An extensive recap of the Don't Worry Darling drama (Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh)

I'm definitely worried, darling.
Don't Worry Darling is a 2022 American psychological thriller film directed by Olivia Wilde from a screenplay by Katie Silberman, based on a story by Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke and Silberman. The film stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Wilde, Gemma Chan, Kiki Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine.

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kayla says
kayla says:
Hello! This video seems to have left my little circle of the internet so if you're new here, I would like to clarify a few things. One, I definitely did misspeak when I said Olivia and Jason divorced, I did mean separated, apologies for not catching that error. Two: I'm a fan of Harry Styles! People seem to have a diverse range of opinions on whether or not he should have been cast in the film, but not have a strong opinion either way lol. I just am fascinated by the drama and wanted to summarize it for folks. Anyway, glad you're all here!
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe:
I feel bad for Florence she's an actress that's clearly put a lot into this film and all she's getting asked about is sex scenes and Harry Styles.
the fact she called Florence as "Miss Flo" on that video and the way that she said it says it all and i don't blame Florence for not attending
Sara Katherine
Sara Katherine:
“I don’t thinking eating 🐱 is as revolutionary as Olivia Wilde is making it out to be” omg 😂☠️
Iain 97
Iain 97:
I do not understand how Harry( with no acting experience that I know of) signed on to Marvel for 5 films and got paid for his cameo in The Eternals more than Elizabeth Olson for Multiverse of Madness a film which she was a co lead in.

Edit : wow people are super toxic in the Harry Standom, like seriously.
Rejane Lima
Rejane Lima:
Florence literally saved the movie. She's the big star, even though I love Harry, he's a rookie and could be the focus of this movie. She is the star, especially for her personal positioning and how she dealt with all the mess Olivia made to promote the film. Florence behaved like a professional without leaving her values ​​and lines erased. She didn't shut up in the face of dirt, but she didn't say anything that wasn't true about everything.
Imagine you're Chris Pine or Gemma Chan (or Nick Kroll? I think he's in it?)
Imagine your agent got you this role a few years ago and you decided to go for it because it sounded interesting and maybe you wanted to work with some of the co-starts and explore a different genre and involuntarily get involved in this mess and have to witness all these egos clashing
Aliya Fischer
Aliya Fischer:
The fact that Gemma and Chris weren't asked ANYTHING when they are literally so talented AND famous actors and instead Harry gets asked about his fans and he rambles on saying everything and nothing while Gemma and Chris completely dissociate...

Like, I love Harry but I feel like he wasn't properly trained for a press conference like this. Back with 1D no one cared when he cracked a joke or spoke complete nonsense but this is a completely different situation. I kind of feel bad for him that they didn't prepare him better💀
Olivia has big high school mean girl vibes. Florence deserves better than being attached to this drama
Kamila K.
Kamila K.:
I used to be a huge fan of Harry when I was younger, but honestly acting doesn’t seem to be his lore. It feels like he’s surrounded by yes men and no one ever tells him no
Nucular Robit
Nucular Robit:
I respectfully want to point out: the reason female pleasure is controversial is because it has been given higher scrutiny than male pleasure. Having a woman receive oral has been censored and rated higher by the MPAA, than a man receiving, which causes creators to avoid it more.
The weird thing about this, is that Florence hasn't even tried to bring down Shia's arguments and proofs (let's face it, they're true), and during their arrival to the red carpet, she kept her distance from Olivia. She is also avoiding promotional press I heard, so that's like 😬

This whole drama has stolen my initial desire of watching the movie, and honestly I just decided that I will wait until it goes on streaming.
The word that keeps on coming on my mind for Olivia today... And I'm sorry if it sounds rough, but it's "pretentious"... from this movie to her entire childish behavior.

I don't care about Shia being left out of Hollywood but omg, imagine having the ovaries to replace an actor like him with Harry Styles (fans of him calm down, I like his music but he's not really that good of an actor YET). It apparently is one of the most repeated critics of this film, that Florence is doing all of the work there even in their shots together. It's like she's alone in front of the camera.

It's a complete mess.
harry styles is the definition of privilege bc that man is a mid actor yet somehow gets paid more than actors who have been doing this their whole life
A Planner and a Dreamer
A Planner and a Dreamer:
I said this on Reddit and I’ll say it here again. Olivia Wilde is well aware of the fact that Hollywood is full of actors who spent their lives honing their craft and hoping to get their breakout moment in the industry. So how do you discard all the great actors who spent their whole lives grinding for the industry, actors who sometimes struggle to get roles, and put in their place instead a highly privileged singer who frankly doesn’t have the chops and a million times doesn’t deserve getting roles before professional actors? Olivia needs to reflect on this, how unfair it is for all the actors out there waiting for their chance to make it big and comes someone who doesn’t deserve it and takes that chance away from them. Incredibly messed up when you view it in this lens.
The main reason why Harry got cast is because of money. It’s always about how many audience each actor/actress can bring to the theater. It was never about talent. It’s always about money
Kenny Ribeiro
Kenny Ribeiro:
You forgot to mention that people from The production leaked that olivia and harry started dating during The filming while she was engaged/dating The other guy, futhermore, she and harry supossedly spent a lot of time dating during filming and the movie became stuck to the point that florence and the cinematographer needed to became directors for a part of it. People from crew became unconfortable with olivia and harry unprofessional behaviors..thats what the leak says, who knows if its real but I bet it is
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue:
This is my opinion after hearing and reading multiple sources of this drama, Olivia Wilde is very unprofessional and I find her extremely unlikeable. In an industry which is already male dominated, she might lose all credibility if she keeps her devious acts up. Harry is also not so loveable anymore, he might still have a lot of fans but many people are beginning to turn against him. In the case of Shia, it is easy to place the blame on someone that everyone has already labelled “crazy” and think you’ll get away with it and even though he came through with receipts people still don’t believe him, shame on Olivia for this plus people are just Finally, I would have reacted the same way Florence did, stay away from all the BS.
Taj & Cars
Taj & Cars:
Seems like Florence is just like “y’all crazy, I’m out”
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
They need to make a movie about the making of this film and call it: “Yes, worry Darling!” The behind-the-scenes drama is overshadowing the movie, and people are deciphering the heroes and villains in real life, rather than the script! 😂
Sum Ting Wong
Sum Ting Wong:
If Shia is looking more reasonable in a situation, you definitely know the other person is guilty. He's like "yo I am absolutely batshit crazy but I didn't do it this time"
Taylor Paris
Taylor Paris:
Unpopular opinion: 90% of this "drama" seems to be between hardcore stans and the tabloids twisting words. I honestly think (no hate) that drama channels like this keep the gossip going. Keeping people talking about it. Sad for Olivia and Jason's children that (some) people are coming for them too. The toddlers didn't do anything but exist💀
i think this drama is kinda fun to follow but tbh i think the movie itself looks great, visually beautiful and has a great lead performance from flo and its a shame that it's being overshadowed by this crazy drama
Shout out to "Miss Flo" lol and only her. I hope this movie tanks tbh. You forgot to mention the drama that Florence, THE LEAD, got paid significantly less than Harry.
Jesus Gomez
Jesus Gomez:
I was on twitter and literally said “I should look for a video of the don’t worry darling drama” and opened YouTube and saw this in my subscription box, love u Kayla
Nina Bertrand
Nina Bertrand:
i’d like to say 2 things:
1. i do believe that every actor and actress should start somewhere but to have one of your early films be a production as big as this is a little much. to be fair addison rae was able to sign to netflix with a multi picture contract so here we are
2. and secondly, WHAT is Nick Kroll doing there?!
I love how Gemma Chan is just there. Like, she's got no stake in the drama at all lmao
startle starfish
startle starfish:
Honestly the chemistry of the actors in real life makes or breaks the reception of a movie. Like the Venice press conference or whatever was so uncomfortable and they all look squirmy wanting to get the heck out of there. And at least for me it kinda makes me not care that much for the movie because you can’t even feel the love for the film from the people involved. It’s like “if they don’t care why should I?”
I watched the live feed today and Olivia looked so uncomfortable. It was clearly planned ahead of time that Harry and Olivia would not interact and they didn’t. Harry kinda looked lost and stayed miles away from Flo. and I found it absolutely strange that he wouldn’t put his arms around any of the actors while having press photos made. He’s just standing with arms visibly seen. Why did he do that??? While the rest interlock …. It’s almost like he wanted to be the only one to stand out…smh
this whole thing feels like a bunch of theatre kid dumpster fire drama from high school. i'm interested to see the film, especially because florence has been one of my long time favorite actresses, not only because of her immense talent but because she's competent? like she's actually smart and her moral integrity is something that she applies brilliantly to her work. but i can't help but feel sorry for her. i feel like she has been thrown into a pit with all of these childish rich kids, who don't really have any respect for the work itself. between the rumors on set, the clear lack of professionalism of the director herself and the indiscretions that have been leaked, i would want to distance myself from the project as much as possible too. it's disappointing to have so much respect for someone, as flo once had for olivia based on statements when she was announced to be tied to the project, but i cannot blame her one bit for taking a step back after probably witnessing some crazy weird unprofessional behavior that we can't even begin to understand from the perspective of fans. i don't think she necessarily hates olivia, but i imagine it would be pretty disappointing to have so much respect for someone, and then watch them seriously self sabotage their own reputation on top of tarnishing the rep of a movie that could have been really profound, before it's even out in theatres!
i love harry, but personally i believe being cast immediately after shia quits is insane. i don’t believe harry is anywhere near his or florence’s level in terms of acting. i think a lot of actors are very much more qualified for the role and it’s probs gonna be a train wreck lmao
G H:
I’m here 40 seconds after you posted this, and I’ve DESPERATELY wanted a breakdown of this drama for a while now. Thanks!
Florence going from whatever this movie is straight to a christopher nolan movie is the biggest flex of the century
While Shia is extremely problematic, to go from an actor of his caliber (extreme method actor) to harry styles makes absolutely no sense to me.

Was she trying to fulfill her fangirl fantasy? I cannot think of another reason.
Florence and Gemma share the same stylist (Rebecca Corbin Murray who also styles Bridgerton's Simone Ashley) and it was absolutely wild to see Gemma styled at the press con and then Florence not at the press con but swanning around Venice with her grandmother and sister in her purple Valentino outfit holding an aperol spritz. Glad she got a trip for her family out of this mess. I also respect that she just kept silent the whole way. I think it was a damage control move (on both Olivia and Florence's part) that Olivia didn't push her to attend the press conference if they did fall out and spoke respectfully about her abilities as an actress and however they came to the decision that Florence not attend the press conference I think it was actually good to do so seeing as how Florence definitely seems like she did not have a good time doing this project and it would be harmful to both the overall film (more than it already is) if she actually went to the press con and had to lie about her experiences (which I suspect she did not want to do so which is why she was excused from it). On this part, I respect both Olivia and Florence, but Florence should never have had to be put in such a position by Olivia (as the director and person in power).

Also the Dune 2 thing was obviously a convenient excuse seeing as how Florence's character mostly shares scenes with Timothee Chalamet and Timothee was in Venice ahead of her.
Carrie W
Carrie W:
Someone please rescue Gemma Chan and Chris Pine from this chaotic mess. They spent the whole of yesterday looking uncomfortable and acting as human buffers. I imagine when they signed on to the project they thought it had all the credentials to be something great. Then they lost 'serious' actor Shia, to be replaced by nice but inexperienced Harry who was then shagging the boss. And then Shai turns out to be an utter creep, and on and on.
Amelia Clark
Amelia Clark:
It’s so frustrating, Florence Pugh is just trying to do a damn movie, I feel for her so much.
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel:
All I’m saying is you can be a fan of someone but also be real and state the facts. Just because you’re a Harry fan doesn’t mean you have to make excuses for him and kiss his A** all the time. I’m sure if he does more acting and grows he will get better but we’re not gonna sit here and say that just because he was in dunkirk he’s automatically a seasoned and amazing actor. He may get the role off some talent, but I believe He’s mainly getting roles based off connections and popularity. There is no excuse for him getting paid more (if it’s true)for a marvel cameo than Elizabeth Olsen. And getting signed for five extra marvel movies, where seasoned actors still have to work very hard to get the opportunity That is favoritism and no one deserves that special treatment. I also think since Shia left; Olivia needed to recast quickly and Harry was the next best and closest option.

The yelling Harry clip from dad was not that bad but it didn’t give me chills either; some people are making gif n if his acting a bit too much; because once again he is not seasoned so that is to be expectede
Nataly Osorio Hincapié
Nataly Osorio Hincapié:
Conclusion for everyone: rich people are nuts. That's it.
i honestly agree with Olivia in that last press conference clip. maybe she's just well spoken and fooled me but i truly don't see this drama bigger than a recasting ending on bad terms. She's a female director so that sadly will garner attention. i think she tried fueling the flames to control the narrative and it backfired. I thought the movie Book smart was fantastic so I'm still going to support this film. it feels like in 10 years we will look back and the comments will say "wow the world owes olivia an apology for how she was treated" or some bs lol even if the movie turns out underwhelming
Tony Davis Jr.
Tony Davis Jr.:
This video was really to the point and easy to follow! You deserve way more air time! Consider me a subscriber!
Alex Navas
Alex Navas:
It's interesting to hear other stories about the production, like Florence "taking over" directing duties from Olivia. I think it's a ludicrous idea since there's a hierarchy of people who are next in command on film productions and the lead actress would be far off that list.

Nice breakdown on the drama, completely forgot about the Jason Sudeikis stuff.
Just have to say this. If you live in a state where you need a legit process server, Jason knew. Having work related experience with this in 2 states with 2 different legal protocols. In order for a process server to do their job, it’s normal to give the server a list of places the person will be. So if Jason did not want her served while at an industry event, he could have left that completely off the table. The process server will request a list of places and addresses the person to be served will be at. So if he wanted this to occur privately, he could have left that bit out and have given all of her local addresses. I don’t have a dog in this race as I have liked movies, shows and songs from all involved, but Jason had some knowledge that she could be served with legal documents while at an industry event.
I will stand by my thoughts that this movie would not have anywhere near as much publicity as it has if Harry Styles wasn’t in it and their relationship starting while they were filming it . Harry’s fans will make this movie rate and it will have nothing to do with Harry’s acting ability but there love of him . Olivia in my opinion seems to be a smart woman who likes to get whatever she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it . In the industry she is in she has to be which is why she brought Harry into the movie. Just my opinion
"famous people are nuts" is such a perfect way to summarize all this 🤣🤣🤣 fabulous video, well done!
From everything I’ve heard and seen about the incident, it’s just a bunch of rich, social elites with too much time, too much money and a blatant disregard for the consequences of their actions and how it’ll affect those around them and their work. Harry is a brilliant musician but, a imo, a gets a chance at being an actor bc he’s famous. Olivia Wilde has had a history of costars and ppl in the entertainment sphere telling us that she’s unhinged but how true that is beyond me. This drama, her rant video to Shia and all of the receipts he pulled doesn’t help her case though… Florence, Chris and Gemma, the real adults in the room, are unbothered and carrying on w their life.

Just tasteless, poor public behavior in general from those involved.
Honestly, having relationships between co-workers is really common in the film industry, but it’s also an industry based on networking and personal recommendations due to the freelance project-based nature of the work, so all these relationships have even higher stakes than regular workplace relationships because the people in power have more power to blacklist individuals from the industry. All to say it really helps foster favouritism, nepotism, and toxic relationships between co-workers. I have friends who work in the industry, and I honestly think dating within the industry is a terrible idea. There’s often a power imbalance and an exploitive element, and while you can use these relationships for a leg up in your career, you can also be discarded and blacklisted as well. This wouldn’t happen between Styles and Wilde, but even so, it’s not appropriate in my opinion for a director to date a cast member. It’s just ripe for manipulation and exploitation. I think it happened to Jennifer Lawrence in Mother, and I think it may have happened to some degree here.
jag ger
jag ger:
tbh, to an extent, i think olivia is being unfairly vilified for dating harry and honestly just being a female director who’s in the hot seat. she’s absolutely done some shit wrong but i feel like some things have been blown way out of proportion and are just unnecessarily twisted back into hate for her
Valeria Miranda
Valeria Miranda:
I just want to say I don't like when a famous pop star who is not good at acting is on a movie with good actors.
Anika Porter
Anika Porter:
I don’t get why people aren’t giving Harry crap. He’s the reason a family is being split up.
hloniphani mthombeni
hloniphani mthombeni:
I have a very strong feeling there would have been a lot less drama if she just didn't cast Harry and had just gotten someone more capable. The drama would be focused on the plot and the scenes at best, but now it's about them and not the characters. It totally detracts from the work and makes people care less and less about the film each day.
King Jonghyun
King Jonghyun:
love gemma chan and chris pine, unproblematic kings 😌

also, that interview with chris and harry was so painful, I'm so sorry for chris 😭😭
I am truly dying to see the documentary about the making of this film, which would surely be more exciting than the film itself
You did a better job at explaining this than I ever could I’m going to send this to all my friends now thank you
I feel like Olivia really ruined her own reputation and career by dating Harry. His fans are crazy and cruel, this whole situation was a mess from the start.
Sedakis' lawyers would have served Olivia ANYWHERE else if they could have. Olivia had to have made it very difficult for them to serve the papers. They try to do things as easily and discreetly as possible initially, but they have a job to do... so if you dodge them long enough they will do whatever they have to in order to serve the papers. It's crazy how people didn't think about this at all when they jumped to Olivia's defense about it.
awnx ruyv
awnx ruyv:
I love how Gemma Chan is just there. Like, she's got no stake in the drama at all lmao
Black Porter
Black Porter:
She totally set-up that custody paper skit. She's an actress. She wanted publicity for the film.
I honestly think the reason why Harry and Olivia were distant with each other is because Harry probably realized he`s in way over his head with her. Ever since his extremely INAPPROPRIATE relationship with late Caroline Flack(she was 32,and he was 16-17),Harry`s been very private but emotionally stand offish as well. This is my opinion,but he seems like someone who was prayed upon and then went on to look for the same thing. I like Harry`s work a lot(he`s also very chill and comfortable in his space,possibly because he grew up in a small place and Hollywood can eat you up). I don`t think he wanted it to be as serious as Olivia did. Doesn`t justify how it all happened though. Also,Florence is awesome and I`m going to see this movie for Chris Pine and her,mostly.

Olivia, I find the more I look into it,can be good,but she is weird,no doubts about it. I wouldn`t even be surprised if this was a PR move.
Sam Ash
Sam Ash:
To quote a skinny legend:

“Kim, there’s people that are dying…”
Cherrydream Palladin
Cherrydream Palladin:
Damm, I thought the whole thing was just a debate about whether Harry was a good actor or not but this drama goes deeper than I expected😂
KimDoogle OuO
KimDoogle OuO:
Thank you for making this. I was so confused about the fiasco
A C:
I wonder if Harry regrets all those bad tattoos now that he’s trying to get into acting. It just be a real hindrance for costuming and makeup
Yohan Khan
Yohan Khan:
The funny thing is that this whole drama can become a pretty good film maybe better than the original film.🤣
This seems like kinda boring drama. In terms of troubled production, this has nothing on some of the wild stories out of Hollywood.
Gotta love it when people finally show their true colors
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah:
In what universe is Harry styles the “most famous man in the world”?!
mxhsvn _b786
mxhsvn _b786:
I agree with people saying that Harry doesn't deserve to act since he's a singer and not a talented actor. But this has been acting since forever. I've seen so many singers also act that I can't even begin to list them. So why is everyone so outraged by harry?
I'm so confused as to how Shia an actual abuser who admitted to doing hurting his partners is still being cast in Hollywood and not in jail...
Clara .L
Clara .L:
aside from all the drama, this movie actually seems really interesting
dee vee
dee vee:
i tried so hard to avoid this drama but after seeing that video of harry seemingly **spitting** on chris pine during the premiere i need to know wtf went on on that movie set
C A:
as soon as you mentioned that Olivia's character is named 'bunny' I was like 'yeah this movie is gonna suck. Nice trailer though.'
something something
something something:
Also, there was that music video Olivia Wilde was directing for Rainey Qualley ( Margaret Qualley's sister) and Shia was supposed to be in it. But due to creative differences between her and Shia, she quit. Initially she agreed to direct the video as a favour to the sisters, but apparently her no assholes policy, (which honestly considering its Shia makes sense) mader her give up.
This was before the allegations against him I think, but I'm not sure where it would fit in the Don't Worry Darling timeline.
Sam Gale
Sam Gale:
This is much more interesting than YouTube drama. There are so many hidden threads and nuances throughout.
Lisa Maree Crothers
Lisa Maree Crothers:
I feel bad for Shia labeuf, first of all he’s been trying to get through a big redemption and rehabilitation period of his life. Apparently none of his family members are there to help support him getting through this. I understand he has made bad decisions in the past and I’m sure he knows as well, since he wrote that letter basically stating that he is socially aware that it would be good publicity to lie and say he was fired. Just another child actor that went down the wrong road. Very sad.

Also screw Olivia Wilde and all her publicity shenanigans and lies. Her ego grew way too big after Booksmart.
Matt Bosley
Matt Bosley:
Famous people aren't nuts; PEOPLE are nuts. All people, famous or unknown, rich or poor, are nuts. I have never met a sane human in my life. Some of them manage to act that way occasionally, but it's an anomaly.
Entropy always increases.
Entropy always increases.:
After seeing his 'performance' in Dunkirk and Eternals I can quite confidently say that Harry Styles is a truly awful actor. He should never be allowed anywhere near a movie set. It's so blindingly obvious why he's there though. Young, stupid and easily manipulated pubescent girls will flock to see his unbelievably crass attempts at acting just to look at him. It's utterly pathetic.
John Barrett
John Barrett:
My cousin went to acting school with Olivia Wilde. Here's what she had to say about her...and I quote:
"Olivia was the worst drunk I ever knew."
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva:
A movie I already plan to miss, even though I love Florence Pugh. Casting Harry Style seems to bring a certain audience to watch the movie, regardless of its quality.
Nikunj Dixit
Nikunj Dixit:
Hmmm.... Wilde has not come out looking great from this drama. I haven't tracked everything with any type of closeness, but she seems to have issues on four fronts with this film. One is with speculation that she started dating Harry during the production of this film which led to the split with Jason, which led to the whole divorce drama and serving of the papers. Plus, her response to the drama didn't exactly endear her. Then there is the whispers of the feud with Florence, which seems apparent given the absence of the lead actress from all the press for the film. On top of that is the conflicting stories over Shia's departure from the role Harry was put into, with Shia apparently having proof backing up his side of the story. All this could have been overshadowed if the film had been good, but the reviews have been mediocre and the only thing that seems to be getting consistent positive responses is Florence Pugh's performance.
Jo Hanna
Jo Hanna:
I looked this up because it seemed like so much drama and people actually having issues with actors and directors. But now I'm concerned about the people who actually care about this. So a famous couple split up. And the movie was marketet weirdly. Don't people have anything to do in their own life or their own problems to deal with?😂😂😂
Dwayne Cox
Dwayne Cox:
Thank you for your summary!!!!! This helps me feel in step with everything.
Andrew Breeden
Andrew Breeden:
If this all has taught me anything it’s that there are large amount of people who involve themselves too much in the lives of celebrities
I wonder why Olivia even came out with the shia thing, like knowing she sent him the video message and he could just as easily reveal it, but also it just seemed unprovoked?
Sade M
Sade M:
I hope the movie does well because the rest of the cast seem pretty innocent in all this. Thankfully, Olivia Wilde's drama doesn't really affect us. It sounds like she's being a turd and that's her mess.
that olivia wilde recieving the divorce papers on stage just comes off as soooo staged to me, i dont know why, like her surprise doesnt feel genuine, as if she knew what was going on. its very odd, cause what purpose would there be to stage that?
Scott Rindal
Scott Rindal:
Enjoyable video. I think a lot of this is just normal conversational stuff that everyone does. You talk to someone and position yourself a little to their side or at least you don't step on their feelings etc. Honestly almost every movie that has an actor replaced will have similar conversations but we don't hear about all of them. Storm meet teacup.....
dilik mli
dilik mli:
gossip going. Keeping people talking about it. Sad for Olivia and Jason's children that (some) people are coming for them too. The toddlers didn't do anything but exist
Wanderlusty Mexico
Wanderlusty Mexico:
Proof that women celebs can be as notorious as men. Olivia’s video begging Shia to stay on is very telling. Shia may be a weirdo and loose cannon, but he seems to determined set the record straight.
Anne Bergstedt
Anne Bergstedt:
LOVE THIS VIDEO, needed this full coverage, which included todays premiere. You’re the best thank you !
scarlet witch
scarlet witch:
There was also the drama around the rumor that Harry was paid 3 times more than Florence
"God I hate rich people" MAN did I relate to that
The act of someone going down on a girl and it being kept in the movie is actually a big deal. See the countless examples of this kind of thing getting a movie a harder rating or being cut
Sam Martyn
Sam Martyn:
started out wanting to see this film bcos of how excited i was for it now i want to see it to see harry flop 😭
Raziel Hernandez
Raziel Hernandez:
The things that I enjoy the most about this whole mess are the puns with worried and darling lol.
“I don’t thinking eating 🐱 is as revolutionary as Olivia Wilde is making it out to be” omg
Alexa S
Alexa S:
This is a prime example of the saying “don’t shit where you eat”
Ally Fleming
Ally Fleming:
okay but that cameraman at the press conference knew what he was doing at 8:11 when Olivia was talking about how "the internet feeds itself"
P Chiu
P Chiu:
Olivia Wilde gives me Amber Heard energy…
For a drama about gas lighting (or at least the title and trailer suggest it as a strong theme) they do it very well.
Erin White
Erin White:
I didn’t know what was going on with this whole situation and now after watching this video I feel like I know even less…