Anders Breivik returns to court with a Nazi salute

Mass killer Anders Breivik made a Nazi salute as he returned to court in an effort to improve his conditions inside the prison where he is held in isolation for massacring 77 people in bomb-and-gun attacks that shocked Norway in 2011.

Al Jazeera's Emma Hayward reports.

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100+ komentarze:

Louis Schürmann
Louis Schürmann:
the fact that a 77x murder is sentenced in a basketball court disturbs me even more
I like how he suddenly cares about Declaration of Human Rights.
10 years ago today. We mourn the loss of those who did not make it. We send our thoughts to the families and survivors. A terrible act made by a terrible man.
Eva H
Eva H:
The fact he only got 21 years in jail is absolutely disgusting
Kamila Lewicka
Kamila Lewicka:
Przykro mi, tyle cierpienia. Breivik. To jest niesprawiedliwe.
Kamila Lewicka
Kamila Lewicka:
Są instytucje uczciwe i są instytucje w mafii. Instytucja to działania, ludzie i tak dalej. Każdy inteligentny człowiek wie co oznacza termin instytucja. Dziękuję.
Marek B
Marek B:
Everyone complaining about the 21 years thing, note the second part of the sentece that he can be kept there indefinitely. He murdered over 70 people guys, he aint going nowhere
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain:
lol! he just killed 77 and is complaining about his detention cell? where in the world did common sense go? why is he even alive?
Ivy Sweet
Ivy Sweet:
When people say he shows no remorse, what do you expect him to do ? Cry, shout I'm sorry, write letter's apologizing, get on the floor or crawl while he says sorry etc.. ?
What does remorse do to solve problems that cannot be changed?

It's not about him feeling remorse it's about comforting other peoples feelings & gaining some type of control back. The majority of people in society are subconsciously unaware why they do what they do & are always looking to be comforted instead of facing reality.
Donquixote Doflamingo
Donquixote Doflamingo:
Guy will be spending rest of his days in first class luxury prisons of Norway.
Samson No Delilah
Samson No Delilah:
why is the hearing held in a school basketball court?
patrick waiyaki
patrick waiyaki:
How does the mother even get courage to comfortably speak on camera?
claude speed
claude speed:
This is proof that being nice is not always good.
Babil King
Babil King:
Esto es una burla a los derechos humanos, no un homenaje a los seres humanos
Cuando le permites expresar libremente su fe y el nazismo.
¡Mientras que él mató a ochenta personas y las privó de la vida y no de la autoexpresión!
¡Así como las familias de ochenta personas que sufren y miran su sonrisa y la libertad que disfruta!
¡Esto es una burla y no un desarrollo y progreso civilizados!
Mr Breivik would like to know if, finally, he is going to be able to get a PS5 this year so that the entirety of his Human Rights can be respected. Making him play on a PS4 is inhumane and barbaric.
teo cant sleep
teo cant sleep:
I don't care what anyone says, I still don't think the worst part of this case was the hypocrisy.
An acute demerit of this law system is that he enjoys life for years after killing 77 , if there was a capital punishment law, his ego must have been taught good but a valid lesson
so he slaughtered 77 innocent people, yet he is pleading for violation of his human rights.........this means 3 things: the world system is sick or he is, or he is very smart for milking the system
I wouldn't mind if the policeman would have pulled down his hand and given him a slap on his backhead.

Also, I couldn't imagine a tougher job as being the lawyer of a fanatic and extremist mass murderer. God or whoever the reader is believing into bless the lawyer's soul.
FR Bmp
FR Bmp:
How come he's considered a parole after 10 years? A very nice nation Norway is.
Mohammed Tamim Etan bin Ahmed Rawat
Mohammed Tamim Etan bin Ahmed Rawat:
I wouldn't mind going to jail in Norway...
murderer is a murderer no matter what idea he would follow, it's no excuse for taking ones life. and it should be punished.
Matthew Owens
Matthew Owens:
Let him rot in a jail cell, without all of the typical amenities afforded criminals the system in Norway is trying to reform.

He has earned life in prison, and absolute isolation from society.
Renè Fredsgaard
Renè Fredsgaard:
He obviously gets a hard on seeing all those cameras pointing at him
Peter Downey
Peter Downey:
I have a habit of comparing anyone who tells me to keep my views to myself to Anders Breivik.
Clive Pilusa
Clive Pilusa:
WTF @ his lawyer. Who grows up dreaming of defending people like him?
Supporter of East Turkestan Independence
Supporter of East Turkestan Independence:
I can't understand democratic court process due to its extreme silliness and clownishness: this killer-charlatan has murdered so many people and the court is treating him with such respect and providing him with clean and shiny dress to appear in a (clownish) court. What is the point of indefinitely keeping him imprisoned?!
Ali Masiga
Ali Masiga:
He's not termed as a (Terrorist)
the Man
the Man:
Hateful 💔
Tobias -TT
Tobias -TT:
I thought my country sweden was bad .. but that dude in norway that decided 21 years is Max penalty should get death 💀 penalty
Real Talk
Real Talk:
It just bothers me that noone from norway who have viking blood went crazt mode and charge up on him or just sneak attack him.
Thats why army course should be obligated
Mirror Reflection
Mirror Reflection:
A person in jail but is properly dressed. What are you punishing him with ??
And you will release him after 21 years even though he killed so many people ?
Kevin Mc Namara
Kevin Mc Namara:
He showed no mercy to the innocent people he killed, karma awaits you too,,, letal injection is too good for him,, let him suffer and rot in jail. Period... 😫
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
The image can explain his value
J H:
Judge "mr.Bravic you are insane"
Bravic "No I'm not I did what I intended to do and I would do it again"
I think you should let him go on the basis of telling the truth.
Antony Jumba
Antony Jumba:
What i hate is that tax payers will pay for his stay and medications until he dies, so unfair
Kaylee Peace full contact!
Kaylee Peace full contact!:
Sowdhamini S
Sowdhamini S:
Norwegians are very smiling people to everyone,well,most of the time.......………
k2 addy
k2 addy:
Look at his attitude thats due to the pathetic justice system which protects and gives rights to evil monsters
The fact the officers just stand beside him and let him do that for like 3 seconds is disgusting
Trin Electro
Trin Electro:
People who commit such atrocities against humanity forfeit their right to life! Whoever sentenced him to ONLY years is disgusting! They should also be jailed for allowing such a serial killer to go back into society!
He need human right after killing so many innocent humans this guyz has guts he should not be eligible for any right whether it is human or animal.
A guy doing such a brutally disgusting act and started the discussion about how to censor ‚graphic‘ videogames.. sure.
Austin Njagi
Austin Njagi:
21 years, did I hear that right?
Tonyosaurus rex
Tonyosaurus rex:
To put it into perspective, that's 99 days in prison per life he took.
Norwegeian state should not tolerate him if they want to prevent more tragedies like this... He shouldn't have any contact with the outside world for decades...
Ancient Moon
Ancient Moon:
ok ,i see.for those who do,there s the punishment.anyway,god had forgott this guy-at the good things share...greets
me not
me not:
77 lives for 21 years , great!
Marko Miloshevski
Marko Miloshevski:
Broo come on only 21 he said when he comes out of prison he would do it again and they only gave him 21 bullshit
Kristine Love
Kristine Love:
At least he showed mercy for that one kid 👦🏼🤨
Jens Berg Rosenkrans
Jens Berg Rosenkrans:
Please somebody see this. Tomorrow his parole case starts. Imagine that mine froynd. He can theoretically be out in a few days.
OB Productions
OB Productions:
only sentenced to 3 months per person he murdered, disgusting
Life sentence in jail would be nice for him.
Pingu_Was_Taken (Mistycle)
Pingu_Was_Taken (Mistycle):
People say al jazeera does not send their interwiewers out in everything fo the video but al jazeera is like videos instead of news.

Im a jew but i love this!! Keep up the good videos!!!!
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
First they used mind control system after they used electromagnetic weapons
kevin Manoo
kevin Manoo:
21 years. What a joke!!
Country Wolves •17•
Country Wolves •17•:
21 years , ? Norway has lost my respect
Jim Pedersen
Jim Pedersen:
Problem when the death penalty is prohibited in a country
hard core
hard core:
who will protect him outside hehe
who cares
who cares:
That hands not at a fing 45 degree angle Breivik, get it correct.
Sybille Krüger
Sybille Krüger:
Und keiner schreitet ein ..sagt alles...
Oliver Loftus
Oliver Loftus:
Surely that only applies to Humans
Just 21 years?
Just In Kaes
Just In Kaes:
Searched up Fallout New Vegas and found my way here
21 years 🤦
Kashifuddin Ahmed
Kashifuddin Ahmed:
I think you misunderstand murderer human rights are for humans.
Sehroop Kaur
Sehroop Kaur:
yall i am from Norway i can explain! So this guy named Anders killed teenagers on a camp for a politice for the the AUF. He doesnt support that "team" and meant they was doing things wrong but no one listen to him so he killed them to get attention! Idk if that make sence tho😅But pls yall if you are just gonna hate on Norway for this with the comments then stop it, Norway is amazing, and why tbis is getting so much attention is bc this isn't normal in out contrey❤️
mac union
mac union:
Norway you need to stop giving him air time as it will just encourage his behaviour and lead to a repeat by a copy cat , if you dont have the courage to put him to death at least lock him up in darkness for ever with no rights of appeal and no rights to complain , im a bit sick of weak european style justice
Niels kjær
Niels kjær:
Couldn't they send him to a gulag in far east Siberia? He's just too much. Complaining? He has a big double cell, tv, computer, gym and what not.
Truth Revealer
Truth Revealer:
This is the real countenance of most of the Western countries.
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
Unbelievable hatred
Salute ✋🏼
Brutus Biggy
Brutus Biggy:
He will never leave prison.
One wold order Kiss
One wold order Kiss:
He killed 77 and injured more... Get 21 or 22 years in prison No way
Ancient Moon
Ancient Moon:
Look,its also true that i had did some mistakes in the past.i had drink ,satanizing ,and stuff like that.but its all forgotten, all the thing was a long time ago
The reason why he became a radical moralist,fundamental chiristian and mad terrorist is his parents, i think.
There are people who must not have their child.
It was a tragedy that both his parents were those who like that.
Mathias Hauge Gade
Mathias Hauge Gade:
This is an example of a psychopath
I think that is a Roman salute.
Sharon Weiler
Sharon Weiler:
The fact that this pathetic excuse for a human being really has the nerve to complain about prison conditions is beyond me.
If it's my Country,the Setenced is Slow Death. Well,I mean Real Slow. End of The Story,it's still Death.
🖤Tina Kleven🖤
🖤Tina Kleven🖤:
Jeg først trodde det var 69 men 77…fy faen ;(
Can't they afford a proper court room (their literally on a basketball court).
Smells like teen spirit lol 😂😂😂
Savez Amir Butt
Savez Amir Butt:
The 21 years is misleading. Its 21 until he is evaluated if he is ready for release, which is most likely never gonna happen.
Woon Chin Lam
Woon Chin Lam:
At times like these, I can’t help but feel perhaps capital punishment is a apt sentence for wilful massacre of human life, even though I am generally against capital punishment.
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
They used specially against forginer's
Pavle Zakaidze
Pavle Zakaidze:
Only 21 years?!! Eh how?
Faithful Anon
Faithful Anon:
Ancient Moon
Ancient Moon:
look,when i think at this,i think also at a case.look,here in my country,in a city ne-ar me,a long time ago,was a soldier,which killed 4fellows of him,and after shot in head himself.he had 3 moths,till he finish the soldier stage,when.. .
Only 21 years for 77 life’s????
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
I am 100% sure
gaoda cheese
gaoda cheese:
Why are they in a gymnasium? 😂
Ancient Moon
Ancient Moon:
Ok,like i saud,i really like this guy,from this band.he said once in a interview,that his music,is evilness in humanity.the roots of evilness.i listen to they,since i was teen.and i had knew,even then,that they are void music.its not En.thulcandra is the oposite of en.fof those which dont know,irs the the name of a voidly world.
Dr. Fegelein
Dr. Fegelein:
He's just a sad little man
Sehroop Kaur
Sehroop Kaur:
And yall the reason he is in prison in 21 years is bc in norway is it only allowed to held someone there in 21 years THE FIRST PERIODT! he is getting many periots with 21 years so mby for the rest of his life!😅
Yon Haile
Yon Haile:
I wasn't born at Hitler time but I saw a dirtiest man in our modern age
Joseph Raymond
Joseph Raymond:
So he is a Nazi, dos'nt he know History especially Nazism ? What a sick man indeed .
lawson bishop
lawson bishop:
Xzibit:yo we heard u like court, so we got u a hearing at a basketball court
What a sick man !
Revelation the 7 Seals are cracked
Revelation the 7 Seals are cracked:
The Great Replacement