Andie MacDowell and daughter Rainey Qualley

Actress Andie MacDowell and her daughter, Rainey Qualley

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Jonathan Thomas
Jonathan Thomas:
Andie is so awesome....beautiful women!
Andie is so hot.  I can't believe she is 56.
The Vox
The Vox:
What an inspiring woman Andie is. Good luck Rainey, heard your song, EXCELLENT. Keep on doing what you're doing!
tbreeze jinks
tbreeze jinks:
Leonard Jones
Leonard Jones:
Andie MacDowell and daughter
Kyle Oxenham
Kyle Oxenham:
What do Gerard Depardieu (sorry if I spelled that wrong), Bill Murray, Hugh Grant, Michael Keaton and Dennis Quaid have in common? They've all been in love with Andie in movies: Green Card, Groundhog Day, Four Wedding and A Funeral, Multiplicity and the Footloose remake respectively. Three of those were married to her in their movies.
Lily Jameson
Lily Jameson:
Great clip! I've always loved Andie MacDowell. I had no idea that she was blacklisted after Tarzan. What the heck? There's absolutely nothing wrong with her voice, and she proved to them that she's a strong, beautiful, and very successful woman. Good for her!

Btw,@1:20 What's wrong with this guy? He closes his eyes for the longest time while he's talking. Lol!
Big Dogcruxen
Big Dogcruxen:
Honestly.  Andy MacDowell is more of my speed.  I was from Virginia, my grandparents bought property in Gray court, SC...If I had money and I could breed with any celebrity I wanted she would be a lot like Andy MacDowell.  I went to high school in the South...Laurens, SC..and I dated the girls like Andy whom liked to kiss team captains like me.  Its genetic with good people.  I want curly hair children...and Andy is the Nebachadnezzar that keeps them for me.  Old family ties are important to the holy family.  honestly.