Amnesia: Rebirth! ? HALLOWSTREAM CONTINUES! (Let's Play Amnesia: Rebirth)

Hallowstream continues! Amnesia: Rebirth is next up for our spooky streaming season, assuming we can stomach the sheer terror for more than five minutes. Join us for Amnesia: Rebirth gameplay from this direct sequel to notorious frightfest Amnesia: The Dark Descent on the day of its release, then subscribe for plentiful horror streams for the rest of the Halloween season on Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra.

Find all the Hallowstream 2020 videos here!

Amnesia: Rebirth is out on release date 20 October 2020 for PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.

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Amnesia Collection Live! ? Amnesia Gameplay on Xbox One Live for Oxbox Hallowstream

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100+ komentarze:

Tiddly Winks
Tiddly Winks:
Stream starts at 3:19

Edit: Music is Danger Snow by Dan Henig
Dicknose McQueen
Dicknose McQueen:
for a second, i thought that jane and mike were wearing black shirts with their names on them lmao
Isabela Freire
Isabela Freire:
Andy is so over people not reading the schedule LOL
Dave McKinney
Dave McKinney:
Does it make me a bad person that I love it when OXBOXers say "Oh, no!" in unison..?
K Collier
K Collier:
This game starts with a plane crash? I wonder if there was a lighthouse nearby. I hear there's always a lighthouse...
Laura Farmer
Laura Farmer:
19:13 Was not expecting Andy to quote Rammstein, a pleasant surprise!
"Don't go in the sun!"

main character a secret vampire confirmed
These (really all of them) streams have been a welcomed respite to my day. I'm always working or doing chores and having a moment of silliness is wonderful.
Thank you so much 🤗
Iain Brown
Iain Brown:
"How good would it be to just do a laudanum binge right now?" Jane Douglas, 2020.
Zach Carter
Zach Carter:
Who's excited.
Oxbox's ability to never really pay attention to the games they play is kind of amazing really. Still great fun to watch
Reagan Orton
Reagan Orton:
Second day in the row of a Andy song?! Now I need “Moth Lady” (maneater) and the entire Hamilton but horror
Billie Bryan
Billie Bryan:
Okay… Okay, this music is goddamn badass and a half. Who is this??? I must know!
Sean Shivers
Sean Shivers:
I'm amazed that nobody has commented that OBS is so appropriately named "Oh, BS"
"What is saltpeter?" It's what John Adams sang to his wife about in 1776.
Katatonick Katastrophe
Katatonick Katastrophe:
The way Andy says "No cat's tongues, NO!" and just threw the box! Had me dying! XD
The sheer amount of commenters who come to the OX & Oxtra to cope with life's upsets and tragedies really speaks to the quality of the community these wonderful people have created. Catching up with OX team is like hanging out with friends who are always there for you, don't judge and are sympathetic to your trials and tribulations.
"You don't yeet a baby, Andy." That had me dying. 😂😂😂
First Last
First Last:
AH! A TWIGLET! Now I finally know what those things were, and why Mr. Bean chopped up twigs then dipped them in marmite at his New Years Eve party.
Jorrit Dorman
Jorrit Dorman:
What's the music playing over the intro?
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey:
SCP: When Day Breaks
Standing in the sun is a bad idea!
Ryan Crowley
Ryan Crowley:
Hey Andy, have you heard of Phasmophobia? You should play Phasmophobia. PHASMOPHOBIA!
Blake Armentrout
Blake Armentrout:
Welcome to Flashback Simulator: where 98 percent of everywhere you go is pitch darkness, the one thing your meant to avoid, by lighting a hundred torches in an area your only in for a few min with a handful of matches that go out almost instantly!
Marmite flavored Cheeto?

That’s the scariest part of this entire stream!
This is so not like the impression the Eurogamer review gave me, for the much better.
Here in Mexico we have "lenguas de gato", which are tiny pieces of chocolate shaped a bit like a slightly flattened Yoshi's tongue.
Nathan Williamson
Nathan Williamson:
Andy NEEDS to be on the controls. He plays horror well and finds things. >;) He also knows how to hide and sneak.
Chris Hollins
Chris Hollins:
Andy "what's happening to my eyes why are they veiny!!" Cuz your sitting too close to the screen Andy.
1:33:53 the map says tariq al Umm which means Mother’s Way/ Road. That’s kind of a foreshadowing for the ending maybe?
Tony Cruickshank
Tony Cruickshank:
"A whole load of puzzles" Oh, the horror!
Annabel Meyer
Annabel Meyer:
The starting soon animation looks so good!!
Gami The Mighty
Gami The Mighty:
is it just me or does this game sound like a flashback simulator? Side note: I'm just using the stream as Background noise Because I can't handle scary stuff.
Personal Persona
Personal Persona:
IGN somehow loved this game, citing the fuel/matchstick and puzzle systems as THE BEST PARTS. Just goes to show you, everybody likes different things about video games. I would literally rather play any other game than this one, their reactions after they didn't get through the door was like how I was feeling and thinking the entire stream lol. except for the fact that the three of them were hilarious the whole time so it was worth watching 2¼ hours of this absolute dismal waste of development resources lol
When they play Phasmophobia, hopefully they'll have the game sound at an audible level for the stream as the audio plays a large part in the scares.
check in on baby... *death stranding intensifies*
Warped Films
Warped Films:
My lunch break just started, also cool music.
Kains Childe
Kains Childe:
In the US Election Day is technically November 3, but because of Covid it's become more of an election month with mail-in and early voting. If it's available in your area or you've received a mail-in ballot DON'T WAIT! The sooner you get it done the better for all involved.
John Sharplin
John Sharplin:
@4:30 Andy saying "I HATE it" and yeeting a pillow across a plane is so hilarious to me, idk why
Frizzy Love
Frizzy Love:
As someone who goes by Tazzy, it was really weird hearing my name multiple times during a let's play lol
Personal Persona
Personal Persona:
You guys missed the main character said "I only wish there was a creature in front that I could hit with this", I swear I'm not making it up, rewind & you'll see it in the subtitles! It was so funny cuz you guys kept saying that!
Chris Goodluck
Chris Goodluck:
Jane's description of birth as always horrible casts her many experiments in a whole new light.
Tails 322
Tails 322:
Salim has a hole in his chest? In a cave? In a desert? Salim is Tony Stark confirmed
"Don't eat a baby"
New World Order Ltd. - Branch Hamburg
New World Order Ltd. - Branch Hamburg:
Oh my Gott, that german interpretation gave me a whole new perspective on my motherly language.
Kirk Cavanaugh
Kirk Cavanaugh:
That would have been funny if because Andy disrespected the cat god, his hopes went way up after finding the box of matches then were dashed after finding out that it was empty.
Kirk Cavanaugh
Kirk Cavanaugh:
Sick waiting music.
Jordan Moores
Jordan Moores:
You missed Salim's ring!
Gorilla Whale
Gorilla Whale:
Was this a horror game? you guys and these hollowstreams! Yall might want to watch a few videos on Phasmophobia before you play it though. The game is great but it doesn't do the best job of explaining all of the rules and systems. Just a heads up :) looking forward to more streams!
Andy's "...monkey works fast" absolutely broke me :'D
Corran Horn
Corran Horn:
I have tins of Cat's Tongue guitar picks.
Lindsey Caldwell
Lindsey Caldwell:
Ah yes, a Hallowstream a bit late while in most of my Halloween/D&D costume. The boots show up tomorrow, but I'm still dressed like a pirate.
This is supposed to be a scary game?
Darryl Jones
Darryl Jones:
Loved the stream. Guess Andy didn't know about the lamps that hang from the ceiling in the fort staying lit for him if he would just light them
Eleanor Smith
Eleanor Smith:
Eurogamer: The Monkey is our friend and we love him!
At 12:30, I'm starting to really like the voice Andy makes. It's pretty gooood
renan sobral
renan sobral:
Ow, Tanky, you will never let me down... No more than four stores and into this locked room, I mean... Ow, Tanky, what are you like? hahaha!
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller:
17:51 I cheated and used google translate, so anyone who really knows German feel free to correct it.

How is the world so quiet, And in the twilight cover So cozy and so sweet! As a quiet room, Where you should relieve the misery of the day and forget. Do you see the moon standing there? It is only half visible, and yet it is round and beautiful. So are some things that we confidently laugh at, Because our eyes do not see them. We proud human beings are poor sinners and we don't know much; We spin webs of air, and seek many arts, and get further from the goal. God, let us see your salvation, trust in nothing perishable, not look forward to vanity! Let us become simple-minded, and be pious and happy before you here on earth like children!
Wargriz Zero
Wargriz Zero:
Hmm she doesn’t need or want water? Ghost protagonist confirmed!
Corran Horn
Corran Horn:
At 24:35 I was screaming internally for Andy to PICK UP THE BLEEDING CANDLES.
The amount of people in the live stream who didn't take a look at the planned schedule when it's at the start and end of every stream *facepalm* 😂 Also been seeing it on Instagram along with the planned stream of the day
Gymrat 2017
Gymrat 2017:
I wonder, after watching this, if oxbox would like the clocktower games
Ajunta Pall
Ajunta Pall:
Cats tongues are biscuits. In French in any case. And there was a reference to French Sudan on the flight plan, so maybe it would make sense?
Andy, Jane, Mike! Unlikely you’ll see this comment, but nonetheless might I recommend Eden Log. A 2007 French Bio-Horror type film
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms:
I watched Annihilation today and then I watched two OutsideXbox vids. Both of them mentioned Annihilation... spooky
The tank fell through to the basement, but who lit the sconces/torches?
BeKind Rewind 69
BeKind Rewind 69:
Damn Microsoft Notifications and Sticky Key Pop Up
Jonathan Patel
Jonathan Patel:
I JUST found out today that Andy and Jane are married
John Greenway
John Greenway:
hey is there gonna be more of this and if there is can you tell me where
Kyan Walker
Kyan Walker:
Any chance of you all playing "Those who remain"?
Rod Storage, professional what?
Jes Ed
Jes Ed:
Sulfur Dioxide, which is the gas that would most likely be steaming out of that ointment, has a rotten egg smell and causes heavy amounts of irritation on different parts of your body just from contact or breathing it in. I wouldn't suggest being around it if you are pregnant.
Not gonna lie, listening to Oxbox speak German was only half as scary as I thought it would be!
Art Uriel
Art Uriel:
Why do I keep insisting on reading the comments as if the Comments section is the most wonderful, refreshing place in the universe lol
Exactly how much of this game is a colonoscopy sim?
Gaming with Krimzon Knight
Gaming with Krimzon Knight:
can we actually get an oxboxtra sung hallowstream themed cover of the entirety of Hamilton please? i think that would be flipping AMAZING
"Luftgespinste" basically means "building castles in the sky" ..... not literally obviously
Candy corn fangs are a must when eating candy corn!
I love that Eurogamer and Oxbox both tried to put crockery on the head of the shrine. Great minds think alike!
Bert Cornelissen
Bert Cornelissen:
Being in Mali, the discussion over Sudan was extra frustrating. The game clearly was talking about French Sudan, which was the colonial name of the territory that now is the country of Mali... (While current day Sudan & South-Sudan was Anglo-Egyptian Sudan).
Christopher Osberg
Christopher Osberg:
Oh no... Is the metaphorical tank supposed to represent what I think?
Ben Brown
Ben Brown:
I always knew Pompeii was caused by a superhero team-up
Ston Feren
Ston Feren:
I wish they linked to the music they use in their videos
The game looks super dull. I appreciate the stream as always. You are great and somehow Amnesia forgot to bring the scary?
Is Andy hung over here? :D he seems not very willing and highly shiny
Tammy Boy
Tammy Boy:
Laudanum (lord-num) is a mixture of alcohol (often gin) and opium!🥴
Kat Rose
Kat Rose:
Nice filk of Hamilton, Andy.
the game crash wasn't at a terrifying moment at all :D
I haven't seen a comment on Andy's rendition of Hamilton's "Washington On Your Side" 8:55
Chris Goodluck
Chris Goodluck:
You can X to check on baby at any time but have to go into the inventory to add oil to your lantern.
Beth Killin
Beth Killin:
Eurogamer's Share Play died at the same sequence as Andy's crash I think. Haunted game!
I love you guys but your non-stop chatter totally kills the mood of this game
Seems more like an annoying game than a scary one...
Popolio Polio
Popolio Polio:
1:12:48 for personal enjoyment
I speak German... however trying to read the German whilst you were reading the German poorly (no offense) hurt my brain, now I need to see a doctor.
Tei- Tai
Tei- Tai:
Andy.... the camera... my eyes... please...
I think this stream was a bit boring. 😅 After one hour and half the spoops show up. It was really a "flashback" stream...
I olny watch you guys tbf dont like much channels
Blake Armentrout
Blake Armentrout:
The scariest part of the stream was being reminded to vote, knowing who your choices are......
BeKind Rewind 69
BeKind Rewind 69:
How much for a video with you guys just saying phrases from Ebonics? 🎃🎃🎃
Darude - Sandstorm at 38:40