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Leo Wilson Jr (DJ Bibs Special)
Leo Wilson Jr (DJ Bibs Special):
This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dont let it go to waste by selling early.
You have a new subscriber, I've been watching for the past few weeks, but this videos depth made me subscribe and support. Im going to tell my youtube community (well those who are into stocks) to come check you out!
Jon S
Jon S:
Women: "We need to talk."
Roensch: "We need to talk."
Backyard Music Feedback
Backyard Music Feedback:
Is it weird that I’m not nearly as excited today as I was when I first started and was all giddy about making $300? Like, I was happy af. Now, with 5k+ profits, I was like, “oh ok. Cool.”
I made over 20k today and have never seen that much money in my account before. But holding since January turned me into a seasoned veteran and seeing those numbers didn't even phase me.
Tim Holmes
Tim Holmes:
I'm up 500k+ today alone and it never even crossed my mind to sell even 1 share
Roensch, One of the things you taught me that has been important is the value of slow stable growth and consolidation. This thing hasn't squeezed yet and this consolidation after the pop to $60 today gives me confidence that we are heading into more sustainable growth which means higher ceilings. Thank you sir! I appreciate your wealth of knowledge.
Roensch! thank you so much bro. im up 180k off a $1500 call $40 strike price.
Kathleen Wilkinson
Kathleen Wilkinson:
What a fun day !! Up over 1012% not selling !!
Markus Laumann
Markus Laumann:
The siege continues... My account just crossed six figures with my account being 99% AMC and GME. I'm not even taking profits until the shorts start to cover their positions. Acclimate yourself.
Jin Pow
Jin Pow:
I'd never though in my 31 years of living that "Consolidation" would be my all time favorite word.
Aviv Hadar
Aviv Hadar:
Never clicked a video so fast EVER!!! I say that every time.
Salem Broheim
Salem Broheim:
Hey I'm not gonna retire on this. But we turned 1500 into 5 grand, I am fuckin happy with that. Diamond 💎 hands tho.
Scduc Duc
Scduc Duc:
If anyone sells before 500, they have not been paying attention.
Bosnian Ape
Bosnian Ape:
Up 10k and I see it as chump change, we ain't selling till 100k per share. It's time for the little guys to play the game too!
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan:
On the daily, weekly, and monthly time frames, we've got NASTY FUCKING BOOM BOOM CANDLES
Rubicks Cube
Rubicks Cube:
I’ve made my yearly salary in one day and this isn’t even the squeeze. Thank you Roensch
Money Making
Money Making:
If you sell before the squeeze, it will probably be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.
I know from experience I sold over 1,200+ ethereum when it was $20-22 after buying it when it was $8-10.
I'd be retired on a beach as a multimillionaire had I not sold it so early on. I've regretted it ever since.
Don't make the mistake I once made.
M R:
I wish I had the balls to pull the trigger on some options. People have been KILLING it with options.
George P (GJP1968)
George P (GJP1968):
My new favorite word - CONSOLIDATION!
Am I the only one that greets everyone in my deepest voice with “what’s up guys” without fail? I’m also over using the word “attractive”.
Kail Zepeda
Kail Zepeda:
I feel really confident about having Roensch and other YouTubers keeping us aware of when the squeeze is going to start and what to expect during the ride. Imagine going through the Volkswagen squeeze without YouTube or Twitter.
david noven
david noven:
This is an important video. My coworkers, none of whom took my advice and bought AMC at 5-6 bucks) saw that I was doubling my money and were practically begging me to sell. I've been so focused on this it sounded like crazy talk to sell before the squeeze.
Lance “VigiLANCE” Brasseaux
Lance “VigiLANCE” Brasseaux:
The fact that the momentum continued after the first halt speaks volumes
The numbers tell the tale...AMC can easily get to $240k - $500k+ if we HOLD and DO NOT SELL. 🐒
Philipp Tarant
Philipp Tarant:
What would be a Roensch TA without a consolidation period in your videos where you talk about consolidation.... love your vids
Phewww, I was literally waiting for your video!
Jerad Thon
Jerad Thon:
What a ride. I remember when we were battling for pennies now a 10$ dip is nothing. This is one scary roller coaster, but I’m riding it until the wheels fall off.
"This video may be getting a bit long" -- no, nope. We could listen to you all day Daddy Roensch .. thank you for doing what you do!
Bernier Leonel
Bernier Leonel:
The fact is Bit coin is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? Before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first. For the past few days the price of Bit coin has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you can’t tell if it is going bearish or bullish. While others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient. It all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. I would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 1.5 bit coin and I’ve accumulated over 6.5 bit coin in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Marcus Barrow. His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on Tele-gr:am (@Marcus_barrow) cheers.
NO ONE is selling this thing..
Freakin beautiful !
Doug Trice
Doug Trice:
It blows my mind to think that I am up as much as I am, but I’m holding. Logic says to sell, but diamond hands won’t let me.
Parkat Plays
Parkat Plays:
Money doesn’t have emotions. Anyone who says it does, doesn’t have money.
Big Steeev From Tx
Big Steeev From Tx:
I remain stoic and quiet it’s not easy to instruct people that have a mindset that you know nothing of you can’t teach a person out of their habits. As for me I’m buying and holding
Ryan Engle
Ryan Engle:
i went outside an stared at nature in silence for about 2 hours after close today.
"We need to talk, guys." Oh yeah, we need to talk, alright. 😂
Bank of Bryan
Bank of Bryan:
Roensch coming through with the wholesome pep-talk 😂 I love it. We appreciate you Roensch, and your thoughtful comments. Thank you
Leslie Rider
Leslie Rider:
Everyone watching this needs to post this to your groups! A lot of excitement today but we have to be prepared and ready.
Joshua Sedeghi
Joshua Sedeghi:
Reading through the comments and it just gives me more faith that we are all HODLING for each other! We all know this isn’t even close to being the end. Apes together strong.
The Saint 927
The Saint 927:
Theyre gonna pump a fake squeeze. If it aint in the 1,000's it aint real
Kristina Frazier
Kristina Frazier:
With short interest increasing... I can’t help but have this nagging feeling that there’s something we’re missing here/the hedgies are up to something behind the scenes ... with a share recount underway that could possibly expose illegal naked shorting, and rising share price... it seems totally illogical, almost to the point of insanity, to continue to short... what’s going on??
Steven Ennis
Steven Ennis:
Roensch has taught us to live for the consolidation. You are a blessing to all of us sir.
Jonathan Kruger
Jonathan Kruger:
Everyone told me take profits but I know where this is headed, yes they will try to put it down in next few days but I don’t want to be on sideline on a day like today! Thanks again for your knowledge!
Mike C
Mike C:
Looking forward to listening to this channel throughout the remainder of the AMC saga and beyond. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this channel expands after AMC explodes with additional plays. Thanks so much for helping us through this journey.
Carpe Diem Roots
Carpe Diem Roots:
Gaawd I have been waiting for your video! AMC STRONG!!
Esor Gurung
Esor Gurung:
Thanks for reminder!! I'm numb till I see 100k a share!!
Mikey Spice
Mikey Spice:
Damn, dropping some real life lessons about intuition. Love it. Thanks Roensch.
Naked Sharts
Naked Sharts:
My boy is “wicked smaaaaahhht”! Thank you for your knowledge and eagerness to share it with us!
On an emotion stand point, I have never been more bullish on amc than right this second. Hodling.
Ben A
Ben A:
You should never have to pay for a beer again at a bar with how many people you're helping across the US.
Gibran Iturralde
Gibran Iturralde:
Roensch!!! AMC to the freaking moon!!!! 🌝
adam wing
adam wing:
Ahh the Morgan Freeman of AMC
Henry Sarson
Henry Sarson:
It was always going to be harder to hold in the green then it was in the red. Stick strong to your convictions APES next up is 100
Shit the last 4 months have been a great teaching lesson!!!!
Derek G
Derek G:
The VOICE of reason! You've been instrumental in this movement, thank you 🦍💪🏽
Drew 40
Drew 40:
Love to this entire family! Roensch, thank you for your calming logic and bullish sentiment towards what is proving to be a life changing event for so many deserving families!!!! I'm not fucking leaving....
George Manasses
George Manasses:
The voice of reason is here!
Jimmy Senrew
Jimmy Senrew:
Thanks for everything ronchy! You Always make me feel more comfortable.
Mikel Taylor (NZ Productions)
Mikel Taylor (NZ Productions):
been hanging out for this... so many coffees your work ! appreciate you effort 1000%
Kenta 403
Kenta 403:
Been following this channel for all of my AMC updates since March. Although I follow other channels, this one really focuses on the fundamentals and brings things down to earth. There are no extravagant claims, no bait and switch headlines, etc. Just a pure focus on what the numbers tell us, along with constant reminders on how to approach things mentally as well. It's really all you need for your AMC updates.
Phillip Vo
Phillip Vo:
Roensch: Let’s talk squeeze

Me: 😈
matt blah
matt blah:
lol wish I had traded options when I could have afforded it
oh well, huge swing is still looking good
too bad about insane capital gains tax
John Archer
John Archer:
Thank you for help keeping me sane for last 4 months. I owe you. Still holding
Been refreshing waiting for this to pop up
What we've all been waiting for. Longest few hours . . . Thanks for everything you do.
Raul “Fuggin_raw”
Raul “Fuggin_raw”:
Been waiting for this video to drop!
Jeremy Specials
Jeremy Specials:
"Hangout and show we are comfortable" Do not lose sight of technicals and very basic fundamentals love this.. lets continue to build this up.. Extract massive damage to the hedge funds.. Get these margin calls. Lets consolidate and setup shop and then launch our offensive.
Allen Sawan
Allen Sawan:
My wife kept saying, consolidation, consolidation, we need it. The teacher will give us a sticker.
Transparency Project
Transparency Project:
What a beautiful day
Tony Foster
Tony Foster:
Thank you for these! 100% subbing after this squeeze for future wealth growth advice.
What a day!!!!!!
Maria Luisa
Maria Luisa:
Great analysis, thank you!
Good lecture !
Strong reminder on everyone’s emotions
Thanks for holding with us. We appreciate everything you do!
Kip sangy
Kip sangy:
Bro your facts are always 100% !! Im paying for drinks if we ever meet!!! This will change my families life!!!
chuck sheppard
chuck sheppard:
As always, Appreciate the non-emotional analysis. TY!
Hope we see this squeeze soon. Awesome video as always
Alex V
Alex V:
Killing it as always m8. Thanks for the insight.
ArtifiShuL Instinct
ArtifiShuL Instinct:
My heart hurts. I'm gonna just assume tomorrow will be red just to calm down. If I'm wrong then fuck yeah.
Gary Hollingshead
Gary Hollingshead:
You are the man! Appreciate all the knowledge through your videos and tweets!
Jason G
Jason G:
Been waiting for this video all day
Thanks so much for your help thruout all of this you're the man homie
"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett. So Let's all be real patient now. 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
Nunya D. Biz
Nunya D. Biz:
When have you ever hear Roench mention "squeeze"?
Pay attention.
patrick barrera
patrick barrera:
Thanks for this... I’m gonna keep HODLING brother: I HODL for you
Hold hold hold 100k let’s go! We hold strong 💪🏼 ape fam ♥️🔥🚀😎😎👏🏼
Roensch you the man, thank you for all you do!
Rob T
Rob T:
Thank you for everything. You’ve made me feel confident in my decision making.
I love this! Needed to hear it today after holding through last night. Thank you so much!
Azher Syed
Azher Syed:
Always be humble and patient, keep Hodling the squeeze hasn’t started 🚀
Been rocking with you for months. Let's fuckin goooo
Jason Scott
Jason Scott:
Thanks for the breakdown🥃
Jordan Craig
Jordan Craig:
Super underrated source. Appreciate your coverage and videos
Slept through the whole market time. Lol nice...
The thing that has stuck with me the most is “Time in the market beats timing in the market”. I held that philosophy when I bought in January and didn’t sell. 💎 🙌🏻 🦍
Brad Fallon
Brad Fallon:
Always putting things in perspective, Keep it up man !!!
Troy S
Troy S:
Great reflect on goals. Hodling long.
Josh Sky
Josh Sky:
Damn, Roensch Capital is the best channel on YouTube. This guy is so good!
ado rawket
ado rawket:
you gotta make Roensch merch lol I would rep that R