Andre Schurrle - The Ultimate Compilation 2014 HD @andre_schuerrle

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Andre's assists are so good that even Torres can finish the goal.
Anthony Njoroge
Anthony Njoroge:
Who’s here after he retired ?
Schürrle is the most underrated player this year imo. His dribbling, passes, and shots are all great and he's always in the right place. Not only this, but he also does it with good form. Especially in the World Cup, when he came in he attacked like no one else. He placed every pass perfectly and was always there where he needed to be.
Gw2020 Y
Gw2020 Y:
Schurrle is my idol,he was a German hero in World Cup 2014,one of the best German player in wc2014,I will always be thankful for him
1887VDV23 - Felix Konstantin
1887VDV23 - Felix Konstantin:
Great Compilation about a great player :)
Makiyla Spencer
Makiyla Spencer:
Love the vid Andre Schurrle is the best
Lucy 17
Lucy 17:
where did you got the videos from?
Btw awesome video ;) Love Schürrle!
CA Serrano
CA Serrano:
He had a good first season, started slowly but ended the season in good form, which is very promising. He has the potential to be a 15+ goal per season player. He is quick, has decent dribbling, has a good shot, uses both feet and is calm in front of the goal. I believe he will score 14-15 goals next season.
Chandher Shekar
Chandher Shekar:
Who's watching this after he retired
I can't stop watching
Can't wait for next season :D
Sam Jay
Sam Jay:
Great first season
lalo-kun 4
lalo-kun 4:
schurrle el mejor *-*
Ibrahim Boudchich
Ibrahim Boudchich:
Name of song??
#OutDeh Movements
#OutDeh Movements:
Chelsea need u
Makiyla Spencer
Makiyla Spencer:
Love the vid Andre Schurrle is the best
london aghedo
london aghedo:
Right footed Arjen Robben
Tom Morris
Tom Morris:
Great footballer shame he doesn't get picked much
unknown person
unknown person:
lots of potential. i think chelsea made a mistake but i know why mourinho wanted cuadrado. schurrle may not be a great defender but he's an excellent all around attacker. 
crocodile farm Seafood
crocodile farm Seafood:
liverpoolfc should have been try to sign him..what a talesnt for just 20m+,bpl lost a great talent!
sk 1278
sk 1278:
Better than Hazard
Seyf Nasr
Seyf Nasr:
Name of the first song?
Le Turc
Le Turc:
Come To beşiktaş
dre don
dre don:
Good ish
What an amazing video bro!!
thomas edison
thomas edison:
Schurrle has the german football work ethic, constantly working in the defensive and offensive play. He is always making great runs down the pitch for goal scoring opportunities. His work ethic is why Dortmund wants him, BVB get players who build up attacks quickly like schurrle. All willian does is fall to the center of the pitch (and with cesc already moved up to in his comfy CM position they together squeeze oscar somewhere out. ) Schurrle is better than willian. If willian likes falling to the center attack so much then maybe he should start over Oscar who seems to go missing after 15 minutes.
kelly Dowker
kelly Dowker:
he was better than people thought he was