American Visits Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland 2020

A few weeks ago I visited Auschwitz concentration camp right outside of Krakow, Poland, which was the largest camp built by Nazi Germany during World War 2. Auschwitz is located in a town called Oswiecim, Poland. We decided to make a day trip to the camp during our time in Krakow. The experience as a whole was life-changing and I learned so much about what happened in the camp that I didn't know before. I hope you are able to learn something from this video and if you're planning on visiting Poland make sure to check out some of my other videos! Thank you

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I’ve taken care of a patient who was a holocaust survivor. He told me he and his brother were sent to Auschwitz towards to the end of WW2. I was glad I got to take care of him and let me listen to his story of surviving through WW2 and migrating to the US with his brother to start a new life.
ρεrsοη D
ρεrsοη D:
Truly unimaginable what they must have gone through.
Ethan Scisciani
Ethan Scisciani:
It’s just hard to believe something this terrible could happen, especially on such a huge scale and only around 80 years ago
It’s sickening how a human could do this to others!
Noah Andersen
Noah Andersen:
The most important we can do, is to tell and explain the next generations about what actually happend. If we dont do so, it will happen again. The world must know. Love from Norway to Poland and the other countries involved🙏
So hard to watch. I'm crying inside.. those poor children.. they thought they will have a good life. :(
Great video! I am from Poland 🇵🇱 and I am really sad these events happened. I am scheduling a visit in 2021 with my dad and my mom. This is a place to remember one of the most horrific events in human history, not a family day out. I respect that you took it seriously! Have a great day my man!
S. D.
S. D.:
The memories of all those lost will never get old. Sadly, there are those who deny this ever happened!
Ayyagari Manojna
Ayyagari Manojna:
I am 13 years old...After all my years of living comfortably with my parents and enjoying every moment of my life...I cant even imagine what it would be like to go through such a unimaginable situation.
Ethan Baker
Ethan Baker:
I’m an American and this is truly unimaginable we read stuff like this in history books but when we look back on this at the end of the day they don’t show how gruesome the war actually was. When I look at the bagging station I think everyone with a bag had a name and each name had a family they knew. So sad seeing families torn apart! God Bless everyone who had to go through this.
Tahrick Hamada
Tahrick Hamada:
Watching this video made me cry because of the unimaginable terror the victims suffered. To my Jewish brothers and sisters that were effected, I pray for you and your families!!!
Debbie Curtis Curtis
Debbie Curtis Curtis:
I've never been to this camp but did visit Dachau(sp?) It was one of the most important moments of my life. If at all possible everyone needs to visit one of these camps. It was so horrific that it's truly unimaginable that one human could do this to another. This must never be forgotten. That was the most depressing day of my life but also one that had the most impact.
I've gone through this museum in 1998 and hands down, it's still the best museum I've been to as of 2021.
I'm glad travel-Youtubers like you do videos like this. Everyone needs to know about it.
Wow, I’m so emotional right now😞 Thank you for sharing this with us. Life is precious and shouldn’t have been taken away like this!! Hope it never ever happens again🙏♥️☮️
Eden Garden
Eden Garden:
I have been reading many books about it. You just can't even begin to imagine how cruel this place was... I always tought why did they just go inside the trains like sheep? But of course no one would have ever thought to go to camps like this, they could never have imagined this.
Linda King
Linda King:
Visited there a few years ago as part of a tour of Poland….unimaginable cruelty of humans…most people were silent showing respect for those who perished
I went here with my school in 2018 and while it was a great experience to visit for the first time it was also daunting to me, I wasn't myself I didn't speak to anyone my teachers even saw me acting unusual but they didn't say anything to me until we left. I would like to come back to Auschwitz with my own freedom to explore everything and learn much more instead of being restricted.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
I've been there and I have never been the same...this is somewhere every person should make it a point to visit at least once as a stark reminder of the evil good people are convinced to partake in as "right" can happen again and it will if we don't remember this....

Never again. Never forget.
Gezza The Random Reviewer
Gezza The Random Reviewer:
I’ve visited the camp as well, it’s a really sinister place and you can feel the evil hang over it like an invisible fog. 😢
Cezar Solomon
Cezar Solomon:
.... just.... out of words... i love every aspect of WW II, and the idea of seeing this in real person...... shocking!
I am from India... It breaks my heart watching all this... Thinking about the people who went through the hell and passed away😢... I will definitely visit auswitz some day...
Nevena S
Nevena S:
Just finished reading " The Tattooist of Auschwitz " and i wanted to see how actually this place look like. It's so sad and heartbroken...💔
Thank you for sharing this video and story about this horrible place.. We can not forget this!
susan grant
susan grant:
Hi, A very hard video to watch but I made it to the end. I am not quite old enough to remember it. They where so cruel to them because they thought they where going on to a better place to live, and then that happens, My heart goes out to all of the families who lost people in that horrible place. I have just come across your video's so now I am going to subscribe to you. Susan,
Sending love to Poland from England
Thank you for being so respectful to the locals and the site of this atrocity
Felix Palmberg
Felix Palmberg:
We went on a school trip there many years ago in 9th grade. Both auschwitz 1 and 2. Along with Sachsenhausen which is another concentration camp. Powerful stuff
levina walsh
levina walsh:
Thank you so much for this video Chris. How some people to this day say that never happened!! The survivors of these camps say we should NEVER forget.☘🙏❤
Ariana H
Ariana H:
My heart💔 I visited in 2013 and nothing could have prepared me for the emotion experienced. We went inside the gas chambers, I think they were, in Auschwitz 1, and it was the most eerie feeling. Very very dark and anxious. I think you just recorded outside of it which was very respectful. I tried to also document my experience there but I couldn't. Thank you for sharing.
Mandi Flanary
Mandi Flanary:
Sending lots of love to Poland from the U.S.A ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Angela Stewart
Angela Stewart:
😞 sad. No human should have to go through that.
Gunner Dixon
Gunner Dixon:
RIP a everyone that passed away in the camps! You will be missed!
Luxury hotel room tours
Luxury hotel room tours:
I’m a little torn about scheduling this in the middle of a 3 week European vacation but I think it’s important that I go. Can’t believe this happened, and not that long ago
im sending so much love to poland from england❤️❤️❤️
ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ ⚡️
ᴢᴇɴɪᴛsᴜ ⚡️:
Greetings from Canada!!🇨🇦 As a Jew myself I have learned a lot about the Holocaust and I hope to visit here one day. It will be hard. So sad that this could ever happen to people.
Tiara Johnson
Tiara Johnson:
Sending love to Poland from New Zealand 🤍
Thanks for all the soldiers who saved us❤️
Michel Brügg
Michel Brügg:
I myself was in Auschwitz in 2004. Still impressive to watch. Let us be in our prayers for those who died there and for all their families. Love from the Netherlands
Been there a few years ago, once in a lifetime experience. And to think that it was 100 times worse back then! RIP ❤️
Today at 19 years old I got the chance to visit auschwitz, my dads side of the family were all victims of the Shoa concentration camps, they got sent to all the camps across Poland and Germany. My grandfather was the only survivor from his family of 10, this place was extremely hard to visit, I’m so proud of my grandfather for his resilience and strength to get through this or else I wouldn’t be here today to tell his story
Sparks Cat
Sparks Cat:
I'm from Poland, I've been in Auschwitz to visit 3 years ago. Such a horrific place.
this is so hard to watch and by seeing their things it breaks my heart and I imagined what more by seeing personally and what more to those people who experience it. Bless their souls.
Polish, Norwegian and Spanish
Polish, Norwegian and Spanish:
Amazing videos and so much needed to remember about this tragedy.
this is so sad man
Carlos Moeller
Carlos Moeller:
What can we do against such reckless hate?! Simple..respect and treat others the way we wish to be treated!!!!
Thank you for this video Mr. Chris 🙏🏼
After watching this I am beyond crying. These reminders of inhuman cruelty are just horrible.
some people in this era says we need Hitler to solve some issue is more scary.
Prayers to victims 🙏🏼
॥ ॐ शान्ति ॥
From India 🇮🇳
El138 King
El138 King:
I cannot think how much my family suffered there
Darshil Shah
Darshil Shah:
Please read this comment it will hardly take 2 minutes. Thank you.

All my respect and condolences to the people who dies here in the camp.

I'll tell you another story that nobody would be aware of. During the British Raj in India. During the same period British's so call 'sir' Winston Churchill took away all the food from the northern and the eastern parts of India. So people died and cause a famine now know as the 'Great Bengal famine' in which the British government claimed that only 5M died but in reality they were almost 3-4 times then the actual number. British people are never taught about this in the schools and the British government has done perfect work to hide all of that.

Just Google the things that I'm talking about and you'll realise that Winston Churchill was not a good guy. He was even worse than Hitler.

My purpose is to make people aware about this nothing else.
Nate Taiapa
Nate Taiapa:
So sorry for all those who suffered and died in this place. And for their families. And even for the German soldiers who were controlled into doing such hideous acts against humanity. Let us not forget them. Let us be kind to each other.
Hans Siemons
Hans Siemons:
You are absolutely right that no video or photo does justice to the immense scale
of Birkenau.
Anubhav Ray
Anubhav Ray:
So heartbreaking, I could feel the pain seeing this video. 😭
prativa spk
prativa spk:
I wanna visit there 🥺 such an emotional and rough to imagine
Just came here after watch The diary of Anne Frank and I just can't stop my tears. Truly heartbreaking 💔
Natural Breed
Natural Breed:
"Even living with live stalk would be a privilege"
Absolutely unforgettable fight for what's right and fight the Evil.
RealyWoDoYuBeliv? Not enough time
RealyWoDoYuBeliv? Not enough time:
When I was in Germany it was too soon for anyone young to hear about it. I only saw one man, in a Service Club do this fire thing where he said "Hitler just went up in smoke. He lit a napkin and it flew up. I'm kind of glad. We saw a lot of Germany and Austria. But never anything else. We did go to Berlin and the Eagles Nest. We stayed in a hotel in Bregisgarden (pl.). Those places would have been awful for me. It is hard to see now. 😭😭
Even nearly 80 years after all what transpired behind these barbwires, the presence of death is still as strong as ever...
Soumya Das
Soumya Das:
Nicely detailed video. Loved it and at same time feeling bad for those who came there as prisoners
Thanks for the video brother! We take life too much for granted
This is too painful to watch. Why is there so much HATE in this world? Can’t we all just... like... hug it out? 😣😥
Wayne King
Wayne King:
Thank you for this video🙏🏽
Siana Morgan
Siana Morgan:
As someone who has visited this place, I find it unimaginable what they must have gone through!!
That room of luggage because they thought they were just being moved is so sad
kutsanmış insan
kutsanmış insan:
Sending love to Poland from Turkey 🇹🇷 🇵🇱 ✨
Zaklina Bijelic
Zaklina Bijelic:
Visiting Auschwitz is one of the best investing money in education . It was so emotional, it is very important to see that and never became crual to each other . We are all humans
Gaz Hopkins
Gaz Hopkins:
May they all rest in peace 🙏,as a human race this shouldn't even cross our minds to cause this pain,how they suffered children murdered daily,we all need to stick together.
I don't think I want to go there now rip to all who lost there life's ❤️
George Mar
George Mar:
History is full of such atrocities and we can preserve humanity by never forgeting them as well teach the future generations to see how terrible humanity once was and make a better world to leave in
souhail moumit
souhail moumit:
"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
mike campbell
mike campbell:
Super interesting footage, offering so much relevant information.....could have done without the crappy music though. I wish people on You-Tube would avoid the 2 dollar tunes. Commentary or LIVE sounds are preferred
the trauma those who survived must carry :(
Luis Suchite
Luis Suchite:
Es triste saber hasta donde lleva la discriminación 😔
I can’t imagine how haunted this place is..
I had the privilege to hear a priest at my parish tell us about his time at Dachau. He went through hell until the US liberated the camp.
He passed away a while ago but told us he still had nightmares into his old age.
May he (and all others persecuted by the Nazis) Rest In Peace
Digital Apex
Digital Apex:
I have to sometimes remind myself this all happened less than 100 years ago. There are people still alive that remember this. Or worse, went through it. That there are still people on this planet that still have their tattoos from their time in this hell hole. Truly amazing just how many horrors humans are capable of committing if they just have enough hatred or indifference in their hearts for others.
juan gomez
juan gomez:
In solidarity with the victims of this genocide.
My great-great-grandfather went through this hell. He had his number tattooed on his arm. He miraculously escaped from the camp. He said that you could smell the stench of burning corpses up to 10 kilometers away. It's good that it's over.
Hannah Cobbs
Hannah Cobbs:
This is so heartbreaking me watching this I cried just imagine being in their shoes imagine you being them about 1 million people got killed you could’ve just got straight up and got killed it’s a mayor how to work your butt off for like 70 years you had barely any food skinny as a stick and I’m not even exaggerating you can literally see bone sticking out it’s horrible it’s a horrible thing to talk about it is so sad and so hard I just realizing how fortunate we are because they didn’t even have a roof to live under and I am fortunate we are all my friends complain and they say that my other friends have more than I do but I say remember concentration camps remember the holocaust now are you complaining now that is horrible I just pray for everybody who has to go through stuff like that I just want them to be safe and loved And hopefully survive through that
Oskar Sz
Oskar Sz:
Its so heart breaking what happend but its so sad that these Kind of things are still happening.😔✡️
Liddy Vasquez
Liddy Vasquez:
So so heartbreaking. Beyond imaginable
Riley Hodson
Riley Hodson:
I know how terrible these events were, but I think it is a good lesson to show people how power can go to your head, I hope that by people seeing what can happen that nothing like this will ever happen again.
Галина Васильева
Галина Васильева:
Слава Советскому воину_освободителю и вечная память умершим военнопленным(Царствие Небесное,вам родные).
Izhar Agam
Izhar Agam:
This is a very emotional and well edited video. My only question is why didn't you stated even once that this hell death camp was mainly for the jaws. Out of 1.35 million people that were executed, starved to death or dyed from diseases were jaws... Almost every jewish family lost someone in this camp.
Guess whos back
Guess whos back:
Greetings from Poland bro :)) People need know true about this hell..
i really wanna visit there, because i love history.
Mina Nana Officiel
Mina Nana Officiel:
*triste histoire my god 😱😭nous vivons dans un monde cruel , j'espère une heureuse année 2020 pour vous tous*
Swimming pool, cinema and nice wooden doors everywhere. I give it a 6 million star review.
Nick Zobovic
Nick Zobovic:
after this video I have no words what to say its just so sad and is hard to believe.
Sathyam Jaitly
Sathyam Jaitly:
So hard to watch and so sad that millions had to suffer
Missme Kissme20
Missme Kissme20:
just to think this was less than a 100 years ago.. And scary part is, history always repeats itself..
Gamer Whiz
Gamer Whiz:
Very beautifully done.
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones:
You know.....this history and experience is much like slavery in the South.
I hear a lot about how educated and intelligent the people were who began these terrible things, but I go back to pure ignorance because you have to be ignorant to allow these things to happen.
It's just totally abnormal.
God created everybody to be their own unique people: coming from different parts of the world, speaking different languages, having different religious and spiritual beliefs, ect.
I'm not a Bible buff, but generally speaking....God wanted us to at least respect and help each other, regardless of our differences.
We don't have to like certain people if that's not our choice, but can't we at least show respect and compassion and develop a healthy unity?
Isn't this what God expected from us, but we continue to fail him?
Rose Kay
Rose Kay:
Thank you so much for sharing!
Dorota Tryba
Dorota Tryba:
Thank You for great documentary . May they Rest In Peace 🙏🏻✝️✡️
Gtryy Dik
Gtryy Dik:
It seems in the world we live we might be heading towards something similar
Philip Mc Cabe
Philip Mc Cabe:
Very interesting video,a place I would like to see,yes it would be very upsetting.
sherouq batran
sherouq batran:
how horrific is the fact that it is happening again. by the victims too
this is too heartbreaking
Briana Manley
Briana Manley:
My biological father grandfather was one of he guards there and my mom German side fled there before this happened so as a nazi great grand daughter I can’t even say how sorry I am my adopted father a Jewish and I am embarrassed to be he’s kid because of what my great grandfather did to these people idk he’s name
such an extremely sad part of our history