Andrea Pirlo - The Best Of The Maestro Ever | HD

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THE LEGEND, One of the greatest player ever, enjoy almost 15 Minutes of pure art of Football.
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100+ komentarze:

Nick 488
Nick 488:
Most intelligent football player ever in my opinion. So elegant, patient and wise with the ball. Never made hasty mistakes. Played the game at the purest and highest level.
Suraj Opinion is Never Better
Suraj Opinion is Never Better:
"Pirlo can make his feet do whatever he wants. He's a genius."
— Johan Cruyff
Pirlo is the reason it looks realistic when you play FIFA.
A great footballer who won everything without running.
Pirlo showed us that football can be played effortlessly by perfect touches and control.
He ran the fastest after scoring goals.
Compared to other great midfielders such as xavi, ineasta, Zidane they where all great but what makes this man stand out is it’s like he’s got a computer inside his brain his vision, awareness and ball control and long balls are second to none he’s so incredible. This guy and xabi alonso never used to run around the pitch they would find a movement away from the defender and pick a pass so simply, shows you don’t need to be fast to be great at football what you need more is the football brain and that’s what this man had
The Avenger
The Avenger:
"Football have to played with brain,Legs are the tools"
-Andrea Pirlo
He was not the strongest, Fastest but he was the smartest.
Pirlo is the best midfielder in the history of football.
You don’t have to win Ballon D’or to be a legend
Pirlo's awareness of space around him is just something else that no one else had, it's like he has 5 eyes. 100% knowledge of where every opposition player at any time on the field. His eye and head movement is just so effortless.
Rochdi Mansour
Rochdi Mansour:
Gattuso said" whenever i see pirlo playing,i say to myself i need to change my profession ".Gennaro Gattuso
Nigrum Lupus
Nigrum Lupus:
Pirlo, my favorite player of all times
One of my absolute favourite players. I don't watch a lot of club football, but I used to love watching the Italian national team play when he was in it.
Muhammad Amirul
Muhammad Amirul:
how on earth did he managed to have a perfect pass on his both legs, this man doesn't have the 'weaker' foot in terms of passing. a truee legends!!!!
He literally passed with same accuracy from both his feet
Alien level vision👽
Angel Beckham
Angel Beckham:
Pirlo es el arquitecto del fútbol 👌👌👏👏👏
I have never seen any other player having Pirlo's vision of the game! Of course, there were many great play makers in football: Xavi, Zidane, Matthäeus, Inieasta, Totti, Maradona, Hagi, Laudrup, Savicevici, Bergkamp, Rui Costa, to mention only a few....But this guy delivered pure Art! Despite not being the fastest and the strongest. Precision, technic, timing, vision! What a pleasure to watch him!!!!!
Imagine Xavi, Iniesta, and Pirlo on the same team? 👌🏻👍🏻
Mike Newhope
Mike Newhope:
No words can describe your greatness..thnkyou for all the memories,Maestro..👏👍👌
Sergio Mariano
Sergio Mariano:
Excelente jogador. Meio campista de muita técnica. Dificilmente a Itália vai ter um jogador assim novamente!
Jeferson Klein
Jeferson Klein:
Para sempre o mestre Pirlo
Clayton O.
Clayton O.:
I'm Brazilian and Pirlo was one of the intelligent players I saw playing ...
Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson:
Vai deixar saudades, sempre foi meu ídolo.
Dean's Life
Dean's Life:
Pirlo the master passer, the capo dei capi! Watching him play was incredible! It reminded me of Zidane how he caressed the ball but he was more a dribbler, where Pirlo played deeper, dictating the play all while looking so casual. He was making mesmerising passes and never looking like losing the ball all while he was drinking a cappuccino and reading the gazetta dela sport
Per Spellman
Per Spellman:
Andrea Pirlo is one of my absolute favorite non Liverpool players. A true master of the game, and one that Liverpool could use as a playmaker, controlling the midfield and also executing penalties.
He was just so gifted. So smart with, and without the ball. Thanks maestro. You were a pleasure to watch!
Mansur Ali
Mansur Ali:

player with 0% hater...
Pirlo jogava muito ⚽❤️
Helder Urtega
Helder Urtega:
Classe,elegancia, maior meio campo da historia pra mim!
Tyrion Shelby
Tyrion Shelby:
And now he's a coach. I'm so excited to follow his new journey!Forza Pirlo! 💣
Luke Lazat
Luke Lazat:
As the classic line flows, “No Pirlo, No Party” 🎉
Deepak M.B
Deepak M.B:
His Greatness is beyond Ballon d'or
Raduky BR
Raduky BR:
Meu "ídolo"!!!!!! Jogava mto
Josinaldo Silva
Josinaldo Silva:
Muito bom jogador um pouco lento mas jogava muito
Nando green
Nando green:
O cara era um gênio só faltava muito o gol dos caras
stacy andrews
stacy andrews:
He didn't have to run to be great, in games I noticed it, he walked.
aldin 86
aldin 86:
What a legend, this man did it all! Best cm of all time
Connor S
Connor S:
Angers me how so many of the most perfect balls he put through were wasted chances😂
MT da CP
MT da CP:
Incomparável! Felipe Melo nem limpa sua chuteira, mestre!👑❌
CA. Rangel #034
CA. Rangel #034:
El Arquitecto,El Maestro. La Elegancia del Fútbol... *Andrea Pirlo 22*
Ability 67
Ability 67:
We are gonna miss you playing maestro 😪❤️
Sketchy Zero
Sketchy Zero:
The shroud of passing and accuracy
I just have one memory of watching him play.... Whenever ball used to come to him entire crowd would chant "PIRloooooooo"
Divided by messi and Ronaldo
barca and madrid
United by pirlo
Absolute legend
No one can ever hate him and disagree the fact that this guy was something else from other midfielders
Budi Rocinante
Budi Rocinante:
one of the best midfielder in the world, it's so elegant see him play
Star of David
Star of David:
How the game cries out for these masters of the ball, Pirlo is the king of them all, we had a player at my beloved Celtic in the 60s the late great Bobby Murdoch I think Pirlo might have moulded his technique on Bobbys, but anyway they were both just the best users of a ball you would ever see.
Alessandra Vagliengo alessandra
Alessandra Vagliengo alessandra:
Matheus Gomes Pereira
Matheus Gomes Pereira:
Um dos maiores meio campista da que vi jogar!
This man is a Legend.He is the best Player Italy ❤
juan altredo
juan altredo:
best passer of the ball, short and long, I've seen, and Ive been watching football for over 40 years, but more importantly, a really smart and astute midfielder who knew where and when to pass the ball. Intelligence on the pitch is the most underrated quality in football, and the reason why england hasnt won anything for over 50 years
Jesus Acosta
Jesus Acosta:
Wauuuu, este tipo era un monstruo!!!, lo que era muy complicado el lo resolvía con tanta facilidad, el mejor centrocampista que he visto al lado de iniesta.
He is the real teacher, one of the 5 best players in history, he was incredible.
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine
Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine:
When i tell people that he's my favourite player of all time
This is why
Moisés Vaz
Moisés Vaz:
Jogava muito!
StarLord plays
StarLord plays:
He's One of the best long passers of the game Definitely in top 5 greatest midfielders. But for me the Maestro will be Xavi 😍
Cláudio .Oliveira
Cláudio .Oliveira:
One of the greatest of all time 👏👏
Simon Schmidt
Simon Schmidt:
Insane how one player can make the difference.
He is a true legend.
js ripalhring
js ripalhring:
Best midfield of all time ,he has beautiful passing skill whether long ,short through ball and organising the game
Edejaime 46
Edejaime 46:
simplesmente genial!!!
Andrea Festa
Andrea Festa:
Grazie Andrea Pirlo, grazie per avermi fatti vivere emozioni uniche, ti vogliamo bene Maestro❤🇮🇹🇮🇹
gaddafi suleman
gaddafi suleman:
Is anybody still here admiring this maestro as at 2020 awesome, feels goosebumps all over watching best art of everything about football. IN TOTAL YOU JUST CAN'T TAKE THE BALL OUT HIS FEET.
Gem 😙
Mundo Guanaco
Mundo Guanaco:
el gran pirlo tal vez no tan valorado como iniesta o Sergio pero creo que sin dudas era un maestro en su posición y seguramente de lo mejor del siglo 21
Seriously Pirlo is coolest player in the world
I don't usually remember players from other countries. But this guy... Every time he appeared at a tournament he played with so much class, style and hard work. Great footballer.
Berg Menezes
Berg Menezes:
Italia e inglaterra jogaram em manaus no brasil eu vi pirlo jogar e posso dizem que vi esse god jogar foram 90 minutos que nunca vou esquecer.
Diego de Caballito
Diego de Caballito:
Qué jugador, por favor, de lo mejor que dio Italia
Pony Ma
Pony Ma:
Great vision, pass accuracy, he can read next 5 second happen in the match. Master of centre middlefield.
El Futbolero
El Futbolero:
Tecnicamente es el mejor de historia del futbol
nicholas Fedy
nicholas Fedy:
Just one thing is superior than his precision: his vision.
Guys, in the first part you can see Pirlo dribbling player on his back, he didn't see them! And what about his legendary assist vs Germany in 2006? A pure, complete, extraordinary game vision, an intelligence in play that will never be repeat.
Él fue un jugador diferente. Lo juega tan bello y puro que se te salen las lágrimas.
Luca Lombardo
Luca Lombardo:
Un genio del calcio ed un talento incredibile.Che peccato non vederti più sui campi di calcio.
Mireille Ngo Bitjoka
Mireille Ngo Bitjoka:
The best deep play maker so far....🙌
ger henry
ger henry:
this guys brain is at another level there are "short passes" he picks out and it looks like the angle isnt on never mind the vision needed to spot and remember were the player has moved, one of the greatest minds in sport as well as one of the most skillfull
alfredison brito
alfredison brito:
(...Xavi... Pirlo... Iniesta... ) Os maiores meias campistas da história do futebol
David Pemaj
David Pemaj:
His play will live FOREVER!
shisir thapa
shisir thapa:
Dribbling: 80
Calm and control: 100
Long ball accuracy: 100
Vision: 360
Jose Aroca
Jose Aroca:
la humildad hecha fútbol
Calm and creative. Simple yet unpredictable, the best quality that made me see this guy as an idol. A true master.
Millard. Evan
Millard. Evan:
He was something special in the middle of the field
Francisco Pérez Hofmann
Francisco Pérez Hofmann:
What a video... Pirlo is one of my favourites players EVER... part of my childhood
Michael Bedoya Villada
Michael Bedoya Villada:
Que jugadorazo Pirlo una visión y una técnica depurada , además la pegada y la inteligencia para mover el balón , un verdadero maestro del medio campo
Andre Masutti
Andre Masutti:
Greatest central midfilder ever!
MOBAgamer's MLBB
MOBAgamer's MLBB:
Insane passes amazing free kick.. true maestro #AndreaPirlo 👍👍👌
B'mol lama
B'mol lama:
he is masterpeace❤️❤️❤️
Robert L Morales
Robert L Morales:
Muchas gracias a, la o las personas que participaron en este vídeo, de veraz que se los agradezco.....
Un futbolista como los que ya no veremos jamás.....extinguido......
Thumbs up for "The gael". Arms up for maestro Pirlo. ❤️🙏🙌
Hani salaam
Hani salaam:
The pure art of football.
Ettore Morabito
Ettore Morabito:
This is a guy,that the great Messi went to him to learn the free kicks! A legend i say!!
Christopher Pixley
Christopher Pixley:
Legend Pirlo ⚽
Daniel Bianco
Daniel Bianco:
Playing on the biggest stage and it's like he's in his slippers having a kick about in his back garden. Most unique and most elegant player of all time. Not that we should have to justify how talented he was, or compare, the performances he put in for Italy were pieces of art. Beautiful.
Ahmed Emad
Ahmed Emad:
Damn Pirlo!! What a genius!
Esteban Compean
Esteban Compean:
I think he might've been the best right foot in the last 20 years
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong:
Him and Paul Scholes are my 2 favourite players of all time absolute genius of a footballer. Both him and Scholes were 5 seconds in front of every other footballer. 💙🤍
Am a Loner
Am a Loner:
Imagine Pirlo, zidane, scholes, and Iniesta in one team 🔥
Jaquin Naharis
Jaquin Naharis:
The Italian maestro 🖤
Daniel Martini
Daniel Martini:
not the Maestro, but The Architect
balompie bueno
balompie bueno:
The Holy Trinity of Italian Football: Roberto Baggio, Alessandro del Piero and Andrea Pirlo.
spider man
spider man:
Magician, maestro
Tash royal
Tash royal:
Always admires how he cushions his ball in controlling and passing the ball omg 😱
I'm italian and once I was watching a game of Italy with my friends. We were counting how many times Pirlo lost the ball or did a mistake... Useless to say we reached the end of the match stil at 0, no jokes. He lost the ball twice, and both times the referee stopped the game because of faults by opponent players... this seemed the only way to stop his passages and skills! What a wonder player.