep the act up after she tromertised hem. She might be a better person for it.
Peanut Gallery
Peanut Gallery:
That stair story was twisted Badley, I heard the correct version from Whitneys diarrhea mouth n it was ah trying to push jd down the stairs n amber hit jd and her sister, they lied cuz teard paid sis to lie!
pat shore
pat shore:
"Amber Heard OFFICIALLY Gets Sentenced To Four Years In Prison" why do you tease us like this.
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman:
I admit that I was apart of Amber Heard Fans in saving Amber Heard Movie Carrer for 3 to 6 year's.
Even now is making me rethinking bout Amber Heard in who she really is as a person.
Even I just hearing from Amber Heard own words that she did admitting to hitting Johnny Depp.
Derrick Thibeau
Derrick Thibeau:
worse example of reportive journalism ever.
Major Newspapers are like ,"want a job?"
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}
{{{{Ké SiNGS}}}}:
Meg B
Meg B:
I grew up with people like her, I can’t image what life would have been like for the family. She possibly abused everyone around her and the parents either turned a blinded eye or tried to deal with these actions. This has to be a personality disorder for some people to be willing to destroy others lives with no remorse. Scariest people alive
Shane Nolan
Shane Nolan:
Nice narration , well read
Corrinne Hale
Corrinne Hale:
But how true is this ? And it wouldn't be for years, she'll get out after 4 months...right?...if at all she even goes to jail...Not sure I believe it tbh
Ma. Josefa Digon
Ma. Josefa Digon:
Why do you question your truth being questioned? Should your truth be the only one taken into consideration? What about the truth of the other party? Of course each one's version of the truth should be questioned to get into the heart of the matter...uh I mean the real truth
Tina Evans
Tina Evans:
Caren Northcutt
Caren Northcutt:
Justice for JD
Rex Alfie Lee
Rex Alfie Lee:
Not a mention of Heard bringing her dogs to Australia. She could ultimately face up to ten years in prison for that alone. In Australia we have no cases of many of the diseases that afflict Europe & the US & the protection of our animals is taken incredibly seriously.
In the never ever never,i tought that J.D was quilty to abuse women.
Name Lname
Name Lname:
That’s Crazy
Johnny Depp I love you .100 times I love you
link sirias
link sirias:
Excelente 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃💖
Julie beakgaard
Julie beakgaard:
Ah yes. Another celebrity “going to jail” even tho we all know, they are just going to have to pay some million dollars.
michelle seth
michelle seth:
its women like this that make it harder for real abused women to get justice
T R:
I hope she'll be okay I like Amber... I don't know the whole story about this or anything.. I just like the actress... talented... hottie...😎
she needs about 20 more years
Adrian Daniel Botnariu
Adrian Daniel Botnariu:
Wait... He's innocent, she's guilty, he's blacklisted, she continues to work?? This so backwards it's unbelievable...
Crystal Hoskins
Crystal Hoskins:
I am completely on Depp's side on this. Even as a person who in the past went through DV. Just the facts don't support her story. He has no previous violence allegations against him. With many exes speaking on his behalf. Where she does have a violent history. My experience is the perpetrator is the one with the violent history. Men can be victims of DV as well. Even her parents support him and don't believe her. The police were never called until it was pointed out, then she calls police who's body cam footage don't back up her claims. It upsets me that someone would claim DV especially when he even has an ER visit for injuries he sustained from her. All the signs show he's the victim of DV and that she's narcissistic with even maybe some borderline personality disorder to boot. She only used him as a stepping stone to boost her fame. Then tries to destroy his career. Even in a recording JD made she admits to hitting him and throwing things at him while he's pleading about not wanting to fight. Victims of DV never strike because we know that only escalates the situation, making the violence worse. She just don't show signs of being a victim of DV. I don't buy it...
mrs. draco malfoy
mrs. draco malfoy:
well at least we knw that she is a good actress 🤡
Marcelline Choisne
Marcelline Choisne:
Really? the better news of the day! Johnny was living not far from me,in France..He let us only good things to remind..Humble, calm, gentle, a simple man.. That s over, witch! your beauty isn't a multipass!
Tabatha Justice
Tabatha Justice:
Half way through and only Mention of a Possible 4 years in prison?
Scalpers And Scammers Sitting On A Tree Kissing
Scalpers And Scammers Sitting On A Tree Kissing:
Don’t know what Johnny saw in her. I’ve seen many of her kind. Nothing but a soulless evil being unworthy of being free.
I am already dead. Or am I ?
I am already dead. Or am I ?:
Okay I am not even angry anymore with all the click baiting going on in this world. This world is turning into a sad place. We are sacrificing a future for momentary gains and I fear for the future of humanity.
Kevin Beach
Kevin Beach:
Not sure but I don’t remember a trial! Do NOT become like our oppressors please! I believe she is worse than bad but we need to dispense FAIR justice
Danielle Hongvarivatana
Danielle Hongvarivatana:
Yes! Finally!
Steve Langstroth
Steve Langstroth:
"My truth" --- So,....she lied, then.
Ro Z
Ro Z:
Most abusive relationships are two-way streets!!!!!!
Allister Henderson
Allister Henderson:
Ashleigh Mellon
Ashleigh Mellon:
Whoa what?! That's crazy!
Emoryn Sixx
Emoryn Sixx:
Amber Heard has an ex wife that she smacked around. Dig that up.