Andie MacDowell opens up about her roles in 'Groundhog Day,' 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and more

Actress Andie MacDowell recalls what it was like working with Bill Murray on "Groundhog Day," Hugh Grant in "Four Weddings and a Funeral," Demi Moore in "St. Elmo's Fire" and more with Yahoo Entertainment's Kevin Polowy (@djkevlar). #AndieMacDowell #RoleRecall

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35 komentarze:

I love her speaking voice. It's comforting, crisp & has a slight melody to it.
There are Women in their TWENTIES having surgery....
Think about it
Maximum respect to Andie and Jane Seymour
Adaptive Rider Bear
Adaptive Rider Bear:
She is still a 10. So nice to see her not all chopped up and full of plastic surgery
C G:
She has this caring, loving vibe; as a kid I saw her in Groundhog and Four Weddings and a Funeral, I always thought she was/is a good representative of a brunette who is a natural beauty.
Colby Kelly
Colby Kelly:
*She’s a gem.*
John Smith
John Smith:
Stunning eyes. Still beautiful today.
Life's Abeach
Life's Abeach:
4:57 ... I love Andie.
Wandering Wade
Wandering Wade:
Unlike a lot of 'actresses' Andie MacDowell can actually 'act'. You believe her in the scenes that she is in.
Denny Skerb
Denny Skerb:
“Michael” she was great .
Scootland Braunskies
Scootland Braunskies:
You did-hent knoooww
Lopez A.
Lopez A.:
The skit of Andie McDowell in Madtv "I ditent know"
Jessica LT
Jessica LT:
I love her! So talented, free spirited and interesting.
kaled adam
kaled adam:
She does look good for her age. She's also very good actress but they missed multiciplicty I loved her in that one
OMG Andie is still gorgeous in her age over 60 something? oh it's unfair to all beautiful actress from all over the world. In 1990 times she was absolutely queen of the romatic comedy movie those days
ENK 64
ENK 64:
Y'know what I like about Andie MacDowell (aside from everthing else, talent, personality etcetera...) she still looks like Andie MacDowell. ❤️
Brett Ashley
Brett Ashley:
Beautiful, intelligent, articulate, hilarious, seductive...this is not fair. I’m actually offended by how amazing she is.
Pamela Flynn
Pamela Flynn:
I remember watching Green Card in the movie theater. She was funny in Beauty Shop too.
Kenneth Russell
Kenneth Russell:
I noticed alot of her work were in English films.
Vipul Jain
Vipul Jain:
When She Speaks Her Voice is Same as Madhuri dixit
Stephen Mazzeo
Stephen Mazzeo:
Imagine that. Andie MacDowell. Movie company , press, people not liking her. No matter how smart these upper echelon power people think they are. they don't know SHIT. If they were twice as smart as they think they are they would be 10 times smarter than they really are.
Jacqui Lucquin
Jacqui Lucquin:
What about Michael?? I loved her in Michael
i loved her in dinner with friends
Bob Novac
Bob Novac:
Andy Missoula country club Paul made me take care of Rainy - you are beautiful
Lune Deslunes
Lune Deslunes:
I love andy mc dowell very special charm
James Lacy Kamuf
James Lacy Kamuf:
I thought, after watching this clip, twice (to make sure I heard what she said, correctly) even though Andie said some very nice things about Bill Murray, I got the impression that she really didn't enjoy working with Bill Murray - maybe, it was just how they edited this clip, and not her true feelings about Bill, coming through. ( Also, personally, I could really relate to her saying that she wished she could spell and remember names better - since, I really struggle with these same issues.) PS. Really thought she made "Groundhog Day" a much better movie - maybe, more than any other actress could have! Not to forget Andie's wonderful performance in "Four Weddings and a Funeral".
Guilherme 1988
Guilherme 1988:
Andie is 62 today!!! She is a vampire of something??
Jessica S
Jessica S:
She is so cute.
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall:
She's a doll...
Daniel Filippus
Daniel Filippus:
She's still acting?
Brandon Fernandez
Brandon Fernandez:
Best hair in the world
Jimmy B
Jimmy B:
Man she was luscious
Tiona L
Tiona L:
Oh the press was mean to you over something petty? 😭 Oh you poor dear, image enduring that as The President of The United States instead of as an actress ..and no some of us don’t give a rats butt whether people like us or not, kinda like our President, and Jesus, everyone hated him too!! ThanQ for the laughs in your films, now do something more meaningful with your life and stop worrying about what other people think!!
Jonny Danger
Jonny Danger:
She’s a dude
Kenneth Russell
Kenneth Russell:
Her daughter is really making the rounds in the business. She may be the next Andie.
J Book
J Book:
She used to be such a soft looking beautiful dame. Looks cruel now. What age can do to a human. Sad.