Amber Heard's Lawyers QUIT

Amber Heard's Lawyers QUIT
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Amber heard’s legal team inclding Roberta Kaplan, Julie Fink, Davida Brook and John Quinn have quit right in the middle of the case. Roberta Kaplan is a name you might have heard before, she’s known for being associated with the Times Up Movement, she cofounded Times Up’s legal defense fund. So what does this mean for amber heard, and perhaps more importantly, what does this mean for johnny depp?

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Amanda Schamper
Amanda Schamper:
They probably quit because Amber treated them as badly as she treated Johnny.
Paige Is Cool
Paige Is Cool:
They quit because they knew that her side was a sinking ship.
They quit because they knew they were screwed.
Sher Lytle
Sher Lytle:
They quit because they came to their senses that she's a lying abuser, and, Johnny has all the proof he needs to win this case.
Briana Cunningham
Briana Cunningham:
As a kid of a man who as physically abused by his wife. I hope Amber loses everything.
I love how the whole comment section is just people saying why they quit.
Ziggy Wright
Ziggy Wright:
Amber’s getting a taste of her own medicine- her career and by extension life is being ruined! Sweet sweet karma!
Y /n
Y /n:
I saw the title and I was like “YES!”. she just a horrible person.
Sounds like they found out the truth and decided to "SOCIALLY DISTANCE" themselves from her.
Tiffanie Verhine
Tiffanie Verhine:
The lawyers knows that she won’t win that case.. doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest case in their careers .. if she’s not going to win they don’t want to take the risk especially since they know she’s lied about everything
Joy Gomes
Joy Gomes:
Cause they were defending the abuser, and goes against the "Times Up" movement.

Edit: Yes, but they weren't random Lawyers, they were "Times Up" lawyers, and she wasn't the victim, but the abuser. could damage the whole movement.
They quit cuz she's a KAREN n nobody wants to defend one.
Blu 420
Blu 420:
They quitted because they didn't want to get drag down with her.
Minkyung Kim
Minkyung Kim:
They quit because Amber was faking the abuse. That’s not what they stand for
Edit: idk if I’m right or wrong but meh, i like hearing what every one has to say
Random Super Fan
Random Super Fan:
“Mis Heard....we have HEARD enough!”
....if they didn’t quit like this i will be disappointed 😂
Baby Doll
Baby Doll:
They quit cause of the fact she freaking admitted to being the abuser on tape
Damn you know it's bad when someone you're paying gives up on you...
They quit because they know she's full of it.
Penelope Danyelle
Penelope Danyelle:
I hope the justice system actually gives Johnny the justice he deserves and not turn a blind eye on this obviously horrendous case.
Shelly McKenna
Shelly McKenna:
So much evidence against her and this tells me there's no hope for Amber Turd.
J Riley
J Riley:
Wow, when Jodi Arias has a lawyer and you can’t keep one...
I will literally never watch Aquaman if she's still Mera. I loved the first movie, but I was none the wiser then. I can't, in good conscience, watch and support a movie that stands by an abuser.
Skyprincess 1995
Skyprincess 1995:
I was laughing at 2:50 at that picture of Amber in the Children's Hospital, and that kid is staring at her like, "Uhm, who are you, and why are you here?"
Ethan Chohte
Ethan Chohte:
Let's have a petition for Charlette to play for Aquaman 2 in place of Amber . 🤞😂😂
Elf Spy Network
Elf Spy Network:
I have to agree with Johnny's lawyers on this. I have said this numerous times. If people want to work with her, they can, but if they feel uncomfortable with her, than they shouldn't she might be a toxic client. Or toxic to the cause.
Little Miss Stamper
Little Miss Stamper:
I'm glad they replaced her, because we love Aquaman and Love Jason M.....and would LOVE to support him.....but no way could I watch a movie that cast her. I already three out any L'Oreal products I had ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Monica Lomax
Monica Lomax:
Where’s the petition to get JD back on Pirates?
Jodie Crofts
Jodie Crofts:
They secretly knew amber was screwed so they ditched her
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk:
I’m kinda hoping Johnny Depp gets his career back
Here's Chica
Here's Chica:
Karma sides with NOBODY!!! So if Amber Heard think's she can not be affected by Karma, then she has another thing coming.
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson:
NOBODY!!...... I mean... nobody.... hurts my Johnny and gets away with it!!...
Unicron theUnicorn
Unicron theUnicorn:
I was thinking no one wants to be associated with a manipulative abuser.
Raven Sponsler
Raven Sponsler:
Honestly I really hope Johnny Depp wins this case because he’s half my childhood.
ta vh
ta vh:
Yeeeaahh... the case has been in Virginia since it's been brought to court... that means the reasons the lawyers are now dropping out are reasons that have been there since the inception. You'd think an experienced legal team would refuse the case if these reasons held any credibility, not suddenly drop out mid-case. Let's call a spade a spade: it's BS. They dropped out for something else. My thought: Kaplan saw the backlash on AH and knew she couldn't defend her without looking like a complete hypocrite.
Even her lawyers are leaving her, except for WB. Fire her already from Aquaman 2 FFS! How much proof does one need?
Donna Crum
Donna Crum:
Rats deserting a sinking ship. They don't want their firm's name sullied by the case. Plain and simple.
The Life
The Life:
I LOVE YOU, I hope you are doing good. Have a good day. You always make my day and everyone else on the channel.
Alkis Papadopoulos
Alkis Papadopoulos:
Now she'll sue them saying that they harrassed her
haven't finished the video yet, but all I gotta say is HELL YEAH.
Debbie Ivey
Debbie Ivey:
I believe she quit because she found out Amber committed fraudulent acts. If so, that is against the code of conduct and counsel must withdraw.
Grecia Izquierdo
Grecia Izquierdo:
Plot twist: Amber’s former lawyers quit to represent Johnny
Jay Dave
Jay Dave:
To think that her FEMALE lawyers quit on her, ha! Tells me a lot! 😏
Ale Gue
Ale Gue:
“Costly”. Yeah right!!! It’s like $100 for roundtrip non stop flights right now.
S. M.
S. M.:
The fact that they quit before trial negatively impacts her case in a massive way. No matter what statements they issue saying otherwise. Kaplan and team could be made liable when she loses and she could sue if they didn't have just cause to drop her. Irrefutable cause that is backed by code of conduct lawyers are sworn by. Or they have major dirt to get her to cooperate- more than her being a druggie, psycho, abuser that is. The signed statement she gave okaying their departure waives their potential liability as well, I'm sure. The travel excuse is lame considering Kaplan has offices in DC, a few hours away from Virginia. Also blaming it on covid is pretty low but nothing is too low for a Weinstein lawyer. Except Amber now, I guess. 😂😂👍👍👏👏

Edit: it's also very telling that they dropped her just after a final motion to get Mel Inglesias- AH makeup artist friend- testimony waived was denied. Testimony that's going to be given via video to London in July. The makeup artist that had previously gave a statement that she saw Amber's wounds from Depp and covered them up for her appearance on Corden in 2015. Prob the same makup artist that applied her bruises for the temp restraining order that miraculously disappeared the next day. Mel decided she didn't want to testify anymore, claiming she feared for her life bc she's gotten twitter hate for her abuse hoax involvement. Obv that didn't work. So Kaplan splits bc she knows Mel will either lie- Kaplan can't knowingly let someone lie under oath or she could face disbarment- or Mel tells the truth and her client loses in a very big way and hurts Kaplan's rep too. Buh bye Amber.
Damn. Covid lockdown has given me way too much time on my hands. I think I need to find another hobby...but not before I eagerly watch Mel's testimony in July. Will she or won't she lie for Amber again??? 😁😁
Mr. Coolcrafts
Mr. Coolcrafts:
You know it’s bad when even your lawyer dipps. Dnag
Charlotte's got that face in the beginning where she knows she needs to keep the class because she's a journalist, but she's thinking what we're all thinking. 😈😂
Jolie Anderson
Jolie Anderson:
“Amber Heard’s Lawyers QUIT” HAHA
Yan Li
Yan Li:
Wow, she's screwed. LMAO.
Charles Obiora
Charles Obiora:
They quit because they know they gonna loose...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordyn Marie
Jordyn Marie:
I’ve always loved Johnny Depp. When all this shit went down I stood by him and I’m so glad I can just go HA to everybody who doubted him.
¡м ค Rロタムみ
¡м ค Rロタムみ:
If I Was her Lawyer I Will Literally Quit In The 1st Day
Mr. Coolcrafts
Mr. Coolcrafts:
It seems like the same some lame excuse to cover up the real reason the left. You ain’t fooling anyone. 🤔
Britts From The Bong
Britts From The Bong:
Ha! I'm sure they believe her. No one wants to admit they were wrong. Im sure legally they can't talk about it like that but I dont think going all the way saying "we believe her and stand with her... but we aren't defending her anymore.." like ok lol
Daneza John
Daneza John:
They quit because they knew the ship was sinking🌊🛳 but they didnt want to go with the captain🤪
Of course they know the ship is sinking..
wicked maddox
wicked maddox:
They quit because she was caught lying several times. You don’t lie about this kind of stuff. Like seriously.
Lauren Latta
Lauren Latta:
she was prolly beating her team up too 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Terrel Rose
Terrel Rose:
Listening to this news. is like Listening to a Birthday Card being read. 🥰

Justice for Johnny💓
That’s means Johnny wins. Yes.
chrissie hardman
chrissie hardman:
They quit because they realised that “flogging a dead horse” might actually be a sexual offence? 🤪
Tommye K
Tommye K:
“Her entire legal team that’s defending her in the defamation suit has quit.. heh uh oh” 😂 I love that sm lol
"uh oh" -Potato Queen 2020
She's doesn't fit the criteria of the legal team. Low income women affected by sexual harassment. She has become a high risk factor for the law firm representing Amber Heard. If they loss it will affect the law firms reputation. It's a clear sign the Amber Heard will loose her case. So it's best they drop Amber Heard's case now. A good human rights decision.
L L:
I don’t blame them, at this point it’s dangerous to be associated with Heard.
car bow
car bow:
This is a "me too" moment, but for Johnny Deep not AH. The lawyer knew she was working for the wrong side, and the travel & lodging excuse allowed her to save face with the Me Too movement.
Tsu - bunny
Tsu - bunny:
They are smarter than she is for sure. They at least know when to give up.
Temitope Mohammed
Temitope Mohammed:
JD for Pirates of the Caribbean 6. We need him back.
When your lawyer quits you know you're guilty lol
giggles Mcdougal
giggles Mcdougal:
I was so pissed yesterday when I saw she had a loriel ad
Chris Pham
Chris Pham:
"the traveling was getting costly"

Rize J
Rize J:
maybe she tried to hit them too lols :"D
Lilith the fox
Lilith the fox:
2:43 looks like she's laughing at the child
Never Ending History
Never Ending History:
Finally, some sanity in the world.
they knew that she was gonna lose
"we still believe in amber" lmao yeah right then why y'all calling it quits then if you still believe her? 😂
Ariel UwU
Ariel UwU:
She made Jonnys life hell no its her turn :D
Aisha xoxxxoooxo
Aisha xoxxxoooxo:
They quit bc she’s done and her lawyers would’ve gone down with her if they didn’t stop defending her
It looks like the lawyers now know all about Amber's bullcrap and deceitfulness.

Now this is what I call a pro lawyer move
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses:
Karmageddon 2020!!

Attorney's don't want a lose to appear in their case representation list record.
Mindyour fuckingbusiness
Mindyour fuckingbusiness:
Johnny Depp's career is like Black Pearl, comes back even from the Devy Jones locker.
I like how Charlotte can’t help but laugh when she says her lawyers quit.
Kimmy Robinson
Kimmy Robinson:
2:50 Oh my god that child look scared of her
They quit because they are fighting a loosing battle.
Frank Houston
Frank Houston:
Amber Heard is about to surrender to Johnny Depp 😷✊. She’s cutting her losses 🥳🕳✔️ .
Between her temper and lost case, they probably were done.
good for them, getting off that sinking ship
I’m happy for Johnny 💗💗💗💗 finally the truth is out
Wahyu Yogiarjanggi Gumbira
Wahyu Yogiarjanggi Gumbira:
**sees a smoke coming out of the kitchen**

Me: **tries to alert my parents** 04:25
Lucy Shotton
Lucy Shotton:
Amber probably just treated they badly and they probably realised they were screwed
Ella James Ainenehi
Ella James Ainenehi:
I'm sure they found out she's lying.
MMMMMHHHHMMMM!!! I love the sweet smell of karma in the afternoon. This time, the smell is the strongest it's ever been!
Evie Sanders
Evie Sanders:
Notice the difference in reaction between the kids Amber visited compared to the kids Johnny visited.
Kiki V
Kiki V:
Typically when lawyers drop a case like they have, it's because some sort of evidence has come to light that not only make them question the validity of the claims, but may also be in direct conflict with their established belief systems.
Anzelle Klopper
Anzelle Klopper:
Whhaaaattttt!!! 😂😂😂😂 that just made my day 😂 they know she’s guilty, their not going to mess up their career when they know they won’t win
Cloudy- Ah
Cloudy- Ah:
There’s no way this is a coincidence.. This would be a massive, “slam dunk” assignment for her team if they were completely confident in her case. Like Charlotte said, they probably can’t disclose the real reasons why.

The truth is getting closer and closer to coming to light, and I’m glad.
Mistress Jen
Mistress Jen:
Well, one often thought of lawyers as being like rats, and seems to me that the rats are leaving the sinking ship. 😉
I never saw the first Aquaman but I'll definitely pay to see the second one if she isn't in it. She deserves to lose everything.
Chong Panda
Chong Panda:
They were standing up for woman’s rights but in this case she was the one attacking so it’s not what they stood for
rainbow brite
rainbow brite:
They had to quit because they realised that even the legendary Johnnie Cochran couldn’t get Amber Heard off those charges 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tobi san
Tobi san:
It's like watching the part of the movie where the villain fails.
The expression of the kid literally said it all.