Andie MacDowell Saw Disgusting Things in Cheap Hotels

Andie MacDowell talks about traveling with her daughters, including Emmy-nominee Margaret Qualley, to dance competitions in small towns and staying in podunk hotels that didn't wash their sheets very well.

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47 komentarze:

Irina Mayzuk
Irina Mayzuk:
Isn’t that adorable how Jeff Goldblum wants to ask a question but patiently waiting for her to end her story?
Iron City Rob
Iron City Rob:
You could hear her southern accent come out there. Funny.
Danny Steeler
Danny Steeler:
Andie MacDowell never ages as it is Groundhog Day all over again!!
J. B.
J. B.:
She could seduce a 20-year-old in five milliseconds.
Happy Hands
Happy Hands:
0:47 Andie McDowell texting while driving (Sad face)
Andie MacDowell is one of my favorites. Her face is so peaceful and I love her acting.
Jayre Flores
Jayre Flores:
lesson learned: don’t text and drive
WestCoast FiRe
WestCoast FiRe:
Dont care if andie has had a little work done, she looks amazing for her age.
Vasilije Jović
Vasilije Jović:
I watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and I fell in love with her.. Can't stop thinking about her and while watching the movie I almost cried when she got married but I felt better when they married at the end(Charles and her)
h d
h d:
Love Goldblum, but he's a bit much here. Seems he's crowding MacDowell.
Anton Nym
Anton Nym:
Andie has been my gf for a long time! I adore her. So fun and naturally beautiful.
egidijus eiza
egidijus eiza:
the benchmark of my beauty
Andie still looks great!
Bob Novac
Bob Novac:
Andy is beautiful and when I saw her in Missoula I had an instant thing
Goal Post
Goal Post:
When you admit to texting while driving on live TV
Chaim Shmuel
Chaim Shmuel:
I really like his (Jeff) acting/personality and I am aware he is considered by some to be "eccentric" but...
Andysuchus 19
Andysuchus 19:
Soooo hard for me to watch something with jeff in it, all focus is on him you dont even know what surrounding he’s in or who’s with him 😂😂 met him last year at a comic con and man it was the best day ever
This woman is eternally blessed
Dale Spencer
Dale Spencer:
I still love Andie.
William McDonald
William McDonald:
Hog the ground day
Dal Bro
Dal Bro:
Her and Jeff look so good! And they are so funny hehe
Nathan Stephens
Nathan Stephens:
Mad tv was spot on making fun hahaha
3:05 Andie is so precious 💖
Brandon Kelly
Brandon Kelly:
Andie is still hot and ageless!
flint lock
flint lock:
I dint tent know, you dint tent know,
the king of cool
the king of cool:
Time to follow The Goldbluism
sara bruno
sara bruno:
I'm suppose to believe andie is in her 60s? Lol okay.
Andie-you didn't text and drive, did you?!
Qthegreat 52
Qthegreat 52:
She is fine as wine 🍷
Janet Lewis
Janet Lewis:
497 views and only 16 comments 🤔
polina p
polina p:
she is SIXTY ONE..I am so confused
K J:
She still can get it ;)
aishath iba
aishath iba:
Yeeeeeeaaaaah buddy. Lightweight baby
Nico Pacabana
Nico Pacabana:
Does she ever age ?
Annie Is Okay
Annie Is Okay:
I meeeeean...that's kind of bullshit. I know that nasty(ier) shit goes down in 5 stars, honey - as do you. Calm down - you had to be a normal person for a minute, vs. a washed up star from the 90's. Everything will be fine. You were never were just kinda...cast.
Jacob Metcalf
Jacob Metcalf:
An die MacDowell has an ugly family, that's always true, inside and out!
Swim Fast
Swim Fast:
Is she jane from tarzan
sky peters
sky peters:
I can only afford cheap hotels lmaoooo
Mohtashim Usmani
Mohtashim Usmani:
Bring jackson wang
Ava & Isla
Ava & Isla:
First x
John Miranda
John Miranda:
Don’t text and drive, Andie. You’re a danger to society.
Eric Vlahos
Eric Vlahos:
I wish she would slap me
Mohtashim Usmani
Mohtashim Usmani:
Bring got7
Chester McGillicuddy
Chester McGillicuddy:
That's america/Canada! Dance competitions literally tear away their childhood! Living vicariously (lots of boxes of wine) through young girls that have zero idea as to the reality of what is to transpire! Keep it up snapchat, instagram , blah blah blah.....they are gonna be screwed!!!!!!!!
obsessive Directioner
obsessive Directioner:
Any One Direction fans here