AMNESIA REBIRTH Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1440P 60FPS PC] - No Commentary (FULL GAME)

Amnesia Rebirth Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Amnesia Rebirth Gameplay on PC. This Amnesia Rebirth Gameplay is recorded in 4K 60FPS on PC while encoded in 1440p and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.

Huge thanks to Frictional Games for providing with me an early copy!


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Amnesia Rebirth is a brand new first-person narrative horror experience from Frictional Games. Amnesia Rebirth, a new descent into darkness from the creators of the iconic Amnesia series. A harrowing journey through desolation and despair, exploring the limits of human resilience. In Amnesia Rebirth, you are Tasi Trianon, waking up deep in the desert of Algeria. Days have passed. Where have you been? What did you do? Where are the others? Retrace your journey, pull together the fragments of your shattered past; it is your only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you.

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Part 2 -

Huge thanks to Frictional Games for providing with me an early copy!

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Game: this game should not be played to win
Me : dies
Game: game over
Me: visible confusion
Alexis Norry Valkyren
Alexis Norry Valkyren:
Every time there is a female hero, she seems to be dealing with child loss...
Arif Hasani
Arif Hasani:
When all horror games take place in always night, mist and Horror town. In here frictional game show you out of the box horror game where you trapped at noon in an unknown desert
Lord Fannywhacker
Lord Fannywhacker:
that "media offline" message scared me the most. they really improved on jumpscares in this game
This character talks so much I don't know if we can truly call this a 'No Commentary' playthrough.
This game really makes you FEEL like a pregnant woman.
The game is more connected to Dark Descent than a machine for pigs
The sound of her flesh frying in the sun like bacon grease. Imagine hearing your own skin do that.
Game logic:
She can carry several gallons of fuel, but more than 10 matches - nope, sorry, that's too much!
woah never thought amnesia released a new series !
This game looks great but did they really have to make the sun stroke sfx sound like someone having a wank?
Feels like a waste not to pick up a candle or torch to carry with you instead of lighting a bunch of matches.
Anne Hüller
Anne Hüller:
Did anyone else read the "don't consume during pregnancy" note on the laudanum description?
I like the style of frictional.
Martin P
Martin P:
I would never have expected to have seen elements from Berber (Tuareg) mythology in a horror game. I am pleasantly surprised! I love it when games explore less known cultural tales and myths.

Of course, Tin Hinan (the Queen/Mother) was a historical figure. A 4th-century legendary Tuareg queen. Her monumental tomb is located in the Sahara, at Abalessa in the Hoggar region of Algeria.
Wait, there is a guy named Jonathan, lived in England, is really nice, an archeologist, and gets involved with the supernatural?

Is this a Jojo reference?
I didn't know they make a new series but I'm really excited to know the story plot about it!
If you see this hint in 42:20 , things are about to get real
HINT : Press 'W' to crawl foward.
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen:
Awesome game so far. It was scary in the caves but it's a whole different level of scary in the fortress. Very creepy!
Royal Raptor Gaming
Royal Raptor Gaming:
Protagonist: "What could go wrong?"
*Shoots door*
Everything proceeds to go wrong.
Ricky Ray
Ricky Ray:
SOMA is my absolute favorite and Machine for Pigs is my second favorite, but this one is very good so far. I am stuck at the radio building (1:15:05), got past it.. holy shit that monster.
Serhat Zorlu
Serhat Zorlu:
Even in the games French people talking so much :((
When I first saw this trailer I thought about the good old times when I was a kid watching a blonde swedish guy play the old amnesia in his kitchen. Good times.
Amnesia rebirth, where scorpions aren’t scary at all.
Igor Diklic
Igor Diklic:
All of Frictional's games so far have been fantastic - from the story to the mechanics and their connection, deep philosophical themes, character characterization, great gameplay and phenomenal atmosphere. Penumbra, Amnesia, SOMA are masterpieces of the genre and gaming in general. Really great attention is paid to even the smallest details. In addition, they have their own engine, really every honor Frictional Games. If this game is at least half as good as the previous ones, a truly great work of art awaits us. Games are art - the proof are exactly those of Frictional Games.
Alvaro Dovahink
Alvaro Dovahink:
yes, as always in all games, problems with the radio that you find and it cuts when they are going to tell you something important, often cliche
Heeeeey that's the woman who did the voice for the player character in Dragon Age Inquisition!
Unseen Comet
Unseen Comet:
that moment when ( media offline ) came out scared me :)
isaac d estrada
isaac d estrada:
1:29:36 Omg it scared me
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop:
I'm kinda enamored with the French colonial fort as a setting, being able to see the aftermath of the events that destroyed the garrison and piece together what happened room by room. There's a lot of personality in that chapter stemming from the setting, and the way the old F1 tank plays into the chapter first as a prominent bit of scenery and then as something to be interacted with is icing on the cake. A very well-designed chapter - I wouldn't be surprised if this was the first chapter and stage they worked on during development.
Mutia Annisa
Mutia Annisa:
I'm here to searching my imagination boyfriend.
Jaakko Wallo
Jaakko Wallo:
As an video editor, the true horror in this particular clip is that recurring flash of "Media Offline" – a jump scare that gets me every time X-D
Teiyus Teki
Teiyus Teki:
The new character animations have me SHOOK. 😳 Their mouths and eyes actually move now! 🤣
Alaa Leonardo
Alaa Leonardo:
The most beautiful in your wonderful videos is that you do not talk. This is a wonderful thing, I do not like when someone plays and talks at the same time.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mrs.Kelly Miracle
Mrs.Kelly Miracle:
If I hear her say Salim one more that just annoyed me.
Liam Winterton
Liam Winterton:
I do wish the matches lasted a little bit longer in this. It's good so far, just had to watch this because there's no way I would have figured out the cannon puzzle
So early i dont know what to say
Freedomlanders United
Freedomlanders United:
26:17 best Jumpscare of all
Butter Butt
Butter Butt:
Wait a minute, wasn't this place sort of mentioned in the first game? It sort of feels familiar.
Robert S
Robert S:
Oh finally someone without screaming on a mic WTF... you were the last on the google list.
never thought there would be another amnesia game - I'm ready for the lore
Wait, Desert? Algeria? Expedition?


Oh, no...
What is this? Match lighting simulator?
naomi jones
naomi jones:
break pots, they have items like matches inside!
Scrutinized, Phasmophobia and now this ? Man Im really excited for indie atmospheric game these year. Looking forward for another atmospheric game like Chernobylite, Gloomwood, Graven, Summerford, Them And Us, and Exanima
Dj Khalid: ANOTHA ONE!!!
Hope they make another the thing horror game, Manhunt, silent hill, etc
what are the media offline cutins?
Getting ready for the Halloween. This game looks awesome. Thank you MK.
So that's what became of Professor Herbert...
Moba Dev Yt
Moba Dev Yt:
Pretty amazing so far and kinda scary
What could go wrong?

The more pertinent question would be: what has gone right thus far?
Michael Reed
Michael Reed:
why do you sound like someone is cooking bacon when you stand in the light
2:30-3:20 *Brought to you by Delta Airlines~*
Rookie SRU
Rookie SRU:
This is much appreciated! Thanks for uploading the gameplay! ^_^
Matteo Ventura
Matteo Ventura:
Doesn't the air crash, constant commentary from character remind anyone of Outlast 2?
1400 AK
1400 AK:
this game is giving me Bioshock 1 vibes with the first 10 minutes
BeardedFreak Gaming
BeardedFreak Gaming:
love all your videos man, big fan here. great quality.
What a coicidence. I just started playing the old game yesterday.
ty for no commentary! helps invest in the atmosphere of the game! im sure you already knew that though so heres a comment to help the algorithm
So i wanna do a walkthrough of a different game i wanna know when do you know when to stop recording any tips
I like this! You're not shooting or killing something every second. You're just exploring and solving a mystery. Reminds me of Myst back in the day. What type of genre would this be labeled under so I can find more like this?
How To Feed
How To Feed:
Guys am I the only one that thinks it's not the Amnesia we know.
You never disappoint! Thanks!
You never disappoint! Thanks!
ChoCo BenchMarker
ChoCo BenchMarker:
ah yes, the scariest moment of all
*Media Offline*

Edit: *it turns out the media offline text is showing when he's doing livestream
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda:
i really watch a good horror film about outer space.
Yousef Al-Hunaif
Yousef Al-Hunaif:
I see amnesia rebirth is inspired by bioshock
HERPy derpy
HERPy derpy:
Wow, this game is surreal...
Thank you so much for this upload. I couldn't play the game because of some stupid launch error.
yo wtf didn't expect the jumpscares.
Mostly Normal
Mostly Normal:
This kinda reminds me of the Blair Witch video game.

With the wandering around a scary ass a lace

Without seeing the monster, but knowing it is nearby

And all the flashbacks
arian E
arian E:
Hopefully this will be as good or even better than the first
Marty Blois
Marty Blois:
Protagonist is so chatty it kinda breaks the immersion. Too much exposition.
Reminds me of Outlast 2. 34:45 reminds me of enchantress from suicide squad but moree scarier.
C Houghton
C Houghton:
It’s a shame this game is not that scary as the dark descent, but the story was pretty good
Dominick Fernandez
Dominick Fernandez:
Best playthrough hands down love the great work broski
Shark Team
Shark Team:
16:37 Pep Guardiola but sadder
MAX Aladdin
MAX Aladdin:
And its all About Tassili Mysterious Zone in Algeria
There is something that's genuinely making me laugh so much about the image of an Amnesia protagonist in a tank. Obviously very limited use of such a massive piece of war machinery but I can't resist thinking of any of the protagonists hunkered down in a tank, fully armed, and screaming "COME GET ME NOW, DEMONS." as they launch rounds and bulldoze over everything. 🤣
That media offline jump scare was terrifying
Spyro the Dragon 2020
Spyro the Dragon 2020:
Anyone liked *The Dark Descent* ?
I dont know bout you guys but being chased by anything i cant deal with it !!! lol i just give up!!
SgWine Noob
SgWine Noob:
Someone port this into VR!
Mountain Bùi
Mountain Bùi:
I thought this game releases one day later
Jacob Juarez
Jacob Juarez:
9:16 When you start your prayer
wtf? Am I watching Amnesia game or Slender?!
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim:
The shattered world reminded me of Malachor V.
DJ Lim
DJ Lim:
greatest jumpscare for me was at 35:24. Keep up your good work.
SALIM! You are breaking the CAR....
Kristýna Barešová
Kristýna Barešová:
i think is amnesie i mean
a voice that advises her is her love what was in plane.
tsui: 01:59:16 oh... what could go wrong 😁

everything so far.
B G:
my game doesn't work so i am reduced to watching this
Pick up the candles to stop wasting matches BRUH
100bullets miranda
100bullets miranda:
and im not really trying to sex out my human soul im pressing dodge to do the dodge.
GlovvX2 'n stuff
GlovvX2 'n stuff:
im so so hy7ped to play this
Rafael Freitas
Rafael Freitas:
See the iteligent of animal
Michael Johnston
Michael Johnston:
1:23:37 I see what you did there
gareth smith
gareth smith:
Hope this will be released on xbox one at the moment only for ps4 and pc players.😪