Amnesia: Rebirth - Official Story and Environment Trailer

Get a look at the environments and learn more about the story in this new trailer for Amnesia: Rebirth.

The game will be available on October 20, 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Amnesia: Rebirth is a harrowing journey through desolation and despair, exploring the limits of human resilience.

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Story: The protagonist lost their memory and is responsible for the entire situation because pre memory loss they were absolutely insane
Amnesia: The Dark Descent still remains one of the scariest games ever made. I hope this ends up better than Machine for Pigs
Gustaf Lundberg
Gustaf Lundberg:
Amnesia: The dark descent was one of my favourite games ever. It was such an intense experience and i've replayed it many times. Me and my friends still talk about it to this day. Im really glad we're getting another one. Cheers lads!
Agus Deth
Agus Deth:
The logo looks like a deathcore band
Stephano: Look Mr. Chair, were home...
Mr. Chair: Chairmode re-activated.
Matt M
Matt M:
That man who hanged himself looks like he is wearing a French soldier uniform. Algeria was a French territory before WW1. Really like how frictonal games weaves in history into their games.
Arata X
Arata X:
After playing Amnesia, I really get goosebumps from this trailer
Aiman Hossain
Aiman Hossain:
playing this game alone in a dark room would be torture
This looks like a very interesting atmosphere. I'm excited
King 48
King 48:
Oh hell ya can’t wait for PewDiePie to play this
prodj.mixape official
prodj.mixape official:
It's the sound engineering and how they drive a persons anxiety that it over powers the visual fidelity of the game. I will play it eve if it is a 2010 grafix.
Spoilers: they made this game to bring the old pewdiepie back
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce:
After SOMA I'm ready for this 👍👍👍👍
Darth Tenebra
Darth Tenebra:
0:19 that sounded like Agrippa's voice
Jamezzz 003
Jamezzz 003:
Pewdiepie will get early access, folks.
I always imagined those diary notes in my head from dark descent and this was exactly what I imagined, really excited for this.
imagine if at some point in the game, we can find Stephano!
It would be amazing.
So hyped, Amnesia 1 iand Outlast are a total referent of terror games
Stephen Bly
Stephen Bly:
Missed the chance to call it "Amnesia: Afterbirth"
1:14 - 1:14 Those are the pillars of Brennenburg Castle in amnesia TDD!!! I am so excited!
Slick Silver
Slick Silver:
My brother told me the original amnesia was probably the most horrifying survivor horror game he ever played
Robert Forster
Robert Forster:
The beginning gives me Flight of The Phoenix vibes.
David Baker
David Baker:
After SOMA (my favorite game of all time) I may have to scoop this up
Kitase Watanabe
Kitase Watanabe:
I wonder if Level Editing is coming to this game
Wow, I just finished Dark Descent in one sitting today on a whim, and to my surprise there's a new one in 10 days!
I have the Amnesia collection on the switch, only played a few hours of it and havent gone back to it for over a year, after seeing this trailer I really need to finish it before this sequel is out
Михаил Волынкин
Михаил Волынкин:
The title of the game shines through like in the movie The Thing.
Ekusu Plosion
Ekusu Plosion:
I knew it, it was the French all along!
Oh Mon Dieu
looks like a remodelling of MYST
looking forward to this. i wanna be SPOOKED.
David Njihia
David Njihia:
The environments look very crisp. I'd have given up quarter-way through making such pieces of art
Thumbnail reminded me of a certain Gorillaz Album Cover
Krenzi Plays
Krenzi Plays:
A WW2 setting, this will suit the game well i feel.
At first I wasn't sure about it but now I'm digging the desert atmosphere. It feels really oppressive and isolated the more you see it.
Jimmy Hollywood
Jimmy Hollywood:
I really want this, but I hope I can at least finish it. I have been playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent but I can't finish it because it is the scariest game I have ever played. But I have no doubt this will be the same. Think I'll still give it a try nonetheless.
Already pre ordered.
Hritvik Aswal
Hritvik Aswal:
Ohh. I know someone who will be real, like real hyped for this!
Jacoob O
Jacoob O:
We can finally know what the otherworld looks like
Looks like the gang takes a wrong turn and ends up in R'lyeh
Putrid Priest
Putrid Priest:
Its been too long, Stephano
Doc Emmet
Doc Emmet:
I cant wait for this.
The Cipher Goddess
The Cipher Goddess:
Okay, but I have one question, do I get to have a Tiny Box companion through the adventure?
It looks amazing.
October 20 :)
PS4 ):
Reads description and see's it'll be on PC :)
John Grech
John Grech:
This trailer makes it out like it's a PS4 exclusive. I'm glad it's on PC
Wonder if this is going to be a walking sim. Despite how divisive they are i enjoy them.
Would I have to go back and play the others to understand the story?
I watch anime bruh
I watch anime bruh:
Absolute frightening and evil hellish environment. Scared.
Settings, interesting
I hope this game goes deeper into where The Shadow even came from.
Number Juancho
Number Juancho:
It's happening... finally.
Jhenyl Posadas
Jhenyl Posadas:
Ohoo it'll be a fun chase and hidenSeek gameplay in the caves hahs
Андрей Марк
Андрей Марк:
Wow, the graphics look great for 2002
Devendra Aras
Devendra Aras:
Can't wait for @PewDiePie to play this🔥
PC GameBoy
PC GameBoy:
It's gonna be on PC too in case any PC gamers were wondering.
COD Gamer
COD Gamer:
I love survival horror genre
But that thing

Barack Putin
Barack Putin:
Imagine if stefano is still there as an easter egg
DEMIAN Zarnoski
DEMIAN Zarnoski:
Beautiful environment, both Algeria and the other world
lazyman 24
lazyman 24:
Will the statue of tatanos be back.
Hector Raya
Hector Raya:
Is this going to be a Lovecraftian based? Because I played the original and it still gave me goosebumps
Christopher Stanley
Christopher Stanley:
I really hope this still takes place in the Orb verse like the first two games
Jacob Morales
Jacob Morales:
I hope this ties in to the first one
Phoenix Strong
Phoenix Strong:
Will you be able to play with on the PS5?
Missing apollo
Missing apollo:
Theory: She read the letter and found where he went and then since this is a amnesia game she forgot why she here and has to survive monsters with figuring out why the guy started the ritual and what is his fate.
Albino Gorilla
Albino Gorilla:
I only pray that it at least has as many actual enemy encounters at the first. Machine for Pigs was all fake encounters and no actual danger.
DarxPhil 0
DarxPhil 0:
I'm a huge fan of horror games, but i could never play Amnesia because i'd always get lost/not know were to go. lol
Fernando González
Fernando González:
Oh yes, it's coming
I haven't played the original game, is this one okay for me to play?
Brandon Star
Brandon Star:
I hope the grunt or brute makes a cameo
Barrels and Stefano are back!!
Plz be more close to The Dark Descent than Machine for Pigs. That game was such a letdown
Mark Aldrin Gatab
Mark Aldrin Gatab:
I hope Pewds make a new Let's Play series on this one
This gane is gonna be free this month in the epic game store
Im getting pewdiepie flash backs
0:49-0:51. 《Someone: Mr.Mitchell stop! I will shoot you!》
Looks like Mr.Mitchell was infected by someone (monster) and we can hear his creepy voice from Mr.Mitchell..
Also, that most creepy moment what I saw in this video lol..
David Baird
David Baird:
First 18th century, then the steam punk age and now in 1940's
Narry Kins
Narry Kins:
I am seriously thinking that the creature in this might be an aspect of Nyalarthotep.
big head bungo
big head bungo:
Is this playstation exclusive : (
Sean Palamattam
Sean Palamattam:
Is this the return of tiny box tim?
Phoenix Amaku
Phoenix Amaku:
yeaaaa new amensia game!
In amnesia the dark descend Daniel found orb in Algeria's Tin Hinan Tomb, prob we will have some sort of mention to Daniel, as he prob bring curse to that place, as far i remember some people from his expedition end up dead or missing.
J Z:
Vintage pewds coming up
Amnesia the dark decent is my favourite one for horror games
jon moxley
jon moxley:
finally amnesia game
Baguette salée
Baguette salée:
Lut gholein from diablo 2 vibes
Daniel Delacruz
Daniel Delacruz:
That low-res texture is a joke
Hussain Abbass
Hussain Abbass:
Where is the excitement?
Richard s
Richard s:
Let me see this monster damn it!
Someone o
Someone o:
2012 Pewdiepie is hype right now.
Night Raven
Night Raven:
reminds me more of a penumbra game than an amnesia game
Apollo Rap
Apollo Rap:
This trailer gave me amnesia
i like how they hide monsters from trailers
Wait. where's pc? well i hope pews plays it
Coin Tangent
Coin Tangent:
aww yeah
Looks too well-lit from this imo.
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter:
I have no idea what this is about which means I'm not interested and I'm going to buy and play something else. Trailer fail.
YES... 👻
Anonymous User
Anonymous User:
This looks like it’ll be fun.
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神:
My question is will it have many jump scares in it though :U
Nicolas Santana
Nicolas Santana: